spirit warriors

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chapter 9: The Dark mountain

However at the top of the Dark mountain the Dark warrior was already plotting his next move. The warrior looked at his pitch black table with the world of Trides in 3D on top of it. He had figures for each spirit warrior, and all the tribe leaders to represent the tribe. When the warrior died the figurine crumbled, he also had figures for every war leader of a war group allowing him to strategically plan everything.

Glancing at the table figures started to move as they showed the locations of the people or what they represent at that present time. This allowed the warrior to know of everything from what formation his army guarded the bottom of the mountain in, to where every army in Trides was placed. Enraging was the fact that once the spirit warriors entered the sacred caves the map stopped tracking them as if they dropped of the face of the earth.

Only knowing the general vicinity of where the spirit warriors where hiding the Dark warrior tried to make a plan, for their destruction. Cunningly he planned what seemed like an infinite number of ways to ambush the spirit warriors, but their was still one problem he didn't know where they where hiding still. Eventually he called on one of his spirit warriors his snake spirit warrior. This warrior would go into the area and get caught making the warriors come out of hiding as they try to stop him.

Instantly when the snake warrior strolled away he called for his scorpion warrior. He ordered his scorpion warrior to track his snake warrior wait for him to die and then track the good spirit warriors back to their base. His job was surveillance only. The scorpion warrior nodded before walking off. Satisfied that he was playing the best strategy like in chess to sacrifice a pawn for the ultimate win, the Dark warrior would stop at nothing to win.

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