Trial of Love (Demon Alphas series) Book 2

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Damon’s Soulmate sequel. (Can be read as stand alone) Jake had never pictured himself loving any other woman beside his childhood friend, Phoenix. His beliefs crash down when he finally meets his mate. Margaux seems to bring out the best version of him and shows him to the path of true happiness. Friendship, Unity and Family seem to have conquered all the odds. But what if danger still lurks in the darkness awaiting for the best time to struck? Could there be more from the past that could threaten the future? Will Margaux be able to accept her twisted fate? Warning... This book is unedited so there are some grammatical errors so if this problem sets you off from the plot I'm happy to notify you as early as possible. This story includes mature language and scenes. There are also some triggering scenes like abuse, rape and some other kinds of violence. Please don't read if any of these triggers you. Happy reading💕 Cover designed by #empelly

Fantasy / Romance
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1. I want my Daddy!

“Daddy?!” A little blonde girl with big blue eyes stood at the doorway of an office facing a man sitting behind a table full of paperwork. The man had dirty blonde hair, his handsome face had a pair of striking forest green eyes which were void of emotions. His lips curled into a smile.

“Yes, Margaux.” His voice was laced with slight irritation.

The little girl’s heart twisted. Her father’s smile wasn't genuine and she felt his irritation. She only wanted to be close to him. She wanted to feel his love and affection. She wanted to experience what other kids her age around her experienced with their fathers.

She averted her eyes from his and looked at her feet as she shifted nervously. “It’s sunny outside and....and...”

“Yes..?” Her father encouraged.

She looked up pleadingly. “Can we go play?”

“Maybe next time, I'm busy.” He responded coldly as his eyes dismissed her and looked back at the papers on his table.

Pain. Her hands fidgetted with her navy blue summer dress as her eyes fell back to the floor. Rejection stung her and tears rolled from her blue orbs. “Okay!.” Her voice came out broken as she turned around to leave the office, softly closing the door behind her.

Beta Eric had never been close to his family. He dedicated his life to work and work. He travelled frequently and wasn't home most of the year. When he was home, he locked himself at his office or was hanging out with Alpha Derrick, his best friend.

He never laid his hand on his children or abused them in anyway. He only made sure to keep his distance. He wanted nothing to do with his chosen mate. She was a wicked woman and he believed his children to be so. He saw them as his mate’s way to tie him to her so he made sure do make them loose.

Eric stared at the door frame where his daughter stood a few minutes ago. He briefly focused on his hearing and heard little feet migrate through the grand corridor accompanied by quiet sobs. He sighed. His daughter had always sought for his affection only for him to give her a cold shoulder. Her mother must be the one pushing her to him, to spy on him. He couldn't let them know about his true mate, or his beloved children. He sweared to keep them safe and that was what he was sure to do.

Margaux quickly descended the stair case sniffling profusely. When she reached the ground floor she dashed for the front door but was stopped midway by a familiar voice.

“Where are you running off to in such a manner?” Beta Britney flipped her jet black hair and gracefully walked towards her crying daughter.

“I’m going play!” The eight year old sniffled as she tried to fight the threatening hiccups. She looked at her feet not wishing to face her mother.

“Why are you crying?” Britney’s arrogant voice held concern for her sweet naïve daughter.

“Nothing, Mommy!” Margaux shook her head.

“Don’t you dare lie to me you little twit! Stop being naïve and grow up! Your lousy father will never acknowledge you. Stop following him around!.” Her mother harshly lectured.

“But I want my daddy!” Margaux whimpered.

“Stop it this instant before I slap you! I didn't raise you to be weak. Try to imitate your brother for once in a while and stop being a spoiled brat. Now get rid of those putrid tears of yours before I make you!” Britney barked.

The poor little girl silently obeyed. After composing herself she raised her face to captured her mother's ocean blues.

“Go wash your face before leaving the house.” Her mother instructed as she turned on her heels to walk away.

“Mommy?” Britney stopped with her back now facing her daughter. “Speak.” She ordered.

“Why do you always fight with daddy?” Margaux innocently asked.

“It’s none of your concern.” Her mother coldly answered.

Margaux gulped. “Why does daddy hate me?” Margaux’s voice was laced with evident hurt. She sounded broken. For as long as she remembered, she sought for him only to be coldly turned down. She didn't like being close to her mother who hated her guts simply because she was more considerate and kinder than her brother.

She never liked how her mother mistreated the lower ranked wolves around them. She never appreciated how her mother and brother bullied the weak just because they were high ranked and rich. She believed her father was like her, that's why they couldn't stand her mother. She never got to confirm her theory due the cold shoulder he gave her.

Britney slightly turned her head to a side with a ghost smile on her beautiful face. “Because you're pathetic!” She spat before walking away.

Margaux remained rooted to where she stood as fresh tears began rolling from her eyes again. Why was everyone so cruel around her? Was craving love wrong?

She quickly turned and ran towards the main entrance then dashed into the woods which weren't far from the pack house. She ran as fast as her feet carried her. She didn't care where she'd end up to, anywhere was better than the pack house. Away from rejection.

Away from pain.

When her feet couldn't carry her any longer, she collapsed on the grassy floor as she furiously breathed hard from the exercise. She held her hurting chest and closed her eyes as she screamed with all her might.

Tears sprang from her eyes. “Why am I worthless? Am I truly pathetic?” She mumbled to herself. She looked down at her lap where she saw her dress slightly tugged up revealing her bruised knees. She remembered the same incident that happened to Monica, one of the pack’s warriors daughter. She fell and bruised her leg and her father ran to her aid. She sobbed.

“Am I a bad girl? Don't I deserve love?” She continued to weep. “I want my daddy! Daddy please don't hate me. I'll stop being pathetic!”

“I promise to be a good girl. I’ll be a good girl at school too. I’ll be strong just like you” She sadly mumbled.

“Daddy, please don't hate me! I won't be like Mommy, I promise.”

She coughed. “Am I truly insignificant?”

Minutes turned into hours as she kneeled down on the grass weeping her heart away.

Alpha Derrick grunted his release as he pounded on his mate’s booty as she bent on his office table moaning away. He rested his head on her nape nuzzling at his mark earning a shiver from his red-head mate under him.
“Fuck baby, you're gonna make me hard again” He cursed.

“No one is complaining!” She taunted earning a playful growl from him. She giggled.

Just then their mindlink exploded. “Aphas, Rogues are trying to trespass through our land.”

”It's getting harder to contain them!“

“Fuck!” Derrick cursed as he scanned for his trouser. “ Stay back here and make sure to contain everyone until I return.” He instructed his Luna as she tossed him his trousers while she hurriedly readjusted her dress.

They were natural leaders and they acted like it.

A few minutes later the Alpha was at the border helping out his warriors to get rid of the threat. He mind linked his beta. “Eric get your ass over here, there is a rogue attack!”

Meanwhile, Margaux sat in the middle of the woods hugging her legs as she cried softly. She was so lost in her thoughts that she couldn't hear footsteps approaching from her back. She heard a twig snap and quickly turned around to see the intruder.

Her eyes went wide as she gasped.
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