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Giselle knows Noah Sylvan isn't for her. He's too handsome, too rich, jerk to commoners like her and... let's be honest, way out of her league. And she's just a new girl with a few extra pounds on her body, living with a single mother who barely keeps the family of three afloat. She's definitely no match for him either in wealth or his godly looks. Noah Sylvan is definitely not for her. Still Giselle can't stop herself from pining after him since the moment she saw him. The feeling consumes her, ignites her with a need to have him. It makes her forget about all the reasons why he isn't for her. Maybe she's shallow to fall for a beautiful face despite her own lackings, or just a cynically obsessed fat girl with a pretty guy. Very very pretty guy. Or perhaps, there lies more to the picture and the broody boy who has her heart. Noah Sylvan has secrets, and Giselle Martin happens to be one of them.

Fantasy / Romance
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Caius ran. He ran as fast as his feet could move. The shadows chasing him almost had his back. They were fast and Caius pushed himself to be faster even though it was a losing battle. His body was drenched, lines of sweat falling from his red hair to his freckled cheeks and pointy nose. His chest burned, body ached, adrenaline wearing off. The dark apparitions were only inches off his back. They weren’t tiring like him. Escaping them was impossible.

They have him.

No no no.

He couldn’t be giving up like that. He had a responsibility. He had to reach the king and inform him of the heart-wrenching betrayal. The betrayal that could overthrow the peace of their world and his kind. He wished he had never seen it, a burden too heavy to be borne by a measly hogboon like him.

Who knew going for his usual nightly routine would result him accidentally stumbling into a conspiracy to take down the Goblin Kingdom? If he had known, he would’ve skipped his duty of helping the humans for a night. If only he could unsee it, his life might not be hanging by a thread. If only...

But then again to not let such dangerous knowledge reach the king’s ears was a bigger calamity in itself.

Caius among the dense trees finally saw the high walls of Stonehill Fortress. They were illuminated by the lamps hanging on top, giving him hope for survival. The sight never looked so marvelous as it did now. He’s almost there.

With a renewed surge of remaining strength, he increased his pace, dodging the black claws that almost had his hood. The palace was his last shot at life. And maybe also many others’. Its walls were crafted with magic to perish any reaper who dared to cross them. The same reapers that were after him right now.

Almost there. C’mon.

Caius’s foot stumbled over the rock, and a small misstep was enough for his chasers. The claws dug into his neck taking him down. Air washed out of him as he fell back. A dark long-fingered hand covered his mouth before he could think about screaming.


Caius knew death was certain. But the instincts didn’t allow him to stop fighting for life. With muffled cries and useless thrashing, he was dragged back to the woods. To his end.

And along with him went the secret that could mark the chaos and destruction of his kind.


This one was short and probably boring. Juicy bits gonna start from next chapters. If you liked it then vote and comment.

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