Approaching Phoenix

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Chapter 15

After several attempts from Michael to get me to understand the concept of what an infection would look like it still didn’t get through to me how I was going to push it from my body. He had finally given up and ushered me into the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what he was planning to do, but he told me to sit on the side of the tub with just my leg inside of it.

It wasn’t until he came back into the bathroom with a rope and knife that I began getting worried. “Start the hot water please.”

“What are you going to do?” I slid myself back away from him staring intently at the knife.

“Well, unless you can push the infection out we are going to have to bleed it out.” Michael plainly answered as if I were going to just agree to it. He sat the knife down on the edge of the tub as he started the water himself. He started tying the rope just below my knee and he must have noticed my hesitation. “I could get leeches, but I would need a lot of them.”

“Eww!” I protested which made Michael laugh. I then protested against the rope being tightened around my leg.

“It has to be tight. Now put it under the water.” With one hand just under my knee Michael pulled me down forcing my leg under the hot water. “I know it is hot, but it will make this quicker.”

“Witch doctor stuff, right. More like torture.”

Michael started laughing even harder as he handed me the knife, “Have fun.”

I pushed it back at him, “What?”

“Don’t tell me that you have a problem seeing blood.” Michael stated sitting the knife down on the side of the tub.

I just sat there staring at him questioning his motives in my mind, “I just have some issues with carving my own body.”

“Well, I’m not going to be around your blood until that infection is out. So just take the knife and make an incision about an inch long right over top the bite. I’ll come back in a few minutes to see if the infection is gone then I heal you.” Michael backed away to the door, “Have fun.”

“Blyth is suicidal have him come in and do it.” I presented him with another choice rather than have me do it. I wasn’t sure if I could actually cut my leg and watch all the blood pour out. With my leg now beginning to turn a nasty reddish purple color I was sure that it would spray. “I don’t think I can.”

Michael closed his eyes and shook his head at my refusing to do it. He turned and left the bathroom. I hoped that since he had left the door open that he was going to get Blyth. I pushed the knife to the other side of the tub away from me. Just so he could understand I couldn’t do it.

I tried to move my foot that was now becoming extremely sore. It was useless. My toes wouldn’t even wiggle in the water. I closed my eyes and hoped that Michael wouldn’t have a hard time getting Blyth up or to do it.

“If I die in my own bathroom I swear I will come back just to kill you both.” Blyth exclaimed groggily causing me to open my eyes again. A sense of relief came over me as his blue eyes met mine. They were no longer bloodshot, but they were swollen still. “Michael, get out.”

“Apparently he’s not that suicidal.” Michael chuckled as he backed out and shut the door.

Blyth picked up the knife as he sat down right in front of me, “Seal that door as tight as you can. I don’t want him coming in. I’m not as suicidal as he would like to think. I would like to think a bathroom is a place no one should die, unless it is their choice.”

I tried to smile at his comment, but the fear of watching my blood wash down the drain overwhelmed any sense of hilarity that I had. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright I was having trouble trying to fall asleep.” Blyth’s hand fell just under my knee bringing me closer to him and submersing my leg completely under the running water. I closed my eyes to get ready to feel the knife digging into my skin. “No, look at me Ash.”

As I opened my eyes to his I was ready to close them again. My hesitation to stare into his was there but also well-hidden inside of him. It was easy to understand that he was tormented, but the true reason was gone from sight. I couldn’t decipher if it was because of me or just life in that moment. He didn’t seem at all frightened about the task that he was about to do. “What are you afraid of Blyth, if there is anything that you are afraid of?”

“I am no longer afraid of pain or death anymore,” The torment inside of him did not waver at all once I left his eyes to his hand that he was raising and went back to his eyes. I almost wanted to look down at my leg just to make sure that it was my blood that was doing it, but I couldn’t. I was afraid myself that it would be eating through the bathtub just like it was to his hand. My blood resembled more of a red acid lying on his skin. Blyth’s eyes left mine to study the mutilation from my blood before he ran it under the hot water, “I guess I shouldn’t be disturbed knowing that my most desired obsession will be the end of me. After all it is the only thing that would fill this hole inside of me.”

“If you want to die why are you removing the only thing that will kill you? Why would you give up your one chance to get what you want?” I questioned trying to understand him.

Blyth remained quiet as he untied the rope around my leg and shut off the water all at once. It had worked. Slowly he turned to me letting those blue eyes dig into my soul. He smiled lightly as he ran the back of his fingers down over my cheek. “You should go home to eat and rest for the night.”

“Why?” I pulled away from his touch closing my eyes as the blood rushed to my toes. I wiggled them trying to get the circulation going again, “Why didn’t you just let Michael use my blood to kill you?”

Blyth sighed as he took us out to the living room. Music began filling the room instantly. It was nice knowing that he had his powers back, but it cost him what he truly wanted. “Ash, I have to fix it before I die. Even if it means that I must live until the end of the world. I will fix what I have done to my sons.”

“But why would you…”

“My need for you would be too hard to resist until you are powerful enough to break the spell.” Blyth fell back on his couch and yawned, “Can I ask you something before you leave or pass out?”

“Pass out?”

“Are you light headed, a little nauseous?”

“Yeah,” I noted the symptoms.

“Before you pass out then because you are looking rather pale,” Blyth turned his head to face me. “What are you afraid of, if you are afraid of anything?”

I lightly giggled at his question. He had dodged mine yet he wanted to know about me. “I’m afraid of everything.”

“Are you afraid of me as well?” I felt the side effect of losing so much blood. I wasn’t sure how much I had lost, but I know it was enough. There was no fighting his hand as he grabbed my wrist pulled me down on top of him. It was almost like the other night when he wrapped his arm around me in bed. He just wanted something to hold it seemed. “Ash, do you fear me?”

I closed my eyes and molded my body into his, “No.”

“What about my sons?”

“All of them.”

The rhythm of Blyth’s heart pounded slowly against my ear drowning out the music that he had playing. My hand ran up his chest and rested under my cheek so that I could feel it as well. Unlike Matt, Blyth had to fight to stop his, but it was for his son that he kept it beating.

“Do you know what I fear most of all right now?” My voice shivered with my body making Blyth wrap his arms around me. “I’m afraid of when I break the spell.”

A soft fleece blanket landed gently over top of me, “You don’t doubt my ability to teach you control your powers?”

“No, I trust you.”


I snuggled into him further because his body was warmer than the blanket that he had covered me with, “Because you said it yourself you have to fix it, and that I don’t doubt one bit. I am willing to be your student and your tool in this.”

Blyth’s muscles flexed as he stretched out underneath me, “Why are you willing to help me when I’ve done nothing but ruin your life?”

I felt my body losing everything, but I forced out my answer before I was lost to slumber, “I want to help you and Matt. I just fear what Marcus has planned though.”

“Do you Ashley Elizabeth Daisher promise to love, honor, and obey Matthew Connor Gillenhelm through sickness and health, for richer or poorer till death do you part?”

I watched Matt’s fingers tremble holding the ring just over the tip of my nail. My eyes followed up his arm into his smiling face. I couldn’t hold in my happiness as nearly shouted, “Always.”

As the preacher continued the butterflies in my stomach all flew away as Matt leaned in closer to finalize our marriage. His lips met mine creating our first kiss as husband and wife. It was everything it should have been. Maybe I would have chosen something a bit longer, but there were more than a few people watching us. It was breathtakingly perfect in every sense of the word.

We turned and faced the rest of the church. My eyes instantly fell on my mom and dad who seemed just as thrilled as I was. We continued down the aisle as I laid eyes on everyone that we had invited. The whole place was filled. I was glad that everyone had come.

I squeezed Matt’s hand as we made our way through the doors and out into the brilliant sun shining. “This is all perfect.”

Matt stopped me just before we climbed into our horse drawn carriage. He lay his lips on the back of my hands, “You wouldn’t have had it any other way though would you?”

“As long as it is within my power to stay this way, it will.” Before he let our hands fall apart I ran his smooth skin across my cheek. “You are perfect.”

“Thankful for you, I was already perfect when you met me, just as you were when I first laid my eyes upon you.” Matt opened the door allowing me to climb on. His skin left mine just for a moment as he followed me. “We are ready, Sir.”

The carriage left the church as we waved out the window to everyone. We had fifteen minutes before we reached the reception. The carriage was the perfect choice of travel allowing everyone to have a chance to get there before us. Matt was unaware of the fact that I had already made arrangements with the driver to take us around the block of the church once just to give us a few extra moments alone.

I was ready to turn around to face my new husband when his lips pressed softly against my neck making my blood boil. “Are you going to tease me or allow me to have my freedom before tonight?”

“My love we would need more than a few minutes.” Matt let his fingers replace his lips and they trailed down my shoulder. “Tonight I swear that we will make love all night long if that is what you wish.”

“But you said that as soon I was your wife we would.” I pulled away from Matt’s lips to finally look into his eyes, “We’ve been together over seven years and now I have just swore the rest of my life away to you. What more could you ask of me?”

“Just two more hours and then we will go to Paris and then I’m yours. Plus there will be a bed there.” Matt smile allowing the honesty of brown eyes dwell into me. “Two hours or at least an hour. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait as well. Plus how could I face your parents knowing that I had just defiled you in the carriage. I’m not that sinister.”

“One hour then we are leaving.” I sneered, but my rage didn’t last long with his lips caressing my skin so. “We do our dance, cut the cake, all the normal things as quick as possible. Understand?”

Matt’s hand climbed up my skirt finding my garter which just made my blood seep into places that it shouldn’t have at the moment, “Don’t forget this.”

I had forgotten it completely the moment his hand wondered up further. My hands wrapped around his neck bringing his lips to mine once again. Now we had privacy and moments that could last. We carried on until the carriage stopped. I closed my eyes and sighed knowing that we would have to end our own wants. My head fell against Matt’s chest. The rapid beating of his heart alarmed me. Never had I heard it beating like that before. Caution fell from my eyes into his.

Matt closed his eyes trying to calm his breathing, “Okay, take me to Paris.”


“Yes, now.”

Relieved and a bit shocked I brought myself on top of Matt as our lips locked once more. I pushed him back into the bed as I left a note inside the carriage saying that we couldn’t wait for the honeymoon any longer. My hands began undo his buttons as my lips followed. His heart was almost beating through his chest when my lips came over top of it. Matt rolled me over and pinned my wrists to the bed as his lips began exploring my body now that it was free from my wedding gown. His fingers ran down my arms and wrapped around my body.

Matt’s arms faded into only a dream as Blyth’s took over in reality. My heart was still beating rapidly from the excitement of what I had just been through. It seemed more real than just a dream. Waking up now was more like waking up from seeing my fate.

I tried to calm myself to the sound of his heart but my body still cried out for Matt. When Blyth felt me trying to get out of his embrace he tightened it. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, but I have to go.” I looked up to see Blyth still lying there with his eyes closed. He looked like he was still sleeping peacefully. I wondered if he had actually said anything at all until he rolled me to the other side of the couch. “Thank you.”

“You’re whole body is trembling.” Blyth looked at me letting the concern through his eyes. “Are you sure you’re alright Ash?”

“No, but I need, I need…” I hushed myself before I admitted what I truly wanted. Sliding myself off the couch I sat on the floor now feeling the trembling running through me that Blyth was talking about.

Blyth began sitting up on the couch, “You saw something. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, but it was just a dream.” I knew that it wasn’t the future that he was referring to. There was no way that it could have been. “It had to be.”

Blyth’s hand pulled lightly on my arm and I willingly gave in climbing back up on to the couch. After wrapping the blanket around my shoulders he moved himself away from me, “You didn’t even go to sleep so it was no dream. What did you see?”

I shook my head and tightened every muscle in my body hoping to force out the feeling of wanting. It wasn’t leaving. If anything my trying to get rid of it was making it worse. “What time is it back home?”

“Ash, it is only about noon.” Blyth’s hand fell on top of mine, making me jerk away from it. “What did you see?”

I had nearly three hours before Matt would even be out of school. I cringed more at the thought that he would make me wait seven years than just the three hours that I would have to wait now. As I ran everything from the beginning I knew it had to have been a dream. “It wasn’t the future. There is no way possible that it could have been the future. My mom was there and Michael killed her years ago. God, I have to wait three hours.”

I was wondering how I was going to make it three hours feeling like this when Blyth’s hand caught my wrist. The cold water began pouring down on me as I found myself sitting in his shower. “You need to cool down a bit, and then I want you to go home, eat something, and do your thing. I will see you eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The freezing water did send a shock to my system leaving my skin to shiver instead of tremble. I tried to focus on what Blyth was talking about to get my mind off of what my body was wanting. He said that I didn’t even go to sleep, but I knew it wasn’t the same as seeing my fate. What was it?

Heavy metal began blaring throughout Blyth’s home. I plugged the drain letting the cold water fill the tub. I hoped that it would drain all the hormones in my body so that I could go back out and discuss all of these things I’ve been seeing. If anything it would just kill more time until Matt got out of school.

The water didn’t even fill the tub half way before I shut it off and let it drain. My body was completely frozen. I got out and pulled clothes from my closet at home changing into warm dry clothes. I was sure that I would be able to contain myself now until three so I reached for the door handle. It refused to turn within my grasp and Blyth’s voice came from the other side, “Ash, I said go home.”

I lowered my head and closed my eyes doing as he said. I opened my eyes up to my empty bedroom. Collapsing on my bed I looked at the clock which reminded me that I still had nearly two and a half hours until Matt would be free. My mind wandered back to Blyth telling me to go home, eat, and then.

I got up slowly and went straight to the kitchen. I began rummaging through the fridge when I realized that we needed to go shopping. My dad was always one for takeout, but I’ve been so used to home cooked meals that I was going to have to do it myself now. I pulled out the milk and smiled almost thanking Michael for being a mamma’s boy. If it wasn’t for him cooking such good food then I would just be willing to accept takeout again. Now I knew how to cook without the fuse of everything. My powers were my ally in this area.

“Ashley?” My dad’s voice frightened me so much that I had lost my grip on the milk, but caught it just before it hit the floor. I let it place itself on the counter as the bowl and cereal appeared. “What are you doing home?”

“I got kicked out.” I think I said it more to see his reaction more than anything else.

He sat down at the table watching me carefully almost as if he didn’t believe me. “How?”

I sighed and sat down with my cereal. It took longer than I had imagined telling him nearly everything that happened and what was going to happen. There were some things that I had left out entirely, but I had given him what was needed for him to understand. By the time I was finished he looked extremely lost.

“Where did I lose you?”

My dad’s eyes squinted as he looked me over, “All these men that you know are how old?”

“Technically or physically?”


I puckered my lips trying to lessen the blow of their ages. “Blyth is technically eighteen, but he said that he’s been eighteen for over seven hundred years now. Matt, Blyth’s son is eighteen also, but he was born in seventeen twenty. Michael and Marcus are just three years younger than Matt, but they stopped aging when they were in their twenties. Is that easier?”

“So that kid that caught you on the stairs is actually Marc’s older brother?” My dad’s question made me realize that this was harder for him than I had originally thought. “And he’s attending you school just like a normal student, but he’s not really alive.”

“Right,” I laid my hand on top of his momentarily just to turn his watch to see the time, “It’s two thirty. You should start heading to work.”

“Alright,” My dad pushed himself away from the table seriously contemplating everything that I had just told him. I could see all the information sifting through him as he walked out. It wasn’t long before he stuck his head back in, “Your turning early isn’t something common is it?”

“No,” I smiled, “But my last few weeks have been anything less than normal. Wouldn’t you agree?”

My dad smiled back, “Well, I’m heading back to the normal world. See you tonight.”

“See you later dad.”

I quickly showered and changed again. This time it was hot and my clothes were made instead of pulled quickly from a closet. I tried to decide on where the best place to meet Matt. I could just meet him the moment he got into his car after school, but that wasn’t what I really wanted. I wanted him near a bed so I quickly appeared in his room pacing the space. My eyes fell on the pile of clothes that he had in the corner. I had thought about uncovering the trunk and looking inside again, but decided against it as the clock in his room read a quarter after. He should be home any moment now.

The feeling that I had pushed down inside of me started boiling again underneath my skin as I watched his car pull in through his window. I closed my eyes remembering the feeling of his skin next to mine. I opened them again just as he walked through the door.

I was right there grabbing a hold of his shirt bringing him down to me. I pulled him harder as he fought back against me. “Ash, what are you doing?”

“I’ve missed you.” I teased running my hands up under his shirt now dragging my nails gently down over his back. “I was also hoping that we could continue what we started last night.”

This time I turned him around and forced him back until he fell on his bed. Just like I had seen in my vision I crawled on top of him this time I lifted his shirt off instead of unbuttoning it. Matt’s hands grabbed my wrist stopping me from completely removing it. He flipped me over just like I had seen. My blood began racing through me anticipating everything.

“Ashley, no.” Matt’s lowered voice was stern, but not harsh. “Last night was the only night we could have done anything, and you wasted it.”

I looked up into his eyes trying to get him to give into me, but he shut his instantly. “No, Ashley. My heart won’t be able to handle the stress this soon.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist bringing him down on top of me, “I’ve been with you twice in only what seem to be dreams. I want you now for real.”

My body quivered uncontrollably feeling his on top of mine. I lifted my head only a few inches to let my lips fall on his neck. “Ashley, do you know how hard it is to find a heart.”

“You can have mine.” I said sincerely as my lips trailed around to his. He fought me still letting my hands go and untying my legs from him. He left my lying on his bed completely disappointed.

“Ash, go home. Please.” Matt turned his back on me and left the room.

Now I understood how he could make me wait seven years, but this was not that life. I wasn’t waiting seven years for this feeling to be released. Waiting three hours was hard enough. Even Valentine’s Day seemed to be forever away.

My first thought was to go to Michael, but the fear of the spell that Blyth had put on me before would be back now that the infection from the cat was out of my system came back. I didn’t want that horrid feeling coursing through my veins like this. I’m sure that it would kill my hormones right there just looking at him, but I didn’t want to stop them like that. It was like Blyth had said so long ago, ‘Your mind knows what it feels like, but your body still craves it.’

My body was craving the touch of a man, so I went to the one man who could not deny me. I appeared right where he had told me I looked through his dark living room. My bottom lip quivered slightly as I made my way passed his kitchen, then his bathroom. My eyes glanced into a room hoping that it was his bedroom, but the only thing I found was a beautiful grand piano.

My fingers lingered against the wall as I continued down the hallway to the last door. I closed my eyes as the blood coursing through me doubled knowing that I was so close to my goal now. Slowly I opened the door finding all the curtains drawn making it even darker inside. Using my powers I slid one open to illuminate the bed directly in front of me. There he was.

“Ash, I said go home.” His voice grumbled slightly, but still didn’t move.

Making my way over to his bed I began unbuttoning my own shirt. I had it completely undone as I stood before him. My hands ran up his legs as I started up on his bed. My lips found the chest that I had found so perfect just a few days ago. It rose slowly when he groaned and lifted his eyes to mine, “Ash, what are you doing?”

I straddled myself over top of him running each of my fingers over his chest, “Doing my thing like you told me.”

“Why me?”

I lowered myself so that my lips were brushing against his, but not sufficient to be even considered a kiss. It was just to enough to make him want one though, “Because with you I know that there will be no strings attached. Right now you are my toy.”

Blyth’s hands braced my waist causing me to nearly collapse on top of him. I feared that he was going to move me off of him, but instead he rolled me over staying right on top of me. My legs instantly wrapped around him hoping to keep him right there with me. Blyth’s hand landed on my knee and slowly ran it down my leg forcing it away from his body as he whispered, “You know this isn’t right.”

I tightened my legs around him fighting his hand. My hands found their way around to his back digging my nails in bringing him closer to me. I closed my eyes and forced the rush of feeling through me to him. When he moaned slightly I knew that I had made my point. “Do you see my agony?”

Blyth positioned himself so that he was kneeling with my legs still wrapped around him. His hands pulled on both sides of my shirt bringing me up so that I was sitting on top of him. His hands ran through my hair and down to around my waist as he pulled our bodies together. His eyes echoed my own feelings. “Do it again.”

I ran my fingers down over his chest feeling each of his muscles flex under my touch. I wet my lips as I leaned into whisper into his ear, “Only if you give me what I want.”

My body moaned in relief as his mouth descended on to my neck. I thrust my pelvis forward forcing the same feeling into him. He groaned as his lips fell on my ear, “This is wrong.”

“But you know you want it.” I reached up tangling my fingers in his hair pulling down so that his neck was completely exposed. I continued until his back arched and he gave in falling back into the bed. My hands caressed every one of his muscles as they fell down ready to remove the shorts that he was wearing.

Blyth grabbed my wrist pulling me back up on top of him. My fingers found their way back to his hair as he rolled me over again. When his lips started coming towards me I knew right there that he had given in, but I also had to make a hasty decision. Quickly my arm came down between us stopping his advancement. I turned my head making sure that there was at least one piece of my body remaining only Matt’s, “No kissing.”

Blyth hands ran down over my shoulders removing my shirt as his lips consumed me. I moaned and groaned under each of his touches which made my yearning nearly explode. My body twisted and quivered until I couldn’t take any more and I forced him back onto the bed. I crawled on top of him once again this time making his shorts disappear.

As I came down I sent forth my blood which was raging inside of me. I released the same feeling into Blyth each time he thrust forward making him feel the contentment of my insides. Not once or twice had I felt the explosion within me, but several times. I was never finished though his fingers, his lips, his whole body made me crave more over and over again. I knew that by the time we would be finished that my craving would be complete and I would be satisfied.

When Blyth had finally rolled off of me trying to catch his breath my body released one last quiver. I was fulfilled with my visit here. “Thank you.”

I was ready to leave until I felt Blyth’s hand flipping me over, “I’m not done with you just yet.”

“No.” I tried to stop him, but my voice was ignored as his hands ran up my sides. His lips fell on the nape of my neck. I knew we weren’t done and again everything was forced back into my body. I needed to feel him again and again.

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