Approaching Phoenix

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Chapter 4

Michael’s eyes were gone from my mind, but Blyth’s words still did not stop, “Ash, you must desist.”

I opened my eyes, “I did.”

Blyth looked at me and then down at the table. He didn’t have to say anything then. Everything was spinning. Each thing was spinning in its own little area, and I just stared at it. There was no way I was doing it if I didn’t know I was, right?

“I’m not doing that.” I declared looking back up at him.

Blyth’s hands stretched across the table careful not to touch anything and grabbed my hands bringing them down to rest on the table. As soon as my hands were placed firmly on the table everything slowed and finally stopped. “Yes, you were. Look I don’t mind if you talk to someone outside of the school, just don’t do that again whatever it was.”

“But I don’t know what I did.” I tried to explain and when Blyth took his hands off mine I lifted them from the table again. Once more everything started spinning, “I swear I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Blyth’s hands rested on mine again causing everything to stop. “You changed your eyes back. Make them green again see if it will stop then.”

I closed my eyes and imagined them as Kasey had made them, and when I opened them Blyth looked pleased, “Better?”

“Alright,” He lifted his hands off mine, but everything still spun when I lifted my hands up. “Odd. Put your hands in your pockets and stand up.”

I did exactly what he told me to do and he stood up beside me putting his arm around me causing swirls removing us from the diner. The room that he had first taken me to surrounded us. I assumed now that it must be his room. “Alright, let’s try this. Take your hands out again.”

As soon as I pulled my hands out of my pockets several different things such as books, his laptop, blankets, and papers began swirling around the room. Instinctively I went to shove my hands back into my pockets, but Blyth grabbed my wrists. “No, not yet. I’m trying to figure this out.”

He began touching the things flying around the room making them rotate differently. “Who were you talking to?”

“Um,” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell him, but I did, “Michael.”

“Michael,” He paused and stared at me, “You love him?”

Unsure of how to answer him I looked at the ground trying to find away from the question, and it came. A soft knock against the door and it opened allowing a woman to enter. She was close to my father’s age with light brown hair pulled up. I recognized her voice as soon as she spoke and wondered how she could be old enough to be his gran, “Blyth, I, oh. Hello Ashley. I’m Gran.”

I tried to smile but I glanced around at the mess going on around me, “Hi.”

“Hey, what did you need?” Blyth took his eyes from me and started studying the floating objects again.

“He’s trying to get in.” She noted as she began studying the objects as well.


“Blyth, get your mind off of this. Michael is trying to get into the town again.” I found myself staring at her while I caught Blyth laughing at me, “This is not funny. I can’t seem to figure out what he wants now.”

Blyth never took his eyes away from me and I returned his stare. “Oh, that Michael. He wants her.”

“Her?” The woman stared at me oddly, “Why would you bring him here again?”

Blyth closed the space between us, and I wanted so badly to leave now. My only hope of getting out of this place was Michael. He was the most powerful warlock I knew, and it was obvious now that he couldn’t come here. Blyth’s eyes looked me over and the light in his eyes seemed to brighten, “Because she loves him, and oddly enough she plans on giving him her power when she turns.”

“You know that he will never love you back?” Gran looked me over from head to toe, “Whatever he has promised you in return for your power it’s not worth it.”

I backed into the bookshelf again and covered my face as Blyth neared me. Even though he was still smiling I couldn’t be sure if he was angry with me for trying to bring Michael here to take me away. “He will take her life just as she wishes, but only one can question why?”

“I’m glad I was busy with him earlier and handed this problem to you.” Gran laughed. “But I think I might need your help with him later too, and this whole Michael thing. Blyth, this was supposed to be a Sunday, my day of rest.”

“Don’t worry about Michael. He won’t be preying on any other students. He is only after her.” Blyth pulled my hands down revealing that his smile was gone. He searched my eyes for answers as he spoke, “As for our other problem, tell him we appreciate everything that he has done for the school but after his reaction towards me this morning I can no longer ignore everything that he has done. He must leave the property at once and if he refuses or becomes overly irate again then ban him just like Michael.”

“So why did you hire me again?”

“Because all of this,” Blyth pressed his fingers to his temples and finally lowered his eyes from mine, “It makes me unhappy, and you know I don’t like being unhappy. I am going out tonight. Do you think you could handle everything for a few hours without me here?”

“Yes sir.” I watched as she turned and walked to the door. Before she left without turning around she spoke again, “It’s the sugar, Blyth.”

The door shut quietly behind her and Blyth’s eyes finally opened again. The smile instantly returned to his face while he looked around at everything flying around, “The apple pie. Why didn’t I think about that? And here I was beginning to think it was the power of your love.”

I tried to catch up with everything that had just transpired, but I could only think of if he was mad at me or not. It was obvious that Blyth was like the main person here and not just a sub as he led me to believe. He was also unhappy for that brief moment, and I was sure that I didn’t want to make him unhappy ever. The biggest question was, if I brought him so much trouble would he take it out on me?

I lowered myself to the floor and watched as more books came off the shelf around me to hover in the air around me. I made sure that I kept my hands in the air afraid now that if I put them down everything would crash to the floor, and I would no doubt break something which is something that I didn’t want at the moment.

After watching Blyth look at the items in the air for a minute I gave up and rested my head on my knees. With my hands still up in the air I felt as though I was surrendering everything to him at the moment. Michael could not save me from this place, and I couldn’t leave to go to him. My only hope was to wait this out until I turned so that I could go to him and finally end this all.


I shook my head afraid to look up at him. “I’m sorry I brought Michael here. I didn’t mean to cause you any problems. If you take me back to my room I swear I’ll stay in there all night and not cause any more trouble.”

“Ash,” Blyth started laughing which cause me to look at him this time, “Don’t worry about any of it. All of our problems are gone for now unless you keep pulling this moping thing then I might have to force feed you brownies for the rest of the night. It is really starting to bring me down.”

Slowly I lowered my hands bringing everything to rest on the floor carefully. He was wrong. Maybe his problems were gone, but mine haven’t truly even started. I had just hoped to end them all before they started. I knew though if I continued to bring Michael into my life the more everything would begin all over again. The one thing that I hated to admit, but I had to find some way to be happy at least for the night because I wasn’t going to have Blyth upset with me.

“I know that there is some connection between you and Michael. If there was none to speak of he wouldn’t have come here again. Michael and I might not get along, but we are very similar in more ways than I would like to admit. So for him to come here I know that you must mean more than just power to him, and for whatever reason that is you wish to end your life. Michael is capable of love, even if Gran doesn’t want to believe it. Both you and I know it is true.” Blyth ran his finger down over my cheek, throat until it came to rest on top of my shirt directly above my heart and scar, “And the biggest similarity between Michael and I is love always ends in pain.”

A huge lump formed in my throat but it didn’t stop the words from coming out, “You know then?”

“Not the entire story, but I know that you are trying to save him pain.” Blyth took my hand in his and lifted me off the floor, “My suggestion to help you is stay as far away from him as possible. It will only make the connection between you two stronger if you continue bringing him into your life. So take whatever love you have for him or anyone else and bury it deep, deep in your heart. Now keep in mind that I’m not telling you not to love someone, but never let it get passed the point of no return such as you have with him. A good rule of thumb is to never, guess that won’t work for you, because if you start letting guys wear your clothes then you probably wouldn’t want to be around them anyway.”

I tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t help it as I cut him off, “So that’s why he freaked out when he saw me wearing his shirt.”

A boisterous laugh erupted from Blyth, “Well, it is nice to know that it didn’t work. I’ll have to find something else to go by now.”

Blyth took my hand and placed it on my heart after he finally calmed down, “How about this, always want to break their heart not yours. Think of it this way, men are your toys and nothing more.”

“Is that what you do?” I stepped away from him and walked over to his bed to sit down, “Charm your way into women’s hearts and leave them wanting more.”

A serious tone came over Blyth which caused me to worry slightly when he walked over and looked down on me, “I charm my way into women’s beds or them into mine leaving them wanting more, never going for their heart. I’m not cruel like that.”

Blyth leaned over me bringing his fists down on the bed making me fall down to my elbows to keep a safe distance from him. My mind thought about what he had just said, and where I was at the moment. The smile never came back as he stared into my eyes. My pulse raced in a way that I was sure wasn’t good. He never advanced any more he just waited, but for what.

Finally I broke the odd silence between us barely making a sound, but it was loud enough for him to hear, “I’m still only seventeen.”

The smile came back over his face as he took a seat next to me on the bed, “And Michael is two hundred and eighty six years old.”

“Two hundred and eighty six years?” I whispered to myself. I knew that he was over two hundred, but nearly three hundred I would had never thought.

“How old did you think he was twenty-something?”

“No,” Still astonished at Michael’s age I let Blyth know what I did, “I knew it was over two hundred, just not the exact number.”

“So,” Blyth turned and his eyes narrowed, “What is nine compared to two hundred and sixty nine?”

I looked down as my fingers started messing with the fringes on the bottom of my skirt, “It stopped you.”

“But why didn’t you just say no?”

He made a good point. I could have done as he said, but I didn’t. “I don’t know.”

“There are actually several reasons,” Blyth stood up and began pacing in his room, “First, you want me.”

“Conceited much?”

“Second,” He started again, “Your mind knows what it feels like, but your body still craves it. Third, you know that it will help you get over Michael. Forth, you just want me. Fifth, you want more time to get to know me, and that is the most dangerous. With time, you want to find love which will end with a broken heart. If you want something take it and get rid of it before you regret it. Just like that scar over your heart, you loved and now you regret it. Run when you fear that you can’t say goodbye. Sixth, you want me.”

“You are very conceited.”

Blyth finally turned towards me from his pacing, “And that’s what I want you to be. Every man in the world should want you, but only you get to chose those who you want.”

I tried to listen to everything that he was saying, but all of it wasn’t me. It might be him and Michael, but there was no way I could be that. “No. There is no way that I would even want to live without love. What kind of life would you live? From what I’ve seen in Michael’s it was very lonely.”

“Which is exactly why it made him so susceptible to your love.” Blyth took my hand and pulled me off of his bed, “This is too much for right now. All I want you to do is push everyone you love to the bottom of your heart your mother, father, and especially Michael.”

Blyth spun me around as though we were dancing and then I let myself fall back against his arm. Instead of bringing me up like I thought he leaned over me, “Michael most definitely did not teach you how to dance.”

“No.” I didn’t elaborate that it was his evil half that had.

Blyth’s eyes dug into mine, and I tried to fight it. It was no use unlike Michael I didn’t have any kind of chance to show him that I was in control. Blue eyes burnt deep into my soul and I could feel his words instead of hearing them. Everything he wanted me to know seemed to already be there inside of me. After taking the feeling, flipping it around, doubling it, he expanded it completely through my very core. I didn’t understand any of it, but I could feel it being done.

Once he was done with just that one he searched again. Diving deeper into me he explored every feeling that I had ever had. It didn’t take him long before I felt the suffering and agony going through me. Marcus’ power ripped through me once again, and if I could have I would have dropped to the floor begging Blyth to take it away. A single tear slipped through and I could feel each inch of skin that it touched before finding its way to my hair.

Blyth finally blinked which allowed me to close my eyes forcing out everything that I had just felt. He pulled me close to his chest so that I was resting my head over his own heart. The rhythm of it soothed my soul and gave me strength to fight the pain that was still finding its way out of my body. Only the one tear fell, but I sobbed as though I had been crying for hours. His shirt was clenched tightly in my fists and he kept his arms wrapped around me refusing to let me go as well.

The silence of his bedroom was drowned out by the sound of people. Lots of people surrounded us and Blyth pulled one arm from around me. Afraid to open my eyes to see where we were I heard the song that was playing in the background stop right in the middle and something heavier, darker started in its stead. The heavy bass line echoed over the people and slowly I released my grip on Blyth’s shirt.

“Two for me, one for her.” Blyth’s voice rumbled inside of his chest.

I peered out from my shelter inside of his arms to see a man standing behind a bar. There was a crowd on the other side. Most of the people were looking in our direction, but others ignored us completely. “Blyth, there is no way she is old enough.”

I caught Blyth’s fist in my sight as it slammed against the bar, “I said, one for her and two for me.”

“Yes sir.” The man retreated in the same way that Gran had earlier.

I looked up at Blyth to try and understand why everyone treated him in such a way, but his free hand stretched across his forehead with his eyes closed. A most defiant scowl was across his face in place of the smile that was always there. Slowly his hand fell down over his face still the smile did not reappear and his eyes did not open.

“Here you are sir.”

I looked to find three shot glasses sitting on the bar. Blyth’s hand lifted one, “For you.”

“No.” I looked up to find his eyes just as I felt pain shooting through and through.

“Only one,” He closed his eyes again and squeezed them tightly, “Just enough to numb the pain.”

I took it in my hand and looked at the liquid inside. I didn’t want to drink it, but if it did as he said I would gladly do as he said. “What’s the second for?”

Blyth quickly drank his and picked up the second one, “To kill it completely.”

Just as he had done with the first I tried to drink it quickly. The cold liquid filled my mouth and burnt my throat. I was sure that it wasn’t going to numb the pain. It was going to burn it out of my system completely. It was harsh and bitter and I needed something quickly to get the burning from my throat, “Can I have water or soda or just something else?”

Blyth finished his second drink and a bottle of water appeared on the bar. He lifted it and handed it to me. Never once did he take his arm from around me even after he turned me from the bar to face the crowd behind us. Quickly I opened the bottle and drank the entire thing. I closed my eyes removing the world when I heard Blyth’s words in my ear, “Stay with Kasey.”

“No.” My fingers latched a hold of his shirt again for fear that if he left me the pain would reach through me again, “Please.”

“Ash, just go with Kasey and I promise everything will be fine.” Blyth held me away from him and he nodded towards a pool table, “I’ll be over there with Alec clearing my mind from all of this.”

“It won’t come back?” I questioned Blyth before he completely let me go.

A smile slowly emerged and the light came back into his eyes, “Never again will you feel that pain.”

I nodded hoping that he was right and looked to my left where Kasey was standing waiting for me. I forced a smile for her and she didn’t seem to buy it as she took my arm pulling me from Blyth’s hands. I reluctantly followed her to a table, but once we sat down I looked over to the pool table where Blyth was now talking with Alec. His eyes were still on me as he tapped his fingers on the table.

“What did you do to him? Everyone is on edge right now.” Kasey waved her hand in front of me bringing my attention to her instead of him.

I shook my head studying the people around us. It was as she had said everyone was quiet talking among themselves. Everything was different from when we first arrived. The laughter stopped and the music reigned over the voices. People stole glances of Blyth, but never more than a few seconds.

“Nothing? Ash, this is not normal music for him. He is not happy.”


Kasey rolled her eyes and lowered her voice as she started talking again, “When Blyth is here he controls the music. With this playing everyone I can tell you now, is freaking out.”

I felt like everyone else as I looked back at Blyth who was still looking at me even when he shot never once did he take his eyes off of me. “I’m sorry.”

Alec leaned over and started talking to Blyth. Finally he removed his eyes from me and looked around the room. It seemed when he straightened up from the table he sighed and ran his hand down over his face. Once again he glanced at me and then he started talking with Alec again.

“This is going to be a bad night unless Alec can cheer him up. I can feel it now.” I looked over to find Kasey rubbing her temples. “Come on Alec.”

“What is he?” I stole another look at Blyth and then found Kasey again.

“God.” My eyes grew wide questioning Kasey and her statement. “Okay, he might not be god, but around here he might as well be.”

The song finally ended and I looked around as everyone else seemed to have their eye on Blyth. Suddenly Cum on Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot began blaring from the speakers. It was almost instantly the atmosphere changed. People seemed to sigh in relief and the heads started nodding in beat with the music.

Kasey herself sighed in relief as she continued talking, “Look, honestly I just know that he is the most powerful warlock around, and no one messes with him. I have been here for six months and my mom almost pulled me out when she heard that he was teaching. She decided not to when she realized that he and Alec were close.

Blyth is a good guy always happy, but I wouldn’t cross him. People will question him once, but if he insists they give him whatever he wants, never questioning him a second time. I like having him around though. He is always happy and most of the time he is normal.

It was hilarious when everyone found out that he was coming back though. They were running out trying to make sure everything was perfect and in order. The whole town was on edge and he showed up smiling, laughing and just as happy as could be. All of us students didn’t know quite what to expect from the way the teachers were acting. We thought he was going to be worse than our old teacher, but he lets us use magic. Actually he prefers it when we do use our magic.”

“So he,” I was lost in my thoughts of what he was, “Pretty much controls this whole town?”

“In a sense. My mom told me that it was his family that founded the town and school hundreds of years ago.” Kasey looked back over to Alec and Blyth as I did, “At least he is in a better mood now.”

“But I saw people throwing lamps at him, and throwing him out of store windows.” I pulled Kasey’s attention back, “And you tried yourself to hit him?”

“He acts just like any normal person, well as normal as he can be, so everyone treats him that way.” Kasey played with the straw in her drink, “He seems to have his eye on you though.”

I shook my head, “He’s just making sure that I don’t try to kill myself.”

“No, I mean,” Kasey leaned over the table and whispered, “I think he’s watching your powers. If you are what Alec said, then you will be just as powerful as him.”

“He won’t have to worry about any kind of competition.” My eyes went back to Blyth at the pool table, but he was gone.

“I don’t think that is what he has in mind,” Kasey smiled as she leaned back in her seat and looked behind me, “Eighties?”

I turned in my seat to find Blyth and Alec walking over. Blyth shrugged his shoulders, “The eighties had some good music, plus it goes with this whole theme I’m still working on.”

“Yeah, couldn’t you tell with this long hair? I’m just waiting for him to break out the spandex and hair spray.” Alec started laughing and sat down next to Kasey pulling her drink in front of him.

“I could pull it off and still bring more women home than you.” Blyth walked around me, and I was expecting him to sit next to me until his hands rested on my shoulders. He leaned over and spoke only to me, “Feeling better?”

I nodded, “Could I have some more water though?”

Another water bottle appeared on the table as Blyth took the seat next to me like I first thought he was going to do. Alec seemed to finally find something suitable to come back at Blyth with, “That’s just because I’m not a pretty boy like you.”

“I don’t want to see any kind of spandex tonight.” Kasey pointed out taking her drink back. “Let’s just keep the music in the eighties and I think we will all survive the night.”

“What kind of theme are you working on anyway?” Alec broke the odd silence that started at the table after Kasey made her remark.

“Sex, which you two have already done, drugs, we have all done, and rock-n-roll.” Blyth kept laughing, “Everything the eighties were about.”

“Yeah, but you said you were still working on it. What’s the rest?” Kasey shifted in her seat so that she was now leaning on Alec.

Blyth threw his hands up as if he was surrendering, “I could always go back to Dope if you wish.”

Suddenly the song stopped again and another one came on. It was a dark cover of a popular song. It was however not the effect that I’m sure he wanted. Even though it was a harsh metal the beat still flowed and oddly enough more people started dancing. Kasey’s smile grew as she started bobbing in her seat, “I like this.”

“Too bad.” The song stopped mid stream and left the room in a stand still. “I want Cherry Pie.”

Blyth grabbed my hand yanking me from the seat. Kasey started laughing, “I told you, Ash.”

I wanted to ask her what she was talking about, but Blyth pulled me out onto the dance floor as the song started playing. I looked at Blyth when he stopped in the middle. When he turned to face me his eyes landed on me and nothing else. He pulled me close and started dancing leaving me no other choice than join him. It wasn’t long before he was singing right along with the words.

When the song ended I started walking back to the table where Alec and Kasey were still sitting. Blyth grabbed my hand swinging me back around into his arms, “Not just yet. This one is just for you.”

“No.” I turned to walk away again when I heard it. I remembered this song. My dad played it on my birthday for me.

“Yes.” Blyth kept a hold of me, “Because she whispered sweet, I’m still only seventeen.”

I covered my face in embarrassment, “This is the whole point of the eighties thing wasn’t it?”

“Maybe,” He pulled my hands down leaving me to stare into his eyes that seemed devious in a happy sort of way, “Or it could be for the next song, or the next.”

“You don’t plan on letting me sit down for the rest of the night do you?” I leaned against him as he swayed back and forth to the beat.

He leaned in wrapping his hands around my waist, “I plan on having fun, just as you should.”

As we danced I ran everything that Kasey had said through my mind again. The only thing that seemed to stay was the fact that he was supposed to be a teacher, a teacher at a school that I was to start attending tomorrow. This wasn’t good any way that I could think about it. I was a student, seventeen, and he was twenty six. Even though he made the point that Michael was several hundred years older than me. I had no control over the way that I had felt for him. With Blyth it was different. I had no plans to even be with him this way or the way I was with Michael, but it would seem that he had plans of his own.

As the night wore on I tried to pick up whatever his plan was from him and Kasey, but it was lost somewhere inside of me. I let the world of Blyth in. Carefree and fun was had all night until it ended and I woke up.

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