Approaching Reflections

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This is a rough draft I wrote over ten years ago. I have been wanting to go back and do final work on it, but nothing wants to work right inside my mind. So... I am leaving it all up to you: Please if you want, take this story, make it your own and make it better if you can get past the bad writing. The story itself is about a young girl facing her fate as a witch and falling in love with a warlock who wishes to steal her powers. She is forced between a life long battle between two brothers, one who desires nothing more than to love her in his own way, while the other only wants to gain her power and kill her.

Fantasy / Romance
Mel Rose
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“Alright, does everyone know what they are doing?” I looked over the faces of the men surrounding me. Three of them were nodding, but the forth shook his head. It wasn’t because he didn’t understand. It was because he didn’t believe that it would work. “Matt, we can do this without it taking your life. All he needs is power and we have that.”

When he finally nodded my eyes closed I turned around to face the mirror. I pushed everything out of my body except the feeling of him surrounding my heart. My hand pressed firmly against the mirror and I opened my eyes. Digging deep into my own eyes I saw his soul there. I pushed it out into the mirror and smiled as he was standing before my own reflection with his hand pressed against mine. Slowly I backed away with his hand still on mine. Our fingers intertwined together and I pulled him completely out. Without our eyes leaving each other his soul was ripped from mine.

As he was yanked back into his body by Anthony, Matt, and Marcus my eyes went to Michael who was concentrating deeply in the corner of the room. I was beginning to grow impatient with the time that he was taking. He knew that we only had a few moments before Blythee would be ripped back into the reflection. There, finally, all of his powers separated were being forced out except his own. Matt’s power would be the second one in the line. First there was his father’s and then the one that we needed. Quickly I took the power within my own and forced it into Blythee’s body lying on the floor with his soul being held inside.

Everyone backed away from his body except for me. I knelt down beside him and touched his face with just the tips of my fingers. I prayed with everything that was within me that he would just open his eyes. My prayers were answered but not because he opened his eyes. The first gasp of air that he had taken proved to me that it worked. In all of these years I had forgotten the most vital reaction to coming back to life. My fingers traced down over his face to his throat and finally resting over his heart. There was a steady beat and the air was going through his body again.

Blythe’s hand found mine against his chest and he lifted it to his lips. Sapphires that was as blue as the sky blinked and then settled on the ceiling. He swallowed harshly and let his hand fall from mine. I backed away as his sons began helping him up off the floor, but once he was standing his eyes came straight into mine. His grin had shown as bright as the sun as he stepped towards me. I reached out once again for his hand and he took it pulling me as fast as he could into his arms. He forced me back against the mirror as his hands fell into my hair and placing his lips against mine.

Just before we had escaped our audience I overheard them. Anthony’s voice broke my heart slightly, “I thought that he would at least…”

Michael placed his arm around Anthony’s shoulder, “That’s your father. Trust me he loves you more than anything else, but he is a man. After eighteen years think of what he might want the most in this moment.”

“Yeah, how do you think we got you?” Matt hit Anthony in the shoulder.

Michael started laughing. “From what I understand that was your mother’s doing. Surprisingly for once it wasn’t his.”

“Why do you think she brought him back?” Marcus joined in finally.

Blythe forced me back through the mirror onto my bed at home. As his hands reached up under my shirt his voice finally whispered into my ear. “After eighteen years I’ve finally found my way back to heaven.”

“With eighteen years worth of yearning to add to it,” I tried to hold back the feeling welling up inside of my body craving his.

His lips began caressing my bare chest, “Oh I know that you haven’t waited eighteen years for this. I’ve watched you through the mirrors.”

My hands found themselves full of his hair as I brought his face up to mine. “Eighteen years of never being satisfied is almost worse than not having it at all.”

“How about watching the one you love for eighteen years knowing that no one could ever satisfy her the way that you do? Coaching boys through the mirror on how to please you just made me want to possess their bodies. Feeling your skin against mine and your lips makes me explode with a craving. This craving I know it is not being forced into me from your body, but my own.” Blythe ran his hands down my thighs and between my legs causing me to moan in reply to his touch. “I know that you’ve desired my touch.”

“Desire is such a weak word compared to what I’ve been feeling.” I couldn’t hold back my urge to send everything into him as he thrust himself forward.

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