Approaching Reflections

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Chapter 15

“Damn it!” Marcus slammed the half opened book closed.

As his head dropped with a thud on top a melodic voice came sweeping into the room. “Marcus, shush, I just got her to sleep.”

Without raising his head from the book he sighed deeply, “I can’t do it, Liz.”

“Sure you can.” Her hand gently ran over the top of his head easing the frustration filtering through the room. “You must calm yourself before you wake her though.”

Marcus let the tension inside slip through remembering quite well the infant sleeping quietly in the next room. Once he lifted himself up off the book that he had just tirelessly written his entire account of the future in, his eyes met Elizabeth’s. Her auburn hair was pulled neatly back into a ponytail while her hazel eyes looked over the pitiful scene of Marcus.

“She is still just a week old, Marcus. You still have plenty enough time.” Elizabeth threw herself onto the sofa at the other side of the room exhausted herself. “You will find a way to guide her through. I trust in you. Now go home and get some sleep yourself.”

Silence filled the air as Marcus turned himself around in the chair so that he could face the doorway to the room where the baby was. It remained that way for quite some time before Marcus spoke again. When he did speak again his tone was lowered as if he was only permitting Elizabeth to hear. “This time was different Liz.”

“How so?” Elizabeth sat up to keep from falling as sleep like her little one in the next room.

“She warned me,” Marcus stared at the doorway as if he was lost in a deep thought. “I should have listened to her. I think I just sealed my fate in what I had just seen.”

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