Approaching Reflections

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Chapter 3

The beautiful substance in front of me was the most exquisite element of this world. All of them, except my favorite, bent with my whims. This one I could create and oppress, but not control its insatiable appetite. Today I wasn’t trying to dominate this adamant power, instead I was feeding it. Pieces of my soul I openly provided for it to swallow up and devour.

Of all the basic elements of this world, this one completely dumbfounded me. Water would bend to each movement that I could think of. The ground beneath my feet was nothing more than a dull and boring matter. Air had its molecules and was filled with dirt so it was understandably easy to manipulate. Fire, well, not fire per say, but its flame held me in awe.

Oddly I knew that it was a substance of some kind, but I could not feel it. Even the weight of a soul held its own presence in this world. A flame, no matter how small or large it was, it was untouchable. With all the powers of this world, there was no controlling which way it turned or danced. In my eyes this fire was a beautiful creature of its own accord. Nothing could be compared with its brilliance.

“Now, what exactly is it that you are doing?” I was slightly startled from my deep concentration with Marcus’ voice, but I honestly knew that he had been there.

Refusing to take my eyes from the glow in front of me I questioned him as well, “Tell me, what you see?”

“Ashley,” Marcus groaned as he looked between the fire and me, “I’m not playing the medieval prophecy game.”

He had started to extinguish my flame when I grabbed his arm enabling him completing his goal. “No, just tell me. What do you see inside my flame?”

I knew he had rolled his eyes in detest, but he had given in. This time I removed my narrow vision of the burning papers to watch him. He squinted briefly, but withdrew after only a moment. “I don’t see anything. What is it that you see?”

Now he was questioning my mental stability it would seem. My eyes returned to the glowing green and red flames. “I see my world dancing rapidly in circles becoming hotter by the time. I can almost see it swaying to the sound of my mind, but not by control. This flame is consuming the inside of my thought. It’s leaving my mind blank.”


“This flame is mine and it is engulfing all of me. This flame is,” I paused momentarily as I glanced back at the confused look on his face. “My world.”

“Well, when you make it back to this world you can take care of this.” Marcus scoffed at my words as he laid one hand on my shoulder and presented me with a small piece of paper. I looked it over, but it was like I had said the fire had consumed each one of my thoughts. At this moment I couldn’t interpret what it was. Marcus had no doubt understood from the perplexed look on my face and explained. “It is a fine. We do have a burning ordinance here in town so I would suggest putting out your world or taking it elsewhere.”

Again I lifted the paper into view, but all the writing looked foreign to me still. Without thought I tossed it into the fire along with another book that was beside me. Marcus quickly pulled it out restoring it to its former appearance. “Alright, I’ll just keep a hold of this until you come back. Do you have any idea when that will be?”

“Why don’t you tell me? You can look into the future.” I exclaimed stirring the bright amber ashes. “I mean you can still do that can’t you?”

Marcus quickly grasped my wrist causing me to lose my stick into the unrelenting flames. His swift action had brought me back quickly. I could feel the emotions set back in as well as the world filtering in around me. His voice was coarse and his narrow eyes dug into me, “It took me nearly three hundred years to learn what you had in just a few. You know just as well as I do that the future is never the same. In each moment the future changes. A thousand futures can spring from one miniscule choice. I do not seek answers from the future any longer. You above all others know exactly why.”

He must have noticed the fear surrounding my heart as he dropped my wrist just as promptly as he had grabbed it. I almost had to thank him from saving me from my own demise. My mind had been locked in some kind of trace with the flame that I had created. I had thought briefly about how it was possible, but then left it just as that, a thought. Swiftly I gathered the rest of the books resting on the ground and threw them into the flame without glancing at it again.

Marcus turned to go back towards the house, but changed his mind as he questioned me, “So, what exactly, were you trying to do?”

I inhaled the clean air that I had found from taking just a few steps away from the smoke. It felt like more than a relief as it continued passing through my lungs. “I was just burning old thoughts away.”

Marcus cocked his head slightly back towards me, but he still refused to look back entirely, “Your thoughts? Written by your own hand or by your power?”


“Burning your own words with your own flame?” Marcus turned restricting his eyes from the world to only contain me. “That is precarious magic. You had better tread lightly from now on with your memories or thoughts. Some you might find have disappeared entirely.”

“God, if only that were true,” I took myself from the lonely spot in the yard to another just a few steps away. I found myself sitting complacently on the swing. Beautiful ivy crawled up the lattice and surrounded me with a peaceful environment. Leaving behind the flame and its devouring demons I felt myself beginning to feel at ease. “Nothing can take away these parts of me that I do not wish to have.”

I was taken aback when Marcus had landed in the seat next to me gently swinging us. “I know, Ashley that you loathe me in every possible way, but that still hasn’t stopped me from continuing to care for you. Please grant me one more opportunity to help you before you disappear from my eyes again forever.”

My eyes shot straight towards his trying to decipher how he knew of my departure. They held their secrets well, just as they always have done. It was no use trying to find my answers without words. I treaded lightly in my expressions, “You are leaving?”

“I have my resources Ashley, and we both know what will be happening.” Marcus exclaimed after rolling his eyes and giving his cautious chuckle once more. “But will you allow me help you?”

“No, I don’t think I would.” I readied myself to leave him in that moment. I was running low on my options to get rid of my own demise, but I wasn’t ready to let the one person that brought me this agony help. “I don’t think I could let you.”

“Please.” Torment raged inside his voice as he grasped my arm keeping me held firmly in place. The pain that I felt flowing freely inside myself echoed inside of his eyes. “Please, I swear that upon the pain of death I will not cause you any more grief. Just allow me one last chance to prove that I do love you.”

Breaking through Marcus’ restraint I glared through his agony. I stayed there on the swing only to mock him this time, “You still swear that you love me? My God, are you serious? Marcus, you must find something else to occupy your heart.”

He landed on his knees directly in front of me with his hands placed over his heart. This time his eyes remain solemnly on the ground. “I hoped that helping you as I have, especially since Anthony had come into your life that you would have forgiven me against my past follies. I am not even asking you to change your opinion of me just allow to fix this hollow person that I have created.”

Marcus continued speaking, but my thoughts floated away with memories that I had tried so hard to keep locked away. I knew that he was not the reason for this moment in my life to come floating back to the surface. Something inside of me brought it here. Perhaps, it was the same thing that had told me to flee. It felt natural to bring this memory back into this future at this point in my life.

Two thousand dollars in my pocket and I was done for the night. As I stepped out into the street I realized that the city was still bustling as though it were still three in the afternoon. A yawn escaped my body as I fixed my eyes down the street. I tried to shake the troublesome burden of exhaustion from my body, but it was no use. Glancing down at my watch I saw that I had only five hours to get home get some sleep and a shower before Ms. Chilton would be waiting for me.

Trying to hurry on my way home now I made my way through the crowds leaving the clubs for the night. I was nearly knocked over as a fight began just as I had walked past a huge number of people. Instead I stumbled into someone else providing what I hoped wouldn’t be a domino effect. Glad that I had not tumbled completely over I was shocked when I had found that the person I fell into had caught me.

After I had gained my balance and was on my feet again I turned to apologize for running into the stranger I had to nearly catch myself again. In the past three years that I had been living in the city I had never run into someone that I had known. “Mr. Baine?”

Backing away from him I could tell immediately that this was the same man that I had met nearly five years ago. There was something different about him though. When I had met him confidence ruled his very being, but now he looked quite confused. Still dressed as though he were conducting very important business his suit seemed rough as though he had been sleeping in it. It was obvious though from the worn expression of confusion on his face that he had not slept for days. Even though I had only met him once in this life I had hoped for at least a little recognition. It was clear with his words that he didn’t. “You know me?”

As the fight beside us ensued Marc grabbed my arm leading me away. He pushed his way through the people trying to get to the scene behind us. Once he had finally led us to an open sidewalk his pace slowed and finally stopped. Turning back to me his brilliant ember eyes questioned me. “How do you know me?”

I studied the uncertainty in his eyes trying to figure out what had happened to him. “Your brother introduced us years ago.”

Lights gleamed in his eyes and a smile grew on his face. It was as though I had solved a great mystery for him. “Michael, you know Michael. Where is he?”

Now I was almost sure that I had run into the wrong person, but he had responded to his name. “I don’t know any Michael. Matt introduced us. You don’t remember?”

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temple. I could tell that he was trying hard to remember anything, but as he looked again I could see that he could not. It was apparent that I had just confused him even more. “I’m sorry. Perhaps you don’t know me then.”

I hated breaking my vow never to mention what I had seen before, but it was obvious he needed someone to help him. “You are Marcus Baine. You teach at the school in Bradford, New York. You are also one of the most powerful warlocks in the world. I am sure that I know exactly who you are.”

Marc’s eyes swayed from side to side watching that no one was paying any attention to us. He leaned in closer, “It would seem that you know me better than I know myself at the moment. Would it be possible for you to take me to this Matt that introduced us?”

“No,” I couldn’t possibly face Matt again for any reason even one such as this, “But I… Would, I mean, are you hungry? I have some leftover take out at home. Maybe I could find his phone number somewhere and I could call him for you.”

“But can’t you,” Marc stared at me curiously, “You are a witch. Are you not?”

“I don’t use my powers.” I grumbled against my own weakness in my skills or rather the lack of control over them. I took Marc by the arm and began taking home with me. “Are sure that you don’t remember me?”

Marc studied my face in the lights on the street, “No, someone as enchanting as you are, I swear I could not forget. Tell me of how we met and how I was able to watch you go idly away without remembering.”

It was hard not trying to blush especially when I had somewhat of a school girl crush on him throughout my time at Bradford. That time, however, never happened. It was our one meeting that I wished only to remember and embellish on now. As we made our way through the streets I told him of our first meeting. “Matt and I were dating about five years ago. We were both still in high school. Who knows he still could be. Either way our lives changed in a way that was never thought possible. He insisted that I had to meet his family. Oddly though, I had expected his father, but instead just one brother, you. I remember you both finding humor out of my being puzzled that you were his younger brother. He had always talked about his little brother and how great you were.

Trust me I was more than shocked when you just appeared in the room. I had never met anyone other than my mother that could do that. I understood quickly though why Matt was not more shocked when I had told him what I was or was going to be at that point. Things began to get understandably confusing when he had to explain to me exactly why you appeared so much older. It wasn’t until I experienced it firsthand that I understood completely.”

“Experienced what?” Marc questioned.

I fought hard to keep the memories of everything that perspired in those years. I chose the words that he would hopefully comprehend with little explanation. “Eternal youth and beauty.”

“But how wasn’t Michael apart of that? He is the one that knows the secret, not Mathieu.” Marc was now even more confused than when I had first run into him. “Mathieu died though.”

“Yes and he still is.” I grunted to myself. “As for Michael, I swear I have no idea who you are talking about. Mr. Baine, I met you once as Matt’s brother. I’ve even had the chance to study under you, in a different time, and it was by my understanding that you also gave Matt the way to keep me this way forever.”

“Wait,” Marc twisted me around his arm halting me directly in front of him, “Are you saying that you were forced into living this age forever? I thought it was by choice, not by force.”

“Oh, it was by choice. Either die or stay this way. I just wished I had known,” My words stumbled and my eyes hit the ground. “Did you know what would happen when you made the choice?”

Marc lifted my chin with his fingers. My eyes fell into his, “Even as lovely as you are and your beauty should never fade it would seem that we are both victims of what others wish. I cannot age because Michael chooses not to, and you by the force of another. Perhaps once I find Michael we could break these spells that bind us.”

“It is quite impossible.” I jerked my arm from Marc and started back to my apartment.

I guess I wasn’t surprised when Marc had hurried to catch up to me. What did surprise me was when Marc took my arm and wrapped it carefully around his own. “I do not believe a woman of your splendor should be walking these streets without a proper escort. The look of the men that I had seen upon my arriving here in the city is not very appealing. In fact it is rather frightening how this world had unraveled.”

Glancing up at Marc I smiled confidently, “I have walked these streets nearly every night for the past three years. Trust me; there is no man that would dare think about attacking me. If he did, I could take care of myself. My powers match your own, if they are not greater. I can take care of myself quite well.”

“I thought you had said that you don’t use your powers.” He simply stated remembering what I had told him earlier.

Pulling Marc to the left we had entered the door that would take me into the building where my apartment was on the third floor. “I would use them to protect myself. Wouldn’t any witch?”

“Yes, I suppose you are right.” Marc released my arm as he followed me up the narrow stairway, “Why is it that you don’t use them like any other witch?”

I completely ignored Marc’s question as I climbed the stairs. He never questioned me about it again. Once we had gotten into the apartment I went straight for my phone. Marc walked in and studied his surroundings. I motioned for him towards the kitchen while I dialed Matt’s phone number. “Go ahead in and see what I have left over in the fridge. You should be able to find everything else that you need.”

I know that I had told Marc that I had to search for it, but the truth was I had never forgotten it. As it rang I grew anxious and nearly hung it up once his voice answered. “Hello?”

After listening to his voice repeating several times, it wasn’t until he said my name that I finally spoke up. “Matt.”

“Ash, is everything alright?” It was clear now that he had been sleeping, but as he heard my voice he was quite awake. “Ashley, what’s wrong?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” It had been years since I’ve heard Matt’s voice. Trying to fight the tears or the bitterness of wanting to cry in my voice I had to speak up. “When was the last time you talked to Marc?”

“Marc?” I could imagine Matt’s mind wandering. After all these years I call him in the middle of the night just to ask about his brother. “It was no more than a month ago. Ash, what is wrong?”

I tried to control my breathing and my heart before I spoke again. When I opened my eyes Marc was standing in front of me, “What is a fridge?”

“The big white thing in the kitchen that holds food,” I shooed Marc back towards the kitchen, but he had caught me off guard with his question enabling me to find the courage to talk to Matt. “Listen, I found him wandering down Forty-Second Street less than an hour ago, and he seems to be extremely confused. Matt, he just asked me what a refrigerator was.”

“Forty-Second Street? In New York? Ash, what were you doing walking down that street at this hour at night?” Matt’s voice grew into one that I had detested and I now remembered just another reason why I had left. “Ash, please don’t tell me that you ran into while you were working the street.”

Matt might have continued speaking, but after hearing that last sentence I quickly hung up the phone. Running my hands over my face I tried everything within me to calm the emotions rushing to the surface. It didn’t work as I had wished. Clenching my fingers into fists I tightened every muscle in my body still hoping to keep it held in. Without wanting to I watched as the phone that I had just laid down exploded into a thousand tiny pieces. Knowing that I had let Matt so deep into me that I had allowed myself to lose control, upset me even more.

I collapsed down on my knees and began picking up the pieces that used to be my phone. A smile almost escaped my lips with the thought that now my phone had been obliterated Matt couldn’t call me back. Fear had replaced the sudden want to smile though. I knew that he would have someone with powers close to him. It wouldn’t take any longer than five minutes before he found his way here.

Without moving I called for Marc. His hands had enclosed my fists and tried to sooth me. I refused to allow myself to use power so in this I needed his help me. “Can you place an enchantment over this building so that he can’t come here? Please, I can’t face him.”

“My love,” Marcus words burnt into my heart, “He’s harmed you in your past that horribly that you can’t face him even now after so many years? I shall try my best at protecting you from anything that you fear. I do not believe that I can cover the entire building, but I will try to keep him as far from you as I can.”

Marc’s hands left mine to brush the hair away from my face. Still I refused to even look up. His lips pressed firmly, yet gently, against my forehead. Memories flew through my mind as he went through them all. There was holding nothing back from him now that he had seen everything. I had hoped that once he was through he would remember things himself.

“We did meet some time ago, just as you had said.” Marc’s embrace was short and as he leaned back I couldn’t help from looking into his eyes. He knew everything now, even though I was sure he should have already known. “It is easy for me to see now how I could have let such a beauty escape me. You were with child, his child.”

Even though he spoke with the upmost sincerity I got up leaving him kneeling on the floor. “Yes, I was pregnant with his child, a dead man’s child who forced me inside my own fate to live forever. It was clear to me that once I had woken up I would never be the same, and I had become something more than a normal witch. I was unable to die, with three months before my turning I had become a phoenix, and inside me a child was unable to grow steadily. I had an abortion killing every last feeling that I had for him. Is there anything that I have left out? Anything else that you desire to know of me?”

“Inside of me I hold so many more desires for you.” Marc began undoing the buttons on my knee length jacket. With each one he came up slowly and when we were face to face he slid it down over my shoulders onto the floor. He took my face in his hands. Softly pressing his lips against my forehead again, but this time he lingered allowing his nose to run down mine barely allowing any contact. Carefully he let his lips touch mine then pulling away just slightly as he spoke, “My greatest desire in this moment wants to know if those pieces of your heart that had been shattered might be able to find love once more.”

That night and four months after Marc had tried everything within his power to heal my heart. He had perfected his protection spell to cover the entire city refusing Matt any hope of ever seeing me again. By the end our fourth month together he had lost his amusement in my refusing to use power and was becoming almost annoyed.

He was even less amused that I refused to end my nights working as a dancer. He did not understand that it was hard enough trying to provide for myself when he came into my life. His lifestyle was far more extravagant than mine in every way. My own little shop of fortunetelling, which was the one and only power that I could use with ease as long as it wasn’t my own fate, had went under. A small list of clients was not enough to keep it open, and once Marc had come into my life; it had turned into only a dream. My clients now had to come into my apartment, which infuriated Marc because he would have to leave.

I sent him back to the school where he had reassumed his teaching position, but I was hoping more for an explanation of how he had forgotten so much. After an entire year had passed he had given up on finding this mysterious Michael, which he assured me was his other brother. In the time that I had known both him and Matt neither had mentioned Michael’s name once. Well, that was until I found Marc that night.

Within our time together Marc had stopped using his magic altogether, except to go to the school. He even made it a point to tell me that in his teaching he refused to use it then as well. I wasn’t sure if he could tell by my uneasiness around him using or if it was just as simple as the fact that he was trying to follow my example. In the end though whether he knew it or not, it didn’t make me love him any more or less.

It was then on the morning of my birthday, I had worked just a few hours, and allowed myself the opportunity to celebrate. I never really celebrated my birthday, just observed it to watch it pass without gaining another year. This year, however, I joined in the crowd at the bar. Drinks were bought for me, and I drank each of them without regret.

“To what honor should we drink to in celebration of your presence with us tonight, Phoenix?” A man called out from the side of the bar. As I looked for him he wasn’t hard to find. White hair trailing down to his shoulders, and his green eyes fastened on mine. He lifted his drink once I had found him.

I removed my eyes from him momentarily as I ran my finger down my own glass. I wasn’t about to let everyone know why I was drinking or why I had stayed tonight. Quickly I lifted my glass and eyes back to the man, “Your own glass shows you, when you look in it.”

A smile came over him as he apparently understood the meaning behind my quotation. After taking his drink with our eyes locked he nodded and then disappeared into the crowd behind him. I had thought he would have disappeared forever, and it wouldn’t have bothered me to never see him again. However, as fate would have it half an hour later his voice came whispering.

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old, for as you were when first your eye I eyed, such seems your beauty still. Three winters cold have from the forest shook three summer’s pride. Three beauteous springs to yellow autumn turned. In process of the seasons I have seen. Three April perfumes in three hot Junes burned, since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green.” In his words I felt panic flying through me. I turned to face this man who had quoted the same man in the same sonnet, but I feared his meaning. When I had become face to face with him I lost all of my fear. There was something about him that didn’t seem so frightening. Something inside of his eyes, or his smile, that reminded me of the kindness Marc had shown me. “It isn’t very often that one such as yourself quotes Shakespeare. So tell me, are you just well read or does it hold meaning to you.”

Perhaps I had drank too much or it was that he seemed so familiar that I allowed myself to speak freely, “It would be nice don’t you think to surrender to Time’s scathe. To watch lines and wrinkles come over our faces. Not to fear, but embrace it?”

“At first you do wish for things that are well beyond your grasp, but the feeling will fade with time just as everything else except yourself, of course. Tell me, Phoenix, how long ago were you coerced into this way of life?” This stranger leaned in against the bar, but more towards me. It was evident that he was trying to keep our conversation between us rather than everyone else. “And tell me if your name has any bearing in this as well.”

I was obviously drunk since I had come right out and told him everything. It was nice for once to be able to tell someone everything that happened without feeling sorry for myself. There were parts that I never partook in telling him, but that was a side story that didn’t need to be mentioned. He listened quite intently for the entire thing, until I had mentioned that my powers were too great for me. I could see his thoughts shifting from one motive to another.

By the end of the night I realized that had my heart not belonged to Marc in this moment this man would have stolen it. The man, whom he introduced himself as my savior, placed me into a cab after refusing to go home with him. We had made plans for seven the next night for him to meet me. It was a beautiful thought to be rid of my powers exactly six years after I had turned for the last time. He was going to release my pain. However, he said there was nothing he could do to erase the pain of watching time continue on without aging.

Stumbling up the stairs to my apartment I looked forward into collapsing on my bed and having Marc’s arms wrap around me. It all became a darkened dream when I had found my way to the bed. Marc was sitting up staring out the window. The neon sign from across the street turned his face a bright yellow, but I could see the lines coming down his cheeks.

After I had undressed I crawled across the bed wrapping my arms around his uncovered chest and rested my chin on his shoulder staring out into the street with him. “It has been a year, eight months and twenty two days since I have vowed to mend your heart and make you love me. From that time, never once had I heard you echo the words of love back to me. It has never taken me this long to turn someone’s love towards me. Tell me, what have I done to hurl your love away from me?”

A smile came over me as I laid my head against his that was full of worry. “It was tonight that I realized how much you mean to my heart. I am not one to recite the pains of love, but as life would have it I do love you.”

“And what happened tonight to make you love me so? Coming home to see me in despair of this love that I have never felt?” Marc scoffed.

“I met a man tonight. He was handsome, quite intelligent, rich, and not the kind of man that I would normally entertain. We had talked for nearly two hours before he questioned if I would go home with him. Had I not loved you so, he would have taken my heart, of that I am sure. So please realize that, me wishing to come home and just see your face was more important that finding myself in someone else’s bed.

I’m sure that it has been quite some time now that I have loved you. Maybe I was afraid to admit it, but now I know. I would rather have you than anyone else in this world.” I was hoping that my words conveyed just how I felt.

Contentment and hope flashed through his eyes as he turned to kiss me, but he stopped short, “You’ve been drinking tonight. Why?”

Now my eyes turned from his to stare out the window. “Since the clock stuck midnight, I have turned twenty four forever stuck at the age of seventeen.”

The night passed on without another word being said. When I woke up Marc was gone just as he normally was. I waited patiently for him to return after his class, but I watched the clock chime at six thirty he still hadn’t come home. Different thoughts ran through my mind wondering if he was ever going to return. Feeling quite depressed as the clock ticked quietly towards seven I relaxed on the thought that now he had gained my love he had disappeared forever.

Against my better wishes I called him using my power, but it was no use. He refused to answer. Sure now that he had no intention of coming back, I waited patiently for my savior to arrive. When the knock came, a great number of emotions flew through me, but none of them I regretted.

The man that I had met last night greeted me as the door opened. “Your beauty still shines, but you seem disturbed. Have you changed your mind?”

I forced a smile on my face, “Nothing has changed.”

“Then why do you seem so dismal?” He questioned as I led him into the apartment.

“A broken heart,” I fought the tears. I refused to allow tears to be wasted on such an insignificant thing. “Tell me; is there any chance that this would end my life?”

My savior laughed as he took my hand in his halting me from going further. “There is a great many risks in what we are about to do. Please, if this broken heart is what you wish to die for, allow me to try to talk you out of it. Give me an opportunity to show you that there is so much more to live for than love. Life is out there, you just have to find it.”

Glancing at the clock realizing that the time was growing shorter I had to make this a quick explanation. “I remember you telling me last night that you had been a doctor once in your life, and I just want to let you know that if something should go wrong, don’t try to save me. I’m not worth it.”

“Well, Phoenix, in my past lives I have played the doctor and also a priest, so in good consciousness, I cannot stand indolently by and watch you die without trying to save you.” He lifted my hand that he had taken pressed it kindly with his lips. “But as it were, you are willing to give up your powers, so I foresee this going swiftly and without error. Are you ready?”

He had willingly given out the answer I was searching for. If I held on to my power, this would end my life. Looking at the clock once more before it struck seven I tried to call Marc one last time. Just as before there, there was nothing. It seemed as if he were blocking me from even getting though. I had my answer from both of them, and my power was going to release me from this life.

When the clock struck seven I looked to the man, who was right in assuming he would be my savior. I felt him beginning to pull lightly against something inside of me. Without wanting to release it, I pulled it back. Looking into his eyes he understood exactly what I was doing. “You have to let go of it Phoenix.”

I tried my best acting I could, “I can feel it clinging to me. Pull harder.”

It worked as he tugged harder. My heart raced and suddenly as I could feel the power release from my body, my heart stopped instantly. I knew that he would be rushing towards me in the moment that I fell, but it was over, my mind just hadn’t caught onto the fact yet. I saw his face, and heard Marc’s voice shouting. It was too late. His voice gave me hope, but in his eyes as he leaned over me for the last time he released me into death. “You came back.”

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