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hello all! guys!...So, lets see what happens.. Zuana as usual was not able to control her curiosity. she went in to the forbidden forest and got her life collapsed. she just said everything about astral realm to two humans and did not give the FORGET potion. so guys..hope you all like it!..please give it a try, vote for me!..and..follow if you like my writing..and please do comment if you have any ideas..ideas are always welcomed. a very very special gratitude to my whole life bestie...luv you loads deeksha!!!!.

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That cold night

It was a cold night. Zuana, as usual completed her night routine and was roaming in the actual realm. She always wondered how calm the night looks in astral realm but here in actual realm nights are always busy no matter how late she comes. How funny it is to roam in a familiar place without anyone judging your looks, habits or appearance. She loves that fun.

She wore the same black outfit with glittery golden shoes which she used to wear every night to sneak up to actual realm. Her blonde hair was pulled back to a bouncy pony tail. Her brown skin witnessing the chill breeze hit. She smiled as she shivered no matter how hard she tried not to. That was a humourless smile.

What would her mother say if she knew what happend last night? Would she scold zuana? Would she lock her up in her room to prevent from sneaking out? Would she spell some guard spells and never let her out again?

Never. Marie Belmont is not that sort of lady. Would she punish her daughter even if her daughter was hurt and got her life collapsed?

Zuana sighed. She shouldn't have entered the dark woods. Dark woods---yeah, that's what they used to mention the forest that follows the left end of astral realm or does that place have a specific name...?..never mind.

She pushed the thoughts of the forest out of her mind. She stood and started to walk to the same house where she used to stay in the actual realm. After all no one would be able to see her...then why should she go to the same house once she is tired of roaming?..she loved the friends. She loved the friendship of the two girls living in that house.

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