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The best friends

"oh crap! Adeline, i have said you a dozen of times you should not leave the coconuts as such. Look, again they were bit by those annoying creatures!!" Shouted a familiar female voice.

'xanthia filip'...zuana's lips muttered. Xanthia is an overprotective friend. It is hard for her to trust anyone. But once she trust, she can never doubt them until they critically betray her.

Her long brown hair was made to a french bun on top of her head. She was wearing a face-pack. Her night dress was a combination pink and blue, her top written 'i am a cutie pie'. Oh, yeah she is a cutie pie!. Hope she would be the popular girl in her school.

"Why are you yelling at me xanth? I am not somewhere out of the universe!. Let those mice have something to eat. They look so skinnier you know?" Said another girl's voice.

'adeline lozano' whispered zuana. Adeline was a kind girl who would trust anyone so easily and is very kind hearted. Even if her eyes were dark, sparkling of those were captivating. Her loose dark hair was sliding her violet t-shirt and her light brown hands. Her tight pants were covered with an apron which gives a guess she was working in the kitchen----feeding the mice...may be... Zuana laughed out loud as she imagined xanth's expression when she looks adeline feed mice. They made her forget her darkness in her life.

"Ha..now who is yelling? To be honest you are the one who looks skinnier...and..you mean we have to feed these creatures? You did not forget how they trouble us..did you? They just build their nasty nests all around the compound of this house and reward us with a thunder if our house owner. But you worry in feeding them?..just add a little rat poison next you feed them."xanthia argued.

These girls don't fight often. But when they do, they look like the most cutest friends ever. This is something zuana tries not to miss.

"You are so evil xanth. You want those mice to be killed just because they trouble you?..you will surely replace the role of one of the evil step sisters cindrella had." Answered adeline.

" Oh really?! Then i will better be the same. 'hey adeline, go make me some delicious dinner tonight' happy now, adeline?" Said xanthia her voice filled with humour.

"Okay my majesty. You will have the most delicious dish tonight...but...bread and jam or jam and bread?" Asked adeline in reply in the same tone with respect..but completely dipped in sarcasm

"Mmm...i prefer bread and jam." Answered xanth nonchalantly.

As Adeline made the bread-and-jam xanth cleared the hall. Then they ate the dinner and went on to sleep not having a single clue that there is another person with them. Soon they fell asleep. Zuana saw their sleeping faces recalling her past. How happy she was, when she was also a normal human like..but not to mention her evil guide..and how her life changed later. It all started just because of her curiosity. It is the same curiosity that started twisting her life again.
Will she get her life back?
Atleast she did not want her life to twist again.

She let out a deep sigh and started to leave but suddenly stopped when she heard xanthia's voice groaning in pain and Adeline's voice yelling "HELP!"

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