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The Wilted Flowers Of Olympus

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Belle is Aphrodite and Ares's daughter and the mystically enchanted deity of nature. She has a personality that delectates anyone and everyone. Her antithesis is Elektra, Zeus's youngest and most abhorred daughter, She has a dark past that envelops her. Yet evil is ascending. The great Deity of the waters plans to flood the Earth and take control. Will the Children of Olympus stop him?

Fantasy / Romance
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Belle: Aphrodite's Blessed Jewel

Summers. The one season of the year that people in Minnesota showed execration towards, because the weather always had a lamentable suffering to it. Sultry would be a great word to describe the hot and humid weather, the stinging rays of the Sun caused an unpleasant feeling of one’s skin melting right off their bones. The sweltering heat of midsummer engendered a desire to stay as cool as possible but with the recent droughts only the elite class had dihydrogen monoxide in the blue liquid storage tankers in their mansions. The recent unnatural ascend in temperatures had taken a negative toll on the poor and middle class denizens of Minnesota.

Belle, currently an adolescent maiden at the ripe age of 18, was enduring the heat at an extreme level. The blazing flames of summer had a vehement effect over the mundane folk but Belle was different. She was cognizant of this fact and had been since she was only an adolescent girl of age five. Bearing the heat had always been arduous for her and she yearned for a cool place to repose or something arctic to drink every time she was coerced to work in the blazing sun. The drops of sweat rolled down her forehead, to her cheek and then determinately falling to the dried up flower bed. The seeds of the vinca and geranium flowers were being planted in the soil piecemeal with pristine strenuous exertion and endurance. Astonishing how the poor girl was bearing such rigorous treatment from none other than the woman who had vowed to raise her as her own child yet treated her like some measly slave. Said woman was currently relishing the cooling air of the air conditioner and sipping on some lemonade in her living room while relishing the luxuries of visually examining TV.

Belle never precisely deciphered where she went erroneous. When her mother had first adopted her and incepted her in as her child, she had promised her that no matter what transpired she would always dote her. But Belle did know that her mother had begun treating her ruthlessly ever since that inscrutable woman had come to visit her in their lovely home when Belle was seven. She had had a dark and perilous aura to her, due to which her mother had asked her to peregrinate to her room. Of course being scared and duteous she heedfully auricularly discerned and did as told, not even eavesdropping on the conversation and endeavoring to divert herself from noetic conceptions about the female by playing with her dolls. Yet when the woman left and she emerged from her room she immediately realized that her mothers whole personality and vibe had transmuted. The eyes she showed belle were enough to tell her that her mother now showed a vigorous detestation towards her. She took away all of her toys, books, colors and the pendant she had given her the day she incepted her in as her child and recedes to her own room with the following words, “You are not and never will be my daughter anymore. From now on you will do whatever I tell you and no longer are you allowed to go outside. Do you understand?” Young Belle could only nod and say a small, “Yes mother..” Knowing now her mother was no longer her guardian but she was now someone she was an auxiliary to.

Belle always had a tranquil childhood afore her mother transmuted. She would play with the children of the neighbourhood and relish her youth, learn the piano and how to bake, make flower garlands, have diminutive picnics. Yet after her mother transmuted everything was snatched away from her, forcing her to do things in secret and obnubilate them when her mother was around. Her friends knew what she was going through and would surreptitiously peregrinate in books and colors with sketchbooks for her while their mothers would give her authentic aliment, unlike her soi-disant mother who had commenced giving her scraps or nothing to orally consume at all. She was truly grateful to them and would stop them when they had endeavored to call ascendant entities an abundance of times. She simply verbally expressed “I’ll be fine” to assure them that calling the police was not obligatory while the ladies weren’t so sure.

Belle feels that maybe her mother detests her for her alluring aspects. She was a puerile maiden of great features, her comeliness was undefined and everyone who had even just aurally perceived of her would be astonished and optate to meet her. Her physical contact was soft as a rose petal, her skin as white as snow, her lips blood red, her wavy pink blonde hair and her ocular perceivers, her eyes are what magnetized people the most, which were rose gold and had a a diminutive pink heart as the pupil. Her body was that of an hour glass and she looked so frangible and facile to break. Every man who had visited her mothers house and optically discerned her wanted to get acquainted with her and openly flirted with her yet it always failed due to her apathy in any of the men. She had a vigorous disrelish towards men, she didn’t have any clue why but she did, which resulted in her abnegating every male that asked her to have a romance with them. Maybe it was how they perceived women as a prize, a trophy to show off to others when given the chance, an abhorrent thing authentically, which would expound why she felt that way.

She winced as she felt a sudden head ache snapping her out of her phrenic conceptions, she perpetuated her work and endeavored to plant as many as she could today so that she could run inside and at least have a cool drink of water. Her hair was now all frizzy from the sultry air, resembling a bird’s nest and looking as if it hadn’t been brushed opportunely in centuries and she was aware of the fact that it would take hours to brush it back to its mundane form. She sighed exasperated and culminated planting the seeds, wiping the sweat off her forehead and smiling tiredly. This was her last chore of the day and she was ecstatic. Though the seeds she had planted wouldn’t dare to show even a minuscule interrupt in the infernal blaze of the sultry season, and would rather stay in the dry soil instead. But But she didn’t cerebrate on that fact and perpetuated to cheer for her short liberation in her mind. Instead she would be able to repose now and relish something to imbibe while reading a book she had sneaked in.

Packing up the gardening implements, she took them to the garden shed and orderly arranged them on the shelf. Then she locked the door to it and ambulated towards the basement where she was coerced to stay till the day she died. But belle always had a feeling that one day someone would come and preserve her, and she would never lose her faith in this cerebration. What she did not know was that someone out there was orchestrating maleficent things and this would be the main reason she would meet her soulmate. So she would be able to meet her soulmate very anon, but in a very erroneous way and manner. Belle would also additionally be learning many things about her past and who she genuinely is and she isn’t yare at all for what’s about to come.

Aphrodite watches her from above and smiles at her lovingly witnessing in awe and pain at how her comely child is suffering at the hands of a tyrant and has shown so much patience in this regard, while area watches proudly, obnubilating his vexation so that he does not scare his lovely partner and smiles down at his and Aphrodite’s jewel. “Do you not think she’s yare my love?”

“She is. Next week my rose, by next week our daughter will be safely in our arms. You know why we had to do this my love. If Zeus had known about her he would have killed his own pristine daughter. So we had to obnubilate away Belle in the human world.” The Goddess of love nodded tranquilly and reposed her head against her doters shoulder, closing her eyes and determinately relinquishing a deep sigh after years of worrying for her child’s salubrity and safety. “By next week I’ll have you in my arms my darling. I promise you that and you will be treated like the true goddess that you are my saccharine angel.” Ares caresses her hair with his immensely colossal and calloused hands smiling down at her dainty figure and osculating her forehead. No one would believe that he was the Deity of War after seeing him be so doting for just one goddess in the whole of Olympus.

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