Water Love

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Mythical creatures and humans are aware of each other and reside in harmony. Neither side stupid enough to wage war on one another. Yet both fear the unknown and will do anything to protect their way of life. And on a beautiful night, a witch discovers the existence of another creature. A beautiful creature with a tail never seen before. She foresees this creature disturbing their way of life forever. Fear plagues the hearts of many when her vision is shared and together they begin hunting for them. Murdering them without a second thought or the slight remorse. Without knowing just how innocent they are. Years pass before an odd day occurs. Where the sunbeams brighter and the moon glowed intensely. A seemingly ordinary girl catches the eye of the future werewolf King while another of a heartless vampire. And as any sane person would they ran as fast as they could disappearing into thin air. But that wouldn't stop these two men from finding them because they were certain one of three things united them. One they knew who their forever was. Two they were under some sort of spell. Or three those two breathtaking women were their mates. The catch? They belonged to opposite worlds. One to land and another to the sea. Both sides revere the moon and sun but a relation between the two is just impossible. So how could mermaids end up being mates with a vampire and a werewolf?

Fantasy / Drama
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Author's Note

Hi, welcome to my story Water Love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. This story will be published about two to three times a week depending on the writing.

This story is of my sole creation therefore I do not allow it to be uploaded anywhere else. If I feel like doing so, I will do it myself. You are not allowed to copy my writing or characters but there will be nothing wrong with getting inspired. Please do not do so.

My plan for this story is to make it into a three series book but plans may change. It is still being developed. Feel free to comment, share, write a review if you'd like. I'm out of words for the moment but will add another author's note if I feel anything else needs to be addressed.

This story is a work of fiction, in a fictitious world with nothing to do with anyone in real life. Alright other than that. Happy reading

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