Water Love

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Chapter 9

Marilla Hali Conway

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. My leg moves frantically at the beat of the clock, my nerves over the edge. I’m extremely uneasy. Unable to grasp at anything. Unable to focus. The water hasn’t even whispered to us, the watersong reducing to nothing but a fond memory. Something we’re accustomed to.

It’s always been there and now that it’s deathly quiet, it’s unsettling. And I can’t shake the gnawing feeling in my chest that something is coming. The unease that the storm is closer than we’d like. A storm that can bring down the merfolk. Something that will surely happen if we fall.

My fingers twitch in my left hand as my right-hand taps absently at the desk. I’m driving myself insane here in this office. I can’t stand the uncertainness and the danger that lingers in the air. Tick, tock. This damn clock is driving me insane! I need to leave this office, but first to get rid of this annoying clock.

“Marilla, our CEO would like to see our top clients’ accounts and make sure they are being well taken care of,” and just like that the water ball brewing in my hand extinguishes. My hand resting once again to my side as I sit back down on my chair. “Where’s Hanon?”

“Out, and I’ll be needing time to gather what he needs from their accounts,” I nod politely as my fingers begin to tap away at the computer.

“He needs it now,” she declares.

“It’s in the system, tell him to look it up,” I reply irritated.

“Hmmm, hmmm,” the melodic tune I’ve been craving to hear lulls me. I lift my head and see the water gently vibrate in a flower base nearby. It’s faint but there. The pull is nonexistent but the song is very faint. “Beware my child… remain together,” it whispers and I sit back straight.

Remain together? Is danger coming our way? I have to find Sereia before it’s too late. She had a meeting somewhere near the water but she never let me know where. My hands immediately find my phone and text her but when no answer comes through I dial. Still no answer. Again.

“Marilla, he needs those accounts now so please get them to me,” her hiss is what tips me over the edge. I can’t wait till Sereia comes back. I have to go search for her. She may already be in danger and I refuse to do this without her. I can’t.

I need her. She’s my soulmate. The only one who truly understands me. She’s my everything. My best friend, my sister, my everything. I can’t just sit here while she may be out there in danger. If the water needs us to stay together then I have to go. We’re one.

I reach for my purse and keys. I lift to my feet and go around the desk walking past her. To hell with this job. It bears no power when placed next to Sereia or the water. They will always win.

“Marilla!” I hear her call my name in the hallway as I begin to quicken my pace till I’m running. I take the elevator tapping my foot impatiently for it to reach the main floor. Waiting for others to get off is unnerving. I have to control myself or I’ll set the true power of a mermaid upon the world. Once those doors open to the main floor I run out of them pushing people out of my way.

I have to get to Sereia. She needs me, I just know she does. The ocean blue wouldn’t warn in vain. I search up her location on my phone and as soon as it pops out I run to the street nearby and get the first cab in sight.

“Take me to this address, quickly,” I order the moment I’m inside as I hand him my phone.

“I’m sorry but this cab is no longer available,” someone inside barks at me. Not anymore it’s not. I push the person out.

“Step on it,” I ordered him.


“Now,” I cut him off and he obeys without a second thought. I can feel the power within me begin to manifest. I need Sereia. She needs me. I have to get to her.

The driver moves quickly, cutting off other cars. Yet the drive seems endless. I should have just used the power of the water to get to her but I can’t now. I can only hope he gets there quickly. Before it’s too late. We need to remain together.

“Remain... together...” the water sings to me yet it’s barely audible. I feel a pull tug at my heart and my fear goes into overdrive. I have to get to her now. Without a second thought, I open the car door and jump out just as the driver is turning on a curvy road. My body feels momentary pain before my thoughts race back to Sereia. I immediately stand and begin running hoping the water can guide me to her.

“Be... wa... re,” I hear the faint of a whisper as I run into a dense forest before the water goes deathly quiet. Sereia! I have to reach her. I have to.

My legs move even faster as I hear the whine of my chest. Can’t stop now. I have to keep going. Sereia needs me. She needs me. I let my legs pick up speed as the tug in my heart grows. I have to keep going. I hear voices as I get deeper within the forest. Hunters. Sereia.

I run even faster yet the moment I step into a clearing my legs collapse beneath me. I fall out of breath and scan the clearing in search of Sereia. My eyes travel from the witch to the vampire, to the fairies, to everyone else. No Sereia. Hunters. I’ve fallen into a trap. I have to get out. I scramble to get to my feet and run back into the forest but end up tripping with a rock.

“It’s no use, there is no escaping now,” the witch cackles at my expense. I get back to my feet in no time and dive back into the forest to ram into a brick wall. They’ve placed a barrier. One I can’t seem to break. I’m about to be the downfall of the merfolk.

I feel the power of the ocean blue and summon its power ready to unleash it upon them. Then it hit me. Sereia. What if I ended up here because she needed me? What if they already have taken her? I can’t unleash it upon them without knowing.

The witch begins whispering a spell in my moment of doubt and I feel its magic take hold of me. Sleep begins to overtake my senses as I begin to see black, not blue, black. Something so unaccustomed for me when it’s most common to dream of the ocean blue. I feel my body go limp as I crash to the floor in a pool of darkness.

“My child...” I hear its voice and am immediately drawn to it.

“What happened?” I ask it as I sit near the water.

“A witch…” it answers me and foggy images begin to invade me of the events before I lost consciousness.

“What about Sereia?” I ask worry etching in my voice. I NEED TO KNOW.

“She’s safe,” it answers me and relief invades me. A smile forms on my lips to know she’s safe. I may be trapped and be held captive somewhere but she’s safe. There may still be hope for the merfolk if she marries and she’ll more than likely come in my search if I don’t manage to escape.

“She can’t come,” Selene says behind us. In majestic beauty and dressed in silver and enchanting robes. Her hair glowing beautifully in the light of the moon.

“I’m sorry?”

“Sereia can’t come, my dear, she won’t come because she doesn’t even know you’re missing,” she says softly with kind and apologetic eyes.

“Maybe not yet but she will,” I assure her.

“No, she won’t because she’s disappeared,” the water whispers, and I stand startled. Missing?

“We don’t know where she is,” Selene proceeds before the question even abandons my lips.

“So she was in danger?”

“It is unclear, although her energy is faint to us,” Atargatis mentions, and tears overwhelm my eyes. My best friend is missing and I’ve been taken captive. There isn’t anything I can do to help her.

“Was... it... hunters?” I ask stumbling over my words until a deadly thought plagues my mind. “Is she dead?”

“No, were she dead her energy would be gone,” the ocean blue soothes me.

“I have to escape. You have to help me escape,” I plead to them.

“The storm is coming, you must beware and set things right, remember you hold the true power of the water, not just the ocean blue,” the water lulls to me. And I feel the watersong thunder around me.

“You hold the fate of the merfolk, the power of the merfolk is in you, listen to it,” Atargatis continues as they begin to fade.

“Where the hell are you going, come back, I need you. We need you!”

But they disappear their voices being nothing but a faint whisper of a memory as unknown voices make an appearance. Must be the creatures holding me captive. Their voices are still gibberish, rubbish but they’re there. Yet I can’t focus on it when I know Sereia is missing with no one knowing where she is. I should have gone with her. I should have listened to my heart when it clinged to her staying with me at the office.

“How long before she wakes?” A profound voice with a commanding tone asks.

I flutter my eyes slowly as my eyes adjust to the lighting of the room. I rise slowly as I shake the last traces of the sleep spell off as I realize I’m not in a cell. Quite the opposite, I’m in a massive queen bed with a cream comforter and silky sheets. The room is a soft peach color with light furniture with little windows and the few presents have huge, thick, curtains. Their color a soft cream that matches the bed comforter.

Near the bed, an impressive man stands near a woman with dark purple hair with light purple highlights. Her body was dressed in a more neon purple with blue details. Reaching just above her knee and giving off her long legs. Adorning it with silver jewelry and silver heels.

He was dressed in impeccable clothing. Dress pants of a medium gray and a velvet red dress shirt. The first few unbuttoned with his hands in his pants. His hair is neatly placed with few strands beginning to go unruly. Wearing a gold watch on his left wrist with a beautiful gold chain around his neck. His eyes connect with mine and for a second I’m drawn to him.

I feel the unholy need to place my hands on him. To have them roam his body freely with no boundaries. Yet seeing her next to him, I am left needing to fight the urge to slam her against the wall. Who is this man? Wait, don’t I know him?

Wait, I do know him! He’s the vampire I came across at the beach. He found me and took me captive. He’s the reason I can’t search for my other half and he is my enemy yet I feel a magnetic pull to him. Why? It doesn’t matter, I will escape and search for Sereia even if I have to get rid of him. Even if I have to carry him in my conscience to survive.

For Sereia I will do anything. Even kill. And that’s only the minimum of what I am willing to do for her. The world has no clue the lengths I’m willing to take for Sereia and the water but they’re about to find out.

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