Water Love

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Chapter 10

Sereia Marinda Hanon

A haze. A blurry and distorted memory. One that trying to clear makes my head hurt. Where the hell am I? Worse what the hell happened? I need to know. My eyes go to my surroundings hoping something can give away anything. Yet all I see is a shadow of a person crouched in a corner staring at me. My body shivers and the air turns cold as if warning me of danger.

I don’t like this person, whoever it is, it gives me the creeps. Its eyes bore into me as I sit up trying to adjust to the light and foggy vision. I can’t let this person...

“I see you’re awake,” it states in a deep voice that promises to kill me. It has the voice of a hunter yet I’m still alive. Why? Hunters don’t take prisoners. They kill. Leaving no witnesses behind.

“Who are you?” I dare to ask. I can’t let him intimidate me. I’m the future queen of the merfolk and my people need me. If I show fear then I’ll instantly be destroyed. They like one’s fear and if never shown they’ll get bored and eventually make a mistake. My people are counting on me.

“You are beautiful,” he whispers, ignoring my question. He seems captivated by me, something I’m unused to when I’m accustomed to hiding my beauty to survive. Almost as if he could see through the multiple facades placed to hide my kind. His voice is enough to have me on edge. Something in me tells me he is nothing like the hunters I’m used to encountering. He’s worse.

I can’t see his eyes but it’s noticeable in his tone. He’s so heartless and even-toned it scares me. Something about him just gives me the chills. Something about him seems off. Nothing I’ve seen in anyone not even hunters.

Marilla where are you? I need you. He scares me like no hunter ever has.

“Who knew mermaids actually left the ocean?” He asks and I stare at him confused. Mermaid? How did he know? Who is he?

“Mermaid?” I ask surprised and horrified. I can’t let him know that he’s right. If I do, then I’ll surely be dead. Lying I might just have a chance.

“She’ll just love me when she sees I’ve caught a mermaid for her,” he murmurs cheerfully completely disregarding me. I think he’s just a true maniac. “We’re going to have real fun right before she sees you, you just have to be perfect for her.” His hand reaches up to stroke my cheek and I recoil from his touch, stumbling backward to get away from his touch.

He looks amused at my reaction, as he inspects me with his eyes as one would a possession. I look at him horrified not okay with his words. Perfect? For her? Fun? I don’t like his words.

Why is the water being so quiet? Why can’t I hear the water song and why do I feel so drained? Why can’t I summon the power of the ocean blue?

“I can’t wait to take you apart and put you back together. You’ll make a nice addition to the collection,” he claims. Oh dear goddess someone, help me. I’m too weak, I can’t even feel the water. “Sleep my little mermaid you’ll need your rest,” I hear his voice as my eyes begin to flutter close and my body goes limp with exhaustion.

Darkness envelops me in my sleep. No ocean blue. No water. No Marilla. No moon goddess. No Atargatis. Nothing just a vast and cold emptiness. Making me feel alone in this judgmental world.

Hours earlier (Unknown point of view)

She’s just so beautiful. The way she moves, everything about her. Seeing her in the water had been truly an experience. She was just so graceful in the water with her shimmering tail. Seeing her walk on land is nothing like in the water.

Yet her beauty can’t compare to my beautiful darling. She has nothing on her. She belongs in the water and that’s how I’ll package her. My daughter and wife will love me again when I give them a mermaid, the one creature missing from our collection.

I’ll tear her open and find what makes her tick and that should be enough to get my job back. I’ll prove all my theories correct. The world will know that mermaids are real. That I was right but she’s reserved for my princess. She’ll be the one that brings the others from her pod to me. And they will be used in our lab as nice test subjects to aid us to have an advantage despite not possessing magic. They’re the key to making humans supernatural.

But first I have to catch her. My daughter will love her new dolls and my wife will love me now that I’ve found a mermaid for her. She’ll be my toy first before making her into a complying doll. She’s the one that will fix all my troubles.

She turns her head with a smile saying goodbye to her clients. She turns to her car her papers clutched to her chest as she begins to walk to her ca. I look towards her clients who are walking away in the opposite direction. Finally a chance. Now’s the time. She just needs to be inside her car.

She searches in her bag for her keys almost dropping her papers onto the floor. Yet she catches herself before they fall. Her head falls back as she laughs before shaking her head amused. Get in the damn car already, my window may just be closing.

She gets in tossing her papers to the passenger seat. Now just close the girl my little doll. There we go. Now’s just perfect. I press my finger on the detonator and soon her windows get filled with a mist. I smile wickedly as I see her head bob to the side resting on the glass.

My gas against mermaids works! I stroll over to the driver’s side to see her in a haze, lost. I open the door and place my hand to prevent her from falling. I am not giving my daughter a faulty doll to play with. Hell no. I place a hand underneath her knees and another behind her neck.

I’m finally going to finish my collection. My daughter will be so happy with her collection. I go around the car and open the passenger door to place her in it. I buckle her in and inject her with copper. It should weaken her and not kill her. Let’s hope so or I won’t get to prove my findings and I have to. For my wife and daughter.

“Marilla,” she whispers in need. Another mermaid to have. I walk over to the driver’s side after closing her door and starting the car.

Sereia Marinda Hanon

I feel heavy, drowsy. I attempt to sit up unable to. What? I open my eyes with great difficulty to see myself strapped to a table. Beakers, test tubes, scalpels, and other weird tools. An Iv bag hangs near me as machines monitor me. My captor nowhere in sight. What is this maniac going to do to me?

“Marilla please come,” I whisper. Goddess don’t abandon me now. Please. Water shield me from whatever he has in mind. Please I need you.

My eyes catch sight of the copper blade sitting next to his other torture toys. Tears well up in my eyes as horrific images of his plans invade my mind. Yet mine is only what-ifs.

Marilla, ocean blue, Selene, anyone liberate me from this monster.

Clang, clang, bang. My eyes see him dressed in scrubs and a clear plastic shield. His hands covered with rubber elbow-length gloves.

“Please don’t hurt me, let me go, I’m not a mermaid,” I plead desperately as he lifts a tool and inspects it.

“Don’t worry my dear mermaid, I promise this won’t hurt... much,” he whispers menacingly before beginning. A hoarse scream escapes my lips as I’m cut open. Screams fill the room as he spares me no mercy. tears clouding my vision as pain erupts all throughout my body.

Vampire territory

Marilla Hali Conway

I refuse to be the one to say the first word. He’s the one who trapped me. He’s the one that kidnapped me despite me being in this oversized and comfortable bed. He doesn’t need to know a thing about me. He can speak first for all I care.

“I’m glad to see your awake,” he says arms crossed as he leans against the wall in a sluggish way. Please. You had a witch place me under a sleeping spell. Thanks to you I can’t get to Sereia. His kind killed my father and that’s something I’ll never forget.

I roll my eyes at him and his eyes look amused. This vampire has never crossed the likes of a mermaid and doesn’t know just what I’m willing to do. Sereia is my world but I need to make sure he isn’t a hunter and my kind won’t be placed in harm’s way. I can’t risk the fate of the merfolk.

What good is the wedding, if they end up dead because of my impulsiveness. I need to keep a cold head and think of the greater good before going for Sereia but I will go. Nothing will stop me then. Sereia I’ll go for you. I promise.

He looks even more delighted by me. Bastard. Amused with holding me captive. Of course, only a vampire would find this delightful.

“When do you plan to kill me?”

Why go into nonsense? Sereia is in danger. Straight to the point. I really hope he reveals more this way.

“Kill you? And be bound to your spell for eternity? I don’t want to kill you,” he clarifies, surprising me. Spell? What type of blood high is he on? What damn spell? And he doesn’t want me dead? So he’s not a hunter, so why did he kidnap me?

“Then why am I here?” I snap at him. Sereia needs me. They’ve already warned me. We need to be together.

“Just break your spell and you are free to go,” he answers nonchalantly.

“Spell? What spell? I’m not a witch, you bloodsucker!” I scream at him grabbing a pillow nearby and throwing it at him yet he catches it without trouble. Bastard.

“Then who is she?” He asks challenging me.

“Who is who?”

“Who’s my mate seeing you have her scent!”

“Mate? I don’t know your mate!”

“It’s either someone you’ve come in recent contact with or it’s you so which is it?”

“Neither and I’m leaving,” I say rising and going to the door.

“I wouldn’t do that,” he warns and I stop as pain erupts through my body like a blazing fire. My vision blurs as I feel weakened and drained. My body gives up and my knees buckle as I lose my strength. An incoherent scream leaves my lips as darkness consumes me as tears strain my eyes. Soon I’m seeing just a pool of black, a void that seems no end as an emptiness fills me.

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