Water Love

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Chapter 13

King Roul Lycaon Wolfram

I’ve been unable to find her and it is driving me insane. It’s been weeks and it’s been placing my wolf over the edge. The only link to our forever missing. Vanished into thin air. I’ve done everything I can think of to find her and have my pack scouring to find her but have come back empty. Why?

Where is she? How can a human vanish into thin air? They don’t, so what exactly is she and where did she meet my mate. What colors are her eyes? What does she like? What is she like? So many questions yet no answers because they all lie with her and it’s frustrating.

I wasn’t even close to her or even know her to even guess. My wolf couldn’t tell if she was our mate or if she just knew her. Either way, she knew something or I have been bewitched!

My fists slam onto the table feeling anxious and frustrated. My wolf clawing at me begging me to go after his mate yet I don’t know a thing about her. I don’t even know her name much less what she looks like. It’s as if he knows she needs us as if she were in danger and needed help.

But I can’t do a damn thing because I bear no answers and that infuriates me. My wolf wants control and I am on the brink of just giving in. Yet my pack needs stability and my wolf coming out for his mate won’t do that. It will set them over the edge. I also belong to the nobility. I’m the King of the werewolves. They look up to me for guidance and stability which means I can not lash out. I have to keep calm and composed.

“Fuck calm and composed, I want my mate,” my wolf roars inside me unable to settle.

“Calm down you’re the King of Wolves and the last thing our kind needs is for us to disappear to find her,” I warn him.

“She needs me! Mate needs me, I have to go after her. No one touches my mate!”

It’s as if he can feel her need. It’s as if he knows she’s in danger despite not knowing her. What horrors must she be enduring for him to act this way? I’ve been alive hundreds of years and never has my wolf stirred or howled as he has now. He’s never pushed me for control as he is now.

He’s desperate and so am I. And my only lead nowhere to be found. I need to find my mate but I can’t do so without her. I throw everything off my desk in a sign of frustration. I need answers and I seem nowhere near finding them. This is bullshit! I need her as much as she needs me.

I need to find my mate and soon because I honestly can’t keep my wolf from coming out much longer. We need her and he’ll only rest when she’s with us. But where is she?

I link to my Beta and demand his presence in my office. I need her found and as soon as possible. He must have heard the urgency of my voice because surely enough he’s here a minute later. Yet to my wolf it seems the longest time. His anger increasing by the second.

“You called my King?” He answers standing straight and a nervous expression on his face. It’s my wolf exerting his dominance and he can feel it despite being one of the few wolves capable of holding battle against me. He isn’t able to defeat me but surely enough to keep it interesting.

“Interesting will be when I have his neck around my teeth for not finding my MATE!” He barks at me. My claws extending and my eyes glowing. He’s at the edge and I’m afraid only our mate can put him to rest. Till then our people will have to tread carefully because his patience is thinning out. And a pissed-off wolf leads to a forceful shift. One, I am definitely looking forward too.

“What news do you have on the witch that was in our borders the other night?” I growl at him. He jumps up clearly aware of my shortness. “What are you waiting for an invitation?” My wolf breaks through.

“She isn’t a witch,” he’s quick to answer. Not a witch? Then what was she because I clearly remember a faint smell of magic in her? Better yet how was she able to disappear when I sent them to find her. She had to be a witch there was no other explanation.

“Explain yourself,” I bark at him unable to remain calm. I don’t have outbursts like this. The last time I had them was over a decade ago when... Just remembering brings pain to my heart but it angers my wolf. It’s the only other time we felt helpless.

“We’ve reached out to the witches for help in establishing what coven she’s from to discover no witch possesses the power she did.”

“Then perhaps she doesn’t belong to a coven, perhaps she’s a stray,” I suggest not amused with his answer. Reaching out to the witches without my consent is not acceptable.

“Not possible all witches belong to a coven whether it practices white or dark magic. They can’t survive without one you’d have to be a hybrid to survive without one,” he quickly forms. I repress my wolf sensing he’s only agitating our Beta rather than helping get useful answers.

“She wasn’t a hybrid, try reaching to the water fairies and see if she’s one of theirs,” I order as I open one of my drawers to pull out a sketchbook. I suppose I’ll let the witches mishap slide seeing as it got us some answers into the mystery woman that can lead us to our mate.

“Yes my King,” he mutters as he is able to finally catch his breath. I guess I didn’t realize just how much anger and dominance my wolf was placing upon him. He wants our queen as do I but his quick temper is spiking and we haven’t even met her yet making me wonder how he would be once she was with us. One thing was for certain, I would pity the fool that dared to come after her.

“And be sure to show them this sketch,” I say handing him a detailed drawing of the only person capable of giving me any answers. I had drawn her countless times remembering everything about her. Every feature, every curve, detail, and smell. I wouldn’t miss this so much. If it could help find her then I would plaster them all around but it would only bring unnecessary attention as well as unwanted attention. “And be sure to show it to the witches as well,” I add and he nods taking the sketch.

“Yes my King,” he answers.

“And one more thing before you leave, never contact anyone without my knowing of it because next time I’ll have your head,” I warn him and he nods sheepishly before leaving my office. I can’t have them doing as they please. If they do then I’ll get challenges to the throne and the last thing I need is dead wolves or unwanted war with other kingdoms. Very few people mated with other species being highly rare. Mostly it was with humans but there were those few mated to other species.

One thing was for certain in my case it wouldn’t be. Only a true Queen could rule beside me. And she had to be a wolf for my people to truly see her as one. I couldn’t be mated to just anyone. My queen would be the ultimate Luna to our kind. She would be the most powerful yet humble among our she-wolfs. And I couldn’t wait to meet her.

“Roul,” my mother erupts into my office looking frantic as ever. Her hands clutching a newspaper along with a phone. Her eyes showing emotion something so rare for her being a queen. Her long red gown looking roughed as if she had ran here. She always takes care of herself. Always proper and always with her crown held high knowing the honor it is. This was something unusual for her.

“What is it, mother?” I ask as I go around my desk to hold her hands in my own. She felt cold and looked rather pale despite her immaculate makeup. There was never a thing or hair out of place when it came to her appearance. A queen always looks presentable. Something not present at this moment.

“Another creature has disappeared,” she says holding out the newspaper for him to see. “Someone else has been taken,” she says frantically as her hand goes through her hair and I take the newspaper to read what has her so desperate. The title is a little dramatic but reading the article that’s caught her attention my heart stops. A human was taken the exact same way...

“He’s back,” I mutter gripping onto the paper tightly. I was caught in a funneling tunnel of the past. The man that took her was back after being gone for so long.

“He’s taking them once more. He’s taken an elf, a water fairy, a vampire, and three humans,” she continues as she extends her phone out to me. I take it out of her hand to see the articles she’s flagged and am left speechless. Another alert pops up saying a wolf has gone missing. It’s happening again.

Finding my mate and the woman with answers would have to wait. First I have to reunite with the other leaders. I have to talk to the leaders of each faction. If my mother was able to correlate this then they must have as well. And as such, they realize I am the first person to execute this. No one will touch him but me. My family needs answers and if he’s starting all over again then this must be huge.

“We’ll have to call the leaders of every species to see what we may do to catch him, he won’t be getting away this time,” I assure her and she nods.

“Your father is already starting,” she communicates and I nod.

“I want MATE!” My wolf pushes but I hold him at bay. I need him to see otherwise. I know he’s desperate for his mate after waiting for so long just to meet her but first, we have to put down this unforeseeable danger.

“First we’ll have to rid ourselves of something that could hurt mate,” I inform him and he angers at the thought.

“NO one will hurt MATE! I will kill them!” He roars. Perfect just what I need. Him to be focused on this subject just how I knew he would.

I link my Beta once more who returns immediately into my office. He holds his breath and stands tall. My wolf dominating the room as the King I am.

“Gather the warriors and prepare them, warn everyone to stay safe, and never go alone anywhere. Groups of three,” I order and he nods sensing the topic.

“Is he back?” He asks and I nod.

“Don’t let them know just tell them I need them to travel in groups of three anywhere they go especially the women he’s already taken a male wolf,” I say and he nods before scrambling out of my office.

“I’ll speak to the women and children as well as the schools,” my mother inputs, and I nod. “We’ll keep our pack safe,” she says more for her than myself and I nod. She looks off onto the wall for a moment losing herself in her own memories before snapping herself out and leaving me alone in my office.

I shut the door before going over to my bookshelf and opening the secret passage. I step inside and it closes after me. I walk onto the center to stop at the painting of her. Her beauty clearly displayed upon it. Her smile as she held a daisy in her hand. An arm wrapped around my sister who stood laughing. Her elegant mint green dress flowing around her as she held a lily.

My girlfriend at the time and my sister. Best friends. Inseparable. The woman who was able to steal my heart despite not being my mate and my younger sister. Both went missing over a decade ago to a man. Someone who slipped beneath the cracks and who we didn’t discover until it was too late and by then he had gone underground. Now he seems to have resurfaced and is taken creatures again.

The only difference is this time he won’t getaway. This time we will get him and we’ll know what he did. I’ll find you Mazelina, I promise. I touch my sister’s face on the portrait I painted of her and Jora. I’ll find you both and I’ll make him pay. That’s a promise.

It’s been a decade since you both disappeared but we still miss you both. I will bring hell upon him for taking you and hurting you. And despite it being wishful hopes, I still have hope that you both still live.

“She is not mate, Ethelwulf wants mate!” My wolf is quick to point out. He’s right, but that doesn’t mean Jora wasn’t our first true love. It just means we weren’t paired by the moon goddess. She is still our first true love. It doesn’t mean we won’t find her and enact vengeance for her. She is after all worthy to be a queen despite not being ours.

“Son the leaders have been contacted and are our way here,” my father mind links me and I nod.

“I’ll be there shortly, have them prepare the war room,” I mind link him back and head to my bedroom. I can’t face them in my normal attire. It would be frowned upon and I mean business. I have to uphold my title as King in a room full of dominant personalities who are just as powerful as me. I have to dress like a King to get results.

One thing is certain this man whoever he was would be caught and punished deliberately. I would be the one crushing his windpipe for taking my sister from us. Because of him, we lived a decade without her and that was something I just couldn’t forgive. Resurfacing was his worst mistake. And I would be certain to let him know when I took his life. Only then would I let my anger go. Only then could I forgive him.

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