Water Love

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Chapter 15

Sereia Marinda Hanon

My senses have been overrun by numbness to handle the pain to survive. A survival instinct to endure this hell. Unable to move as the drugs have taken hold of my body but not my soul. My powers weakened with the pass of time unable to tell it. My connection severed yet I hope Marilla’s alive and he hasn’t gotten to her. I can’t bear the pain any longer.

I have to find a way to free myself from this vile man’s obsessive ways. I have to break free. I’m a mermaid, he may know that but it doesn’t mean he knows everything about me. Being used as a lab rat is not my idea of fun. Never was and that’s what I’ve become. Yet it’s the screams of others that allows me to know I am not alone. I’m not the only one held prisoner by this demented human.

I’ve grown to know his ways and seen his capabilities. Hiding behind the name of science to bring pain upon me. Opening and closing me up. Using my blood to experiment. Using me to alter DNA in others. Mermaid blood does not sit well with others. His frustrations on his fails. Unable to comprehend what is turning out wrong. Becoming more frantic by the second.

The stench of death numbing my smell as humans have died through his attempts. An ultimate fail to upgrade a human without changing completely. Giving them an advantage in the case of a fight while practicing on himself as well. But there is no way for humans to have an advantage in a fight against a magical creature. I don’t know how he got said idea or how I’m the key to all that nonsense but it’s a lie.

It can’t be done. There are just somethings that can’t be done. Altering human DNA so they can do things like we can while still being human is a lie. It’s never been done. It will never be done. It just isn’t possible. Humans can be mates to some creatures and can mate with them but some creatures just can’t turn others. Like elves, fairies, and especially like mermaids.

Some creatures are just born. Most creatures now and days are just born. It’s very rare for magical creatures to turn humans. Mostly because it can’t be done. Not even vampires can anymore. Mating with humans and reproducing with them have weakened many. Most don’t hold the power their ancestors did. Most vampires ended up turning human when marking their mate. Their vampirism fading away as they renounced immortality for them.

What he wants to do has long ago stopped being practiced. Wolves could no longer turn their mates. Some could and some couldn’t. But if you weren’t destined by the moon goddess then it would never be a possibility. Only those chosen by the moon goddess could. She was the only one that bared said power. It was her creation. Not just anybody could become a creature. Some were just destined to lead normal human lives.

I’ve sent who knows how long locked up and strapped to a table to be carved up and placed back together like a lab rat because this maniac believes he can turn a human into one of us. Just because he has fucked up the notion that I’m the key to discovering said bullshit. He dares believe he has the power of the moon goddess when he doesn’t. So I am suffering for nothing.

My connection to the water and Marilla severed. I can’t even hear the moon goddess anymore. Unable to hear the water song because he has me in a copper laboratory. It took me a while to discover why I was so weak until I began to pay more attention to the walls and the sedatives he placed in me. Now I don’t get them too much because I’ve grown too weak because of his experiments.

I’m in pain because he wants to bring a fucked up truth in fiction. Humans can’t become like us. We are born not created. Only a few can survive the transition because only a few bear the strength to handle it. I’ve found myself captive to a psychotic sociopath and I’m unable to escape.

Having him dive his scalpel in me. Testing me inside and out and invading my body in ways I recounted only in books. I was his victim and it hurt. But I will escape him even if I lose my life to it. I have to discover if Marilla is alright. I have to know that she is safe from him. I will stop him from hurting me and prevent him from doing so to my kind, I can’t let him expose us to the world.

I just have to find an opening, a mistake on his part. Anything. I have to be strong and brave. I’ll defeat him without my powers or the help of the Ocean Blue. I have to free us all. No one deserves to be cut up like this. No one deserves to be an experiment to prove a point. It was not our choice to be here and I will have him pay. He chose the wrong mermaid to mess with.

I’ll set us free. No more waiting to be rescued, it’s time to be my own hero. This mermaid is no damsel in distress. It’s time to show this human just what mermaids are capable of. I just have to set myself free. Breakthrough the ropes and find sobriety through so many drugs.

I look around with tired eyes for anything to help me escape. Anything within reach to help me out. My body aching and screaming through the pain. In a whirlwind of pain, I shift my eyes to no avail in finding anything to aid me. Losing hope for a second I let tears slip but I can’t give up. I have to find my way out. One way or another. Selene, please grant me strength.

I’m a mermaid for goddess sakes. I’m not like the rest. I’m one of the most powerful magical creatures in existence. More so being as special and bearing the power of the originals. I may be drained but I still have but a bit of my powers. I am one with the water, one of the few that can be. Which means I can make myself into the water and can free myself from these ropes.

I have to at least try. I just can’t let him see me. I gather up all my strength and put my whole focus into becoming water being one with it despite being so far away from the Ocean Blue. I feel my hand become liquid but only for a second before becoming solid once again. No, I have to try again. I can’t stay here and be his lab rat. I summon all the power I can muster and feel my hand attempting to become water. I have to summon more power.

“My little mermaid, you’re up,” his voice breaks my focus as fear paralyzes my body. No more experiments. Please, no more. “I hope you’re ready my little doll to meet your new owner,” he says grabbing a wet clot and cleaning me up. My tail burning for water. “I’ll miss you but you’ve served your purpose and I have another of your friends to take your place, you’re going to be my daughters.”

Doll? New owner? Another mermaid? What in the goddess name is this sick man talking about! I’m not a doll. I’m a mermaid who bears feelings just as the rest. I’m not made of plastic, blood actually courses through my veins. I’m not a barbie doll to be played with by a little girl. He is NOT placing another mermaid through this not if I can help it. No one deserves this hell.

How does he plan to turn me into a doll? He’s left my body with scars and unable to heal being so far away from the Ocean Blue and unquenched thirst for even a drop of water. I have to escape and save my kind from this whether his experiments work or not. We’re not toys or test tubes. We breathe and have blood pumping through our veins. We’re not his puppets.

“My daughter is going to love having a mermaid. You’ll make a wonderful addition to the collection. With you, in it, my daughter will have every magical creature in existence to play with. A male and female so she can pair you up,” he continues to inform me giving my scales the much-needed water.

Male and female? Collection? Has this man been doing the same to other magical creatures? Making them into dolls? I don’t want to be a doll. I’m a breathing creature! I won’t regret ridding him of this world as soon as I break free.

“It was nice meeting you, thank you for helping prove my research. You have been very helpful in the development of making us supernatural. Now I have to prepare you to meet her. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, I was able to snag you a merman from a camp of hunters,” he continues babbling knowing well I can’t hurt him.

It’s a nightmare. To see and not be able to move or speak. Have your life before you and be rendered useless. Not for long. I’ll be getting out.

“They were very pleased with my research and were interested in meeting you but you’re for my daughter. But I did agree to continue working with them. They are interested in merfolk as well and I just happen to know a lot about them. Fuck the government, they fired me so it’s their loss.”

His grip grows tighter mentioning the government. Hurting me. But then it’s like a switch I flipped because he calms down. Did he say, hunters? Hunters don’t take prisoners, they kill. They fear the merfolk and kill them on site. They don’t take hostages.

“They hunt for your kind,” he proceeds to speak. “Take them prisoner and keep them in facilities much like this one and have them do their bidding. subjecting them to countless amounts of pain even raping them,” he says the last part with disgust but tears form in my eyes. They don’t kill my kind?

All my life seems to have been built on lies. I’ve seen them kill my kind but the bodies are never found. They rid themselves of it but now this bastard is saying otherwise. Could my mom and sister be alive? Could our people still be alive?

My heart clutches at the thought conflicted at the revelation. What have they been forced to endure if they still breathed? What horrors have they been coerced to live by the hands of those monsters? I want them so desperately to be alive but knowing the pain they may have endured to survive has me praying for their dead. I can’t imagine the amount of pain they must have been subjected to throughout the years, of being held captive.

Pain and tears cloud my eyes as I recount on my mother and sister. I saw wolves and fairies attack her but what if they were taking her prisoner. Magical creatures could heal one another but never humans. The only known to do so were vampires. If their blood was strong. They could manipulate human memories and emotions but only them. That ability was rendered useless on magical creatures.

Magical creatures could heal one another but their abilities were unable to work on humans. We could manipulate them and have them do our bidding but no one did anymore. Only those around for hundreds of years bared the ability to do so. Humans couldn’t bear our power always going rabid when attempts to turn them happened. Others had tried what this fool was made me undergo except with other creatures, and to protect the future it was destroyed.

“But there’s no need to worry about that, soon enough you’ll be a doll,” he says raising my curiosity with questions. He finishes cleaning me off with the cloth to come back with a machine. “Now hold still, ok? We don’t need anything but your insides being stuffed.” Stuffed?

My eyes inspect the damn machine and I’m left frightened as he inches the tube closer to my mouth. He places it in and adds things to hold it steady. No. I’m not becoming a doll. The taste of wax begins to fill my mouth as he turns it on. I have to escape. I focus on calling forth my power. I can’t let him turn me into a doll for his daughter. The vile substance begins to go down my throat as I desperately try to become water.

My tail flaps breaking through the drug as I begin to disperse into nothing but water. Dripping off the table I reform on the floor with legs unable to keep separated much longer. Unable to be one with the water for long. I cough up as the taste of wax remains in my throat. He stares at me in surprise for a second before attacking.

I move out his way and he stumbles in the air. I won’t be a doll. I don’t plan on dying today. I take the moment to stand and grab something, anything. I’m pulled by my hair backward and grab the metal tray holding all his tools to defend myself. I grab it and use it to smash it against his head when he puts me in a chokehold.

I want to live. I will live. I’m not letting him win. He loosens his hold and I stumble forward grabbing a scalpel and driving it into his chest. I let him stumble forward and scramble to my feet. I have to get out of here. Adrenaline pumping through me as I stumble to free the others from his grasps. Hoping to the goddess I injured him severely if not killed him. I run through a white hallway towards other doors. Opening them to find passed out people. I can’t carry them.

I need to find somebody conscious to help me. I stumble into a room where I see what this bastard was going to dress us in and the boxes we were going to be stuffed into. My heart stops for a second and races as soon as it remembers how to. I quickly close that nightmare as I see a few people already meeting that fate.

Tears run down my face as my breathing is ragged. I run to the other door to find drugged creatures. Yet they seem more or less to be in the same state as me. More conscious than the others. All in cages with numbers on them. I run and pry them open praying they won’t catch my scent.

A woman grips onto my wrist as I pry a cage open. She rattles the metal cage as she comes out scaring me. I’m weak and can’t fight her properly. I’m at my most vulnerable state. She could kill me in a second. Her eyes glow and claws begin to extend out her other hand and I hint at her being a werewolf. Please don’t let her kill me. I hear a noise behind me and see him at the entry of the door with angry features.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His voice booms through the room as he stumbles towards me with a gun in his hands. “I’m letting you become my daughters’ doll and this is how you repay me by releasing her other dolls? I think I might just keep you and give her your other friend. You’re too damaged after all,” he proceeds and fear instills his heart as his gun fires onto my leg.

Bullets laced in copper, wood, iron, and silver. I tumble onto the floor in pain as he fires another casing towards her yet he misses only grazing her. She attempts going after him and attacking but he fires another bullet through her abdomen. She drops to the ground gasping for air.

“It just won’t do, I think I’ll just keep you,” tears are blinding my eyesight as he nears towards me. Another wolf roaring at him through the metal bars as she is able to latch onto his arm with her claws before biting him. He fires a bullet into her to get her to relent from his arm. He then turns his attention onto me as I crawl backward hoping to get away. I shake my head desperately as I don’t want to go back.

I can’t, I rather die. He holds the upper hand with a gun holding silver and copper bullets. We’re in a copper laced laboratory along with silver and iron. He’s weakening us all. We’re drained. Experiments having robbed us of our energy. Just as he comes near me a huge white wolf jumps at him and another bullet is fired off into the air as the wolf jumps mercilessly at his neck.

I’m astounded when he throws him off easily and begins to engage in battle with him. His experiments worked... I was the key to them working. I helped create this monster. I watch helplessly as the two try to murder each other both suffering severe injuries, my heart-stopping at the sight of both. Both are my enemies and both can kill me yet I can’t escape. I’m at their mercy.

I see the female wolf on the ground dive the bullet out of her abdomen before shifting into her wolf form. A caramel and white coat with the typical golden eyes. She dives quickly into battle aiding the white wolf, startling him. In between the two taking turns to attack him yet he manages to evade them and get to me. Gun barrel straight to my head and breath in my ear.

“Get us out or they’ll be going after Marilla next,” he whispers in my ear and I grow fearful. He can’t hurt her. Does he have her? “Come on my little siren I’ve seen what you can do,” he whispers pressing the gun closer to my head.

I try to break free from him but failing I try to reunite my power to get us both away. I try to call forth the Ocean Blue as both wolves growl at him. Yet I fail terribly. I’m drained, injured, and terrified.

“What the hell are you waiting for!” He yells at me pulling back the safety and finger pressing on the trigger. The white wolf jumps at him and the gun goes off as darkness takes hold of me.

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