Water Love

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Chapter 16

Marilla Hali Conway

I wake up in a jolt, sitting up, sweat dripping off me while in Ascelin’s arms. My nightmare wreaking havoc on my insides. I’m startled by the vivid dream I had. A gun going off and Sereia in danger. Tears rolling down my face as I see her fearful eyes, but more so knowing it can’t be true. She died. She’s dead and she won’t ever be coming back. That’s a reality I’m coming to accept.

At least in death, she won’t be suffering. I would be crushed if she lived through that hell. I still remember the dream so vividly. Metal cages around with people passed out. Wolves and a man holding a gun to her head. Her pain and fear broke me. But she suffers no more. She passed away, she didn’t go through hell. It was just a nightmare. A silly nightmare playing in my heart.

“My pearl what’s the matter?” His voice is like a sweet lullaby in a pool of pain and darkness. He proceeds to wrap his arms around me in a sign of comfort as I cry. He hums smoothly as he cradles me and lulls me to sleep. Unable to fight his magnetic voice I fall into sleep. No sigh of nightmares nearby.

“Marilla...” I hear a voice at a distance and I flutter my eyes open. I look around to see myself laying in the water with my tail another mermaid nearby. I’m unable to see her as fog surrounds us.

“Who are you?” I ask as I attempt to get closer but she isn’t as close as she appears.

“She’s coming,” she continues her voice but a whisper despite the distance.

“Who’s coming?” I ask her intrigued.

“You must stop her... before it’s too late,” she proceeds to speak as she gets further and further away. “The merfolk need you. Stop her before it’s too late,” she continues before completely disappearing.

“Hello? Where’d you go? Stop who? Come back,” I ask and plead but am met with nothing as the fog clears up and I’m left alone in the Ocean Blue.

I startle awake and find myself alone in bed. No one near me. Ascelin’s side unkempt but he’s nowhere in sight. I throw myself in bed needing him and well it smells like him. I need to find him, I need him to tell me it will all be alright. Funny how I lose myself when Sereia... only to be rebuilt by a vampire.

I throw the covers to the side. I need to go in search of him. I get of bed to go into the closet and the light turns on as I step in. I look at the racks of clothes in search of something to wear. Clothes he got for me and moved into his bedroom when I confessed and became his. I smile at the thought and run my hand through the multiple fabrics as I pull out a beautiful emerald silk dress.

It’s beautiful and I know he’ll love it. Its color reminds me of the day I finally stopped fighting what I felt and became his in the forest. It reminded me of the glimpse of his soul. I pace it on me and love it’s flowy yet fitting fit. Reaching me a little below mid-thigh. I let my hair flow and adorn it with a simple gold bracelet.

My brown locks adorning me quite breathtaking but it’s nothing compared to the platinum ash blue locks I get every once in a while when deep in the waters of the Ocean Blue. Sereia’s hair took an electric blue, at times, in the water always lighting up when in the dark ends of the Ocean Blue.

“Nothing like our beauty, right Sereia?” I ask as I stare at myself in the mirror. I had gotten used to talking to her feeling slightly as if she were still here. I guess in a way she will always remain with me. It makes me nostalgic for my white locks. Flowing beautifully like a halo around us. Only coming forth when summoning the power of the Ocean Blue. But that won’t be anymore.

She always did say our hair was unmistakable. I wonder now that she’s gone if I lost my platinum blonde almost white locks. Our hair transforming after being almost killed by hunters on our first transformation. They never went back to our mother’s natural locks. My mother’s brown locks or her mother’s light blonde hair. A sign of just how powerful we were compared to others.

Always having to dye it to hide it from unsuspecting humans. Unable to follow the trends as they washed away once we were one with the water. Our hair at times getting beautiful and colorful tones in the event of a celebration or season. Some were born with very bright colors that couldn’t be dyed. They were the fortunate ones to be born in the water and remain there till their locks could be told to hair dye. Yet there’s was actually natural.

I give myself one look over discarding shoes. I wasn’t a fan of them as I never had them in the water. This wardrobe although beautiful couldn’t match the one stocked by my dad when he still lived. Granting my every desire. Filled with breathtaking jewels and fabrics I could wear in the water. Which is what led me to catch the eyes of...

I can’t think of him right now. I want to last a few more days in my bubble with Ascelin before confessing what I am. Before having to save the merfolk from the hands of hunters, I just know Ascelin will help me. I go in search of him pushing the guilt that had overwhelmed me to the side.

“Madam you’re up,” a vampire servant says encountering me in the hallway and I nod. “The duke is in his study entertaining a few guests,” she answers and I open my mouth to thank her but she scurries away before I can even get the first word out.

Adjusting here is going to be hard. Everyone is so distant and serious at times nothing compared to... why am I comparing the sea to land? Nothing could ever compare to the beauty of the sea. One water fairies claim to themselves when it’s the merfolk who grants it its beauty. We’re water spirits. Not them.

I follow through hallways feeling the slight pull of the mate bond as I near Ascelin’s office. I stop at the sound of female laughter and jealousy taking hold of my heart pushes the door open. Ascelin sitting on the couch with two females leaning near him as Calista sits on another couch with another woman. Two men sitting on another couch with a drink in their hand.

I do not like this at all. Not one bit but I refuse to show it. For a moment my heart feels played until his eyes connect with my own and he gives me the brightest smile. Calista’s eyes also go to me as well and her smile drops. We have a complicated relationship.

“My pearl you’re awake, come meet everyone,” he says inviting me into their group. I move towards them masking my emotions before them.

“And who might this be?” One of the men asks intrigued by me and I look at him with a sign of superiority. I was not weak in strength. I just chose not to display it with Ascelin unable to walk away when Sereia passed away.

“This is Ascelin’s forever love,” Calista answers drinking a sip of her wine. I gain everyone’s attention and a sign of envy crosses one of them. Her energy clouded with it as pain strikes her. She loves Ascelin and she’s sitting next to him her arm intertwined with his. Yet he seems oblivious to it.

“Forever love?” She asks astounded losing composure and her smile.

“Yes I found her just a few weeks ago,” he answers with a bright smile extending his hand towards me.

“Now I can’t believe you found her and haven’t told us a thing,” the other woman says.

“Mother is going to kill you,” Calista’s companion says and I’m left intrigued.

“My child, come to me and bathe in my water, come to me. Be one with me. Come, my child return home, return to my embrace,” the watersong breaks through after weeks of silence.

“Come, my child, your destiny awaits, your love awaits,” the Ocean Blue urges, and my heart breaks. Guilt filling my heart.

“Marilla my dear you must return, come be one with the water,” Selene whispers.

“Come my child it’s time to return to where you belong, come be one with us,” Atargatis voice breaks through stronger than ever. The mermaid in me stirs at their call pushing to answer them.

“Rejoice in my waters, come, my child. Be one with me, bathe in my waters and feel our souls connect, come grace in my magic,” she calls. The water speaks to me and I’m left breathless to their call. “Come be one with me.” Her song calling to me like never before.

“Be one,” I whisper enchanted with her song just like the day I listened to her and sprouted a tail for the first time. “Be one with you,” I continue fixed on them as my mind fills with images of the water and crashing waves. “I have to be one with you, heed your call,” I say setting foot towards them unable to stop myself. I have to be one with the Ocean.

“Come, my children and come beneath my waves,” the Ocean Blue calls weakly. “Come home my children, I’ll keep you safe,” she calls out and I’m left defenseless as I continue to walk towards her.

“Be one beneath the waves,” I mutter as I walk towards her. “Home... Safe...” I repeat transfixed. on the sole focus of water. Nothing else matters at this moment. Everything pales in comparison when in terms of the water.

“Marilla,” I hear the faint whisper of Sereia’s voice against the crashing waves and my trance breaks to see my surroundings. Ascelin holding onto my arm as I’m on the edge of the balcony in his studio.

I look around me lost in a daze. She called us home. The Ocean called all merfolk home. The watersong was stronger than it ever had before. Even now free of the trance I can hear the pounding against my brain to be one with the water. But I can’t. I can’t be one with the water without Sereia. I’m not ready to be just yet.

“Ascelin,” I whisper as weakness spreads to me and soon enough I’m falling victim to the darkness as I cling to him. Yet my vision goes blue being in the deep waters of the Ocean Blue. With Selene, the water and Atargatis all present and Sereia.

“The water needs you,” Atargatis is the first to break the silence. “You need the water as well, you must be one with it, the time nears for you to return home.”

“You weren’t there,” Sereia whispers her eyes full of anguish and I’m heartbroken in an instant.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper.

“I was alone and scared and you weren’t there,” she repeats as tears stream down from her eyes. Faint marks on her skin as her engagement stone glows her pain.

“I wanted to but I couldn’t,” the water hums softly.

“None of you were there,” she continues. “You left me alone with a monster and he hurt me,” her voice broke as she spoke and I wanted to take her into my arms.

“I’m sorry,” I utter again heartbroken as her pain radiates off her in waves.

“You left me alone and he hurt me, you forgot about me,” Sereia repeats looking at Selene.

“I never did my child, I reached at you but were...”

“You forgot about me!” She yells.

“No, I remember you every day. You’re my soulmate, I would kill for you,” I say as tears begin to cloud my own vision.

“You left me alone, you forgot about me, you let him hurt me,” she says her voice cracking with each word. My soul pulling towards her. She’s my soulmate and I hurt her. “Where were you? I needed you, I need you,” she whispers destroyed wreaking havoc in me. “Find me,” she whispers. “Find me, I need you,” she whispers fading away.

“Sereia, wait! Come back! I love you! You’re my soulmate! Sereia, come back, I need you! Please come back,” I call out for her but she’s disappeared.

“Be one with the water,” Atargatis says as they begin to fade as well.

My eyes struggle to adjust to the light as they open. Feeling disoriented and lost until my dream hits me. Sereia. She needs me. I have to find her. I sit up in a bolt to see Ascelin at my side and all his guests crowding me.

“Finally, we were about to summon a doctor,” Calista says with a dry tone.

“I have to find her,” I say as I rise to my feet quickly. But a dizziness spell takes hold and my knees buckle and I’m in Ascelin’s arms.

“You need to rest my pearl,” he demands and I shake my head vigorously. I have to find her, she needs me.

“I have to find her, she needs me,” I say heatedly trying to break free of his arms.

“Who? Who needs you?” He asks me and I shake my head again.

“She needs me, I failed her. I have to find her,” I say again as tears begin to roll down my face and I grow frantic. She needs me. They need me.

“Who do you need to find?” Calista questions helping Ascelin to sit me down. She looks me dead in the eyes trying to peer into my soul but she is left confused. Only Sereia and Ascelin can peer through me and gaze into my soul. It’s only visible to them and the water.

“My soulmate, I have to go find her,” I say desperate, to go find her. Calista lets out an irritated sigh as she rolls her eyes.

“Here we go again, I thought you understood this already,” she utters and I can feel the power of the Ocean Blue course through me.

“A soulmate is not always a predestined mate,” I scream at her unwilling to relent Sereia’s place in my heart.

“My pearl you told me yourself she passed away,” Ascelin eases into me but I won’t listen to reason. I saw her. She needs me. She called for me.

“She needs me, I can’t fail her again. I have to find her,” I utter frantic as I try to rise to my feet. Sereia needs me. I have to find her.

“You told me you could no longer feel her because she’s gone, do you feel her now?” Ascelin’s question breaks through and I come into understanding. He’s right, she’s gone. I can’t feel her anymore. I can hear the water song and Selene but not Sereia. It was just a nightmare, but they were there telling me to be one with the water.

But I can’t feel her. If I can’t feel her then she’s dead. It was just a dream from the beyond. She needs peace. I have to find her and put her to rest. Unite us with the Ocean Blue. My soulmate is gone and she’s still in pain. I have to set her free. She needs me. I can’t fail her.

I promise to set you to rest Sereia. You’ll be one with the water forever. I promise to always remember you. Your my soulmate even if mated to a vampire. My soulmate what I wouldn’t give to see your face once more. To swim with you once more. Be one with you and the water. I miss you and I’m sorry I failed you.

I should have saved you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me. I’m sorry you perished without us. I promise you I’ll set this right. I love you always and forever till the end of time. We swim together, we fall together. I’ll find you, and liberate you from your pain. Hold on, I’m coming.

I’ll fulfill our destiny and save the merfolk as we dreamed of. I’ll set them free. I promise to honor you all. May you rest with our parents, tell them to wait for me. I’m coming for you my soulmate just hold steady.

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