Water Love

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Chapter 1

Sereia Marinda Hanon

My eyes go to the people who surround me and I can’t help sighing. I feel so displaced beside all these people. I never could seem to fit in. Not just because of my unusual name. Sereia Marinda Hanon. No, there was more. I longed for something although it was unknown even to me.

It just called me day and night through dreams. A voice in my head begging me to answer it’s call with a massive headache to last for days. Migraines that hurt like hell and left me wounded. A foreign feeling of belonging. A feeling that I was meant for greater but overall the feeling that perhaps I wasn’t human either.

Being surrounded by all these exotic mythical creatures I can’t help but wonder if perhaps I belong to one of their clans. I just wish I knew more about me. About why I feel this way. Why I dream about swimming in deep waters. And what is this pull or call I feel that I ache to answer?

No one seems to know. Much less I but at least I am not the only one that feels this way. At least I have someone to talk to about this unknown feeling when I feel suffocation at its peak. Strange too, seeing as I am surrounded by oxygen. Being breathless when there is nothing but air around me.

“You’re feeling it again aren’t you?” Marilla Hali Conway inquires. My best friend. The one person who I can talk to about all this.

How can I possibly lie to my best friend about this when she feels it too. I would be deeply lost without Marilla. The only person who can understand this swirling storm inside. A storm that rages in both of us with all its might.

“I just... I can’t explain it... I just...” I attempt to formulate it into words but it seems impossible as if no words could fully describe the feeling. It’s deep and runs deep within me. It leaves me breathless, aching, and a lasting imprint.

“Feel like you don’t belong? As maybe perhaps you are drowning despite having oxygen fill your lungs,” she inquires with a raised eyebrow. It’s as best as words could describe the feeling. Always so well with words and how to use them.

“Something like that,” I smile as I look at her. She can place it all so well. We’ve known each other since we were just babes in a cradle. Our parents are human yet we crave to be part of the mythical creatures that surround us. Being able to bear the amazing powers they bear. Being exceptional instead of just ordinary and being able to do great things.

“Do you feel it grow stronger just as I do?” She asks hesitant and I can’t help but nod. It’s something we’ve felt all our lives and yet it’s grown even greater in the last two years. A call we can barely ignore now and days.

“I sometimes still think this is all in my head. I just don’t know why I feel like this,” I confess and she nods understanding the feeling all too well.

“I almost drowned myself in my cousin’s kiddie pool yesterday,” she confesses in a soft voice to prevent any prying ears from hearing and surprise hits me. She almost drowned in her cousin’s kiddie pool? But how? We’re fifteen and swimming is the first thing we were taught.

“What, why?” I ask through the surprise and she sighs,

“To tell you the truth I don’t know. It just felt as if the water was calling me. An aching need to hear it. My aunt had to pull me out. But I really wanted to answer it. Follow the water’s voice and be one with it like it promised,” she breathes out exasperated as we survey all the creatures around us.

“Water does not have a voice yet I know what you mean. I did the same thing just last week in my bathtub. I want to know why, but no one has answers. We can’t search for them without sounding crazy as hell. We could...”

“I think it’s time to talk to our parents about this. It’s becoming dangerous,” Marilla interrupts and I stare at her in surprise. She wants to tell our parents about our crazy thoughts. It seems irrational and so out of proportion. As we’re creating a storm in a glass of water. Yet she might be right.

“You think so?”

“I almost drowned myself in a damn kiddie pool. Yeah, I think it’s time we spoke to our parents about this,” she explains without a doubt. Fear and determination, yes. But doubt about it? Not one trace. She’s being dead serious.

“And just how do you suppose we do that? Go up to them and say what? Hey, guess what, I think the water is calling to me and almost drowned? Yeah because that will go really well with them,” I shoot back because I couldn’t handle it. It already is enough to think I’m crazy but worse would be if they thought it as well.

“Cut the sarcasm. It isn’t just us longing to be just like the others but rather something else. Otherwise, we would daydream about them as all these other fanatics do. But we don’t. With us, it always involves water.” I can’t deny her words. She only speaks the truth. Every one of the voices or events is always involved with water. Nothing else just water.

So perhaps we’re water fairies but we would have wings. What would it be? Perhaps just a half-breed fairy. Perhaps half-human. But either way Marilla’s right. Every daydream we have or voice we hear is always involved with water. We dream and are called to the water.

“You think they have answers to this?” We need answers. It could be dangerous. Marilla would never steer me wrong. She’s my best friend the only person who understands this feeling inside me and can know my exact words.

“I do,” she answers assuring me to liberate me from doubts. She looks so confident and sure about this that I can’t doubt her.

“Well, then I hope you’re right or we are going to end up in a damn nuthouse,” I reply hoping she captures the hidden message in my words.

“Our parents love us too much to do that so come on.”

“You better hope so or I’m drowning you.”

“I am and you’ll see so as well,” she cheers me up and I roll my eyes at her. “Now let’s go to my house. Thursday remember?”

“How could I forget? Both our mothers cooking endless amounts of seafood we never quite finish,” I answer with a laugh. It was a tradition since the day we were born. But even then we spent time at each other’s house. Thursdays were just special because it rallied around the day we were born.

“Hey, who are we to complain of seafood Thursday?” She asked and I shook my head. They made an endless amount of seafood but then again it was our favorite dish. Leftovers the next day. It was a nice little thing between both of us. And I was eager to savor it.

“Why would we? Race ya,” I say before taking a head start. Running like hell to beat the athlete she was.

“Cheater!” I hear her yell before I hear her echoing footsteps behind me. Laughing at my head start. It won’t take long for her to catch up or perhaps it will but either way we were on our way to answers. We would finally know what this all was.

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