Water Love

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Chapter 19

Sereia Marinda Hanon

I woke up enveloped in his arms. No regret over the night shared but a sadness that it would be just that. A night. Nothing else. I would leave to be married. He helped take the pain away and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful. I don’t care how he was able to soothe my soul, nor do I care, he made it go away. He made me feel something and it was as if something was connecting us. I have to leave now.

I need to return to the Ocean Blue. Be one with the water and heal my scars. I have to find Marilla. I need her to heal. I need to make sure she’s alright and get answers as to why she never aided me. I need to know why she never bothered to save me.

I was engaged and I wouldn’t compromise the sake of my people. Marilla was right all along. We have a responsibility to our people.

“Water... wolf...” the water song sings to me and I’m startled. Wolf? He can’t be a wolf, can he? Wolves are vicious people and don’t know the meaning of life. They take it so effortlessly. I died at the hands of one. My mother was dragged off by one. That’s an image that will never go away. A wolf can NOT be the one to take my pain away. He can’t be a wolf.

I scramble out of bed distraught not caring to wake him or not. I want to go home now. I have the prince of the merfolk waiting for me. I’ll go home to my father and tell him what I was told. I want to leave. I struggle to dress with the clothing on the floor suddenly regretting everything last night. I was with a wolf. What if he discovered my scent and killed me for it? Being vulnerable makes you do very stupid things.

I have to leave. I need to be one with the Ocean Blue and make my family whole. I focus my energy on the power of the water and try to bring it forth only to feel a barrier. Water manages to vibrate but not help me disappear. Why can’t I summon the power of the Ocean Blue? I try again and fail. Am I still feeling the effects of that man? But I can hear the water song.

Again. Fail. Selene help me, please! I need help calling forth the power of the water. Why won’t it listen to me? Has it forgotten me?

“I’m here my child,” I hear Selene whisper.

“What’s happening? Why won’t the water heed my call?” I ask her desperate to escape before he awoke.

“Magic stands in your way,” she answers me.

“Mermaids are more powerful than a single witch! The power of the water is greater than most magic!”

“It’s the magic of strong powerful witches and only you bear such power against most magic,” she whispers at my remark.

“I need to find my mother. How do I escape? How do I break the spell?”

“I’m afraid I don’t have the answers you seek my child,” she says in a fading whisper. Her presence no longer there. Her voice gone. She left.

“Selene... Selene don’t leave!” I declare. She already left me once and now she does so again! He stirs in bed and raises his head. He turns and our eyes connect. His eyes turn away as he sits up and looks onto the floor at our clothing. He stands and dresses himself without giving me a word.

Damn wolf. He looks at me with both regret and reproach. Battling between the two. A small part of me doesn’t want him to dress but it was one night of weakness. I needed someone and he was there. That’s it. He saved me. Not Marilla. They left me and he was there. He saved my life.

“Last night should have never happened,” he voices looking regretful mine washing away to give way to anger and hurt. I understand mine but his. He doesn’t even know what I am and he regrets it. What gives him the right? It was him regretting it not me.

“It did,” I say cutting him off. I want to stand my ground. Who cares if it shouldn’t have happened! It did and as much as I hate to admit it, it meant something to me. It was magical but here he was regretting it ever happening. What the hell was wrong with him?

“I know and it shouldn’t have happened. You aren’t my mate and I’m holding out for her. I don’t know how you got my wolf to bow to you,” he mutters shaking his head. He kissed me. He began it all last night. I was just too distraught and caught up to pull away. I was hurting. He’s blaming me. His mate? For a second I find myself wishing to be his mate and am aching for it.

I’m the future Queen of the sea. I’m water. The most powerful mermaid in existence and here he is undermining that. Why do I care so much for his regret? He’s a wolf! His kind murdered my mother. Or at least took her away. I’m a mermaid and he’s a werewolf. We belong to opposite worlds. He belongs on land and I to the water.

He is nothing mine. Mermaids don’t have mates. We have love. Not mates. The moon goddess didn’t curse us with predestined others like the other creatures. We get free will as do humans, Something I’ve always loved and for the first time in my life, I hate. I want to be his, why? He made me feel things no one else has but it meant nothing to him. How could he not feel a thing?

I feel a connection to him. I felt my soul dancing with his to a beautiful piece. That couldn’t have all been in my head. How fucking dare he? He’s wreaked havoc in me. I get the choice of regret but him?

“Thank you for saving me from that maniac but I would really love to go home now,” I change the subject too pissed off to continue it. I’m a cold being and do not take things to heart. But here I am stressing about it because this wolf regrets our only night together.

“I need to know what he wanted with you and the others,” he inquires coldly like we were strangers. Damn him he’s seen more of me than anyone else ever has. I exposed myself to him. A side only visible to Marilla. Yet it meant nothing to him. I was nothing. Bastard, he was ruining my train of thought. Changing everything about me. He wants to know why he had us?

Right next to the bed I let go of myself and gave myself to him. My first time something I was meant to give to my fiancé but gave to him instead. His question sending an unknown rage in my veins. I can’t tell him why we were there without revealing what I am and my purpose in his experiment. He hasn’t given any indication to know my kind and I can’t give him said answers.

“I don’t know,” I lie so effortlessly and void of emotion. Colder than he is. I’m a mermaid and quite used to the cold waters of the deep blue. I’ve survived in them for years. Only leaving them after losing my mother unable to remain there without her. I left because they had her stamp everywhere and it was painful but the cold was a feeling I knew all too well. He looks at me unbelieving of my words.

“What are you?” He asks so directly to the point that it surprises me and don’t get enough time to hide my reaction. What am I? So I’m right and he doesn’t know. I want to tell him but can’t. I have loyalty to my people and that surpasses any I may have to my savior. He may have saved me but his kind once killed me and the other dragged my mother off before my eyes. I’ll play the human card for as long as I can.

“What the hell do you mean what am I? I’m human or can’t you smell it? Is your sense of smell not as good as you wolves call it?” I demand highly offended. I’m furious and I’m going to show it anyway I can even if it isn’t in the truth then in a lie.

“The night we met you had magic, I could smell it on you but you smelled human to me when he held a gun to your head,” he relates as if that would move me. “What changed? No one’s scent changes as much as yours and I’ve only known you for thirty-six hours. So tell me why does your change?”

He’s not believing my lies. First time someone can see through them. But I won’t let him in it. I’m the future of the merfolk as Marilla always states and they come first. I’m the future Queen of the Sea. Wait... the night we met? We just met what the hell is he blabbing on about.

“Wait the night we met? What in the world are you talking about, we met when you rescued me from that mad man,” I say voicing out my confusion. Never voice out your questions. They’ll take advantage of you. My father’s words ring in my ear.

“We met weeks ago on my territory, you were gazing onto the moon,” he says and the realization hits me the instant his words leave his mouth. He’s the wolf that I saw that night. He’s the one that chased me down before I was able to transform into water to escape. The night my powers grew. Unknowingly I begin to back away until I hit the wall fearful that he’ll hurt me.

He might be a hunter playing me. I just shared myself with the people hunting my kind. That man said he was working with them after the government shot him down. Vile people experimenting with humans and creatures alike. Any trust I had for him was gone. He can be playing me. I have to find a way to escape wherever in the world I may be, my people need me.

I have to protect the merfolk and the secrets of the water. No one must know a thing about us or they’ll hurt them. I may be lying to him because I was mad but now it’s a way of survival. I’ll play him like a puppet to find my mother. My father is a royal guard and he taught me well after my death experience. This man will not break me. I’ll make him give me my answers.

I’ll be human. I just hope the water spell stays intact while trapped with him. I’ll die before I let them have my people or my fiancé. I rather die than have the merfolk lose their king. I’m his fiancé, my engagement stone will keep me safe from the menace of the magical creatures. I would sleep with one eye open. Wolves were tricky son of bitches.

“Why were you so important to him? What are you?” He asks again nearing me but I have nowhere to go. He walks towards me and I walk into a corner until he cages me between him and the wall. Leaving me no escape. His eyes boring into mine. His deep sky blue eyes that remind me of the waters of the Ocean Blue.

I lose myself in them as I see the water through his eyes and see myself swimming in its waters. His eyes boring intensely into mine. My breathing betrays me unable to keep even with him so close. My soul yearning for him in a beautiful dance like last night.

“I need to know they’re safe,” he says softly a world of pain visible in his eyes. Holding love and protectiveness for someone else. He cares for someone else. No, Sereia, wolves lie. They’ll latch onto your neck and steal your life away. A hand instantly goes to my neck at the scar of the brown wolf that killed me when my mermaid broke through. A reminder of just how vicious they were.

He can be lying. They are deceitful creatures but not as much as vampires who can command you to their will with one look. I want to trust him. My soul feels connected to his but I can’t risk it. He can be a hunter and he can hurt my people. I can’t risk it. So, I opt for another answer that will satisfy his curiosity and grant me time. Wolves are not to be trusted. No one can be trusted.

“He was a scientist... he wanted to alter human DNA to make magical creatures of his own,” I blurt out unable to hold my tongue granting him more information than I planned. He looks furious at my answer scaring me to death yet there is a small part of me that isn’t scared. One that is screaming at me that he won’t hurt me. But I refuse to trust it. I can’t take such luxury when it came to the merfolk.

The moment someone revealed themselves, death would knock at their door. Human parents had called hunters in the past if their offspring belonged to the merfolk. They would have them killed or do so themselves out of fear. I never thought anyone capable of hurting their child but was proved wrong when I befriended someone when I refused who I was. I cried for her and her sister when I saw the horror.

They were so fearful of our kind, they were willing to kill their own blood. I saw witches and fairies kill her. I saw her own boyfriend kill a mermaid when he discovered her identity. Their fear bared no boundaries and I’m tired of the slaughter. I’ll marry and grant them the chance to live in the waters of the deep blue. Even if that cost me my heart. But he was a good man and could grant me happiness.

Maybe not a love story like my parents but a good life. And I had the certainty that I helped save my people from the hands of monsters. They would live a happy life in the waters of the Ocean Blue. Never having to procreate with humans again. Free from persecution.

“Were there others?” He asked again his dominance exuding out his body. Alpha. King. The Alpha King. I was with the King of the wolves. He had to know everything, my best shot at finding my mother and sister. He could help me find Earendil and Caspian. Maybe he could grant me answers on Briny as well. Perhaps Ronan and Leith’s sister may live as well.

“No, he just mentioned the government,” a lie yet the truth. I’ll play him like a marionette. He was my best chance of us receiving answers and discovering if I was lied to. I would use him to get my answers. My mother needed me. As did my sister. If they still lived, meaning I wasn’t lied to, I would find them. Hold in their mom... Merise... if your alive hold in there, I’m coming for you.

“The government?”

“He claimed to work for them, that’s all I know,” I relay not trusting him. They’ve always hunted my kind and I wouldn’t let him get to me. I was the only hope of the merfolk. I was a cold being and soon to be Mrs. Ronan Dover as the humans would have it. Or as the merfolk would say their queen.

“The true queens of the sea, brace yourself for chaos my child,” the water hums in my ear alerting me. Warning me. My destiny. It’s to save the merfolk.

My eyes evade his unable to hold their gaze any longer. The guilt of lying getting to me but I wouldn’t reveal what I was. My kind would cease to exist on my twenty-fifth birthday. My eyes fix on a pitcher of water sitting on a night table as a mermaid’s features form in it.

“She’s coming, you must stop her before the merfolk are all killed. Stop her from ending the merfolk,” she vibrates through the water and my heart runs cold at her warning. The merfolk are in danger. I must stop someone? But who? The anxiety drove me insane as I saw her disappear unable to formulate my questions without exposing myself to the wolf. I may ache to do so but reason will not let me.

I am to marry Ronan Dover and I will. I will marry the future King to save the merfolk from any fate that involved tears and suffering. Marilla and I would save the merfolk as soon as I gained my answers. I would know why she left me alone with that monster and never saved me. She was my soulmate and she left me. I needed her and she wasn’t there.

This wolf would only grant me answers and nothing more. He may have brought me to the moon despite still living but that did not change a thing. He was still a wolf and I a mermaid. We still belonged to opposite worlds and he was still a foe. One night with our souls exposed meant nothing to me if it didn’t to him. And he’s clearly expressed so. I need to focus on my family and the merfolk.

“You’re still hiding something from me and until you tell me you will stay. I will figure out what secrets your heart holds,” he says commanding me to face him with gentle touches, his wolf trying to claim dominance yet I didn’t back down and looked him straight in the eyes. He may be a King but I was a Queen. I would not back down or be intimidated by him. I held more power than he did and as soon as my strength returned I would have the ability to drown him in my waters.

His aura was nothing to mine. No one could match the power of the water or Ocean Blue. No one but Sereia. He gives me a last glance and lustful eyes before breaking away and leaving my room. Leaving me aching for his touch for more. Stop it, Sereia. Remember he’s the enemy. He took your mother away. It would do you well to remember that, I reminded myself holding myself high. I was a Queen and bowed to no one. Especially not an Alpha King.

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