Water Love

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Chapter 20

Sereia Marinda Hanon

I stayed there standing for the longest time. Unable to move and awaiting for my shock of everything to wear off. I look around at the bed and the rest of the room. The machines, the water pitcher, everything. I need to find a clue. Something to help me. I spent the next few hours scouring the room for something but ended empty-handed. Nothing. There isn’t anything to help me.

Not to find my mother, Merise, Earendil, Caspian, or Briny. Nothing to break the barrier so I could escape. There wasn’t a thing to find and staying in my room was driving me insane. I need answers. And none of them are in this room. Wearing nothing but the oversized shirt I woke up in, I walk out of the room frustrated.

Stupid shirt even smells mildly like him and it’s distracting but it is so not going to happen. Hell no. I have to make our families whole again and return to the sea where I belong. I manage to evade all wolves by hiding but unable to call forth the magic of the Ocean Blue. Yet the water spell remains. As long as my tail doesn’t come out they shouldn’t be able to smell me.

I lean back against the wall evading wolves like hunters and begin wandering around. I walk around hearing their conversations until I go downstairs. I hide as I hear voices near me and uneager to be caught by them. I’m a queen and the daughter of a royal guard they don’t scare me. I feared that mad man more than I do them. I’ve been trained on how to kill them to survive.

They didn’t know what I was and that gave me the advantage and if they knew well they weren’t acting upon it. I scurry past the halls faster than the waves. I stop as I hear voices in the room behind me. I have to be wary to not make a sound and have my heart, not race. I tune my heartbeat to beat at the flow of water to not be heard.

“I’m happy we have you back,” I hear a woman say to someone else. Maybe they bear the answers. Hearing them certainly couldn’t hurt. I breathe in and hold my breath in wait of answers.

“I’m happy to be back,” I hear a much younger voice and I can detect the sorrow in her voice. Back from where? Perhaps the place they’re holding my mother captive.

“I missed you so much, I never lost faith that you lived,” I hear another voice this one softer than the other one but the emotion brimming in it just as much. Skip this, I need more information about where she just returned from. Wait did she say lived?

“Roul any news on whether there are others?” I hear a masculine voice this time and place some stray locks behind my ears. I need to be certain I get the answers I seek.

“We’re waiting on it. We have another survivor and we’re seeing if she knows more than she reveals,” his voice. Bastard. So, Roul is his name. Well Roul sorry to say you won’t be getting the answers you seek out of me.

“Why her? Why won’t she give them? Why are you so certain she has them?”

“She was his favorite, he spent the most time after her. He left us alone for her. Neglected us for months until he had her and even then he was always with her,” one of the females says. She must have been taken as well and recently rescued. They don’t have the answers I seek. Well, I certainly won’t be getting them from this conversation. Waste of time to focus on it.

The only intriguing information is the lengths, he went through for me. She was there longer than I was. I knew I wasn’t the only one but I always assumed they were taken around the same time as me. Perhaps they weren’t hunters themselves but they must know them.

“What is she?” Someone asks.

“We don’t know, she won’t say. She claims to be human but I met her weeks ago and she bore magic. Even now she bears a spell to hide her scent,” Roul informs them. They don’t know I’m a mermaid. Good. It was my advantage against being held here. I’ll play the human card until I can’t anymore. I have to find all the information I can before they realize I’m not in my room.

I pry myself away from the wall and walk lightly towards a set of doors that look impressive and have intricate designs on them. This must be their study or home office. They must have answers in here. I pry them open and peek to see if I’m correct. To no surprise I am. I step in quietly peering around. I close the doors silently as to not alert anyone else. I’m lucky enough that it’s empty.

I release the breath I was holding and take a deep breath as I walk over to the desk and begin to look around into the piles of paperwork. I begin skimming through the files seeing if I can find anything that could lead me to my family. I open the drawers without much difficulty with the power of the Ocean Blue. I may not be able to summon its complete power at the moment but enough to do so.

But I find nothing. I throw all the useless papers onto the desk not really caring for the mess. I turn and begin looking through the countless books on the bookshelf. Throwing any book that is useless to me until I stop at one. It mentions us and it’s somewhat ancient. It was hidden behind other books almost blending with the back wall of the bookshelf.

I open the book and read an old language between the merfolk. One I had learned through the water. It’s a diary dating years ago shortly after the false vision spread by witches. I read one by one unable to understand their context. It belonged to the Wolfram family and in it, he expresses doubt about said vision after falling for a mermaid. Dating everything with their love story.

Until the day she was killed by his kind. He was a werewolf. She a mermaid. It wasn’t well looked upon. He found her dead before he could discover if they were mates. Dying in his arms. Just waiting to say goodbye. She wasn’t his mate but he aided mermaids in secret warning them of any attack to be placed by hunters. He was a spy for the sea. Right until he was killed for treason.

No more entries. Yet in the journal, he does name places that were under the control of mermaid hunters. Would they still be in use? It names other allies and enemies. Everything to destroy hunters and help mermaids gain the upper hand. He never forgot her and loved her right last to his very own last breath. She was his world. And she died. he was crushed to discover she wasn’t his mate.

Although he does express concern over it being a lie. A spell by the witches to be mated to a wolf. It’s odd because mermaids don’t have mates but could they be somebody else’s mate? Everything in here is a tool for my kind. I thought every magical creature hated us. I go back looking for a name. Anything.

And I find them. His name was Lycaon Wolfram. Her name was Mu... Murel Dover. She was the sister to Nawfar Dover. Ronan’s ancestor. Murel never had kids. Maybe this was the reason. Nawfar was the mermaid a wizard fell for who spread the false vision because she turned him down. Nawfar was married and queen of the Sea. A title I will soon hold.

He even killed her husband, so she would accept him. She chose death instead bonding her husband’s soul to her own for all eternity. So they would forever be together in the afterlife. All his magic and he could never bring her back. She died with a smile on her lips and knowing her children were safe. She died after Murel disappeared. Now it turns out she was murdered over a wolf.

A wolf who spent the rest of his life helping us against hunters. He died for us. He didn’t even get the chance to watch his children grow up. Two boys had to grow up without their father because he chose us. He chose Murel, he and his wolf chose a mermaid as their mate.

Footsteps sound outside as my engagement necklace glows and stores the book within it. The book abandons my hands as the door opens to three wolves. They are looking at me with surprise before taking a defensive stance. Yet one of them places one of the women behind him.

I am rendered speechless as I catch sight of her neck. She’s wearing a very distinct necklace. One similar to mine. Marilla’s. Why does she have my soulmates’ engagement piece on? We display it on our necks to ward off anybody. Disliking rings heavily. It interfered with the life of the Ocean so we never wore them. The other woman has a beautiful silver necklace of dolphins with a bright blue stone, in the shape of the heart, in the center of both dolphins. I know that necklace.

My father bears that crest on his chest. To show everyone my mother is his only one. He engraved it onto his skin the day they wed in honor for her. And here was this woman wearing the only necklace in existence that matched that emblem. My mother’s wedding pendant of my parents’ love.

“That does not belong to you,” I say nearing them both. The woman arches a brow as she prepares for combat. That’s my mother’s necklace she bears. Proving she is alive and I was not lied to. I will get them both back. I will not let them keep said things. They belong to them and the sea. No one else.

“Your trespassing,” the man says with a calm voice awaiting my reaction as they enter the room closer to me.. He exudes some power just not as much as Roul. I would guess a gamma by the looks of it.

“Give it back, it doesn’t belong to you,” I rip my mother’s pendant off of her neck holding it tight. Surprise passes through her features as the metal burns in my doing so. She must not have foreseen that. Our silver becomes deadly for wolves at the contact of mermaid power. Something heavily in me. The silver almost burns her as it pops off her neck.

She looks ready to come at me as does he. The woman behind him looks at him with extreme caution holding onto his arm to detain him from. She looks frightened getting a glimpse of my power. But it’s nothing more than a method of protection against the brutes who hunt us. She sees me as a threat and with great reason. I prepare to fight the damn assholes when Roul appears with Shirley Templeton and Zoe Massets. Something I wasn’t expecting but certainly won’t stop me.

“What the hell is going on here?” He commands with his Alpha voice while surveying the trashed room. The others crouch slightly to it but I shall not be intimidated by them. I’m a queen and as such I shall be treated.

“Who are you trying to intimidate?” I snap back and a look of surprise crosses everyone’s features. As if it were a surprise his voice didn’t affect me. “If you’re trying to intimidate me then let me tell you it isn’t working,” I add ready for a fight. I’ll fight my way out of here if need be. They have to know something. To believe I thought them for a second to be nothing. Still a threat especially being so weak.

“I would mind my tone,” Shirley warns but to believe I’ll listen to her is a joke. Her shrill of a voice sets the watersong over the edge in an instant demanding to be answered but I’m trapped and can’t answer it. Especially being weak from the delusional scientist but I would find a way. I wouldn’t have my father lose another daughter and the merfolk lose their queen.

“I would lose the fake voice if you want to see another day, it just adds a pounding headache,” I forewarn and she flinches from my own aura. The watersong insisting on me to heed its call.

“Come home my children, come my child, come be one with me,” it calls to me and I lose myself in the sound of its trance. A soothing memory resurfaces as I clutch my mother’s necklace and my eyes close as I let it take me far away. My eyes transport me somewhere else as I’m suddenly somewhere else. I see my mother, tears in her eyes as she stands before someone as someone whips her. My anger boils as my breath catches in my throat.

I look at who’s behind her and see her. Merise. She’s alive. Her eyes connect with mine as a tear escapes my eyes and she shakes her head at me. In her arms she has Caspian. He looks almost the same as the day I last saw him. Scars and malnourishment but his features remain the same.

He raises his whip at my mother once more and my hands tremble in anger at his cruelty. I want to scream and shout at him to stop but something holds me back. She does. Merise. She rises and moves my mother out of the way to receive the strike. Right on the face. Leaving its own scar.

Anger boiling at me. I want him to feel the power of the Ocean Blue. The power of the water, of a true mermaid but my mother’s eyes connect with mine silently pleading not to. My mother is special like me. She taught both Marilla and I everything about being one with the Ocean Blue. But our power surpassed hers. We could be one with the water. We were the water.

We could hear Selene, the Ocean Blue, and the water. We could even hear Atargatis. Seeing them in dreams. By Merise’s eyes, she can feel its power too. She bears the Aura of a queen but not as intense as Marilla or I. Caspian’s eyes connect with mine and he looks hopeful. Yet he looks broken.

“Find me, help me,” he mouths off in my direction. “Save me,” he whispers with tears breaking my own heart and nod slightly as my eyes scan the area. I had something to help me. The journal I had just read. Hopefully, it could grant me all answers if I better examined it seeing as I just skimmed through it.

“He did nothing wrong, he just wants his father, you know the man you placed in the torture room for doing what you asked him to do,” Merise says standing. Blood coming out of the wound. Earendil he’s alive and in suffering.

“We won’t turn on our own no matter how hard you try, we will never become animals like you!” My mother screams at him and my heart compresses to think of what she must be going through.

“But you will,” he says eyes glowing but my anger begins to rise once again as he peers at her with animalistic eyes and claws extended. Bastard. I will not allow her to get hurt. I can feel the power of the water heed my call and he lifts his head looking around but unable to see me. Yet his eyes focus on Merise before he begins beating her. Hearing Caspian and my mother scream breaks my heart.

“They need you my child, find them. Return all my children to me,” the Ocean Blue pleads from me as the vision fades. I saw them. They’re alive. I will. I just need Marilla to do so. We’re stronger together. I’ll find you Caspian. All of you and we’ll save you.

My eyes flutter open to find myself in the office I trashed surrounded by people. Receiving conflicted stares and my eyes fix on the woman with Marilla’s engagement locket. I would get answers one way or another. Whether she survived or not would be a different matter.

“I’m going to ask once and I better receive a satisfactory answer or things will get messy and trust me no one here will be able to save you from it,” I say locking eyes with her. If she had Marilla’s engagement band then it meant she was in trouble and couldn’t save me. It meant she didn’t forget about me, she just couldn’t get to me.

“I wouldn’t be making threats,” Roul warns me and I ignore him. He was no match for me and this was my soulmate we were speaking of.

“It isn’t a threat just a promise,” I answer my eyes boring into hers and she flinches. “Where did you get the locket from?” I ask calmly and cold with my hands balled up into fists.

“I won’t allow you to hurt my mate,” the gamma warns me and I smile sweetly at him. Wolves have ruined my life and my family was suffering because of them. They were definitely enemies and I wouldn’t spare anyone if they intervened.

“No one gets hurt if the question is answered and the answer is satisfactory,” I say bobbing my head slightly with an amused tone. I was not playing games when it came to my soulmate. I will kill for her if she’s in trouble or in distress. She was my everything. My swim or drown. “I don’t plan to repeat the question so the answer better, be leaving your lips soon,” I add.

“I would answer,” Zoe cuts in seeing me in such a state. Haven’t interacted much with her but she’s seen little of what I’m willing to do for Marilla.

“Why is that?” The gamma asks in a position to fight.

“I’ve seen what she would do for her soulmate and I would certainly never step in between them,” she answers and I break eye contact to gaze at her. How much did Marilla trust her to know we’re soulmates? We showed it but never said it to each other when others were around unless in the sea. Or perhaps she could see it. She must be a half-witch. Half-breed. Nice to know.

“Soulmate? Humans don’t have human soulmates,” Shirley says and I prepare to jump at her.

“Neither do you but no one tells you a thing when you warrant stupidity for sex. Now my answer because patience is NOT my forte,” I say crudely and anger rising. I need to complete my family and liberate my kind from wherever they are being held. I can’t do that on my own. I need Marilla.

“It was a gift, my mate found it in the forest,” she answers finally. Marilla isn’t stupid, she wouldn’t go to the forest on her own. She loves our people too much so I won’t buy that story. Not for a second.

“You must really not value your life then,” I say as I focus my energy on...

“Sereia... Sereia... I’ll find you... I promise...” Marilla’s voice echoes in my mind through the water. She’s okay? But where? Where was she?

“Don’t trust the queen, she lies,” my mother’s voice breaks through and I stop myself. The queen? What queen? “Don’t trust the queen, she lies...”

Roul steps in my way using his command on me but I’m not a wolf. It will not work on me. I don’t submit. I’m the queen, the most powerful in existence. I will get that locket and give it back to Marilla. Marilla was the future Queen of the Sea not her. I’ll opt for the easy way out then. Test my boundaries and see what can lead me to them. I have to be smart so they’ll live.

“It isn’t yours and you seem smart enough, give it to me and no one gets hurt. Don’t and I’ll rip it off your neck but I will warn it won’t be pretty,” I say looking past him. He’s protecting his pack, just as I’m protecting my kind. I get it. But she won’t keep it. She looks over at the other woman to see the everlasting scars that will remain. It isn’t healing but it won’t kill her. A small reminder of my power. She reaches to unclasp it.

“Smart choice,” I say extending my hand out. She walks out from behind the Gamma to give me the locket but I speak before our hands touch. “Drop it from above and make sure we aren’t touching, emotions are deadly with it, and let’s say I’m particularly moody,” she nods and drops it onto my hand. I wrap my fingers over it hoping to see her but come up empty-handed. I’ll find you Marilla and together we’ll free our family. We’ll rule the sea together.

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