Water Love

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Chapter 21

Sereia Marinda Hanon

I give them one last glance eager to study the journal further. Holding both their wedding bands tight to grant me hope that they still lived. She was my soulmate. They were my family. I wouldn’t choose. I would get both or die. I am to be Ronan’s wife. Ruling the sea was never a reason not to marry, it was just the way my heart was around him. But I would get past it.

The hunters and the humans would not be able to get to our people in the sea. We would disappear into the air like I did that night. Mermaids would never have to fear for their lives and I would be far away from him. My only temptation. I don’t why but my heart races and my temper rises unable to hold back. He changes everything in me completely but he was also an enemy.

I want to fight him this very moment but at the same time, I want to melt into his embrace. First and foremost I’m a Queen and even before that, I’m Marilla’s soulmate. I can’t be selfish in a time like this. I might win him in a moment when I bear the most strength but I’m not so certain of it at my worst. Especially with Marilla not here. She’s the source of my power along with the water.

It was well known we were a great source of power since our first transformation. Briny was just like that. She bore great power as well but the hunters got to her before she could discover that. She was killed. or maybe just taken and I really hoped it was the latter. Her family missed her and I hoped to reunite them just as I am to do with mine.

“Be one with me, heed my call, come home, my child. Slip beneath my waves into my embrace. Let me shield you from what is to come. Come home my children,” I hear the water call out for me. The Ocean Blue needs its life or in other words us. We breathe it life and in being absent for so long, it’s beginning to lose its power/ Fairies can only maintain the surface after all.

My father comes to mind and my heart aches. He must think me in danger, and I’m trapped in a castle full of wolves. They don’t know who I am but they can still hurt me. He doesn’t know what is going on and that my mother is alive. He isn’t aware that his water love breathes along with his daughter. He has to know so he can leave his rebound. She’s nothing compared to my mother. Nothing.

I have to at least let him know, I’m alright. He and Ronan need to know. If I can’t contact him then I’ll do so through Leith. They have to know I’m okay and the marriage will still take place as planned. I’m too weak to use magic to contact them and the barrier impedes my magic from leaving or using it. It just weakens me further. I’ll have to call the old human fashioned way. Through cellphone or as we mermaids tend to use a seashell and I’m certain I can summon one.

“Alright now move out of my way so I can leave,” I tell Roul with an even tone and gazing into his eyes, challenging him. I need to discover more and he is in my way. I have to contact my family and let them know I’m okay. I have to let them know I will complete it. I will liberate our kind from the hunters. I need them not to worry as they probably have. I was meant to see them twice while being held captive by the mad man and they must be worried sick. Especially if Marilla is missing too.

Roul arches an eyebrow in surprise but I don’t back down. I bear just a powerful Aura as his if not greater so this does not scare me. I’ve encountered his kind for years and have come out victorious every time. This time would be no different. I just had to be patient and strong. I could do that. I just need to regain my strength to escape. I won’t be able to do so at my weakest. I’ll keep investigating in the meantime. I can still perform small water spells just not big ones like escaping or summoning a water portal or phone call.

I await his response eager to leave and find out more. Murel and Lycaon is something I’m highly interested in. Mermaids don’t have mates. Yet he spoke of her as being his and being played by magic to someone else. He was one of the few people who chose my kind over others. Over humans, wolves, vampires, witches, elves, fairies, dwarves, elves. He chose my kind. He chose her.

He placed himself in danger for us. He infiltrated them for us. He placed his life for us and I’ve never even heard of him. He chose to help us despite knowing he might get killed for it which he did. He didn’t even get the chance to watch his children grow up. I would tell my people about him and have Ronan commemorate his memory by building a statue of him with Murel.

Roul gives me an assessing look as if my request was plausible but I don’t plan to stick around or wait for him to move. I don’t need his permission and don’t plan on waiting so long. I am not one of his wolves. This is taking too long. I push past him and go towards the door leaving everyone stunned. They weren’t expecting that. They are just too scared of what-ifs to do things. I’m way past that knowing what they are capable of and having my life depending on it.

“Do let me know when I get to leave and seeing as how you doubt what I am so much just ask Shirley, she’ll be able to tell you, seeing how much you doubt me,” I answer with my hand on the door before walking out. He has plenty of pack members that can clean the office. It really isn’t my concern. I speed walk all the way back to my room eager to call my family and study the journal. As soon as I arrive, I lock the door behind me and scurry to the bathroom in a hurry closing that door behind me.

I look around to find a huge bathtub with a whole bunch of therapeutic scents as well as bubbles. A self-care station. I guess it must be on all their bathrooms. I can summon the seashell best that way. I turn on the water hoping that just by feeling it the mermaid within me will be placed to rest and not as anxious. It shall also help renew the water spell. Something greatly needed.

I await anxiously for the damn thing to fill up unable to use my magic to help it. They could follow me and smell it. I’m their prisoner. I conjure a water shell as the water continues to fill the bathtub and end up successful after the fourth try. I’m still quite weak but I’ll get my energy back and hopefully sooner so I can reach Marilla too. After the longest time, I’m successful.

I’m quick to get in feeling relief to have the water caress me and being deprived of it for so long. It takes all the strength within me to keep my tail from coming out. I can’t let it and it kills me but they could see what I am and it is not something I can let happen.

“Soon but for now we must wait,” I say stroking the water. “We’ll be one, all of us just be patient my dear. I must heal and we need to find her,” I say as it caresses me, and a tentacle forms to stroke my face. It’s aching for me as much as I am for it. “Call dad for me,” I say with the water shell in my hand.

I wait anxious and dreadful for the call to go through. I miss my father as much as I miss my mom. I haven’t spoken to him in a bit. I don’t get along too well with his girlfriend. Well, his rebound. He’s trying to move on but now he doesn’t have to. Mom is alive as is Merise. Our family will be whole for the first time.

“Hello,” her voice breaks through, and irritation sets in. I have to be reminded that she lives in my home now because her place was no longer safe and she had no residence in the deep blue waters. At least dad keeps her far away from the room he shared with my mother. He would never betray her that way even in death.

“Undina is my dad around?” I ask wanting to terminate my call with her. I don’t like her. She’s not my mother and she’s already invaded our house. She’s just a rebound, I just don’t like how she was able to get my dad to allow her to move in with us.

“Sereia, my dear where have you been?”

“Around, I would like to talk to my dad now if you don’t mind,” I say not wanting her to know before my dad. I don’t like how she tries to give me motherly advice. She and my dad have been together for about six months now and I still can’t get myself to see him when she’s around.

“Your father has been worried sick about you, we have been waiting for you to come these past few times but you never showed. I know you’re worried about the marriage with Ronan but it’s the right thing to do,” she tries to lecture me. She isn’t my mother.

“Stop right there, you’re not my mother and I will get married. I don’t need your approval or consent. I know what I’m doing and I would like to talk to my father now,” I demand growing angry just by speaking to her. She wants to replace my mother and it’s not happening.

“Sereia I know you loved your mother and very much still do. I’m not asking you to replace her just let me in, if not for me for your father,” she asks and I am left annoyed at her response. She’s just the rebound. “We’re not breaking up any time soon and it would be best if you just got on board with this relationship. For the sake of your brother at least.” What brother is she talking about?

“You are not my mother and I am not looking to replace her. And the break-up is highly debatable because he would leave you in a second for my mother,” I bark at her.

“She’s dead Sereia and it’s been years. It’s just best if you accept that now. As I said I am not trying to replace your mother, I just want to be a friend to you,” she cuts me off. Making me angry. My mother is not dead, she’s very much alive and she’s just looking to get punched.

“Your just my father’s rebound at the moment in his time of grief, but he will always love my mother. I don’t want to be friends with you, I want you out of our house and I would like to talk to my dad now,” I snap back.

“Sereia your father and I waited for you but you never showed,” I roll my eyes at her. I just want to talk to my dad, not her. “I’m pregnant,” my world stops. Pregnant? What does she mean she’s pregnant? Dad wouldn’t get her pregnant! My mom’s the only one for him. He said he would never give another woman the time of day because no one could compare to her.

“Pregnant? What the hell are you talking about,” I ask her outright furious. This isn’t right.

“Your dad and I are giving you a little brother. We got married two weeks ago when you were meant to visit but you never showed and have been evading everyone,” Undina proceeds to break my heart. How could he? How can she speak this way? She and my mother were friends.

“Where’s my dad?” I ask at the border of tears from so much anger.

“He’s back at training with Jorah and the rest of his squadron,” she finally answers my question.

“I’ll go ahead and call him then,” I say terminating the call. The hell was going on in the Ocean Blue while I was held against my will by a mad man. My father got someone pregnant. My mother’s friend. He was having a child with someone else.

The tears made their way out as I could envision my mother’s pain. He didn’t just get her pregnant, he married her, and now... She was being held by hunters. She and Merise were in pain. She was still holding on for us but he moved on. The one thing he swore he would never do. How was this possible? Marilla was truly missing if it happened. She wouldn’t let it happen otherwise.

She was my soulmate and she knew just how much it would hurt me. But they got married. She was in trouble and here I am trapped by the spell of a witch for lack of strength. It enrages me that everything is falling apart and I curse the damn man that made me his experiment. My father married another, why is he looking to replace my mother? Why? She’s irreplaceable.

“Call castle guard,” I call out to the water after finding the strength to face my father. It can’t be happening. As soon as I hear the phone be answered I speak unable to wait or be cordial. “Dad? I want to speak with Leomaris Hanon,” I order unable to hold back the grief.

“Sereia dear...” Ronan’s voice breaks my heart. I betrayed him with a wolf in a moment of weakness. The circumstances don’t matter because the fact is I had my first time with a wolf and not him. What’s even worse is I don’t regret it and am mad it won’t happen again. But it was one night and it’ll stay like that. My soul had connected to his but it meant nothing. I was still the Queen of the Sea and he an enemy. I was still engaged to Ronan and I would still marry him.

I would grow to love him and have children with him one day. We would live the rest of our days with the Ocean Blue hidden from the rest of the creatures. We would be in our own little paradise but that doesn’t change the fact I was with another and he wouldn’t see it my way.

“I want to speak to my father please,” I plead to him not in the mood to chat. I need answers and my father has them, he has to know. I need him to clarify what that woman said. She was never something serious to him or was she and he just lied?

“I just sent someone for him, where are you?” He asks and I can’t give him a straight answer. If he knew, he would send more of our people to rescue me and I couldn’t have that. I had to free our loved ones. One of them being his sister.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m okay and everything continues to remain. I’ll return by that date,” I assure him jumping to answer his future other questions.

“You aren’t having doubts are you because if you are...”

“I’m not, I’m aware of everything. I’ll do what has to be done and we’ll all be complete that day,” I add although I can already visualize his confusion.

“Sereia, my princess,” my dad’s voice speaks and instead of feeling joy, I feel rage. Undina’s words echoing in my thoughts.

“You got her pregnant! Not to mention you married her! Why are you trying to replace mom,” I scream at him unable to hold my anger back. He shouldn’t have.

“I waited to tell you but you didn’t show,” he excuses knowing fully he can’t lie to me without me being able to pick up on it. I was special.

“So that makes it okay to marry her? I get it you don’t know but you’re going to break her heart. Mom’s going to be heartbroken,” I burst out unable to hold my words.

“Your mother is gone Sereia and I know why you left the Ocean to live among humans because everything reminded you of her. But Undina is a great woman and we’re having a son. You’ll have a little brother,” he dares say and I just break.

“That abomination, you created with her is not my brother. It isn’t my mom’s child. Send it back because I don’t want it. It isn’t yours and mom’s. It is nothing mine. I already have two brothers. Seaton and Caspian, no more. I have my sister and Marilla. That thing is nothing mine,” I lash out.

“Sereia, it’s your brother, how can you speak that way,” he inquires but how can he forget my mother so quickly. It is not my brother. He is not having that child with my mom.

“Because while I was in pain you chose to be with that woman over me. You left me like everyone else did with that monster. You weren’t the one to save me from getting hurt, you didn’t choose me and right now it feels as if she’s over me,” I utter heartbrokenly. I didn’t expect this from my father.

“Sereia it just happened and that child deserves the chance to grow up in a family as did you and Merise,” he tries to sway me to his perspective but I can’t see past the hurt. Only Marilla had that power over me and she wasn’t with me, but of course, they didn’t know that. They were breaking up my world without my soulmate to catch me and help me piece myself back together.

“But it’s a bastard child. Why are you choosing her over me? What happened to I’m all you need to be happy? To no one is going to replace your mother, she’s my one true love!” I can’t help the hurt and the venom in my words. I didn’t think a whore could compare to my mother.

“Stop it! Princess...”

“No, don’t! You chose that woman over me. You let me get hurt. You let that man hurt me! Did you even bother looking for me? Or was it too hard getting out of her tail?”

“Who hurt you?” My dad’s voice is full of concern and heartbreak as well but I’m the victim here and why does it even matter now. “Where are you?”

“Why do you even care? Who cares where I am! You chose her over me! Your choosing that woman over our family just when I’m about to make us whole again! Here I was going to return so we could do it together but you know what, I don’t plan on returning till the day. I don’t want to see you or her! Send the thing back! I don’t want it and I can’t forgive you this knowing you will break mom’s heart and unless she forgives you, I can’t!”

I splash the water as I crush the water shell I formed to distraught to keep speaking. He married her. He’s having a child with another. They’re trying to replace our family when our family needs us. He’s having a son with her. A son. With her. Not my mother. Her.

I can’t handle the pain. I don’t know what to do with all of this. everything is just too much at the moment. I need to feel the water and be one with it even if it’s just barely. Just slightly. I need its comfort. I slip underneath the water in the bathtub and close my eyes feeling the water fill me. I feel at peace with the water. The never-ending feeling of it being me and I, it.

I let the water fill me with its power and allow it to fade some of the scars left by that monster away reminiscing on the times where Marilla and I were swimming. My life was changed so much since that man took me. I try to push the bad memories as way as I think of my family and Marilla. Failing miserably. My thoughts struggling for control. In a game of tug of war.

Peace and calm. My tears fading away with the water and power coursing my veins. The soft sound of a waterfall. Stopping as I’m yanked out of the water and feeling the cold of the floor. Yet the water doesn’t want to let me go and lulls me back to a time when we were one. The three of us in the waters of the deep Blue. Swimming carelessly knowing well the Ocean Blue would shield us from prying eyes.

I feel lips press against my own as slight pain on my chest. Then again. And Again. My soul tugging at it and I heed its call to open my eyes and see Roul breathing air to me. Mouth to mouth. CPR. I’m startled as I feel his lips on mine but Ronan’s face makes me push him away and sit up immediately. I look around to see the water all over the floor as I sit there exposed to it. Calling to me.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Killing yourself is not the answer and seeing now as you need to be watched, you’ll be sleeping in my room with me,” he informs me cordially. What? Ordering me? He has lost his damn mind, that’s for sure. “You have no say in the matter,” he adds rising to his feet and leaving me there alone. He has lost his marbles. I’ll show him a Queen of the Sea.

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