Water Love

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Chapter 22

Sereia Marinda Hanon

I would like to say I fucking can’t stand him or something along those lines but I can’t. It would be a lie. I’ve enjoyed every night with him. Every single one. Even if we just sleep in each other’s arms. He is still my enemy and I won’t forget what his kind has done to me. I would be a fool.

No werewolf will have me submit to their will, not even the Alpha King. It would be stupid of me to do so. My loyalty lies to the Ocean Blue and my people not a pack of wolves. He just helps me forget the agony of my heart. He can set my mind at ease granting me peaceful sleep something I really didn’t expect. He just made me feel safe but I’m not stupid. I’ve been tricked by his kind before and ended badly hurt. I lost my mother because of it and I would never trust them again.

They once killed me. They took my mother and they ruined me. His kind granted me my first heartbreak. I won’t fall for their tricks again. They are not to be trusted and he would kill me the moment he discovered just what I was. A mermaid. A sea creature.

Not a siren. A mermaid. There was a difference between us. Mermaids could survive on human food as well as the diet of the Ocean. Siren’s needed hearts to live. They needed to consume a raw heart. We both heard the water song and could travel deep within the waters of the Ocean Blue. But they couldn’t enter our kingdom as it was too deep. They could transform into huge, ugly, blackbirds with shark teeth as well as humans and even develop a tail. What they couldn’t do was breathe life into the Ocean Blue. They could just take some of its power for their appearance. But we were different.

They called sailors and drifters onto the rocks on foggy nights to conceive before having their hearts. It could be controlled by taking the hearts of an animal but most sirens couldn’t or they would do so from the old to hide off. A mermaid could always distinguish them as could they, us. Sirens mostly went into extinction as no one cared to find the differences between them and mermaids. And that is something I find myself craving for so I could change everything at this moment.

What my father informed me during our call still had me shaken. He was having a child with another woman. Someone who wasn’t my mother and it was tearing me apart. My mother was suffering at the hands of vicious creatures while he pretended to play house because he couldn’t see past her tail. What about my mother’s pain. What about my pain. I thought we were more. I was wrong and it hurts.

Especially because she isn’t here. I don’t have my soulmate helping me through this. I know nothing of where she is other than she doesn’t have her locket. The one thing we swore to never leave. Because despite any doubts it was still going to happen. We would have talked it over if it weren’t the case. I haven’t seen her in a long time because of that scientist and she may be in danger. She needs me as much as I need her. But I can’t leave. I wish I could but I’m still weak and it’s driving me insane.

It also doesn’t help that I don’t get much free time or rather alone time as I’m always being watched. Even when in the bathroom for fear I’ll attempt to kill myself but they don’t understand I was never in danger. I can breathe underneath the waves. I just didn’t want to leave the Ocean’s embrace. But I can’t say any of it without exposing myself as a mermaid and I can’t. Rather I won’t.

I’m trying to regain my strength to save my family and free my people from captivity since I’m not strong enough to go after her. A queen protects her own even at the cost of her life. Every second I am not being watched I read through the journal for information and practice old water spells in it. I’m growing stronger but not enough to break through the witch’s spell. It’s strong and I’m still healing. But as soon as I can find a way through it I will save you my soulmate. And together we’ll save our people.

I try to avoid everyone I can but they always find me. It’s been an interesting week and I’ve grown tired of it. I ache to be one with the water and Marilla. I need my soulmate but I can’t save her just yet which physically hurts me. I’ll get us both killed if I try and our people need us both. They need us to survive and we would. We were from the Ocean Blue and we would return home together.

In the meantime, I have to find out everything I can to find where they are being held. I have to discover everything about the hunters with my only lead being Lycaon. He infiltrated the hunters and holds the answers I need. But he’s dead and it doesn’t help me.

I need to know more about him. More of the love between him and Murel. It’s the key to finding my family and returning the water all of its children. But the journal has everything encrypted. Every secret hideout. Every damn thing making it impossible to know where they are at. All he has are general descriptions but he insinuates of another one that holds everything. The exact spot of his reunions to the merfolk all the way to the hunters but I need to know where. Only finding that can I get the key to encode this.

If I know more of him then I know where he hid it. It had to involve Murel. It just had to. But I knew nothing of him or what he held dear. Only his descendants would know but I don’t know them. So I have to try and decrypt the little I know from the journal. It is about him and Murel. She was a very powerful mermaid and he a wolf. They loved each other. He held her dear and did everything to help the merfolk.

Where did they meet? Where did she die? Where did they love each other? Where did it all begin? Where? One of those questions was the answer to finding the other part of the journal that combined would make this one complete. Where? I need to know who his descendants are. Wolfram.

“Come on Sereia let’s go see the King,” Shirley says. When did she come in? I hide the journal in my hands slightly not wanting her to see it. I can’t hide it before her. I can’t practice magic without it being smelt by the werewolf. Maybe I could obtain some answers from her. I definitely should. “Hurry up, I don’t have all damn day,” bitch.

“If you speak to me like that once more I will have your head. Better yet I’ll grant you the pleasure of having the same scar as on your sister,” I offer coldly. Who would have guessed that the woman from who I yanked my mother’s wedding pendant was her sister? Shirley still couldn’t let the damn thing go. How could she? Her sister was currently in the pack hospital from it.

Then again she shouldn’t have worn my mother’s pendant. That was her mistake but at least I knew she lived. So for that, I was thankful and granting them help with treating her burn marks. They would scar and never fade away but she would live.

“Get going, I have clients to see,” she snaps at me. She really wants to tempt me, does she? The question remains why? Is it because of her sister or because I’m the one sharing Roul’s chambers? Or both?

“No one is stopping you, darling,” I answer holding the book discreetly as I rise to my feet and walk past her onto the hallway. Her getting to see the room Roul sleeps in sends me into a frenzy. It sets me on edge that she sees the room I now share with him. Yet we’re nothing and never will be. Lie. We’ll always be enemies.

I begin walking down the hall leaving her behind at the doorway of Roul’s personal chambers. Where we both sleep and his soul lies. But if he didn’t want to leave it exposed to others then he shouldn’t leave someone with me always. I was a mermaid and could breathe beneath the water. I was never in danger and I would never attempt against my life. I knew better than that. I would never betray my people in such a way.

I hear Shirley’s heels as she races to catch up to me. We never got along and we wouldn’t now. Especially when she was aiding Roul in keeping me here. The only reason they get away with it is that I’m regaining my strength and I’m searching for answers. But I’ll leave soon. When no one is watching.

Marilla needs me. If she’s missing her pendant then she’s in trouble and I have to help her. I will help her but until I can, I’ll obtain the answers I seek. Shirley catches up to me and grabs me forcefully by my arm and slams me against the wall. Why, this little...

“We’re not in the office anymore. You don’t get to speak to me in any way you speak. You’re in my pack now and here you shall treat me with respect. You are not visiting, you are a prisoner because you lied to my King. I will not hesitate to end your life,” she warns me in a hushed voice but I’ve been through worse. Her stupid threat doesn’t scare me in the slightest.

I saw my mother be taken. I was attacked by a wolf and lost my life to it. I grew up without my sister. I’ve been betrayed by those closest to me because of what I am. I’ve been hurt and abused by many. Including a mad scientist who dared experiment with me. She’s wrong if she believes I will be fazed by this now. I’ve been through countless experiences to become what I am today.

“Back away or you’ll come to regret it. I don’t take kindly to your threats and thinking they affect me is amusing,” I chuckle as I warn her, looking her dead in the eye. “I am not afraid of your kind, I stopped fearing them long ago. Your nothing more than traitorous beasts who kill without any mercy. In my eyes all of you are nothing more than oversized dogs who follow orders.”

I push her off me with ease showing no fear in my eyes. She’s wrong to think I shall back down. I don’t plan to do so. She will have to know her place. Werewolves are all the same by the looks of it. They can intimidate just about everyone by shifting and so on. But I will show her different. I bow to no one.

“Now take me to your King or let me be,” I add hoping she’ll go to the latter. I need to find a way out. I want answers but I need Marilla more and she’s unprotected out there somewhere. I have to go to her. I’ll kill for her if need be. I have to. Just a little longer and I’ll attempt to break through the spell and I’ll better be able to do so if I’m no longer watched.

“I can’t wait till you give him all the answers he needs,” she says with a smirk and my hopes fall. I’m still being watched. Damn her. She walks before me and I follow wanting to save all my strength to save Marilla and my people. I can’t waste it on her and expose my people. I’ll have to find a better way. I follow her all the way to an oversized and overpriced living room dignified of a Royal. Well, then again I am in a castle.

Roul lifts his eyes and they meet with mine. I almost lose myself in them but I break eye contact to prevent stupidities. Werewolves are enemies. Monsters. Vicious beasts with no sense of remorse. They’ll take a life without a second thought. They were animals with an actual fucking knife in their hands. I would bear no sense of loyalty to a man like that. They were all in the same. I have to learn from past mistakes.

I scan the room sensing more people. The two women who were being held captive as well. The she-wolf that was shot for trying to aid the other and the one I freed. They each sat with an older looking couple each. Must be their parents. Each on a couch near each other while Roul sat in a chair across one of them and next to the other one. Why am I meeting so many?

“My King I brought her to you as requested,” Shirley answers doing a slight vow. Everyone but Roul look at me expectant of a curtsey or bow from me as well. They’re surprised when I stare them down, crossing my arms over my chest with no indication to follow her lead. I bow to no one.

“Did you lose something? If you’re expecting a bow or curtsey from me then you’ll wait for an eternity. I do so for no one,” I answer them with a deadly smile. Shirley’s hands close into fists and I can feel the blood on her palms. She’s containing herself. Good for her.

“I’ll leave you be, I have to get going to the company,” she answers bowing her head and leaving. I will certainly not bow to the species responsible for my mother’s current predicament.

“Would you mind sitting down,” Roul gestures to a chair nearby his. His eyes serve as a warning. It was not a request but rather an order. And it would be in my best interest to follow it. I arch my eyebrow in a sign of defiance but I think it over. It would do me better if I didn’t defy. It could certainly allow me to begin to find a way out of here and go to Marilla. She must be in trouble to not have gone after me. It has to be it. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for one another.

“Well since you ask so nicely,” I answer taking a seat near his. “Alright so let’s skip the pretenses and how about you all tell me why I’m here,” I say dropping my tone as well as my arms. I have to be smart. I’m not strong enough to break through the witch’s spell without having a chance to study it.

They all look at me rather surprised. They aren’t used to being contradicted that much is certain just by their expression. It makes everything just so much interesting. I’m something they weren’t expecting but as long as they believe me to be human all should be alright.

“What are you? What made you so special to his eyes?”

“Mazelina,” Roul reprimands her. So that’s her name. She was the wolf that monster shot in the cage while the other one was the one who I freed.

“Human, and he was a mad man, not much to be said there,” I answer her my tone void of emotion.

“He didn’t particularly care for humans. Out of all of us there they were the most despised but you were different,” Mazelina pushes.

“Don’t know what to tell you,” I add.

“He watched you for months always cursing that you weren’t alone. You were always with someone. He always went on about a woman you were always with and how he would get her...”

“Wait he mentioned her? Did he have her?” I interrupt her leaning forward. I was always with Marilla and now maybe she was with the hunters. They worked together. My soulmate was in more danger than I feared. I have to get to her.

“You were so special to him, everything revolved around you. The copper in the bullets were for you, he always went on about how special you were and how you could be lethal,” Mazelina adds. Neither answered my question. Marilla she needed me. He must have gotten to her. The bastard.

“I need to go,” I say rising to my feet and running away from them. I have to escape. Marilla needs me. I can’t wait until my energy returns and I can summon the full power of the Ocean Blue. I still have to try. I’ll find a way out. Even if I have to fire a thousand small water spells. I would find my way out. I run out the massive front doors out to the forest hoping I had enough power to breakthrough.

I would find another way to decrypt the journal, Marilla was more important at the moment. Nothing would get in my way. I summon all the power I can muster once I reach the barricade of the witch. The limits of her spell. I place my hands before me preparing for contact. This would hurt or it might not work.

I feel someone’s hands on me and the power of the Ocean flowing through my veins sends them flying backward. I turn slightly to see three others running towards me and the other on the ground. They can’t stop me. I place my hands on the barrier and pain shoots through me as the witch’s energy zaps through me. Our power combined being lethal and combusting in a small explosion.

I fly backward into a tree and end up rolling on the floor in intense pain. My breath shallow as my eyes begin to close. The unmoving bodies of four people near me are the last thing I’m able to see before sucked into a pool of water. Selene and the water are there, I can feel their power. I’m granted an answer, I’m no longer conscious.

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