Water Love

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Chapter 24

King Roul Lycaon Wolfram

I need answers and she refuses to give them. It is driving me insane. She killed four of my pack warriors, how we still haven’t been able to determine. I sent her to her old room for my safety and that of my pack. We all need answers and she won’t give them. And I am tired of asking.

I’ve had her watched by five guards and she managed to render them unconscious and enter the secret room behind my bookshelf. She even found a room that I wasn’t even aware of. I can’t keep risking my pack like that. She’ll render any of them unconscious or even kill them if need be. Which, is why I’ve had to move her back to my room seeing as I’m the only one she can’t do a thing to.

It still amazes me that she was able to find the secret room where my grandfather spent most of his time according to my father. He didn’t get to see him grow up much and never knew where he was half the time. Neither did my grandmother. She just remembered him in his study every day and when she would check on him he would never be there only to appear later. He would always enter and exit the office but was never there. It was later she discovered the room I now use to keep my paintings. He kept an entire collection of books that I imagine he read.

Yet I didn’t expect him to have a hidden room only accessible through a mirror where he kept paintings of his own along with other information. The design on the ceiling was exquisite and marveling. It was a love story between two people although I couldn’t distinguish between them. Everything was spelled with magic. Hiding the beauty so perfectly. It was a true piece of work.

The paintings of my grandfather with another woman and another couple. Her wearing the same necklace as his tattoo. The one passed through my family for generations. Recently given to me, for my mate. Something no one knew but she found so effortlessly. How? She had to be a witch but she kept on affirming to be human. Nothing added up, not even her smell that kept on changing. She was a mystery and one I wasn’t any closer to figuring out than when she arrived.

I’m tired of asking her and not receiving answers. I need them. For the safety of my pack and family. I needed to. For the wellbeing of all the magical creatures. We needed to know more about why she was taken and who else was involved. But she isn’t answering any of our questions. She’s giving us nothing and has already killed four of my pack members.

She stirs in her sleep as if she were being tortured in dreams and I just ache to be near her. I just want to hold her and shake the bad dreams away. But I can’t. I have a responsibility to my people. I need answers and if she isn’t willing to do so then I’ll get them out of her another way.

I reach for my phone and dial an old friend’s number hoping he’ll answer and provide me aid with this damn witch who is wreaking havoc within me. Ethelwulf yearns for her as if she were a mate but it can’t be. She isn’t a wolf. It’s more than likely because she’s the only thing linking us to our mate.

“Hello,” I hear a groggy voice on the other end of the line. I must have awoken him during his sleep. I hear the voice of a female and am reminded he’s found his forever love.

“Ascelin, it’s me. Listen I need your help,” I say free of any lies or anything around those lines. I can’t beat around the bush with a matter so serious. He and I have been allies for years and it is something that I have come to rely on in times of need. Times like this.

“I can be there in two days’ time,” he says the sleep shaken off his voice and I nod into the air. It won’t be that long a wait and she’s still unconscious. Hopefully, she’ll remain like that till his arrival.

“Bring Calista with you, I’m afraid we’ll be needing her as well,” I add, and I can hear the concerned voice of his forever love.

“My pearl, go to bed, I’ll return in just a minute,” he speaks to her as I hear movement from his side of the line. “How serious is it?” He asks in a serious voice and I can hear the wind.

“Very,” I convey and I hear him sigh. He knows I wouldn’t use this unless it was serious. We were speaking about Jora and Mazelina. I needed to know they along with everyone else would be safe. Something only she knew and I would get the answer to.

“I might be able to arrive by tomorrow night, I just have to leave things set on my end,” he relays and I am thankful he’s able to accelerate his coming even if for a day.

“I would appreciate it if you could,” I add.

“I’ll speak with my siblings tomorrow and leave things set and will meet you with Calista tomorrow night,” he informs me.

“I’ll be sure to be prepared for your arrival,” I answer him and end the call. I breathe in the cold air as I gaze up to the sky. No moon present today. Tomorrow would be the first sign of the crescent moon. I look up into the stars hoping to clear my mind but am left without answers.

“Merise,” I hear her stir in the room. The pain in her voice is quite evident. I hear something shatter in my chambers and rush inside. A vase seems to have been blown by the wind and lies broken on the floor with the water seeping onto the carpet. I roll my eyes and proceed to clean up the mess. I ward off the warriors nearby to prevent them from worry and focus on the task at hand avoiding going into bed with her.

I seem to lose my mind when in proximity to her. All I want to do is hold her in my arms and never let go but she isn’t my mate so I won’t. It’s not for the best. She’s a liar and a threat to my pack and I can’t Ethelwulf’s overwhelming’s desire for his mate cloud that. I just can’t. She isn’t it. She’s the one keeping us from our mate and prolonging the agony of being away.

“Save,” she sobs into the night. “Soulmate,” she says tossing and turning. “Coming,” she calls out into the darkness as she begins to move frantically in desperation. I have to be strong and...

I run over to her forgetting to clean the mess and wrap my arms around her. She instantly settles in them and lays still, her breathing becoming deeper and regulated. It seems my touch sets her at ease and she calms Ethelwulf. Just having her here in my arms is enough to wash away my distrust for her. This just feels so right even if she isn’t my mate.

I breathe in her scent. Water mixed with the sweet smell of coconuts. She reminds me of a day on a beach. The gentle strokes of the waves against the sand. Her smell is just like that of the Ocean. It drives me insane but she isn’t a wolf. Wolves don’t bear magic. She does. Only a wolf can be my mate. I’m a true Alpha King. My family has ruled over the werewolves for thousands of years. I descend from the original wolf. His bloodline is pure. Werewolves were created through a bite back in his times but now we could only be born. We all came from different ancestors. I and Mazelina descended directly from him.

She isn’t my mate. There is no way for her to be so. She would have to be a wolf to be my mate. I couldn’t have anything else short of it. I had been certain Jora was my mate up until I met her and she seems to have seeped into my skin like no one has. Not Jora, not anybody. She pushes my buttons and drives me to the edge. She either calms me or sets me into a rage. She has me jumping from one extreme to the next and I don’t like it.

She’s disrupted my peace. Turned our worlds upside down. Yet I crave to know more of her almost as if it were a primal need to do so. It was driving me insane. She drove me insane, so much so I was beginning to wish and pray to the moon goddess that she is my mate. She can’t and won’t. But I want her to be or at least a small part of me has me wishing for her to be my mate.

I can’t be hers and she can’t be mine. We’re separated by lies and belong to different worlds. It just has to be because she still has a faint trace of my mate even if she was with the scientist for the past couple of weeks. I drift off to sleep with her in my arms feeling safe and complete. A feeling I evoke and will one day grant to my mate. I just never expected to feel it as well.

I awake to someone moving in my arms. Her. I open my eyes to find her own. Her violet-blue eyes shining brightly with emotions. Most of which are foreign to me, a feeling I never expected to cause such distress in me. Not knowing how she felt was killing me. She breaks free from my arms as if they themselves were a cage. She recoils against my touch and scoots as far away from me as possible as if being near could kill her. Worst as if I could. I would never kill her or harm an innocent.

Yet seeing the reaction she was having to me enraged me. I don’t want her to see me as an enemy but rather a friend but tomorrow she would grant me the answers I sought. The answers that would place everyone at rest and where her own fate would be determined. Whether she was a friend or foe. If it was the latter then she would be imprisoned or placed to death depending on the council.

“I want to leave, let me leave,” she states before softening her tone.

“Answer my questions,” I reply and she shakes her head as she rolls her eyes at me. A sign of disrespect no one would dare show me except her.

“No, you can’t keep me, prisoner, here forever,” she raises her voice at me her eyes lighting with the sign of tears. But she’s wrong I can. If she’s a danger then she’ll never leave.

“But I can, your keeping information regarding the safety of my pack and the rest of the magical community, something I will not stand for,” I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

“You’re all the same. Monsters and I find it surprising that for even a second I thought you different. But werewolves are all the same. Traitorous beasts who don’t care for anyone as long as they get their way but I promise you if I get there too late... I will ruin you and your kind,” she threatens and I chuckle. I’m done being nice to her when it isn’t getting me anywhere with her.

“That’s assuming you’ll leave and you don’t seem to be eager to do so or you would have answered my questions, you’re still in time. It’s entirely up to you,” I tell her as I rise from the bed and head into the bathroom. If being nice doesn’t get anywhere with her then I’ll have to attempt other methods. I hear her begin to pace the room but no sobbing as I shower.

I had hoped it would urge her to give me the answers I seek but seem to have calculated her desire to leave wrong. I dress for the day before going back into the bedroom. Walking out in a towel and going to dress in there was much more appetizing but my body ached to be near hers. It would have made me do very sinful things to her body. She isn’t my mate yet she turns me on.

She stares at me in contempt her arms crossed over her chest in an air of superiority. What gives her the right to claim herself superior to us. She killed four people. Took four lives. Yet she went about as if she were somehow better than those that surrounded her. She was beautiful no doubt but she wasn’t more than anyone else. There were plenty of beautiful women around the world and somehow hers seemed to surpass them all.

“What do you want to know and I’ll meditate if it merits an answer,” she says with a pout on her lips that made her all that even more attractive. This little woman is causing great mayhem and holding the answers I seek she dares insinuate she has the power and control over it all. She’s being retained by a spell and yet it doesn’t seem to faze her. But fine I’ll play her game and get some answers now and the others when Ascelin arrives.

“My mate?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. I had met up with witches before that day, the only other wolf I know is Shirley. Although I did meet a couple along the way both wolves. One of them had a sister with them. Names I don’t know or how to find them. I was taken before we could further converse,” she relents after pondering on the answer. “So your mate can be the she-wolf I encountered or Shirley. It’s the only way you could have gotten their scent on me.”

“How was she like? Her appearance?”

“How am I supposed to know?” She answers with a question and completely offended. “I crossed paths with them once and was taken that same day. My memory of that day is foggy from so many experiments and drugs,” she’s irritated by my questions. “Another or is that all?”

“Was he alone?” I ask, needing to know if there was still a danger to my pack and all the other magical creatures. She ponders on the answer before sighing defeated. Why is this so hard to answer for her.

“At first he was working with the government to enhance humans with magical abilities. But they denied his research and then began collaborating with someone else but they don’t present a threat to your kind or the other victims,” she says, pain brimming in her eyes.

“Who are they, do you know?” Her cryptic half-answer won’t do when it comes to the peace of the creatures. Of our community. I needed to know more, not this bullshit she was trying to give me. She may not be lying but I need full answers.

“I do but like I said they pose no threat to you. They don’t care about any of you, none of you are their choice of victim,” she says with a pout and fighting an internal battle I don’t seem to comprehend. Seems she won’t give me anything more if I keep pushing.

“What are you?” I ask straight to the point hoping to receive an answer. I want to call her a witch but her magic is different and is nothing like the witches I know.

“Wouldn’t you like to know but I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you other than I’m human,” she replies boring her eyes into mine giving me nothing. “Now I suggest you finish your questions now because I don’t plan to answer them later.”

“If your human how were you able to disappear and render my guards unconscious?”

“I’m human but I had a witch place a couple of spells on me so I wouldn’t be harmed, that’s all,” she explains but I can’t believe he. It still feels like she’s lying to me.

“Why did you kill four of my guards?”

“That was an unfortunate mistake on their part,” she breathes out. She’s blaming them? “They should have known better than to touch me, they wouldn’t have died if they hadn’t intervened,” she proceeds cold and void of emotion. Worry not damn lullaby I will figure out the rest.

“How can I be certain you won’t harm anyone else from my pack?”

“Have as many as you want to watch me like a hawk but it’s not in my interest to stay and I’m well aware that if I harm anyone I can never leave. I have people out there who need me and things to do so rest assured if they don’t lay their hands on me then we should be fine,” she says smugly shrugging her shoulders.

“I’ll give you a vote of confidence for now and just assign you two guards but anyone else gets hurt and I will have you executed.”

“Nice to know,” she says before walking into the bathroom. “And for the record, I wouldn’t end my life seeing how much I actually enjoy it. I’m not a suicide risk. Next time don’t assume I am,” she says before slamming the door. I just have to wait until Ascelin gets here.

Hours later...

At the stroke of midnight, he honored his promise and arrived. On his arm, he had a woman with brown curls and sea-green eyes. Eyes that reminded you of the Ocean almost like the liar I have sleeping in my bed although hers reflect the deeper parts of the Ocean.

“Roul I would like you to meet my pearl, my forever love,” he says looking at her eyes adoringly and she smiles but there is a sadness to her expression one I am unable to grasp.

“Pleasure meeting you,” I say cordially and she returns my smile as we shake hands.

“Likewise, Ascelin says you and him are old friends and we’re happy to help,” she says smiling.

“So when would you like to begin?”

“In the morning like any decent person seeing as everyone tends to murder people at night,” she interjects, and Ascelin smiles at her.

“Alright I have set you up in your usual room and we can confer about the subject when the sun is out, go rest with your forever love,” I tell him and he smiles before speeding off with her. Tomorrow I would have my answers. All of them.

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