Water Love

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Chapter 26

Sereia Marinda Hanon

“Let go of her,” I hear someone yell at me from behind. Years are flooding out my eyes as the overwhelming pain within me blinds me. It hurts so much. I am in so much pain. Marilla betrayed me. She betrayed the water but worst of all she betrayed herself. She was with a vampire. the very creature that took Earendil and Caspian away and brought a world of pain to her family. That was as bad as saying I trusted wolves and I don’t.

For some odd reason, I may be attracted to Roul but I didn’t trust his kind only him. And not even then. Wolves took my mother and once upon a time, my life as well. The water breathed life once more to me. A wolf took it and the water returned it.

Vampires took her family away and she gave herself to one. She, who spoke of duty, dignified of marrying the King of the Sea. She mated a vampire. She chose to be his over my own life. A choice I never thought she would make. I was the temperamental one. I was the one with doubts, not her. Yet she chose him out of choice, not force.

It hurt more than words could formulate. The one person I could count on, the one person who loved me unconditionally and knew me inside and out didn’t care for me as much as I thought. She was the one person I could trust. The one person I never had to fear and knew I could always count on. The one person who owned my soul.

Yet here she stood before me bearing the mark of a vampire. The mark that claimed her for him and no one else. She was his. She chose a vampire over our own people. They have hunted us for time to come. They took more of our people away than we have seen and yet she chose one of them. She chose him over me.

It hurt that while I thought her in danger and did everything to get to her she was just with a vampire. She chose a vampire. She forgot about me as I perished away at the hands of that mad man. She could have found me and rescued me. But she never did. She wasn’t the one that freed me from him, who stopped him from using me to weaponize humans. It was Roul. A wolf.

“You lied to me! Why?” I ask yet I don’t really want an answer. Because the moment I hear one I’m going to forgive her. I’ll jump into her arms and be one. I’ll let this go and I don’t want to. I want to hate her and be mad at her. Yet I can’t hate her. She’s my soulmate and I would die for her. But she won’t do the same anymore. She’s proven that by mating with one. So I want what I can take and that’s to be angry. I have a right to be angry!

“I didn’t, let me explain,” she whispers as my fingers continue to sink into her skin, the mermaid within me stirring up a storm of anger and pain. Directing it towards her but I don’t want to hurt her. She’s my soulmate. I want to be one with her. But she betrayed me and it hurts. I’m hurt because of her. Hell, I was broken now because of her.

“Let her go,” I hear Roul’s voice breakthrough and my hands drop to my sides, my eyes fixing upon the bruises I left behind and my heart clenching at the thought of hurting her. She broke me but I couldn’t hurt her without feeling remorse. She did so without it. “Step away from her,” he demands me and I make my way to his side being a victim to his command.

I see the vampire run to Marilla and touch her. Inspect her before kissing her lips and forehead. His eyes landing on her bruises before enveloping her in his arms and boring his eyes into mine. I try to look away but am unable to due to Roul’s Alpha King command. A result of being so drained because I tried to save someone who didn’t need saving. My heartbreaking even further.

“You definitely aren’t human,” the witch next to Roul whispers, and my eyes bore into Marilla who pries herself away from the vampire.

“I’m sorry,” Marilla says her eyes gazing into mine. “Please you have to listen to me,” she pleads coming closer to me but I’m unable to move away because I’m a victim to Roul’s Alpha King Command.

“I don’t want to! At the end of the day, you chose him over all of us! How could you! Mating with him is as bad as saying I trust wolves! Have you forgotten about what those monsters did to Caspian and your father? He gave his life for you, so you could get away from them and you betrayed him by mating with this monster!”

Marilla stops as her eyes shine with hurt and sorrow. No doubt remembering the day she lost them both and I, my mother. A memory so vivid and clear as if it had just happened right this second. To know they are alive and with hunters, wherever goddess knows why hurt. I wasn’t the only one in pain. They were too and because I tried to save her, I was now weak and powerless to wolves leaving them defenseless. Leaving my mother to succumb to death.

I was living a fate much worse than death. Knowing my mother and sister are alive to being powerless to help them. Unable to help them while my father awaited the birth of his child with that whore! To that bitch that was trying to replace my mother without knowing she was still alive and fighting for us. A truth I found out without her by my side.

My world crashed and when I needed my soulmate the most she faltered. She left me to go with a vampire. She let me endure a world of pain and still allowed another creature to claim her leaving our people, victims. She wasn’t there.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses Marilla! I don’t want to forgive you! You chose a vampire over me! You left me to rot and be experimented on by a delusional human to weaponize humans. You didn’t save me from him, you didn’t kill my nightmare! A wolf did. A wolf! Do you have any idea how much pain I’m in? A wolf, the very creature that robbed my mother from me ended my hell over my own soulmate... A wolf!”

Marilla’s eyes shine with pain. Heartbreak and overwhelming sorrow. My heart broke at her own pain but she didn’t have that right. She wasn’t the one that endured hell and back. She wasn’t the one being cut open or receiving visions of our family in distress. I was. I was the broken one. Me, not her.

“No, don’t do that! You don’t get to be in pain or be broken! I was the one on the table, the one he had captive! I’m so angry at you because despite how much hurt you’re inflicting upon me I still love you. You’re my soulmate but you broke me. You allowed that monster to break me. You didn’t save me so no I don’t want to hear you. I want to be angry at you because I can’t hate you. I just don’t want to forgive you! I have the right to be angry!”

“Sereia, please...”

“No! I don’t want to! You hurt me! You broke me! You chose him over me! I don’t want to hear you! I want to be angry at you! I don’t want to forgive you! You weren’t there for me when I needed you the most because you were with him!”

“I thought you were dead!” She screams out but that’s not an excuse. She still mated a vampire. Even if I were dead she should have known I would have never approved. She should have remembered what they did to us!

“That’s no excuse to sleep with your father’s murderer. I called out to you Marilla, clung onto you for dear life! You were the one that was always there! I screamed so many times for you, begging you to rescue me and free me from that nightmare but you never showed! A wolf rescued me because I didn’t mean anything to you!”

“That’s not true! You’re my soulmate! I love you! You and me against the world. Always. We swim together, we drown together,” she murmurs and I shake my head finding the strength to break from Roul’s Alpha King command as raindrops trickle down from the sky and fall before us.

“You kept on swimming and left me to drown on my own! You left me and forgot about me! You replaced me with a vampire while I was in a world of pain waiting for you to save me. For any of you to save me, but none of you did! I had to free myself as he poured wax down my throat to become his personal doll!”

“Sereia tell me how to fix it! Please, I can’t live without you and I can’t live knowing I hurt you. tell me how I can heal you,” she calls out walking towards me and grabbing a hold of my hands, I shake my head not knowing what to answer. Nothing can be done. I’m still broken and she still betrayed me. She helped him break me. I want to heal this mend between us but can’t.

I’m so hurt and angry for her leaving me alone with that monster and not being my savior. I can’t forgive her. My soul aches for reconciliation but I can’t. Marilla hurt me like no one ever had. She was the one person I never expected this bullshit from because she knew just how much it hurt. She shielded me from it not inflicted and I don’t know how to keep going.

“You can’t. You broke me. I’m a broken Queen,” I whisper pulling my hands away. “I don’t think I can forgive you and I’ll most likely die in here. I killed for you Marilla and I thought... I guess I just didn’t mean enough to you,” I answer her and she breaks my heart. She looks at me with so much pain and hurt. Unable to keep away.

“I love you. You’re my soulmate! I would never replace you! Not with Ascelin or anyone else! It’s you and it’s always been you. It will always be you. I would die and kill for you! You and me against the world! You have to believe me!” She yells trying to engrave it into me. I do believe her but that isn’t the trouble. It’s that I can no longer trust her.

“I do believe you but I can’t trust you. When I needed you the most and was in a world of pain screaming for you to save me, you never came. I can’t trust you anymore,” I cry pulling away and running away into the gates of my prison. The Werewolf King’s castle.

“SEREIA!” I hear Marilla scream after me as lighting begins to strike all around and I’m broken in half. She’s my soulmate and she ended up breaking me the most. I can’t... I can’t... It just hurts too much... I can’t... I’ve never felt a greater pain than at this moment. The moment I discovered that someone else came before me.

Marilla and I were soulmates. Always were and always will be. We were born and raised together. We were twins in a way. She was my best friend growing up. She was always there to pick me up when I fell and was my reason for being. She was my other half. My better half. She was my everything. The one person who loved me fully including every flaw. We were inseparable. Together we were one with the water but she betrayed me.

Knowing I would never heal and that monster would always have a hold of me broke me. She was the one person who had the power to hear me but she broke me. And now I couldn’t trust her or her words and for us to be one with the water we had to be stronger than ever. We needed each other and to be free of conflict. But that wasn’t the case.

The storm outside these walls proving the cause of our ruptured bond. The sign that our connection had been severed. Broken. More than likely beyond repair and without one another we couldn’t save our family. We couldn’t restore them. We couldn’t return the sea the rest of its children but I couldn’t forgive her. I was too broken and hurt to do so.

I ran all the way to Roul’s room and shut the door behind me before curling up in the bed and balling my eyes out. My nightmares more present than ever and the hurt of Marilla’s mating burning me alive. Funny seeing as I’m a mermaid. A creature of the water in flames.

Knowing your unconditional love isn’t reciprocated or even valued by that person can destroy you and I was destroyed by it. It broke me. Shattered me even further. I’m shaken aback as my body begins to convulse as a vision takes place. My eyes rolling back as part of me wanders off to a room.

My mother on the bed looking worse and everyone gathered around her in vigilance. A wolf in the distance, a wolf I know. The only one I ever believed or trusted but betrayed me. My very first love. He was there laughing at my mother’s pain. Merise doing her best to restrain herself.

“She’s dying! Respect her or I’ll...”

“You’ll what, little mermaid? Hurt me? Please this place dulls your power even if you aren’t like the rest which is why your mother and you receive special treatment but answer me this who is the King’s promised wife,” he snarls at her. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” he adds scanning her body up and down.

“We don’t know and if we did I would die before I let anyone tell you. You took us before he got engaged!” She spits at him and he strikes her with his hand. Bastard. They’re looking for me. I’m the King’s future wife.

“Don’t touch her,” Earendil says coming up to my sister’s defense but he knows him out with copper knuckles that burn into his skin. Caspian hiding beneath the bed frightened as my mother is defenseless against this creep. They both are. No. They are not! I will save them.

Power seeps through my veins and courses through me as a blast of water manages to shake the room rending the wolf unconscious. The power of the Ocean Blue returning to me and it’s fury beginning to descend onto those who touch my people. My mother’s necklace falling from my wrist as Merise focuses on me.

“Place it on her, it will keep you safe, the power of the Ocean Blue will keep you all safe until I can find you. I’m coming, I promise,” I tell her and she nods understanding my warning.

“Beware of the Queen she lies, she always lied,” Merise warns me.

“What queen? Who lies?” I ask and she turns back towards me as she places my mother’s necklace back on her where it belongs.

“The queen of the Sea. The queen lies she always did,” she says as I begin to be transported elsewhere.

A sea of darkness. A dark blue ocean with a wolf inside with me. A beautiful blazing blue wolf in flames. It was beautiful from its violet eyes to its burning fur but who was it. Why was it here with me?

“Hello Sereia, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have been dying to do so,” she speaks to me but her voice resounds inside me.

“Who are you and how are you getting inside my head,” I ask it. She smirks or at least what I assume is a smirk.

“I’m Ziva and I’m your wolf,” she expresses to me which startles me. Wolf? Mine? I’m a mermaid, not a wolf. I belong to the water. This is a nightmare, a lie. I want to wake up now.

“Lies, how do I wake up?”

“I’m your water wolf,” she says to me with a smile.

“I’m a mermaid. I do not have, no damn wolf. Wolves stole my family from me!”

“You are a mermaid but I’m also your wolf and you’re not alone. Wolves didn’t steal your family, hunters did. You bear more power than any mermaid in existence but only you can restore it to its full potential. Merge with Marilla and be one. She’s our soulmate but not our mate,” she speaks to me.

“Mermaids don’t have a mate and I am not a wolf!”

“Of course not, I am. Roul the King of the wolves is my mate therefore our forever love. Or in better terms our water love. Marilla made a mistake but she thought we were dead give her some credit. We have to mend our connection to her. Only with her can we unlock the true power of the water,” she speaks to me.

“You don’t understand now how do I wake up!” I scream out.

“Your unconscious. The vision from last night drained us you’ll wake up soon,” she answers and I look at her with suspicion. I don’t trust her. Wolves are treacherous creatures. Monsters the moment you turn your back on them. “I take offense to it, we’ll speak more later,” she says as she begins to fade and I’m left alone in the Ocean Blue.

Moments later my eyes are fluttering open and I find myself on Roul’s bed with him on the couch in the room and Marilla in bed with me. Her eyes puffy and red like any human. Her arm in bandages along with her torso as she slept soundly holding onto me. The wolf thing just a dream. Thank goddess for that.

“Don’t cry you’re not alone, Marilla thought you were gone and was broken because of it. She deserves forgiveness. Our family needs us to mend the relationship with our soulmate,” I hear a voice that startles me and I come to terms with the wolf of my dreams. Oh goddess I had a wolf. A water wolf but more importantly my family needed me.

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