Water Love

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Chapter 27

​Marilla Hali Conway

I hurt her. I hurt my soulmate. I caused her unimaginable pain. One I should have never been the cause for. I’m her soulmate. I should have kept searching. I should have known that she wasn’t dead. I should have given her more credit. But I didn’t. And now she’s more broken than ever. She’s in pain and it’s all because of me.

It pains me more than it does her to know I’m the cause for her being at the mercy of wolves. To know she was with a mad man that ruined her hurts me. It physically bruises me as if I had been right by her side but she’s right, I wasn’t. And now I might just have doomed us for all eternity. Worse I betrayed everyone including myself.

Ascelin could very well be a hunter playing my heart. He could be in league with them. But I decided to ignore my voice of reason and now she’s paying the price. It should be me in that bed. It should be me. Not her. Me. I deserve everything she throws at me but she’s innocent. I’m the one who mated with a vampire and became his forever love. That’s an unbreakable bond. One I can’t back out of now. I shouldn’t have been so blind and stupid.

Seeing her convulse before me with foam coming out of her mouth and her eyes rolling backward was my greatest fear brought to life. I would do anything for her. Die, kill, whatever she needed. She’s my soulmate. And now I’ve broken her. The one person who was always there and I promised I would never harm. I broke her.

Not that mad man. Not the wolves. Not the hunters. Not anybody. Just me. I did this to her. Had I escaped and searched, I would have saved her. I should have saved her but I didn’t. I didn’t free her from her living nightmare and these were the consequences but I would do anything to mend it.

I hate her tearful eyes. The pain evoking from them. But more so I hate being the cause for it all. I don’t plan on leaving her side ever again. I have to fix what’s broken between us. I have to. I don’t care if I die because of it. I care that she doesn’t. Having great power like this requires more than one person. We have to fix what’s broken or we would both die.

Our magic is only unstoppable and invincible when together. If our connection is severed or broken we die. And I don’t want her to die. She’s the best of me.

I feel her stir beside me and my eyes bolt open in a flash and sit up on the bed as she stares around the room confused. Her eyes glancing upon the wolf on the couch. Roul Lycaon Wolfram. Ascelin’s long friend. The one holding her captive but I’ll force him to lower this damn barrier and let her... us free. I would follow her anywhere.

This friendship means more to me than Ascelin. It will always triumph my love for Ascelin because before I met him I loved her. I can love them both but will let him go if he is harming her. She means more to me than anything. More than Ascelin, more than my life.

“Sereia,” I call out to her and obtain her full attention. Her eyes in a state of confusion and her lips part to speak to me but she presses them together instead. She can’t trust me anymore. She’s hurting more than anything. We always speak to each other about everything. All of it. We knew each other inside and out. But she can’t anymore.

She considers herself second to Ascelin but she’s my world, not him. Tears overcome my eyes, the storm still raging strong outside. A sign of our broken connection, our severed bond. The Ocean Blue suffering because of a choice I made. It was raining down hell until we could reconcile and I would do whatever it took to earn her trust

“Sereia,” I whisper once more but she remains deathly silent. Her eyes swimming in a world of pain.

“I used to be able to tell you everything and now I can’t,” she speaks with so much pain it breaks me in half. “I want to but it hurts. I want to and I can’t. It physically hurts to know...”

“I know but let me fix it,” I plead to her. I need her to listen to me. To let me show her what I said. I need to be one with her and the water. I need to heal her and mend both our hearts.

“I don’t know if we can’t and it hurts to know we won’t save them because can’t forgive you. Our family will die because I can’t forgive you. I can’t be the cause of their death but I don’t think this can be mended,” she cries out gesturing to us both. “My mom will die because I can no longer trust you Marilla. They’ll kill them,” she whispers.

“Sereia your mother died years ago the same day I lost...”

“No, they live. I saw them with my mother’s pendant and they’re in a world of pain,” she cuts in breathless.

“What are you talking about Sereia?” I ask her holding my breath as I eagerly await her answer. Knowing well that my world was going to shatter and the pain only increases.

“They’re alive and being used by the people that took them. Beaten and starved daily with scars. He pleaded for my help with tears in his eyes. I saw them get beaten by the last wolf I trusted. My mother is dying and your father injured,” she reveals and I can feel myself shatter. My father is alive as is Caspian. Oh, my goddess.

Sereia saw them and I can’t doubt her word. I know she would never lie to me. She can’t just as I can’t to her. Tears begin to flood out as I come to terms with how big my betrayal really is. My father is alive. He’s not dead. He’s injured. Relief intertwines with grief to imagine the conditions he must be in now. What the hell had I done?

“No, it can’t be true,” I say shaking my head as I fall backward onto the headrest making noise and waking the wolf. “No! It can’t be! No!”

“And nothing can be done,” she adds solemnly. Sadness brimming in her eyes.


“I don’t want to hear it Marilla, it won’t change anything. I love you more than anything but you chose a vampire over me... over our family. You let them hurt me. You left me alone. You lost my trust and you know how hard it is for me to do so. I love you but I can’t trust you with my life anymore,” she says tears rolling down from her eyes.

“Please, I can’t live like this. Please Sereia give me another chance. Don’t close yourself to me, please,” I beg her and she just shrugs her shoulders while shaking her head slightly.

“I want to more than anything, you’re my soulmate but I can’t. I can’t bear the thought of being apart from you like this or even the sight of your tears. It hurts me more than knives ever could but I can’t,” she says heartbroken.

“Let me at least try to mend this. Give me a chance to win your trust back and restore what was broken,” I beg her and she stiffens unsure. “Please. We have to try.”

“Fine, but I can’t promise you anything. Don’t expect anything from me because I can’t give it anymore,” she voices and I nod. She’s handing me an olive branch in this whole turbine of a mess. She’s trying to forgive me even if it’s not entirely because of the love she has for me. She’s giving me more than she has everyone else. It gave me hope.

“That’s all I can ask for,” I say daring to wrap my arms around her. My soul feeling safe and aching to be one with her once more. We have a friendship much too pure and beyond anything. I would do anything for it and if that meant I had to renounce to Ascelin then so be it. Nothing compares to her.

“I really hope we can mend this one day,” she speaks in my arms with a whole dose of pain. It hurt her as much as me. She was just as lost as I was. I have to fix this. I will fix this and nothing will get in my way.

“We will, I promise. We swim together, we drown together,” I add amidst the tears running from both our eyes. It was a step closer. Baby steps. But we would mend this.

Merise Orabella Hanon

She’s dying and I can’t do a single thing to help her. She needs the Ocean Blue. They went too far and now she’s dying. Only the Ocean Blue can heal her now, the one thing we have been deprived of. The water of the Sea or swimming in its waters.

They know we’ll escape because we’re faster in the water than on land. We belong to the Ocean not here to be used as slaves. We’re treated as slaves and are beaten and drained constantly. They know about every weakness we have and have us do their bidding.

I hate to see her like this. I just found her again. Now I have to say goodbye to her. I’m not ready to lose my mother again and this time forever. She was nothing more than a faint memory but I clung to it my whole life. Her voice kept me going. Remembering her sweet melodic tune in replay as they tried to coerce me to be like them and hunt my kind.

They tried to break me and they almost did. But they were never successful because I had her. Her voice, her memory. I clung to it for dear life as they tried countless times to brainwash me to their views like they have tried with many. None had been successful. The will of the mermaid cannot be bent. The Ocean Blue will never allow such use of us. We mean too much to it.

“Merise she will be alright,” Earendil tries to cheer me up but I can’t deny reality. Her chances of surviving are slim and decrease every hour. It seems to have slowed down even greater since I last saw Sereia. Once I placed the necklace on my mother it seemed to slow down everything and placed her in a trance but that can only last so long before its magic fades.

“No, she won’t. We don’t know where we’re at just who runs the place. It can only last so long,” I say heartbroken as I caress my mother’s cheek. I miss her so much already. I should be the one in this bed not her. I was the one that pissed them off.

“Yes, she will the water won’t let her fade,” Earendil says placing his hands over my shoulders. I would have crumbled and succumbed to the hunters if it wasn’t for him. They need me for something because I bear the magic of the water. I can bend the Ocean Blue to my command but I refuse. He holds me strong in moments of so much darkness. It hurts.

Earendil has become like a father to me in the past few years. He’s kept me as safe as he’s could like I know my father would if he could but he didn’t even know I was alive. They have everyone believing we’re dead. They tore our families apart. And yet they feel no remorse whatsoever.

I want to meet my father but that’s only a fantasy right now. Funny being we’re all magical creatures. Mermaids are just feared as are sirens. A lovely and deathly creature that will kill to survive or just for the fun of it. They have plenty of them here. They’ve already broken them down to aid in the capture of merfolk. Joke’s on them because they can’t reach the Ocean Floor.

“The water can’t reach her here and they don’t even know where we are or that we live so how can they save us? How can they save us if they don’t know?” I ask him with a heavy heart. I want Marilla and Sereia to save us and free us. To save my mother from death but they barely know we live.

Seeing Sereia was a blessing. One I treasure even if the other merfolk weren’t able to see her. She’s seen the hell we live and promised to free us but... She seemed broken and what was worse it was just her. To defeat the people holding us captive she needed Marilla but we only ever saw Sereia.

And if by some miracle she gets to arrive before my mother dies and she gets to live... She doesn’t know the queen. The Queen of the Sea. Marna. The warlock’s maiden. His beloved. The only person to willingly betray her people and succumb to the monsters holding us. The weak princess everyone holds dear. The liar and to believe the merfolk mourn her.

She lies. She takes. She destroys. She betrays. But Sereia knew her from my understanding. They were friends before she was taken. I just hope if Sereia and Marilla rescue us in time they don’t fall for her lies. She bears power over the Ocean Blue and can hear it but not the water. I can hear the water I can only use its magic not be one with it. Sereia and Marilla can. The true queens of the Ocean from what my mom and Earendil have told me.

“Have faith in them, they bear more power than most know and will see through her,” he whispers into my ear and we hear Caspian shift in a bed nearby. We turn to face him in unison to see him rubbing his sleep away and standing from the bed. We would do anything to keep him safe. I will take as many beatings and hits for him. As would we all.

“Morning sleepy water how was your sleep?” I ask him as he makes his way to us. I place a brave face on so he doesn’t catch on to how serious this all is. To how serious my mother’s condition is currently in. He’s a child, he doesn’t need that. My mother has protected him as her own in here and I love him like I would a little brother.

“How is she?” He asks grabbing mom’s hand. He misses his own mother so much and my mother has just been able to fill the void in this hell of a place.

“She’ll get better,” Earendil answers for me knowing lies aren’t my greatest strength. Not to the merfolk. I like transparency. I can only hold my own against these creatures.

“Venilia hold on, Sereia is coming to save us. She and Marilla will free us all,” he whispers in her ear. “They will save us, you’ll see.”

“Oh, really?” I hear his sinister voice from behind. The rotten wolf who wants to make this sexual. I am so not letting him. I only escaped last time because Sereia unleashed a wave of the water’s power upon the whole place. I look over to Caspian to read fear in his eyes for my mother. Earendil shields him with his body despite bearing various injuries still healing.

“Why are you here? We’ve already told you, we don’t know who the future queen of the Ocean is or how to find her. And to be fair I rather die than tell you,” I spit out at him turning to face him. I will guard my mother with my life if need be. I can take whatever this man sends my way.

“You see that doesn’t work for me and I know you can feel her,” he says unable to hide his anger as I roll my eyes at him.

“Well then too bad because it’s the only thing we got,” I say crossing my arms.

“Either you speak or the boy dies,” he threatens pulling out a gun and aiming it at Caspian despite being shielded by Earendil. “Copper bullets my dear,” he says as he fires it off. I jump at the sound of it and see Earendil fall forward. The bullet had pierced his leg. “The next one goes in the boy’s head so get to sensing,” he warns.

“We can’t sense the future Queen. Not unless the rulers of the sea are gone. They have to be dead for anyone to be able to sense the future rulers,” Earendil tells him while on the floor.

“Interesting, so we only need to kill the current king and Queen so you may find who their children are marrying. Very well then, that can be arranged,” he smirks, gun in hand pointing towards the ceiling. A second later he’s placing it away.

“You’ll never be able to,” I spit at him and he just laughs before his face becomes one of surprise. Surprise from what. I begin to feel small pulses go throughout my body and in the air around us. I look around to look for the source to see my mother’s pendant shining brightly and sending those pulses in waves.

I turn back to Caspian and Earendil when I hear his grunts of pain. The bullet inside his leg now on the floor in a pool of dark blue water as his wound begins to close. The water on the floor rising in the form of a tentacle and facing our enemy. What in the world is going on?

“Stop this now!” He demands of me staring at the rising tentacle drawing his gun back out and aiming it in our direction.

“I’m not controlling it,” I answer him as the tentacle swallows him whole for two minutes before falling apart. He falls to the ground coughing up water, gun still on him. He rises quickly and attempts to shoot again only for a barrier of water to appear before us stopping the bullet from ever reaching us.

“What the hell?” He inquires lost seeing as we’re drained and have a slight connection to the Ocean Blue from so much time in captivity. If you were special more precaution was taken like with my mother and me. We bore a stronger connection and could leave through any body of water, which is why we were submerged on small bodies of water with magic to keep us from using our magic. We were even more guarded than most. Caspian bore little power yet he still had some which merited constant supervision. Earendil was just a witty merman.

We had no power to summon so much magic in an instant. “Place it on her, it will keep you safe, the power of the Ocean Blue will keep you all safe until I can find you. I’m coming, I promise.” Sereia’s words plague my mind. My mother’s necklace, she powered it so we would all be protected by hunters. It was encoded with magic to keep us safe.

She was the only one to bear such power. Wielding great magic came at great prices but overall I remember the necklace around her neck. A necklace signifies we’re taken and promised in marriage and once we’ve fulfilled the water ceremony it a water spell is cast.

Yet her necklace radiated power. More so it held an intricate design. A specific design in sterling silver. Her necklace was already cast with the water spell but she bore no sign of the water ceremony on her. Nothing. It was just superficial. A spell only cast by the monarchs of the Ocean to secure their promised others if my memory serves right.

I know the future Queen of the Ocean. It was her. She was betrothed to the Prince. She was the one who the hunters were after and she was going to be coming here to save us. Goddess, hold us all in your grace. Please keep her safe. She was coming for us despite being engaged to the prince. I really hope she comes in time but more so that they don’t discover her as our Queen. I hope she and Marilla are just as powerful as they’re made out to be. This was the beginning, The calm before the storm.

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