Water Love

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Chapter 30

​Sereia Marinda Hanon

I stare at the necklace in surprise. Its glow resonates with Marilla’s something I didn’t think possible. She’s pregnant with Seaton’s baby and Marilla is as baffled as I am. Mermen and water fairies? The only known mixing of our kind was with humans, and here was a water fairy no less pregnant with my brother’s child. How is this possible. Just how? I don’t get it.

I knew he was seeing someone and that he loved her so much he would give her a necklace. He was planning on proposing and then letting us all meet her. Apparently, he had in the last couple of weeks. I just never thought he would see a water fairy again. The last one badly burned him. I never met her more than to curse her and beat her egotistical house and I was in a masked ball when I showed her she shouldn’t have broken his heart.

“How... is...” Marilla stutters something not common for a queen to do.

“How did you meet him?” I sweep in, hugging Marilla so she won’t fall from shock.

“We met on the beach, he was coming out from his swim and I was going in to take mine. He was just so mesmerizing at the light of Selene. He took my breath away and apparently I stole his. We ended crashing into each other and ended in an odd position,” Lorelei recalls with a smile telling her tale. It must have been at night, we always swim at night, or rather merfolk do. I’m the exception. I can swim at any hour as can Marilla because of how special we are.

“Sounds like love,” I answer her and she nods.

“How did you know it was given to me,” Lorelei inquires.

“As is mine and as it hers. It won’t glow for anyone but you. Letting people borrow it is so not recommended. It could kill them,” I tell her and she looks at us both.

“That and we’re queens. We can always tell,” Marilla adds and I smile at her while rolling my eyes.

“Always,” I declare and she smiles.

“That was some stupid trick, Lorelei give it back, you gave it to me remember,” Edlin her sister says trying to take it from her but Marilla and I swoop in touching the necklace in unison. It glows to our contact and shines even brighter. The silver on it taking a brighter tone. We smile as we let go and face her sister together.

“Please try to take it now,” Marilla gestures to the necklace with a cold smile. Edlin rolls her eyes at her and reaches for it. “Although if you do try to take it, shall be burned and it will kill you depending on how much you try,” she adds and Edlin stops.

“Kill me? A necklace?”

“Of course allow me to demonstrate it,” I say letting go of Marilla and reaching to take her necklace away from her. As expected it glows brighter and it zaps me as a warning. Everyone’s attention on us while quietly observing.

“If I had taken the necklace from your neck as I said, it would have burned you and sent you to the hospital,” Marilla adds, and I return to her. “So please attempt to get the necklace from her after a queen or rather two have activated it. I dare you.”

“Really wouldn’t recommend it,” I add trying to calm Marilla down. She may not like water fairies but one of them is carrying Seaton’s child and we shall protect her. We may not be able to save our family just yet but we would save them. No one would touch our brother’s fiancé or her child. And I had the impression he had already come out to her.

She met our eyes briefly smiling at us and bowing her head slightly as a sign that she knew exactly what we were. I like her but I need to know more about her before I accept this marriage. A water fairy already broke his heart once and there would be no second time. Marilla needed to seeing as she wasn’t fond of water fairies.

“By the way nice to meet you. Sereia and let me tell you, you really know how to cause a good impression on someone so congrats.” I say smiling at Lorelei.

“Lorelei, that’s my sister Edlin,” she introduces both of them to me.

“Little secret if she knows, I know and hold your head high. No one should trample over anyone especially bearing a necklace like you are,” I inform her bobbing my head to Marilla. “She’s my soulmate so we know everything.”

“You know him?” She inquires looking into my eyes as the realization hits her. You know Marlin, don’t you? It’s how you knew, you’ve seen the necklace before,” she says tying loose knots and we nod.

“I just know everything there is to know about these necklaces,” Marilla answers touching hers. “I’ve had mine for the longest time,” she answers looking down on it.

“How long?” Edlin inquires rather rudely but I will set her straight.

“Years, about four years one would say,” I say thinking back to when this arranged marriage came to be. My mother’s death being so recent my father and the King thought this best. My mother had just died and my father was devastated. They struck the deal and I went along with it. We both did when offered not wanting anyone to know the pain we were in.

I shut everyone out except for Marilla. Lost all my friends except for Leith, Ronan and her. We had all lost something and were quick to agree. We could learn to love each other. Now it just seems I’ll be the only one entering an arranged marriage. My eyes shift to Roul for a moment remembering Ziva’s words. He’s our mate.

“He’s our water love just like we’ve craved. He’s the path to love like the one our parents had. Sereia give me my mate! I want my mate!” She demands almost as loud as the water song. I push her away, I still don’t like the idea of her there. She’s a wolf. I am not a wolf!

Marilla squeezes my hand knowing full well where my mind has wandered off to. I miss my mother and knowing she’s alive but dying doesn’t help. I want to run to her side. Find her and rescue her, but how can I do that if I’m broken. I can only help her truly if Marilla and I are able to fix our connection. And although we’re getting there, it isn’t happening fast enough.

“I’ll make it a Thursday,” Marilla says to me and I laugh at her. Wait, that means she’ll cook and no one absolutely no one can compare to her cooking. Our mothers showed us both. Her and me. Marilla has a natural talent for it and I just love her cooking. “So is that a yes?”

“I can get you everything for a Thursday night and fresh when we get home,” I tell her nodding.

“I’ll hold you to it and you will help me or so help you the goddess,” she teases me.

“You could never hurt me,” I tease her back until the weight of those words hits me. She already has. Unconsciously but I have to let it go.

“I won’t make it a Thursday,” she opts for instead.

“No, no, no. You can’t tell me that and then say you won’t. I want a Thursday,′ I complain and she shrugs with a smile on her face. “Marilla, I want a Thursday!”

“Then you better get me everything and fresh or there is no Thursday,” she exclaims and I nod.

“I’ll even get my dad to... I’ll have Ronan and Leith help so you know everything will be fresh.”

Marilla has a sympathetic expression knowing I’m not past it. I’ll never be past it. He’s having a child with another woman. I don’t care if he doesn’t know mom lives, it just feels like he’s betraying her. Something he swore he would never do. I was meant to be enough for him after his water love yet look at him now. Trying to replace her.

“Deal, with them I know for certain, I’ll have the freshest,” Marilla says laughing.

“Of course one for love shall do everything,” I say and her smile falls. She cares for Leith and mated with a vampire while still being engaged with him. The guilt was eating at her. And my comment didn’t help. We didn’t love them but maybe they were growing to love us.

“I know,” she says solemnly before letting it go and placing an even smile and her eyes brimming with coldness. She wouldn’t give them anything more. Her feelings were private and something she only shared with me. It would stay like that or she would be damned.

“I don’t get it, what’s so special about a Thursday?” Edlin inquires. Of course, she wouldn’t know. It’s a family tradition. Lorelei might but not Edlin. After all, Lorelei was engaged to our brother but we couldn’t let her know our connection to him. It would be risky and I didn’t trust her sister.

“Family gathering,” Lorelei answers her as if capturing who we were. I give her a silent and discreet gaze to not speak.

“Ah, you know, then you must be exceptional indeed, and let me tell you when a Thursday occurs your more than welcome to show,” Marilla says, and I smile at her. She’s trying to accept her despite her hatred for water fairies. She carried a child within her and she meant a lot to Seaton, seeing as she bore his necklace. It was beautiful indeed with what one assumed as a bird intertwined with a fish but that wasn’t it.

It was a fairy kissing a merman in silver with little stones glowing all around the tail and the fairy. The biggest signaling their faces. It was beautiful all down to the very last detail. It showed just how much he loved her. Together they formed a single stone with the fairy on one side and the merman on the other. Both folding the stone as a signal of their love. Beautiful. But the latter only appeared if she were in danger.

“I’ll know you’ll be hooked as am I. As is everyone. Our mothers used to do it and once they taught us we took over. Well mostly after they let us do so for one night. I hated it and just got everything so my soulmate here could do so,” I tell her with a smile everyone watching us but not speaking at all. Odd, wait they want to know more of us and we’re giving it to them.

“Mind if I inquire more to see what I could learn about Marlin?”

“Ask away, always a chance to embarrass him is a fantastic question,” Marilla answers her. I give her a look so she herself can assess the room and she nods. I catch what she means. Give them little strung details of our past but inquire more of the fairies at the same time. Fairtrade. This is why she is a queen indeed.

“As long as we get to know you as well,” I quickly sweep in and she nods. An agreement. Nice. This shall be fun.

“So have you ever gone on the deep end of the Ocean, seen the Ocean floor?” Marilla inquires and she smiles.

“I have and it is truly remarkable everything. I had only seen the Ocean from above but being beneath its embrace was breathtaking. I loved it but don’t believe the myths. Water fairies can’t inquire that deep but I was always finding new ways to last longer underneath,” she says and a smile plays on our lips. She’s honest.

“Another one have you ever ventured into the dark waters of the Ocean?” I question and she shakes her head.

“Fairies need light for their wings and the dark waters bear no light although I do plan to do so one day but not anytime soon,” Lorelei reveals. Interesting. A weakness indeed when we rescue them. Fairies need light and the dark waters could be summoned. “I have to see a witch about a spell to do so and most witches don’t bear said power,” Lorelei adds and I grunt. “Did I...”

“Sereia hates witches. It’s a family inherited hate, they were the first ones to break her family. And she hates wolves and I hate vampires,” Marilla explains.

“We both hate wolves, vampires, witches, warlocks, and fairies not extending to you. Elves and dwarves are pleasantly alright. And well others well it depends,” I correct, and Marilla nods.

“How come?” Edlin asks but neither one of us wants to answer. Our deal is with Lorelei and shall not extend to others. If they were going to discover anything it would be through her and she was an unexpected wild card for them. They didn’t have time to prep her or have her ask what they wanted. A point to our favor.

“Is it because of what they did?” Lorelei inquires and we nod. Witches stole my sister, wolves my mother, and a flock of vampires and warlocks took Marilla’s family. Fairies were mostly because of the credit they took from us. But she didn’t. “I can understand and I am deeply sorry for it. I wish they hadn’t involved children.”

“They always will and that’s the thing that hurts the most. Which is how I grew as an only child,” I answer her and she nods.

“I do hope the people responsible pay for what they did,” she offers and we nod.

“But they will, they just don’t know it yet. But I’ll enjoy bringing them to their knees. A dear promise on behalf of my family,” Marilla says with a cold smile. We’ll set our people free together. Make them pay for what they did to them.

“So, Lorelei do tell me who keeps the Ocean so strong and powerful capable of drowning anyone,” I add quickly.

“Water spirits, fairies are misconcepted to do so but we can only protect it not actually grant it life. It only saddens me some aren’t kind to them and capture them or kill them for their power. Joke’s on them because a water spirit’s magic shall die with it or at least it goes on the tales I’ve been told as a child by my grandparents.”

“I love you, and I can definitely see why he loves you. You will fit perfectly with the rest of us. Wouldn’t you say so my dear soulmate?” Marilla declares and I smile nodding.

“You will love swimming with us, we tend to do so as a family whenever we can. Always been an owner of a pool and well we spared no expenses in the house we reside on,” I say and she smiles.

“That’s because we are loved by a wealthy family,” Marilla corrects.

“No, it’s more because he is head over heels infatuated with you, missy. He would do anything to please you, which is how we know classy. I hate this dress as much as she hates hers. It’s too...”

“Much? Too heavy and overly made?” Lorelei jumps in and I nod.

“I’ve dressed in soft fabrics all my life. Even my sheets are silk just so you get an idea. But it’s mostly because I was spoiled too much. I’ll admit it. My grandparents were sure to do so and they are living their last years together,” I answer her.

“Visiting was always nice, where she went, I did too. So we spent time with both our grandparents. So instead of four, we get eight or rather six. I never got the chance to meet my mother’s parents as they died when she was thirteen.”

“Sounds like fun and I’m sorry to hear about them.”

“It’s alright. They were very well known for their research in the Ocean. Both were renowned scientists in the ocean and marine biology. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. Morven and Muirgheal Marlow,” Marilla answers, and I see everyone meditate on it. Her grandparents were both humans. They could look them up and discover it. Later raised by my grandparents. Nice one Marilla.

“The Marlows? Triple M’s? Most of what is known by anyone of the oceans is thanks to their research. They impacted the world and revolutionized everything,” Lorelei exclaims amused and we smile. Marilla nods at her and opens her mouth to speak but stops short. Why? She grows stiff and looks back at me with millions of emotions brewing in her eyes. Something is wrong. I just can’t seem to read it in her eyes, she isn’t letting me.

“That would be them,” I answer Lorelei when she turns her eyes towards us awaiting an answer. Marilla why are you hiding your soul from me at this second.

“I will be right back, I need to use the bathroom,” Marilla interrupts and I look at her rather odd. I don’t believe a word she says. She looks uneasy but I only know because I’ve known her for so long. She looks away from me before beginning to walk away.

“Marilla,” I coax her name before she can even leave. I hear her stop as she catches my tone. “Remember we’re soulmates,” I tell her and I turn to her to see her nod.

“Be back in a minute, I promise and you know I would never lie to you,” she answers me and I give her a suspicious stare.

“Because you can’t and...”

“I will,” she interrupts me mid-sentence.

“You better, soulmates, remember?” I ask and she nods before leaving the room.

“It must be wonderful having a best friend as your soulmate,” Lorelei expresses and I shake my head.

“Yes she’s my best friend but more so she’s my sister. We were born together and shall die together. We can’t really live without one another and when we’re fighting like we are now we ache for one another. She’s the one person who knows me inside and out and every one of my secrets. She would die before she revealed them and I would die there with her. I would do anything for her as she would me,” I correct and declare. Gaining a nod from Lorelei and surprised gazes from everyone else.

I smile at them. It’s a truth I refuse to deny and even in these hardships of our souls, we would still do so in a heartbeat. We were soulmates before everything and the only thing that could perhaps one day change that was a child.

“Beautiful, I found that in Marlin. Most soulmates come with your forever love or mate but it’s also quite beautiful to find it in someone else. You truly have a marvelous...”

I stop hearing her as overwhelming pain shoots through me. I recognize the feeling instantly and am taken aback. My smile falls as a hand goes to my heart. I swirl to the threshold that leads out of the receiving room that Marilla left from. My heart heavy as my soul is screaming.

“Marilla something’s wrong, I can feel it too,” Ziva breaks through me with the water.

“Save her my child before it’s too late. Your soulmate needs you, she’s in danger. She’ll die for you. My child, she’s injured and will die if... Marilla!” I hear Selene’s screams in my ear and without a second thought run out of the room letting the water be my guide hoping I’m not too late. I can’t lose her. I can’t live without her. I won’t.

I scream at the sight before my eyes. Marilla underneath three wolves bleeding painfully with one already dead at the side. She’s injured gravely with massive bites throughout her body with a huge one similar to the one that robbed me of life when I was fifteen on her neck. She’s desperately trying to fight them off and keep them at bay. I stand frozen as I see how pale she is before recognizing the wolves before me.

A hand goes to my mouth as tears overwhelm my eyes. I know all these wolves. The one that betrayed me and took my mother away. The one that ended my life long ago and the others that have hunted me all my life. I’m startled as I’m tackled to the ground by another from behind as he reaches to bite my neck. My hands instinctively reach up attempting to hold him at bay. My eyes turn to Marilla who is being ferociously attacked as her life seems to fade. I see her eyes grow weak and I lose it. I lose myself in blackness unable to stop it as her eyes begin to close and teeth begin to prick her skin.

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