Water Love

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Chapter 31

Ascelin Horatio Vernon

Seeing the woman that has been driving Roul and his wolves insane leave the room in such a hurry was a sign. In an instant, my heart felt a great heaviness around it and the gnawing feeling that something wasn’t right. A feeling I did not like. And my thoughts immediately went to her. My pearl. What else could impulse her to leave in such a hurry?

“Not again,” I hear Roul’s father say as he places his hand over his temple.

“Again?” Princess Edlin inquires.

“She’ll be back,” Roul answers without worry.

“We are not taking that woman’s word over the lives of our pack so please follow her,” his father warns him and he sighs.

“You have nothing to fear. She’s harmless. She won’t hurt you,” Lorelei answers before he even leaves the room.

“She can’t leave, neither can,” Calista assures us all.

“Wait, you’re holding them against their will? Father, I never agreed to such a thing and refuse to be a part of them. Let them go or you’ll be sorry. No one steals from them! You promised you would never take part in anything like this!” Lorelei exclaims furious and offended. Horrified by the thought.

“My dear. That woman killed four wolves, they are only inquiring our help to determine what they are and what threat they pose to our kind,” Trevan attempts to calm his daughter down. “We just want to make sure the man that was taking our people can’t harm us from the afterlife. And one of them has the key.”

“You can NOT hold them against their will. It is punishable by death! You promised you would never harm the Ocean Blue again! Promised you wouldn’t take the same path as my uncle did. Yet here you are an accomplice to this atrocious act! And you want me to trust you,” she says heartbroken.

“Are you inquiring to know what they are? Then please clue us in my dear. We need to know they don’t pose a threat. She’s already killed four wolves, we cannot allow her to kill any others,” Roul’s mother attempts to persuade her.

“I do not plan to tell any of you anything. You’re holding them against their will. And I would be more concerned by who or what your wolves were and did to get than their death. They cannot harm innocents. They never would,” Lorelei says shaking her head.

“But that woman did and she’s dragging my pearl with her,” I respond to her undignified but she just stares at me stunned.

“They are soulmates in case you were deaf, and didn’t hear them. Born together, die together kind of thing. Do not get offended because she knew her before you. None of you have any idea of what they’ve gone through,” Lorelei exclaims.

“Killed four wolves. Bears unknown magic and capable of hurting one another,” Calista answers her, and her face contracts. Alerting me. She’s a strong witch. Belonging to one of the ancient covens. We’ve been friends for centuries and I’ve never seen her like this.

“Calista? Everything alright?” I ask her speeding to her and holding her up as she stumbled forward as if too weak to stand on her own.

“I don’t know. Great magic, it’s weakening me,” she explains as I help her sit on the couch and I’m taken aback.

“Is it her?” I inquire and she looks lost, in a daze of some sort.

“I don’t know, I’ve never felt power so great or pure,” she says out of breath and I turn to face Roul. He seems to have doubt written in his eyes. I glance once more to Calista assuring myself that she’s alright and she nods understanding my concern. I follow to run out of the room with Roul in search of my pearl and her so-called soulmate.

“My pearl,” I say as I run into a room feeling myself be pulled there. But the grueling sight before me has me shaken and heartbroken. Five wolves killed with blood everywhere. They’re almost unrecognizable as blood splatters the walls and floors. But my pearl and her so-called soulmate are nowhere in sight. Desperation fills me to think she may be gone. It can’t be. “My pearl...”

My legs threatened to give out beneath me as tears began to fill my eyes. My pearl was gone and only five wolves dead. Had her so-called soulmate killed her as she had these wolves? Why hadn’t I aided her when she needed me? Why had I not been able to feel her needing me? Where was she? Was she dead as well as these wolves?

Bright light forms in the middle of the room the second my legs fail me. I hear gasps behind me alerting me to others as a bubble of golden and blue light forms in the middle of the room. My pearl and her so-called soulmate floating in it. Relief and love fill my heart to see her. My beautiful pearl.

She’s dressed in a beautiful dress, all shades of blue, tied around her neck, caressing her body like I once had. Laying beautifully on her. Her dazzling brown locks gone and into an alluring platinum blonde almost white hair. Her beauty clearly displayed bewitching me and everyone else. Her hand intertwined with her soulmate. Both with the same hair and in similar dresses as their necklaces glowed an enchanting blue.

A wolf begins to form before them. A gray wolf with enticing blue eyes. He growled at our presence as he clearly walked around them. Guarding them, keeping them. He won’t stop me. I’ll get to my pearl. I will and no one will get in my way. No one.

I prepare myself to run and ram that wolf away from my beautiful pearl. She isn’t hers. Never will be. Roul’s hand grips onto my shoulder to prevent me from doing so and I turn to look at him. He gives me a warning gaze as he looks bewildered at the scene before us. Everyone else gaping before us, but his father looked livid. Why?

“Goddess,” Lorelei whispers while making her way closer to them. Her own pendant glowing brighter as she neared them.

“Lorelei, don’t!” Trevan screamed at his daughter as the white light wrapped around her as well and into the bubble with the wolf. Her body going into a state of shock as she began to float into the water as well, her dress transforming. Away went her brown velvet gown and into a silk white dress as a gentle aura of blue light glowed around her. Her hair turning a royal blue. Her blonde hair nothing but a memory as she floats with them. The wolf getting her scent before declaring her alright.

“Lorelei!” Edlin exclaims next to us and both have to be held so they won’t run in after her. The wolf, sensing our intentions faces us and growls, ready to take us to the ground. Growling at us menacingly and ready to strike us. His stance one of defense. We could die if we tried anything. My pearl was at their mercy.

“I have to get my daughter out of there!” Trevan declares furiously as Roul’s father prevents him from going after her.

“You can’t, we don’t know what that is or does,” Roul’s father tries to reason with him.

“She’s my daughter!”

“And you’re a King. We have to meditate it first, get the witches’ help with this unless the fairies know something about this?”

“This is not fairy magic! What are you trying to imply? We know nothing of this magic!” Edlin has an outburst in Roul’s mother’s arms.

“No one is implying anything, my dear. It’s just an inquiry before going to the witches,” she assures Edlin.

“Calista!” I scream her name and she huffs next to me annoyed. Her eyes go to the scene before her and a gasp escapes her lips. What the hell? Did she know something about this? “What is it Calista?”

“It can’t be, it’s just a myth. A myth! They...”

“Calista are you trying to say you know what they are?” I inquire and she shakes her head furiously surprised at the sight before her.

“What are they?” Roul demands of her.

“I actually think they’re water spirits,” she breathes out upon his alpha king command. Water spirits? What the hell are water spirits? Lorelei had mentioned them as well...

“Water spirits? I’ve never heard such a thing before tonight. What are they?” Jora inquires and Edlin huffs in irritation but true surprise rests in Trevan’s features. Water spirits? He had to know about them. His own daughter had mentioned them.

“They are nothing but a myth, old fable tales,” Edlin expresses. “They aren’t real!”

“Water Spirits?” Mazelina inquires.

“Trevan you know what they are, don’t you?” Roul questions him and he nods.

“My parents used to love water spirits. Spoke all sorts of tales about them growing up and passed them onto my brother and me. As we grew up my brother began to inquire about them and search for them. He made friends with the wrong people and would claim to capture them and hold them captive. My father found out long ago and they fought against each other. My father ended up dead and my mother banished him.”

“The question still remains what are water spirits?” Roul’s mother inquires.

“The very thing that gives the ocean life. From the tales I was told, they hold the ocean’s life in their hands but my parents believe them to be extinct by now. Everyone does,” Trevan proceeds.

“What happened to them?” I dare question. If my pearl is a water spirit, I need to protect her. I need to know what they are and who would want to hurt her so I can get my hand on them before they even have a chance to do so to her.

“People discovered their existence and wanted their power. They began killing them to obtain it but the water spirit’s magic dies with them and a part of the soul remains in the Ocean,” Trevan explains. Is that what my pearl meant when she said vampires were monsters? Had she been hunted all her life because she was a water spirit?

“Dad it’s a fable, so not true,” Edlin says annoyed.

“Where’s your mother, perhaps she could know more about this,” Roul’s father suggests.

“I’ll give her a call and have her show,” Trevan says calmly and we nod looking at the wolf and the three enchanting women with him. A slight glimmer of silver shines in the water and for a moment I dare to assume Selene is in there with them but no one bears such power. No one. The water turns into an electric blue and soon all the dead wolves in the room are zapped with blue lightning turning into nothing more but ash.

I watch them unable to move or leave them alone. My pearl is hanging in the air with an unknown wolf. A rogue wolf who could be dangerous to her. Hours pass, before the rest of the Asherah family makes an act of presence including Trevan’s mother, Kailani Asherah. Calista even called upon her own coven and even her mother but no one dared say a damn thing. Other than gaping in surprise and bowing their heads in a sign of respect.

“Be one,” my pearl and her soulmate whisper.

“Be one,” they all say in unison. Yet they still remain in a state of trance.

They’ve been in said condition for about twenty-four hours by now. The moon is once again shining bright and they haven’t reacted or opened their eyes and what’s worse I can’t even get near them. Roul has spent the most time with me here just watching them, seeing them just waiting. Fucking waiting. I look out the window to see the glow of the moon begin to light up the room.

I see the moment it lands on my pearl and her soulmate. The glow around them glows even brighter and everything begins to shake. A blast around the room slams us against the wall with broken fragments of the wall on top of us.

I lift my eyes to see if she’s hurt to no longer see the bubble of light she was in. I look around and rise to my feet instantly. Running to where she used to be floating to find all three of them on the floor with the wolf near them. But he doesn’t seem as menacing as he did before as he just looks like a ghost. An actual ghost. He’s a spirit come down to guard them.

He growls at me and I challenge him. Roul stands next to me as I get ready to rid myself of this damn thing to get to her. He won’t get to my pearl. He won’t stop me from being with her. I’ll fight with a ghost if need be.

“NO!” I hear my pearl and her soulmate jerk awake and the wolf fades from our eyes. Tears stream down her face as her necklace loses its glow and pain becomes apparent on her features. Oh, goddess. My arms instantly go to her but she pushes me away.

“No, no. They can’t be dead,” she murmurs in a bundle of tears and I ache to comfort her. Her soulmate wraps her arms around her as my pearl breaks down in her arms. “They’re dead, it can’t be,” she cries into her chest as they both bear the same tears.

Lorelei stirs awake her hair still a royal blue. She surveys the room disoriented and lost. She looks upon them and her own features turn to those of sadness. Sereia lulls my pearl gently as she rocks her on herself.

“I know but it will be okay, he will forgive you,” Sereia whispers in her hair.

“I failed everyone for nothing! Now they’re dead and...”

“For love, you ended craving a love story as they did in remembrance to me. I get that and he will too. You thought me dead and did the best to cope. Everyone makes mistakes and perhaps...”

“He lies to me. I made a mistake and now they will die because of what I did!” My pearl exclaims in her chest and Sereia’s eyes connect with mine and then to Roul. They gaze into each other’s eyes lost in each other. Something uniting them.

“Love is always a great excuse and you have a forever love. It’s alright, we’ll figure this out,” she whispers into her.

“They’re dead. Their parents are dead and we can’t be there. Your own father was there,” my pearl cries as she pulls away from her. “They’ll break him as they have everyone else,” she breaks down. “How did they even know? Why?”

“I don’t know Marilla but it will be okay,” Sereia tells her.

“My pearl,” I call to her and she grants me the gift of having her gaze upon me, and her eyes break my heart. I need her like the air I breathe. She needs me just as much. But she’s pulling away and I don’t even know, why.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Lorelei answers before her eyes shift to her hair. Her hand running through it both amazed and stunned.

“A gift from a queen to a princess,” Sereia answers her as she looks at her hair in confusion.

“You keep lying to me when I just want reassurance I made the right choice. You deny me transparency when the one person apart from her who granted it to me will now bear a broken heart. I chose you over everything I stand for and love. Now I’m paying the price. I knew I would break his heart to be with you but I didn’t care...”


“You hate vampires,” my pearl whispers to her soulmate.

“I do but he does love you. I can see it in his eyes,” she answers her.

“And the both of you have grown to love one another but you remained loyal. You chose him over the one you love. Something I always professed to do. You always bore doubts to live a love like our parents once had and when you have the chance to leap for it... You chose us when I...” my pearl trails off heartbroken after moving her finger between Roul and Sereia.

“I love you as much as you do me. I just can’t let what happened to me happen to anybody even if it isn’t what I want deep down. You know me and know...”

“I betrayed the man that understood me for a man that lies to me on the pretext of love. Now the man I never grew to love but should have is in pain. I can’t even understand why they killed his parents or why. I should be there but belong to another now. I belong to a vampire who lies to me and who I can’t even trust,” my pearl reveals while gazing into my eyes.

“I don’t understand why they killed them either but you both love each other. I’ll grow to accept it with time. My soulmate we can still be there for them. You can still be there for him. He’ll always remain your friend. It was an arranged marriage in a time of pain and grief. He will understand, I promise,” Sereia speaks to her.

Arranged marriage? They speak as if we weren’t even here. My pearl was engaged or she is to another man? Who the hell is this man that she speaks of. What in the world is even going on?

“You were engaged to another?” I question my pearl and her eyes turn to me.

“Not was, I am engaged to another man,” she reveals to me coldly. “I failed him the moment I became your forever love. I kept begging you, asking you to show me everything about you so I could trust you with everything I love but you couldn’t. You kept lying under pretenses. I wanted so desperately to believe you weren’t a monster but you refused to prove me right. I don’t even know if you truly love me or if it was all just lies!”

“You are engaged to another? How could you not tell me!”

“Tell you what? That I betrayed another for you? I planned to leave you but couldn’t fight against the feelings you evoked in me. I chose a monster over a prince!”

“Marilla!” Sereia reprimands her and my pearl hushes. Hurt displayed in her eyes as she gazed at me furiously.

“You claim to me that I’ve lied to you and keep doing so but what about you? I don’t even know what you are and you gave me a false name, to begin with. I never once questioned you and gave you everything I have, more than I’ve given anyone and you...”

“I didn’t want more than others. I wanted everything but you refuse time and time again to give that to me! What the hell did you want me to tell you when you hadn’t even let me know if I could trust you when you keep lying to me. I am not placing those I love at risk when I don’t even know who you are because you refuse to!”

“You never could seem to understand! I wanted to protect you from the darkness out there and maintain your light but you lied to me! You were promised to another, you still are!”

“He doesn’t keep her away from the darkness and he loved my soulmate! They battle daily and he’s himself around her. He lets her in all the bad and good! Trusts her more than you ever have!” My pearl screams at me while pointing to Roul.

“I’m sorry I don’t believe I understand a thing,” Roul tells her. “I don’t love her, I just want her to inform me of what she hides to protect my family,” he clarifies.

“Roul, I love you,” Sereia confesses while gazing at Marilla. “It doesn’t mean much when I’m to marry another but you deserve to know the truth. If she had the courage to accept something then so do I,” she continues while looking at Marilla.

“I don’t know you and you keep killing my people. I can’t say, I feel the same. I’m waiting for my mate and you aren’t it. I don’t want anyone but her. You hold the answers to her identity,” Roul tells her apologetically and she looks understanding.

“I understand and I didn’t expect anything from it. It only makes my next words so much harder because this isn’t a fairytale. Never was. We belong to two different worlds even if you don’t know it. I won’t change myself or break my engagement. I’ll leave one day as well,” Sereia tells him.

“No one is asking you to do so. Like I said I only want my mate and I will only want her,” Roul declares to her and she smiles at him with sadness.

“Roul... I’m your mate,” she confesses and Roul’s face goes livid.

“They wanted to know who the future queens were,” Marilla whispers. “That’s why they were killed. They wanted to find them. They wanted to find us! The only way one can!”

“No, that means,” Sereia says rising to her feet with Marilla shortly after and Lorelei. A scream pierces through the air and Roul’s features harden. We run to the source of the scream to find Mazelina and Jora in distress. Everyone else aiding to their call. Two men beat up with women and men surrounding them all. Ready to strike.

“Glad to see we have your attention,” a woman speaks with coldness and her eyes boring into us all. Sereia and Marilla’s eyes go to the men they have before them.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Roul inquires leaving no room for discussion.

“Who I am doesn’t matter but what I want is a different question. I want the future Queens of the Sea,” a woman with raven black hair demands without a care.

“Marlin!” Lorelei screams attempting to go to him but Marilla prevents her from doing so.

“Ah so you’re the one this one is fighting so hard to protect,” a man speaks and Lorelei appears before him and he smiles wickedly.

“Let my daughter go!” Trevan demands of them and the man rolls his eyes at him.

“How could you betray the water fairies for someone like him?” Edlin inquires going near her sister not the least bit afraid of them. She knows them. “You’re just like them a disgrace to the magical community!” She screams at her.

“Edlin, what are you doing,” Kailani asks her, and her granddaughter proceeds to roll her eyes at her.

“Tell me what are you willing to do for your love, because we could kill her before you,” another woman asks the men before her. “Unless you tell us who they are. We are in a room full of people all you have to do is point them out and she lives or I let him have fun with her before she dies,” the woman spits at him and he turns to face her.

“I will never tell you, as I said just kill me,” he declares to her. She rolls her eyes unmoved.

“Fine, if that’s your choice let’s kill her,” she declares and an iron knife is drawn to Lorelei’s throat grazing her skin. Her necklace glows and burns the man holding her instead as she falls to the ground. “The hell was that?” She declares angrily preparing to dive a copper blade in the man.

“No!” Marilla says raising her hands in a sign of surrender. “Don’t kill him!” She pleads and her eyes connect with his. Is this the man that she is promised to? Her fiancé? She loves him that much doesn’t she?

“I suppose I could spare their lives but I am not getting what I want,” she declares as she prepares to drive the blade once more through him.

“No! I’m the one you want! You want the future Queen of the Sea. I’m the future queen,” Marilla cries out and the woman lowers the blade.

“You’re the queen of the Sea?” The woman meditates taking a deep breath. “Well, you do smell like them. Easier than I thought.”

“Let them go and I’ll go with you, just me. I’m the one you want after all,” Marilla declares leaving me stunned. In a second she’s before them through magic.

“No, she’s lying. I’m the queen of the sea. Betrothed to the future King of the Sea. She’s just trying to protect them. Just let them go,” Sereia speaks and they use magic to have her appear before them.

“Two, how marvelous. So exciting to have you before us, my queen,” the man says as he speaks to her. His glowing eyes revealing him as a vampire.

“Take us and leave them behind. We’re the ones you want not them. Let them go,” Sereia speaks and they meditate it.

“Princess, no...” The older man whispers.

“They aren’t it. They’re lying. I’ll take you to the real future queens of the Sea,” the man says standing to his feet once more.

“Nice try Seaton but the necklaces say it all,” Edlin answers his plead.

“It’s okay, we love you,” Marilla whispers against the woman.

“Deal my queens after all your kind will soon all come back to us,” the woman speaks with a huge grin on her face. And soon they vanish before our eyes.

“NO!” He screams as he falls to his feet defeated. “Marilla! Sereia!” He cries out the spell bounding him gone. My pearl gone along with these people. Sereia as well. Nothing to say who they were but left behind were two men.

Water begins to descend from everywhere towards them healing all their wounds instantly. Their features become recognizable and Lorelei jumps into his arms. Both in a sea of tears but the other man looks heartbroken.

“My princess. They have her. Seaton, they have them.”

“Leomaris we’ll find them, we have to,” Seaton tells him.

“Hunters don’t take people alive. They kill our kind and have been doing so for years. They’ll kill them,” Leomaris declares heartbroken. “They’re taking two more daughters from me.”

“They need them for something. They’ll keep them alive, you trained them both for a time like this. Sereia and Marilla will be okay, they have to.”

“They’ll die. They’ll kill them and they’ll kill the merfolk shortly after,” Leomaris declares.

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