Water Love

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Chapter 32

Hours Earlier

Seaton Marlin Conway

I watch Leith pace the lounge in the house doing my best to not seem apprehensive. Seeing him pace the room is driving me insane. Marilla and Sereia haven’t been seen for months. About five months to be precise. The wedding is to be in two weeks a little less on their twenty-fifth birthday. I’ve even gone to their work office for them to be on sabbatical. It’s insane.

But him pacing up and down our lounge is not going to make them appear. He’s out of his mind but I do understand him in a sense. Do I agree with this whole marriage idea? Fuck no. Will I? I don’t know. I love them both and know exactly what led them all to this agreement. Years ago perhaps I would have even done so myself but since I’ve found Lorelei, I can only wish that for my sisters. Something I know is missing from this arranged marriage.

I just don’t get a say on this. It’s their life and I get where they are coming from but I don’t want this for them. I get they’re different and they’re giving others so much hope with their impeding marriage which is why I’m not getting onto them. They have the dream of saving us all and they actually can because they are so special. Powerful. They deserve to be queens. They are queens but a marriage isn’t the way. They deserve the type of love I have for Lorelei.

I sigh at him as he continues to pace the lounge and mumble here and there. He’s a great guy and all but he and my sister don’t love each other. The problem is he believes he does. They just care deeply for one another. Hearing him ramble his concerns just...

“Any news about them?” Ronan inquires entering the lounge with Leomaris while facing me. Why we came out of the water is beyond me. We shouldn’t have. They shouldn’t have. My sisters know how to stand their ground. Leomaris taught them himself. They’re the most powerful water spirits in existence. The only ones to do so.

“Nothing but I am certain they are fine. They aren’t stupid and love the sea more than anything. They’ll be here for their wedding and walk down the altar. Say I do even if there is no love between the both of you,” I utter and I get confused looks from everyone.

“Seaton Marlin Conway! That’s a terrible thing to say!” My mother exclaims behind them with her apron on and her boyfriend, a royal guard, as well.

“It’s the truth. Dad wouldn’t want her to marry because of this just as Venilia would be against Sereia’s marriage. I’m tired of not saying anything! None of you were like this! None of you!” I explode on them.

“Your right we weren’t but losing someone changes you,” Ronan replies and I sigh at him.

“It does but an arranged marriage is never the answer. Never. All of you are going the wrong way about this! An arranged marriage isn’t bringing any of them back!” I blurt out at them. “And they certainly can’t be replaced!” I say while looking at my mother and Leomaris.

“What in the seven seas are you trying to imply Seaton?” My mother questions me and I sigh at her. She knows exactly what I mean.

“He can’t replace my father and you can’t just replace the son you lost by having another one. Just as Undina and her child can NOT replace Venilia or Merise. I don’t even know why you would want to. I get it, losing them sucked but this isn’t the way to go and you all know that but refuse to see it! You both married for love but are forcing your daughter to do so out of responsibility!”

“Your father is dead and is never coming back! No one is trying to replace him, I’m just doing my best to move on and keep breathing like he would like,” my mother responds hurt.

“You refuse to speak of him or Caspian. We constantly have to walk on eggshells around you. Mom you don’t even realize Marilla is marrying him because of you. She’s been strong and impenetrable for you. She hasn’t even grieved them because she’s been too busy holding this family together. You even canceled Thursdays!”

“What do you want me to do? He’s dead Seaton! They both are! I loved them both but I can’t mourn them forever! Your sister is just doing what is right for the merfolk,” she responds.

“Dad would not be okay with this. You’re marrying his princess for the sake of others and although an honorable choice very poor. You experienced a water love like no other. You fought for it and experienced a love most only dream of. A love he wanted for her. You all care for one another but you don’t truly love each other,” I express to everyone.

“Stop it. You’re not going to speak to your mother like that,” Leomaris scolds me and I shake my head.

“You married another woman. You didn’t even consult it with her. You didn’t wait on Sereia to be alright with it. You broke her heart. You promised her that her mother would never be replaced, that she would be enough until you reunited. You broke that promise. Eloped and you supported that mistake. Why are you trying so hard to replace what was lost? You can’t! You’re just drowning my sisters instead,” I exclaim to them.

“Seaton you’re my friend but back off,” Leith warns me and I proceed to hold his gaze challenging his authority. I have stood long enough by this pretense. No more. My sisters are getting hurt and this is wrong. They just fail to realize that.

“What’s with all this screaming?” Jorah Dover, the king of the merfolk, inquires entering the lounge and demanding from us.

“Friendly disagreement,” Ronan answers him while killing me with his eyes. Too bad for him looks can’t kill. Just because he doesn’t want to hear the truth does not mean he isn’t going to get it.

“Why are you out of the Ocean?” Diondra says close behind her husband. I proceed to turn my eyes to her as does everyone else. “Do you not know that hunters are tracking you? They’re after the future Kings of the Sea and you’re not in the ocean where you’re safe! They have sirens on their side!′ She exclaims to her sons.

“My fiancé is out there and I haven’t heard from her for about five months if they’re after me. They are after her and I need to find her. We’re but two weeks away from the wedding,” Leith answers worried.

“Both of your fiancés know how to protect themselves,” Jorah informs them.

“The Ocean blue called us back months ago and they never showed. They would never ignore the water song. They would have come,” Ronan answers, and I shake my head at them.

“They bear the power of the Sea. The Ocean Blue will protect them. It will always protect their queens and as such, they can ignore the call of the sea. They have in the past. They may not love you but they will walk down the aisle and say I do,” I argue with his damn logic

“He’s right. Now go. Your mother and I will remain and search for them. Without you, the merfolk shall fall. You can NOT get caught. They still fail to find you. We’ll stay and search for our missing people, but you need to return to the Ocean Blue,” Jorah demands of them.

“Now! It isn’t safe. We have to see what’s happening and we will, But you need to return to the Sea and we’ll inform you,” Diondra adds after him and they pout. Children really.

“Now isn’t the time to be fighting. I know you are worried but they still have the necklaces. It will protect them. Being above isn’t safe. The ocean blue doesn’t wan...”

The windows shatter as the doors are kicked down. Grunting, growls and squeaks can be heard everywhere. This can only mean one thing... Hunters!

“We have to go now. We’ve been found,” Jorah exclaims as we begin to run out to the sea. Always near the Ocean Blue to escape. We run out the backyard, passing the pool and right where the water and the Ocean meet. Ronan and Leith are the first to dive as well as my mother.

Leomaris and I turn to fight with crazy wolves trying to get onto them as fairies and witches appear. Sirens flying down on us along with bats. All the while banshee screams are piercing our ears. I engage in a fight with wolves trying to grant the royal family of the Sea escape but Diondra and Jorah are struck down by magic and ripped apart by fairies as we’re held down.

The Ocean Blue ripples with force as the acting royals of its water are ripped apart. I look out onto the water where Ronan, Leith, and my mother were at to see them miles away looking back horrified with my mother’s boyfriend. I break out of the wolf before killing him.

A lightning blast strikes me from behind and I fall to the ground wounded. Airstrikes leave me winded and prevent me from attacking back. The witches summon magic to restrain me after the fairies have had their fun and as I look around I see Leomaris wounded by a wolf. He’s injured. We’re going to die. Hunters kill. They never take prisoners. Damn this is it.

“I really want to kill you or even better take you back to serve us as your kind should,” the witch answers while the other stare at Diondra’s and Jorah’s remains with pleasure you. “But I need you which is really a bummer,” she says displeased.

“Now tell us where are the future Kings and Queens of the sea?” A fairy inquires amused and Leomaris spits in his face.

“Go to hell, you bastard!” Leomaris adds and the fairy looks amused before he punches him in the stomach earning a grunt of pain from Leomaris which placed a smile on his lips.

“We need you alive to find them seeing our slaves are too weak to sense the future rulers of the sea from their time with us but that does not mean I can’t hurt you!” The fairy whispers at him.

“Now, get to sensing. we can do this the simple way or the hard way. either way works fine but I would rather you made it all easier on all of us including yourselves,” the siren offers but I remain silent. “I can and will hurt all those you love,” she adds but I don’t give her the pleasure of answering.

I will not betray my sisters. She sighs while staring at me before she gives the rest of the creatures the command to have fun. Waving her hand in the air I see the others grin menacingly before approaching me and having their fun. Consisting of extreme torture and questioning but getting nowhere.

They catch sight of my tattoo. The one inked into my asking with silver to prove my love to Lorelei and try to exploit her name out of me. The water fairies almost recognize it but the fun of extracting information is much more tempting. Yet the moment it is seen, they know exactly what it is and why. A tradition we thought they would never know. Years ago they wouldn’t have. So when did they get to learn so much about is. Something doesn’t add up.

They beat on us for hours rending us bloody and mildly unconscious. Disoriented and fuzzy. Until the glow of the moon brightens and the water goes still before roaring to life. The siren’s device ringing and as she looks down onto the screen of her phone she smiles.

“We know where they’re at,” she says excitedly. “Niam do us all the honor of taking us to wolf territory so our dear mermen can point out their queen,” she orders, and the warlock smiles as he nods his head at her. “Get ready this will hurt you,” she adds as the warlock begins chanting his spell.

Sereia and Marilla would never be on wolf territory so they are safe. Whatever she receives is a lie. I know they were just one with the water so they are in the sea. They’re home where they can’t be harmed by these monsters. In a flash, we’re no longer in the backyard of one of Dover’s mansions and inside a castle. Two she-wolves are there as we appear before them on our knees.

They scream in unison piercing our ears and the witch displeased throws something her way. Wolves ready to shift but restraining themselves as if bound by a higher power. The hell is going on. I gaze at them and fight against the rippling pain from the witch’s magic. The fairies ready to strike and summoning their power on their hand. The warlock is unamused by them. The siren looks deadly as she stands between us and in the center holding us both. Kneeled.

“Tell me are they it?” She inquires but I refuse to answer her anything, My heart and soul tug at me and feel everything magnified. All of it. No. Lorelei. She’s here. I can feel her. “She’s here, isn’t she? The one you love and protect? Ending her shall be fun. Which one is it?” She whispers in my ear as her claws begin to extend and her face about to convert.

Moon goddess. Please. Let Lorelei be on the water. With the rest of her kind and not here. Let her and my sisters be far away from here. Moon goddess I beg of you to keep them safe. I’ll die before they find them.

“We should have just brought little spunk instead,” the wolf mutters beneath her breath.

“She would have surely killed us, now shut up!” The siren orders him. “So my dear are you the queen of the Ocean Blue as they so eloquently call it?”

“Get away from me,” one of them exclaims with stormy seas raging inside her as she grips one with seas of caramel in her eyes. Stormy eyes proceeds to hide behind her as people storm into the room. I recognize the Asherah family instantly. My love there with them looking at us horrified. Her necklace glowing brightly. Shining and calling to me and...

My eyes lock for a second with both my sisters who are gazing at us distressed and horrified. I can’t let these monsters know it’s them. I have to protect all of them. I turn my eyes to the floor before the hunters catch us gazing at each other. I can see the tears slip their eyes and my heart clenches to their pain. I can’t give them up. I love them all. I can’t choose. I rather die.

“Glad to see we have your attention,” the witch addresses them with coldness and her eyes bore into all of them. I turn to Leomaris and our eyes connect proving we both saw them. We have to protect them even if it costs us our life.

“Who are you and what do you want?” A wolf inquires leaving them no room for discussion with his command. The Alpha King Command. He’s the king of the wolves and my sisters are with them yet he seems highly protective of the two she-wolves the hunters just scared.

“Who I am doesn’t matter but what I want is a different question. I want the future Queens of the Sea,” the siren answers his demand with wickedness and irritation. She’s pissed and I can feel her anger from behind me. I can see my sisters looking at us horrified and upset.

“Marlin!” Lorelei screams as she tries to run to my side but Marilla prevents her from doing so. I smile without their notice at her but it’s too late.

“Ah, so you’re the one this one is fighting so hard to protect,” the warlock speaks and Lorelei appears before him. He smiles wickedly as I face to turn him and I can see my love go pale in his arms from fear as her eyes connect with mine.

“Let my daughter go!” Trevan Asherah, her father, demands of them and the warlock rolls his eyes at him.

“How could you betray the water fairies for someone like him?” Edlin, her sister, and my first love questions as she nears Lorelei not the least bit afraid of them. She knows them. She’s one of them. “You’re just like them a disgrace to the magical community!” She screams at her.

“Edlin, what are you doing,” Kailani Asherah, their grandmother, inquires, and Edlin proceeds to roll her eyes at her.

“Tell me what are you willing to do for your love, because we could kill her before you,” the siren questions me. “Unless you tell us who they are. We are in a room full of people. All you have to do is point them out and she lives or I let him have fun with her before she dies,” she spits at me and I turn my head towards her.

“I will never tell you, as I said just kill me,” I demand her. I am not going to betray my sisters. She rolls her eyes unmoved.

“Fine, if that’s your choice let’s kill her,” she declares and an iron knife is drawn to Lorelei’s throat grazing her skin. Her necklace glows and burns the man holding her instead as she falls to the ground. “The hell was that?” She declares angrily preparing to dive a copper blade into my heart. I’m ready to die for them all. They can’t get answers out of the dead.

“No!” Marilla says raising her hands in a sign of surrender. “Don’t kill him!” She pleads and her eyes connect with mine as I turn to face her immediately. No. She has to kill me. I rather die than thy get to my sisters. I shake my head at her to signal her not to.

“I suppose I could spare their lives but I am not getting what I want,” she declares as she prepares to drive the blade once more through me. I’ll die for them. They just have to be quiet. Not reveal themselves. I hate to admit it but the fate of the merfolk rests on them and whether I like it or not they are promised to Leith and Ronan.

“No! I’m the one you want! You want the future Queen of the Sea. I’m the future queen,” Marilla cries out and the siren lowers the blade intrigued. No.

“You’re the queen of the Sea?” The witch meditates for a second while taking a deep breath. “Well, you do smell like them. Easier than I thought.”

“Let them go and I’ll go with you, just me. I’m the one you want after all,” Marilla declares leaving me stunned. In a second she’s before them through magic. No, she shouldn’t do this. I rather die than for them to do so.

“No, she’s lying. I’m the queen of the sea. Betrothed to the future King of the Sea. She’s just trying to protect them. Just let them go,” Sereia speaks as well and they use magic to have her appear before them. No, this can’t be happening. What are they doing? The Ocean Blue needs them free.

“Two, how marvelous. So exciting to have you before us, my queen,” the vampire says as he speaks to her. His glowing eyes piercing through them and he receives an eye roll from the siren as if she knew there were two of them.

“Take us and leave them behind. We’re the ones you want not them. Let them go,” Sereia speaks and they meditate it.

“Princess, no...” Leomaris whispers. They can’t be serious. I have to do something.

“They aren’t it. They’re lying. I’ll take you to the real future queens of the Sea,” I scream out trying to protect them.

“Nice try Seaton but the necklaces say it all,” Edlin answers me as she gazes at the both of them. No, they have to believe them. I can’t have them get hurt. No.

“It’s okay, we love you,” Marilla whispers against the witch as she gazes at us with tears streaking down her face. I shake my head in distress. She can’t do this. She’ll get herself killed.

“Deal my queens after all your kind will soon all come back to us,” the siren speaks with a huge grin on her face. I prepare myself to argue with them once more but they vanish before our eyes with Sereia, Marilla, and Edlin.

“NO!” I scream out as I fall onto my feet defeated. “Marilla! Sereia!” I cry out for my sisters as the spell bounding me, gone, with them. They took them. They really gave their lives for us. No. The hunters have them. They’ll kill them.

Water begins to descend from everywhere towards us healing all our wounds instantly. Lorelei jumps into my arms as the water seeps into my skin. Both of us in a sea of tears as Leomaris is heartbroken. Sereia and Marilla are with them now.

“My princess. They have her. Seaton, they have them,” he utters broken. He’s lost his whole family to them now. Merise, Venilia, and now Sereia. I still have my mother. It hurts but there is still hope for them. They took them instead of killing them. They need them

“Leomaris we’ll find them, we have to,” I tell him resolved. We have to find them. They gave themselves so we could live.

“Hunters don’t take people alive. They kill our kind and have been doing so for years. They’ll kill them,” Leomaris declares heartbroken. “They’re taking two more daughters from me.”

“They need them for something. They’ll keep them alive, you trained them both for a time like this. Sereia and Marilla will be okay, they have to,” I assure the both of us while looking over to him. They need them.

“They’ll die. They’ll kill them and they’ll kill the merfolk shortly after,” Leomaris declares. We’ll find them before that. They are to marry in two weeks. It’s set in stone by them. They have to appear. The merfolk will die without them.

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