Water Love

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Chapter 36

Marilla Hali Conway

One. Two. Three. Don’t lash out. Be strong. One. Two. Three. Wait. Don’t reveal the power of the Ocean Blue. One Two. Three. Four. Fight through the pain. We can do this. It’s us against the world. One. Two. Three...

The water electrifies and burns our tails repeatedly. We get burned time and time again. The water drains us of our power for a few seconds. The copper inside the pool ignites and burns our skin repeatedly at the slightest motion of the water.

“Marilla are you alright?” Sereia asks as the air makes its way into our lungs once more. I nod weakly and refrain from lashing out. I look down onto my tail and am devastated by its sight. Burn marks all around it like damn lightning. Black veins popping around it like vines. My glimmering perfect tail nothing but a cherished memory. “It’ll fade when we return home,” she whispers while placing a hand over my shoulder.

“If this is what they have to endure, I don’t want to go home. if they have to be in pain,” I tell her and she nods. “Can you see?” I ask her.

“No, we’ve been trying to for days. I don’t want to but we have to go blind,” she says looking around the huge foyer where our captors walk through constantly. “The copper is weakening us and if we stay any longer in it we won’t have the strength to pull it off,” she adds and I nod.

“We have been able to make it rain the last few hours, what if we enchant it with a water spell to help us save our people,” I voice out in a whisper as I caress the water. “We can pull a Sleepy Wave off,” I whisper to her and she meditates on it.

“A sleepy wave?” She inquires and I nod. “We could but it would take hours before it’s viable,” she answers me and I nod. “Okay let’s do it,” she says unclasping her necklace and I follow her. With both our necklace in hand and hands interlaced we begin whispering the spell. Droplets of water go into the sky and our power rises into the sky. The air begins to twinkle as the water spell is placed into place.

“Now we just have to wait until it takes effect,” I say quietly as I sigh and she nods.

Leith Dover

She betrayed me. Marilla was the one person I never expected this from. She mated with someone else. She belonged to someone else. A vampire nonetheless. How had this happened? Sereia bore doubts but she had remained loyal in the middle of a storm while Marilla had...

It pissed me off. It did. It shouldn’t be this way. It... How? Why? Had she been manipulated?

“We need to find out where they are,” Ronan declares breaking the deadly silence in the werewolf King’s study.

“I have the best of my wolves out there tracking their scent. Ascelin some of the best vampires and Calista the witches,” the werewolf king declares. As if that would help find them. It won’t. Even the water seems to be against us. The only thing that could help us find them rendered useless to find them.

“None of that will work. Our smell is non defined. Constantly changing both by our nature and because of the water spells to hide us. We are told we carry a distinct smell to be recognized by others but it only is noticeable if we don’t reinforce the water spell,” Seaton proceeds to explain.

“They are the best and if not we’ll track the magic,” the damn vampire voices as if his voice bared any power.

“Our magic is hard to trace but theirs...” Seaton begins to elaborate.

“You can’t track the magic of the Ocean Blue. Much less that of the water. You don’t know them or you would know that their magic can’t be traced. All other magical creatures’ magic can be located but you can’t do so to something that is pure! You can’t track them because they aren’t like you. We aren’t like you. You all are just the damn creatures we have spent our lives running from and if Marilla accepted you as hers it’s because you manipulated her!”

I don’t care about them. They are nothing but the creatures that killed my parents. The creatures that killed my sister and Marilla’s brother. The creatures that killed her father as well as Sereia’s mother and sister. They ruined our lives and now I’m supposed to work with them to search for them? I refuse to. They killed the people we loved. They tore apart our families and I can’t work with them.

I can’t even look at them. I do the only sane thing I can. Storm out of the damn room. I’m just meant to adjust to them? They claim to be Sereia’s mate and Marilla’s forever love. But I know them and that can’t be true. They wouldn’t. We would be much better searching for them on our own. I don’t know why Ronan and Seaton are even entertaining the idea. Why, would they. Why are they? They are nothing but the thing that has been trying to kill our kind.

I don’t even know what I’m doing here. I can find Sereia and Marilla on my own without any trouble. I don’t need these stuck up and royal well known magical creatures. I don’t. I won’t stand for them. They’ve tried killing us all our lives and magically they changed? Please. It’s nothing but a lie. A damn stupid lie. A lie I don’t understand why they are even believing. They only want the power of the merfolk and as it’s KING, I have to watch out for my people. I have the responsibility to protect them. I have to because if I can’t who will? Their queens are in the power of the enemy and my parents are gone. They were murdered by their kind.

“We are only trying to help but we can’t if you don’t let us,” a soft voice speaks behind me and I curse internally as I roll my eyes at her. I don’t even bother turning around because she isn’t worth it. I can sense from here what she is. A wolf.

“No one asked for your help and frankly I am not too fond of your kind,” I snarl her way and I hear her indignant huff behind me. I don’t care. I bear nothing to her. Absolutely frankly nothing. I rather find my future to be wife on my own and get answers from her. I don’t need these.

“I will not allow you to speak of me or my kind in that way. You don’t know me or any of us, I get that some of us may have hurt you and your family but...”

“Some of us?” I snark at her furious as I turn to face her. Is she kidding me? Some of them? “Your kind killed my sister when she did nothing wrong other than being a mermaid. Your kind killed Sereia’s mother and robbed her of the chance to grow up with a blood sibling. Your kind did that. Your kind ripped so many families apart. Your kind did that. Don’t come here and tell me some of you have hurt us when it’s been the majority!”

“Some of us because none of us have done such a thing. I know Roul and I know he would never condone this. he would never kill innocents like you so much claim he did. He’s a fair king and we didn’t kill your sister. I don’t know who killed your sister or help rip those families apart but if I ever do see them I’ll be sure to rip them apart myself because I know what it’s like!”

“You know? Please, what would you know?”

“What would I know? I know what it’s like to be kept in a cage by a maniac for well over a decade. Be poked and prodded like some animal for some stupid research as if you meant nothing. My own family was ripped apart. Don’t come here and tell me your the only one that knows loss. I lost people when I was held captive. I lost my child and watched it be an experiment for further research. I carried to term only to have him taken away. Don’t come to lecture me only because I don’t have a tail.”

“And you think that makes up for all the damage your kind has done to my people? Please, that doesn’t even make up a fraction of what my people have had to endure. We were uprooted from our home by all of you. We were forced to mingle with humans and mix our pure blood with them to survive. We were persecuted and executed for having a tail. You know nothing!”

I whisper a water spell and dissolve into the Ocean Blue. I refuse to work with those people. Now or ever. I’ll have better luck finding Sereia and Marilla on my own with my kind. The merfolk and Ocean Blue will be much better help and much more reliable than those stucked up magical creatures that were the creators of the massacres.

Sereia Marinda Hanon

Breathing is difficult. They’ve made it difficult. They’re upset about all of the followers I killed while with Roul. I get it but I am not sorry. They have made it difficult but I’ve been through this before. They haven’t weakened me to the point that man had. They hadn’t even scratched the surface. They’ve only made breathing difficult but they still ignore who I am or what I am capable of.

What we are capable of is more than they can imagine. When the goddess sent us rain I almost cried in relief as this barrier doesn’t allow water out and the pool is so small and made out of copper. Sleeping is difficult. We tend to drift off into it and as we go under our tails end up coming into contact with the copper stinging us awake. Our tails are stung repeatedly and it hurts.

To them, we are only the future brides of the Sea but they don’t realize. We are the true Queens of the Sea. The chosen ones by Selene, Atargatis, and the water. We were chosen to rule the Sea. We belong to the water and always will. But they don’t know that. They will soon but they don’t yet. It’s time to save our people and face the demon that has brought this upon us. They will know after tonight. The spell is almost complete.

“Just a few more seconds, it’s pouring like no tomorrow out there,” Marilla says beside me and I nod.

“As soon as it does we’ll gather everyone and then go after our family. We can’t make exceptions. We promised everyone,” I whisper to her and she nods.

“Ah, the future Kings’ brides. I hope you haven’t made yourselves too comfortable. You’ll be transported soon to our biggest facility,” Edlin snickers as her heels begin to sound on the marble floor surrounding our prison pool. Did she say the biggest facility? This place wasn’t the only one where our kind was held? There were others and much bigger than this one?

I know there were maps of multiple of those on Lycaon’s secret room but somehow I had assumed perhaps the others were where they hid. I really didn’t want it to be other holding cells for our kind but they were. My hopes were wrong and we would be extradited there. We would but not the rest. We would free them.

“Biggest facility? You speak as if it were some factory and we were some toy which we aren’t!” Marilla screams her way. She still was unforgiving to her holding a knife to Lorelei and her betrayal to her own family when ours was being held captive.

“But you are. Soon your power will belong to my kind and you will mean nothing. We will finally be able to take what is rightfully ours but don’t worry our queen won’t kill you. She’ll spare all of your pathetic lives and you’ll have the honor of being our slaves. I can’t wait until you meet her,” she says smiling and I smile as I catch a glimpse of the sky as the first lightning bolt strikes the flooded facility we are in.

Edlin immediately turns to see. Then another. Lightning bolts of water equipped with magic. Her confused looks broaden my smile. She’ll see what just these mermaids are capable of. A fraction of our true power. She’ll know better than to mess with us in the future.

“What the hell is going on?” She raises her voice echoing through the empty room as the lightning continues to strike.

“I don’t know, the sky seems to be falling upon us!” A witch voices running through the corridor.

“I thought you protected this place so even nature can’t get in our way!” She intimidates the witch.

“I did. We did. I don’t understand. It has to be the water spirits. He did get too carried away with one and she’s dying. This must be why,” the witch quickly deduces.

“Well then go find her and kill her before they find a way to escape with this!” Edlin yells at her furious.

“None of that,” Marilla says as we join hands and splash water onto them the moment a lightning bolt hits the barrier keeping us trapped. Edlin and the witch immediately fall to the ground in deep slumber and we will our tails to turn into legs. It doesn’t take long. The rags of the dresses we were in soaking wet. We pull ourselves out of the water and begin running through the corridor we were in to see the lightning bolts striking the ground and the water zapping every one of our captors.

“Alright, let’s split and gather everyone in the center of the camp,” I tell Marilla as the wind begins to pick up and she nods. I run left and she runs right. I begin rallying the merfolk up as I help place the sleeping spell on those few that weren’t zapped by the water or weren’t in near proximity of a lightning bolt. They all fall into slumber as I get the merfolk to spread the word to meet in the center of the facility as they so graciously called it.

No one takes much convincing as my power radiates to them. I am their queen. My necklace is proof. I’m their queen. Just because Ronan and I aren’t wed yet doesn’t mean anything. Absolutely nothing. I am still their queen. Ronan’s parents were murdered so by default he became King and me, queen. Our marriage was a formality that needed to be done but I was already queen by the mere engagement.

We were able to subdue all of the hunters into either sleep or death. The merfolk were able to absorb the power and magic from the bolts and zaps to regain strength and power. And in no time we were able to gather the majority of them into the center of the facility. About everyone but our family and it was time. We looked around as that all looked onto us hopeful and with great respect bringing me a smile and peace.

I had made the right choice by not mating with Roul or telling him until the day I was taken. It was for the best and well worth it. I was saving all of them. All of my people. Them. And they deserved it. All of it. I was their queen. I’m sure he understood being the King of his own kind. I had a responsibility to save my people and that meant sacrifice. I was a queen. I am a queen.

And being a queen requires sacrifice. Sacrifice that I’m not sure Ronan, my people, my family, or Roul will understand very well at first but I have to do. Better yet what I will do. I will sacrifice. I had met Roul and I had grown to love him in our short time together or at least care for him. We were bound by the love I always wished for. And we would always be bound for.

“Alright stay here, we’ll be right back. We have to make sure we have everyone,” we announced and they nod in understanding without a fight or peep as Marilla and I made our way to the place our family was being held. The Ocean in the Sky falling down to aid its kind. Like the myth always spoke. Two Oceans were in existence. One meeting land and one in sight but unreachable. Only visible but unable to be touched.

We stopped for a second outside a few steps from the cottage preparing ourselves to see them once more as the sky fell behind us. The zapping of water and the water lightning bolts striking to no end behind us. We breathed in and then ran inside fearful of what we might just find. We would free our people and hopefully, our family still remained here so they could leave as well.

I damn well hope so because I have no intention of leaving with them. And someone needs to marry Ronan in two days when I turn twenty-five to seal the power of the Ocean for the sake of our people and it can’t be me. A true queen will sacrifice and I plan to do so. We freeze once we’re inside startled just by the sight as emotions run high and deep. Nothing truly preparing us for what was before us as the world continued to move yet we were frozen in a moment of time.

One I...

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