Water Love

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Chapter 37

​Sereia Marinda Hanon

I don’t waste time running towards them. Meri receives me with open arms as Earendil does to Marilla s we’re overwhelmed by tears of our short family reunion. And a few seconds later we’re all hugging each other in tears.

“You’re here. You came,” Meri cries out in our hug.

“Did you ever doubt me? I told you I would come and save you,” I tell her as my heart breaks from the one person missing from here. Caspian. He isn’t here and I can no longer feel him here. I know he’s alive but not here. And it hurts. He’s still in pain and being held captive. He won’t reach freedom today but they will. We’ll make sure of it.

“We have to leave,” Marilla announces as havoc continues to strike outside. Our spell was limited. It wouldn’t last forever and we both knew that. I nod in understanding as her eyes speak only to me.

“We can’t, she can’t move. She’s dying. The necklace is only prolonging the inevitable,” Merise pleads to me and I nod as I approach my mother with Marilla at my heels. I reach out towards Marilla with one hand as I lay the other over my mother’s heart. I close my eyes as I summon even greater magic to restore my mother to full health.

Tears slip from my face onto my mother’s pale face. Slowly her color returns as she returns to full power and health. Her eyes begin to twitch and shortly after she’s blinking awake. My mother opens her eyes and as soon as her eyes meet mine she sits up and wraps her arms around me. Tears fill her eyes but I know what they are. Tears of joy. Pure hoy to be together.

“My little water spirit,” she cries into my shoulder as I do here. “You shouldn’t be here,” she whispers heartbroken and I pull away shaking my head.

“Mom, it’s okay. I’m rescuing you. I’m here to see all of you. We’re here to save all of you,” I say my eyes meeting with Marilla.

“Where’s Caspian?” She questions next and my heart breaks. I have to lie now or she won’t leave and I can’t have her stay.

“We found him and sent him back home first but we have to go now. The water spells won’t hold on very long now,” I cry out rising to my feet and she nods as I help her rise to her feet.

“I’m happy to see you both and see you are both okay. Where is everybody else?” Earendil asks me and I smile at him but let Marilla answer.

“Dad there is no one else. It’s only Sereia and me. It was too dangerous for anyone else to join,” she answers him and they look worried.

“It’s fine really. We really have to get going. Everyone else is waiting. The spells we cast won’t hold for much longer now, please,” I beg of them and they nod in understanding I smile and stand taking one last second with them. We’re reuniting our family after years of it being broken. We are putting our family back together but taking us out of it for the better of the Ocean Blue.

“I trust you my little water spirit,” my mother voices and I have to tighten my grip on Marilla’s hand to prevent myself from breaking down and letting them know before time of our plan. We smile at each other, embrace in one last hug before running like hell towards the center of the facility. The Ocean above us roaring at full power.

The true power of a mermaid. She had control over both and could call upon them at any time. Just like Marilla and I had. The power of the mermaids. The power all mermaids used to bear before the persecution began because of a false prophecy. Few still had this power and we just happened to be one of a few.

Mom and Earendil were pure blooded merfolk while my dad and Nerice were half-blooded. Which is why they hoped we would be half-blooded if not completely human but we weren’t. We were descendants from Atargatis the first mermaid to rule both seas. The only mermaid to bear even a fraction of what Marilla and I are. And looking at Merise I see she bears her power.

But we’re different. We aren’t just descendants of Atargatis. We aren’t just water spirits. True mermaids. We are the ultimate queens of the Ocean Blue. Daughters of Selene, Atargatis, and the water to free all of the merfolk. This is our purpose. I didn’t really know it before but being here at the brink of escaping and granting the merfolk freedom it’s clear to me. This is my destiny. Our destiny. To sacrifice so that they may prevail.

“My queens,” a young mermaid speaks with urgency, fear in her eyes as she looks over to where we placed some of the guards. It has to be inexplicable. She wants to leave as soon as possible and she will. They all will. We’ll set them free into the Ocean Blue once more. I nod her way before facing Marilla whose eyes show understanding.

I join hands with Marilla allowing the power of the Ocean Blue to flow through us and the portal to it open up. The merfolk stare in amazement at us, unable to believe we had just opened the path home with a single thought. They had to leave, the water spell would soon wear off on the few guards we let live.

“Go, jump in, and swim as fast and deep as you can,” Marilla urges them, and soon hundreds of merfolk dive into the portal of water disappearing in the Deep Blue. We watch them while being alert for any signs on the guards. The water spell wouldn’t last long, it wasn’t cast for it. Just a temporary and slight fix so our people could escape and we could stay.

“Go ahead,” I tell our family gesturing towards the portal, and my mother grips my hand urging me to accompany her but I can’t. I promised the Ocean, I would return all its children to its waters. I intend to keep that promise. I can’t marry Ronan or Marilla, Leith. She’s mated to another and I love another. I can’t leave my people at mercy of maniacs.

I pull my hand away from hers and shake my head with sorrow. Marilla comes up beside me and holds my hand as she sees our family before us confused. We have to stay and they have to go. It isn’t negotiable.

“Girls we have to leave,” Earendil urges not understanding and I look onto them with resignation. I have a battle to fight with the head of this whole operation. I look onto them with loving eyes before my eyes lock with Merise. She reads the intent in my eyes instantly as her eyes fill with tears.

“Go, ahead we’ll follow you,” Marilla responds yet he looks unconvinced. “We have to make sure no one is left behind. We’ll follow you, please dad go,” she says and he nods taking hold of my mother who has an understanding expression. She believes we’ll follow. I smile letting her believe the lie so she’ll be safe. I watch them jump into the portal. Merise stands before me lost.

“Sereia, no. We’re all going together, you’re the future queen of the merfolk,” she says refusing to go into the waters of the deep blue. I shake my head and walk towards her with Marilla. I stop before her and letting go of Marilla’s hand I grab onto Merise’s.

“You have to go.”

“Not without you,” she says shaking her head furiously.

“I have to free the rest of our people and release them into the waters of the deep blue. Marilla and I have to stay to do so. You need to return to the Ocean and be free,” I tell her with sorrow.

“You’re the future queen of the merfolk. You both are,” she whispers gazing onto both our necklaces and I shake my head once again, letting go of her hands, to unclasp the necklace from my neck. I hold it in my hand to conjure a water spell cloning it around my neck once more before handing it to her. She looks at me utterly confused.

“No, I’m not. You are,” I whisper with tears rolling down my eyes. “I have to free our people but in case we fail they need a queen,” I convey, and she shakes her head. “A Hanon is bound to marry the prince on my twenty-fifth birthday. It has to be you. Give our people the opportunity to keep being free and let me grant the rest their freedom.”

“No, we have to all go back to the Sea,” she argues and we shake our head. Feeling the water spell begin to fade and the portal beginning to close. We didn’t bear much time.

“I’m sorry but I can’t let you stay and I can’t go with you,” I tell her firmly as I summon the necklace to claim her as its new owner. She admires it do so without understanding. I smile as I observe it grant her the compromise. “I’m sorry but I bear no choice, our people need us both. I love you, tell them all we love them,” I express as I push her into the portal just as it’s beginning to close.

She screams as she falls through it and the portal vanishes into thin air with no trace of it ever being there. I let tears escape my eyes as Marilla holds me and I feel the water spell break. The lightning strikes reside and soon it’s just pouring rain. The guards, they’ll begin to wake now. The ones that weren’t taken by death that is. I eye Marilla before we begin running knowing well none of the Ocean’s children remain and hide the notion of our power.

We run to the secret passageway I read about in Lycaon’s journal and are struck from behind a second after opening it. We fall to the ground before rising to our feet once more and running through the tunnel making this capture look real. We run looking behind to see them gaining on us before the witch appears before us and sends us flying back to the other creatures.

A wolf growls at Marilla as fairies hold me at bay. We’re trapped but they don’t realize this is what we wanted. This was the plan all along. Be captured to free the rest of the merfolk from them and placing an end to their leader. We need to know who it is and find Caspian as well as Briny. Our family was almost complete, just one person missing, once more but the Dover family wasn’t.

“Go find the rest of them. We’ll hold these two at bay. Go!” The witch orders the vampires and werewolves while the fairies aid her in keeping us pinned against the wall. Pain begins to rupture to my abdomen as a fairy conjures up a funnel of wind and slams it into me. Marilla grunts in pain as the light fairy throws fireballs onto her. The witch watches amused as the Earth fairy conjures vines around the wall to hold us still.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Marilla toys with them.

“You killed my friends back there your majesty, I can assure you that won’t be the least you’ll see or feel from us,” a fairy spits in her face. Marilla scrunches her face in disgust before returning the insult.

“You kept my people captive for years and have killed more than a few including my queen and king so I would call that even,” I hiss at him. I am not about to forgive them.

“You mermaids think you can have it all but I will not allow you to destroy our peace. We will find the rest of them and lock you all up! You’ll know what it feels to mess with the magical community. We’ll slaughter you all,” the witch threatens and I can’t help but laugh in her face.

“I would love to see you try, ignorant fool!” Marilla screams at her. We will not be intimidated. As they themselves placed it, we’re queens! Bow to no one, fear no one, and never back away from the safety of our own.

“The merfolk, they’re all gone!” A vampire comes in running to inform the others. “There is no trace of them, not a scent or footprint,” he conveys and we smile knowing they are clueless to how we got our people out.

“Well, seems the future queens of the Ocean are still here. Search the entire place to find anything!” She adds unable to think clearly. She wasn’t expecting that. We have the upper hand now. Wolves and Vampires go running around in search of something to lead them to the people we just freed but they won’t find anything. The Ocean won’t let them. She’ll protect their children.

We may be captive. We will probably die but they’ll never get to find them. They are clueless about how much power we hold. They don’t know. They’ll never know. We may be here but we’re a trojan horse. I death stare at every one of them as they stumble over everything. Our family made it. Now we just need to find Caspian and they will take us to him. We will destroy them inside-out and if we die here then so be it. We’ll die.

My eyes meet with Marilla and no words need to be spoken. We both know the twinkle in our eyes. They don’t but we do. The same saying we’ve been screaming out to the four winds since we were conceived. “We swim together, we drown together.”

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