Water Love

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Chapter 38

​Merise Orabella Hanon

“Sereia, Marilla!” I yelled both their names as I was thrown into that portal. I saw them last. I saw both their pain and resolve. They were ready to die for us all. To make the ultimate sacrifice if needed. Their words still ring in my head.

“I’m sorry but I can’t let you stay and I can’t go with you. I’m sorry but I bear no choice, our people need us both. I love you, tell them all we love them,” those were my sister’s last words to me before she pushed me inside. It only took a few seconds to land in the Ocean Blue. I was in the Ocean for the first time.

My mother and Earendil waited for me as did all the other merfolk. We were in the sea. Our home. To me, it felt so foreign. My sister should be here, she should be the one marrying the King, not me. She should be here and instead, she gave her life for ours.

She wants me to marry her fiancé. She stayed behind while I get to enjoy freedom. She chose to grant the rest of our kind freedom. I lock eyes with my mother, who is just looking at me with confused eyes, while the portal closes behind me. The merfolk take one glance at me before bowing their heads. I’m startled but the glow of the necklace catches even my attention. Her necklace.

“Meri, where are they?” Earendil inquires and tears well up in my eyes.

“They stayed behind to free the rest of the merfolk,” I answer him as my mother gasps in both surprise and horror as she tumbles backward into Earendil’s arms. With her other hand, she places it over her growing belly where my sibling grows. The sibling they forced her to conceive with Earendil. The one they almost killed with their last beating. The one that almost killed her.

“No, it can’t be,” my mother’s voice cracks as she breaks down in his arms. I wish too it wouldn’t be the case. I would have preferred to stay if it meant she was to be safe.

“My queen, what should we do now? Are we free to go to our families?” A merman asks me and I’m taken aback by his question. Queen? Did they come through in the last second? I turn behind me to see no one behind me. It takes me a second to realize, he’s speaking to me. I’m the queen now with this necklace. I became their queen.

Just a few minutes ago I didn’t exist and now I’m their queen. I was nothing worse than that I was meant to be dead. To the merfolk I was dead. I was taken when I was nothing more than a child and now? Here I am. Alive and the future queen of the merfolk. I was engaged to my sister’s fiancé, a person I have never met, the King of the Ocean Blue.

“My queen? What should we do?” A mermaid inquires this time and more begin to question me. What am I meant to answer? They were the queens not me, yet they’re asking me. What am I supposed to do?

​“My child you know what to do, listen to your heart. Listen to the waves of the Ocean Blue. You are its queen now,” Selene’s voice vibrates through. A voice I haven’t heard apart from a handful of times through dreams to keep me from turning like those monsters.

I’ll know. What to tell them? Should they go back to their families? But they must think them dead as mine did. Even my mother thought so until we crossed paths in captivity. The merfolk would uproar and some might fall dead if their dead loved ones appear before them claiming to be alive. They’ll see it as a trap, a threat. I know, I would. I need to speak to the kings. Tell them all I know and who I am before they do so to their families.

The reunion can be eased into. I know they want to swim like a torpedo to their families but they can’t. It isn’t for the best and they may cause more harm than good. But if I speak to the Kings and have them communicate it to the rest of the merfolk it will be believed and lovely. I need to speak to the Kings, maybe then I can even get them to save my sister.

I shake my head at the merfolk around me as their questions continue to arise. All speaking over one another creating chaos and mayhem. Driving me insane when I just had my sister stay behind to free all of them. Every minute wasted is a minute closer to losing them both forever. I finally erupt like an underwater volcano sending vibrations through the water surrounding us gaining silence.

“It’s best you don’t see your families yet. I know you’re all anxious to do so, but they’ve thought you all dead for years. We could create more panic and chaos. I need to speak to the King first so a reunion with them is possible. We don’t want to scare the ones we love so please, settle down,” I say commanding as much authority as I can.

They nod in understanding and unwilling to fight me on this. Which greatly helps. I feel immense relief to not have anyone argue with me.

“Where are we supposed to stay until you speak to the Kings of the Sea? Right now, we’re in the middle of the Sea?” A merman asks and I’m at a loss of words. I don’t know the Ocean Blue as many of them do. It’s my first time home since I was taken. I don’t know its secrets or where to go. I grew up captive and as a slave for them not home.

“I know of a place we may hide until our queen can speak with the King,” Earendil voices, and I smile in gratitude. I can see in both their eyes how much it hurts them both that Marilla and Sereia aren’t here. As much as it hurts me. We can’t help them. Not yet. But we will.

“My little wave please be careful as you see the Kings. They’ve just lost their parents,” my mom pleads of me as she envelops me in her arms and I nod in tears. I can’t hold them anymore. My sister might as well be dead. She doesn’t even know the queen or her lies.

“I will mom, please take them to safety. Stay out of sight and out of sound. I’ll find you,” I whisper to her and she hugs me tighter. “Find your father, he’ll help. He’s a royal guard after all,” she adds and I nod.

“Be safe little wave,” Earendil voices as he hugs me as well while still in the arms of my mother. He’s been like... no a father to me. He’s been a father to me. He didn’t birth me, but our time in captivity has made us closer. To him, I’m like another daughter as Sereia is.

“Alright go, we’ll take them now,” my mom voices, and I nod as she releases me. “I love you.”

“I love you too... I love you both,” I say looking at them both before I see them begin to direct the crowd of merfolk behind us. I shed a few more tears as I watch them disappear into small specs in the Ocean Blue. I don’t know my way around the sea but I should be able to find the Kings of the Sea. All I need is a little magic to lead my way.

I summon the power I do have and soon enough my tail begins to race towards the illuminated way. I flap as fast as I could. Letting the Ocean Blue’s power flow through me. Soon enough I was the Ocean Blue and seconds later I was becoming me again. I landed in the center of the merfolk Kingdom with people gazing at me with surprise. Merfolk children gazed at me with surprise. As soon as their eyes landed on my necklace they bowed their heads.

Sereia’s necklace. The one she bestowed onto me so I could wed her fiancé. Hopefully it’s her walking down the aisle instead of me. I love her and I rather it be her who marries him. It would mean she’s here and safe. Everything and all I can wish for her.

“Oh my goddess, you’re the queen. You’re back!” One of the children exclaims with joy. He must be confusing me with Sereia or Marilla. Our hair is similar although mine has a little more blonde than theirs. Their hair is pure platinum blonde almost white. My hair is just light very light blonde.

“Where is the King?” I ask with a smile hoping to receive a quick answer from them.

“King Leith is in the castle but King Ronan is in enemy territory trying to find you both! But now your back!”

“Enemy territory? Where would that be?” I inquire fearful that one of the Kings was captured by hunters. Please don’t let it be.

“Wolf territory. With King Roul Lycaon Wolfram,” another child responds. Wolfram. I know that name. I heard it a lot as a child. Lycaon Wolfram. Madly in love with a mermaid. Murel I believe was her name. The hunters killed her when they discovered she was with child. His child. Could they be connected? Well even then merfolk trust other magical creatures? Which of the two is Sereia’s fiancé and which one is Marilla’s fiancé?

“Enemy territory, ” the child vocalizes once more. Now I can understand it better. Enemy territory. I was held by multiple magical creatures and some just happened to be wolves. I nod at them so they can know I understand but how should I ask which is Sereia meant to be engaged to if they think I’m her.

“Well I need to speak to one of them, and you seem smart. Which of the two do you think it will be easier to speak to?” I ask hoping they can make the choice for me.

“King Leith isn’t allowing anyone into the castle. Only royal guards. Mommy says he seems mad. And you aren’t a royal guard but King Ronan is far away,” another child meditates on it. Goddess gracious. I need someone open and understanding. I need no problems while talking to a King so, I suppose Ronan will have to be. It’s the only way. Otherwise the merfolk will have to wait longer than needed and that is not what my sister or Marilla wanted.

“Thank you. I’m going to go find King Ronan, and let’s keep this meeting a little secret for now,” I tell them and they nod understanding as I call forth on Selene to help me get there.

​“I’m here my child, I’m here,” the Ocean Blue announces. It startles me. I have only ever heard Selene or Atargatis but never the Ocean Blue. I’ve never met it. I can’t hear the water. Only very few can. And even fewer have the ability for both. Sereia and Marilla apparently bear the ultimate power. Power over all water, both oceans, and any matter of water. But overall they bear the power of a true mermaid.

No time for that now. I let the Ocean Blue and the water let me be one and be in their power for a few seconds to transport me somewhere else. I can only do so for about an hour but today it isn’t necessary it’s just a means of transport. I don’t know many water spells only the few my mother was able to teach me in secret and that was hard enough to do.

My molecules are transparent. As clear as water. Better yet they are water. Slowly my body begins to build from the air. I hear someone scream as I continue to pull myself together so I can be human. But I fail miserably and fall flat backwards in a shimmering blue and white tail. I hear some things break behind me and I huff in annoyance.

Perfect. Just what I needed. I didn’t ever get to control this. Being held captive it wasn’t something I could learn very well but I suppose I’m going to have to try. I begin myself to steam dry but stop immediately. If I steam dry, I’ll be naked. Naked in front of strangers and wolves. But id I don;t and they attack I won’t be able to escape. Will they attack?

“Mazelina what’s wrong?” I hear a voice near and realize I’m already in front of a wolf. Not the best thing to do. Oh, well. Perhaps I should just keep steaming myself dry. I need to be able to make a run for it to meet the King. I begin to steam myself and hold onto Sereia’s necklace for comfort when I no longer can’t.

What the hell? I look around me worried. What’s going on? The hallway is now overcome by wolves, water fairies, vampires, witches, and very little merfolk. Oh, I’m screwed. I hold onto my necklace tighter and soon enough I’m jolted back, but still in place. I begin to see it.

​“You can’t kill me, I’m the queen of the Ocean,” Sereia mocks a warlock. Not any warlock. The warlock. The one in charge of manhandling us. I see Marilla spit into the face of a siren and an air fairy. They both have bruises on them. Beaten pretty badly yet they’re laughing at them.

​“You’re right I can’t kill you. But that by no means stops me from hurting you,” the warlock reacts and begins conjuring spells against her. My voice catches in my throat and I am at a loss of words. No, no. They need to stop.

​“You should really think of your words merfish!” The air fairy responds as it sends an air attack to Marilla. My eyes crystal with tears. They’re going to kill them if they don’t stop. They have to stop provoking them.

​“Mermaid! Not merfish! Mermaid! Queen of the merfolk, you imbecile even if it costs you!” Sereia yells at them from the top of her lungs.

​“See, even your name means to serve!” The witch Rtel snickers towards them.

​“You know, we’ve never tried to have your kind serve us in the bedroom perhaps we should begin that with you two?” A wolf questions while gazing intently towards them both. The true beauty of a mermaid shining through them. Marilla is quick to react when he nears Sereia. She jumps on him and begins pulling at him.

​She ends up being trapped beneath him. His teeth barreling towards her. Sereia attempts to help but Rtel slams her backwards against an opposite wall and holds her still with Grev, the warlock. She fights through the spells being placed to hold her in place.

Tears begin to stream from my face as I see his teeth begin to rip through some of Marilla’s skin. Her forearm soon is bloody from the blood he draws out. She still fights him off the best she can by kicking and pushing him away. He swats at her with his paw and draws blood out from his abdomen. My heart screams in pain and soon enough my mouth parts open with nothing but silent screams as my sister locks eyes with me and shakes her head vigorously.

Silently pleading me to keep quiet. With my free hand I clasp it over my mouth to keep myself from screaming. My heart aches for them as screams fill my head. Selene, Atargatis, the Ocean Blue, the water. All screaming in pain as Marilla is being viciously attacked.

All their voices merged together. Fighting me time and time again. Like nails on glass. It was painful to hear. I wanted nothing more than to go there. I can feel myself beginning to become water again, but Sereia shakes it even more desperate as if she could see it. I will myself to stop.

“Stop! You’re going to kill her and the queen won’t like that. You’ve had your fun!” Edlin exclaims to them irritated as hell.

“Oh, come on Edlin. She can last a bit more. I know she can,” Grev teases furious. I see Marilla’s body grow limp as Sereia’s eyes glow white. They turn from white to her violet-blue eyes. As if she were in a battle. A weary battle. She blinks furiously until they remain dark blue and I see claws returning back to her skin. Claws? Why would my sister have claws? She’s a mermaid.

“Marilla! Marilla! Don’t leave me! We swim together, we drown together! Marilla! Let me go!” Sereia screams in agony and they realize their grave mistake. Soon all of their attention follows to Marilla’s lifeless body. Her eyes wide open and her body full of blood as everything pours out. The insides of her body in clear display.

Oh, goddess. She’s dead. She can’t be dead. She just can’t. No, Marilla. No. Soon enough everyone is crowding her attempting to check her pulse. But it’s too late, Marilla’s gone. My eyes begin to roll backwards and I fall into darkness hearing nothing, but Sereia’s screams.

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