Water Love

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Chapter 39

Merise Orabella Hanon

“Marilla don’t leave me! We swim together, we drown together! Marilla!” Sereia’s screams aren’t any better. Only, even more, aggravating by the second as I see them all work their magic to attempt to revive Marilla. I look around in pure shock.

Sereia’s eyes begin to glow white. Then blue-violet. To white. To blue-violet. Constantly as they surround Marilla’s lifeless body. I see her struggle. To not use her power. The magic she bears to save the one person that means absolutely everything to her. The only person I think she would actually end her life for, just to join her on the other side. I haven’t known them long and I already know they are each other’s soulmates.

I suppose a soulmate isn’t bound to the person you love. It isn’t bound to your forever love. The person that completes you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the one that you share romantic feelings with. A soulmate can be a sister, a best friend, a parent, or even perhaps a beloved loved one. A soulmate is not required to be the person you will share your life with. I have no doubt of that by looking at Marilla and Sereia. They show true soulmates and love each other as sisters.

“Rise, my child, rise,” Selene’s voice echoes loud and clear.

“I breathe life into you once more,” Atargatis whispers with the water as electricity cackle through Marilla’s body in small jolts and bolts. Blue lightning intertwined with white lightning bolts only visible to us or they would have gotten the hell away from her. Marilla’s eyes begin to move as ragged breaths come out from her as she slowly begins to move.

Everyone thanking the moon goddess that she’s alive and not dead as they had so eloquently failed. Relief floods me in an instant to see her alive and breathing. Her eyes though were a dark blue almost black and glowing blue. Glowing eyes are a trait merfolk don’t have. But...

“Let the Ocean Blue rain down on them until ALL my children have been returned to me,” the Ocean commanded as it blasted its hands into the air and from the sky, water poured down like there was no tomorrow. “Let it be known that it will not stop. I want my children and I shall get them back or so they all die.”

In a second I’m back before them as they all stare at me confused and defensive. Surprise takes me to see myself in my mermaid form along with myself fully conscious. I thought I had blacked out or something. Marilla was dead and she was reborn. She came back to life and with glowing eyes. I hear thunder up in the Ocean above us, others call the sky. I hear the lightning striking with force and the pouring rain to confirm what I saw.

The world. Our world had been cursed by the Ocean Blue. It was heavily upset with what happened to Marilla. It was pissed off. It wanted its children back. It wanted them back and Marilla dying broke it. It shattered its heart and hopes. It did so to help heal Marilla and grant it more power.

“Come to me, my child. Help unleash me fully. Rise to the throne. Your new throne. Come to me. They need a queen, rise. Rise, my child. Come to me,” Selene calls out to me and I’m lulled by her soft and alluring voice. It was singing to me.

“Speak! Who are you?” A deep yet authoritative voice demanded of me and anger began to boil within me. It was drowning Selene’s voice and right now I want her voice. I’m free and she needs me. Her voice brings m calm and peace. All my years in captivity one thing always remained constant. Selene. She was always with me and never left me. She helped me stay true and perhaps if I answer her now I can go to Sereia and help.

“Lower your voice!” I demand of him as I stare him down. I gaze into his sapphire eyes that look both stormy and gloomy. They seem addictive in an enchanted way and they demand power. Lots of power. There is a light surrounding him as if he were royalty. Doesn’t matter.

“Come my child. Join me in the rain. Come dance with me. Let them know it’s okay. Let them know there is a queen. Faith is not lost to the merfolk. You’ll hold them strong. Come, dance with me,” Selene sings to me again. I want to heed her call but I can’t. I can’t walk in my tail. I can’t dance on land with it but in the sea.

“Sing,” I hear a whisper. Sereia. “Sing.” A story flashes to my mind. A faraway memory. Singing calms the raging seas. I was told by other merfolk.

“Bring forth the sea. Let it be known the war is not yet lost. Bring forth the Sea let it know its children will come home. Bring forth the waves and let the world feel it’s strength. Let it know the merfolk will come home. Let it be known the queens are bringing them home. Bring forth the sea. Let its waves be peaceful again for hope isn’t lost,” I sing to the sea above me. The one wreaking havoc outside these walls.

“What the hell is she doing?” One of them asks.

“She’s singing to the sea,” a merman answers. Tingling sensations turn my attention to my tail as I see my legs begin to emerge and instead of being butt naked like I tend to be... I’m fully clothed. Wearing a beautiful sapphire dress, flowing like water on me with silver designs. Openings on both legs but hardly noticeable despite it reaching higher than mid-thigh.

“Come to my dear and sing. Come dance with me. Let it know it still has you. Come, my child. Dance with me as you sing it to peace. Come,” Selene calls to me again. I manage to bring myself to my feet using just one hand as the other remains clasped around the necklace. I turn away from the crowd and I let my feet guide me outside to the pouring rain.

“Bring forth the sea. Its power still unknown, let the queens rage the storm and heed the call of peace. Come dance with me, my beautiful sea. Hope is not yet lost. Its queens are bringing your children home. The Ocean Blues will not fall. A queen will rise from your waves. Don’t curse innocents, spare them the pain of your rage. Your children will come home. Don’t lose faith, the queens will bring them home. Don’t come crashing down just yet. Don’t let them know your pain right now. Wait for the moment to take them down. Don’t lose faith in your queens.”

“They won’t let you down. They will rise and bring them down. Just wait a little longer. Your children will be fine. They have more than one queen. And none of them are letting you down. Reign back your rage before it’s too late. Wait for the call to make them pay. I promise you, justice will be served but don’t lose hope in us. Don’t lose hope in us. Have a little faith. We will not let you down. We will keep your children safe. We know your pain. We know. We know your tears. Don’t lose hope in us, your queens. Don’t lose hope in us, your queens. Hope in us, your queens!”

I sing and dance at the rhythm of the water in the middle of lightning strikes as growling thunder warns in the sky. The growing thunder begins to settle down and the lightning comes to a halting stop as I gaze up into the sky.

“You did it, my child. You brought faith once more to the Ocean Blues and the water. You are the crowned queen. Sereia is right you are rightfully the one deserving of the queen. Marilla and Sereia are goddesses. Our daughters but you are a born queen. The one the merfolk have been awaiting for,” Selene sings to me as she appears to me in the pouring rain.

She looks ravishing. Mystical and a huge illusion. Glowing white. Just as Sereia’s eyes and Marilla’s hair. Well both their hair. Both. Dressed in white and silver. With rose gold. A fairytale before my eyes. Next to her a gray wolf with dazzling blue eyes and a mermaid on his back. On the other side Nawfar and her husband. All of them gazing at me with pride.

“I don’t understand,” I voice out and they smile at me.

“Not yet, but you will,” Selene answers me. Always so cryptic. But of course, she must know how this all plays out.

“In all the years since our demise, we have been lying in wait for the one who would bear the power to see through and prevail. For the one who will lead the true queens back to their throne. Sereia and Marilla are the most powerful beings in existence and are true queens at heart. They are the only queens to the water but you, my dear are the one true queen to the Ocean Blue. You three bear power like no other. Together they are unstoppable but with your aide you are immortal.”

“I still don’t get it,” I answer Nawfar.

“Sereia and Marilla are to save the water and Ocean Blue. Only they can bring down the cruel tyrants that enslave our kind. They bear power like no other and always will. But you have something that even they don’t. The spirit of the Oceans dance within you. Something that hasn’t been seen since our death,” the other mermaid voices.


“Nawfar ruled the seas below while I ruled the ones above. I’m Murel,” she voices as she strokes the wolf with love. Murel. The mermaid who got a wolf king to submit to the merfolk. Betray the lies being told and free the merfolk. My lifelong captors still resented him to death.

“And now you rule them both. Everyone has its purpose, and now they are revealed. Your sisters will need you when the time comes and you will be ready,” Nawfar says grabbing a hold of my hands along with Nawfar.

“We have all been waiting. We never gifted two queens. We gifted many. We knew one would never be enough. But the other ones are yet to rise. Sereia and Marilla are one and have supreme power overall. You bear power over both Oceans while Lorelei is the one to bring you all together. So far four have been known and one has fallen but there are still two that remain,” Selene whispers and explains to me as she cups all of our hands. By placing one above and one below.

“We have waited for you. Always you,” Murel says as Selene’s hands glow and power, great amounts of power begin to course through my veins. It’s electrifying. It’s consuming.

“Murel and Nawfar have waited to pass their magic and beings to the one who bared control over both and she has risen. You now bear the power they did along with your own,” Selene smiles at me before leaning in and whispering. “You, my dear are a direct descendant from the first mermaid. Marilla, Sereia, and you all proceed from one mermaid.”

“That’s not possible,” I whisper surprised.

“But it is. Keep your promise, my dear, and remember I’ll always be with you. All of you. I watch over every one of you and I care for all my children. Every single one of you,” Selene voices out loud while gazing back at the people behind me. “I love every single one of you and am always there even if I don’t answer. I NEVER make mistakes,” she says smiling as they all begin to fade into the raindrops.

What just happened? I turn around me hoping to see them but nothing. They’re gone. And this isn’t like when I saw Marilla and Sereia. This is different. I wasn’t the only one who saw them, who saw her. They all did. All their gazes are startled and filled with confusion but their features change when their eyes land on my necklace.

“Why do you have Sereia’s engagement necklace?” Sapphire’s eyes question me as a wolf voices the question.

“I will not answer to a wolf. I am not seeking a wolf when I’ve been tormented by all but my own kind. I don’t seek anyone but the King of the merfolk. I will only answer to him,” I answer blunt and honest. I can’t answer him. I’ve been tortured by many wolves and every magical creature in existence. All of them but my kind.

“Why do you have my daughter’s necklace?” I’m asked once more but by a merman behind them. They part and soon my eyes land on him. My heart catches in my throat and tears stream down my face as they intertwine with the rain. I recognize him instantly. Blonde and baby blue eyes. Eyes I inherited. It’s him, the one I was told to seek in aide. My father.

I’m standing before my father. My eyes show recognition to him but his show loss. He doesn’t remember me because I was taken so young and he more than likely believed me dead. My heart breaks and from the sky, two lightning bolts strike near me to show my pain. I guess the Ocean Blue can resonate with my pain. It’s voicing it. But it hurts.

My own father doesn’t recognize me and it hurts like hell. Selene. Let me know you are there.. Tell me I’m not alone. Please.

“We’re here my child,” the Ocean Blue answers me.

“Both of us,” Selene adds and it soothes my broken heart.

“Why do you have my fiancée’s pendant. I gifted it to her not you,” Sapphire eyes demands of me and I hold myself to not fall before them. My sister left me as the Ocean’s Queen and I have to prove to them that I am. To him. He’ll be my husband in less than two days’ time.

I release the air I’m holding in as the raindrops caress my skin and dance on it. Hiding both my tears and showcasing my power to those who are to doubt it. I take one last deep breath and brace myself. I stand tall while wrapping my arms around myself as I voice the next words.

“Answer, who are you?”

“How did you get her pendant!” He demands even more severely.

“She gifted it to me, so I could be your wife. Sereia gave it to me. The Ocean needs a queen in two days’ time and knowing she couldn’t walk down the aisle, she handed it to me. She knew someone had to marry you on her twenty-fifth birthday. She knew the Ocean needed a Queen so she chose me.”

“Why, you? Why would she give it to you out of all people?” My father questions me and I smile bittersweetly.

“Because a Hanon needs to marry the King of the Sea, and I’m her sister,” I answer them and silence meets my ears only the sound of raindrops crashing against the ground can be heard.

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