Water Love

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Chapter 42

​Merise Orabella Hanon

The union sealed and the Ocean Floor was vibrating with magic. I could feel it. All of it. The Ocean’s secrets and every landmark on it. I was the queen of the Ocean Blue. Married to the man my sister was promised to. It happened. Everyone cheers with content and happiness. Their hope once more restored. Happy it did.

How are we meant to find my sister if they lose hope and fear? The water vibrates and tingles with magic. More magic than I’ve ever known.

​“Come to me, my children. I’ll keep you safe,” I hear the Ocean Blue whisper.

​“Sereia and Marilla have returned all but a few of the merfolk back,” the water resounds with pride. “They’ve done it.”

What? My eyes glow blue and I see every one of the merfolk return to the Ocean Blue. All of them but none of them are Caspian or them. They didn’t return. My hand goes to the necklace and focusing solely on them I see them.

​Sereia Marinda Hanon

​​“How does it feel to be a failure?” I mock him once more. “How does it feel to know that you can’t have your revenge at the cost of innocents anymore?” I continue to push him.

“Your kind has never been innocents and never will. I will eviscerate them if it is the last thing I do. The Ocean Blue might have gotten a queen to your cost but you will pay it with your life,” he threatens me but it humors me.

“You can’t kill me. Never will. But I will stop you from hurting my people,” I dare him and summon anger to get the water to splash against the barrier. It zaps me leaving another mark on my tail.

“No mermaid can get out of that pool it is enchanted so no fishtail may escape it. No mermaid will make a mockery of me,” he dares to insinuate, but we aren’t any mermaids.

“So, you would like to believe,” Marilla teases. It’s time to get out of here. We summon our legs and a second later our tails transform into legs. He’s left startled.

“We aren’t any type of mermaids and I’ll free all our people,” I say as we rise to the air by manipulating the water in the air molecules surrounding us. We summon power from the pool of water holding us captive and use it to smash the barrier holding us captive. Marilla directs the water onto him and I heat it up as it splashes onto him burning him.

“You won’t hurt the merfolk anymore,” Marilla directs with a smile.

“Go free the rest of the merfolk, I’ll hold him here,” I tell her and she nods. But a shift of power can be felt. Soon the room begins feeling with other merfolk. How did they get free? It wasn’t us. I look among them and see her.

Marna Briny Dover. Ronan and Leith’s sister. Recognizing her as such isn’t hard with her strawberry blonde hair and brown blue eyes. Her freckles looking adorable. Not a bruise or sign of damage to her. She must have freed the merfolk. When we broke the barrier it must have helped her.

In between the merfolk freed is Caspian. We smile as soon as our eyes lock with one another and tears form in his eyes. Marilla runs towards him immediately. The merfolk shall be free. Ronan and Leith will get her sister again. Our families will be complete. Her eyes shift form the man that kept us captive towards me. Looking lost and distraught but fixated.

“Briny don’t worry he won’t be able to hurt us anymore,” I convey as I get the water to burn hotter as if it were acid onto his skin. He saw the capturing and torture of our people as meaningless. All because of a love Nawfar shared with someone else. To appease his resented and weak self. He hurt many merfolk but no more. No more. It ends today. He’ll have the same punishment and life he gave our people. He will be imprisoned without escape. I don’t murder for the fun of it. I kill in self-defense. I never do so because I like it but rather need to.

Screams and grunts come from Edor Udall as I command the water to burn him like acid. Briny stands there looking onto him as tears form in her eyes. Must be liberating to know he can’t hurt her anymore. He won’t do so. To see him so weak and frail from the years of torment.

“You’ve returned my children to me, set them free from imprisonment. Come back to me my children. Slight beneath my waves, I’ll keep you all safe,” the Ocean Blue speaks and Briny’s head rises as if she could hear it call as well. One by one the rest of the merfolk turn to water on the ground. Briny turns to face them and then us.

​”NO!” She screams wielding unknown power to harm me and throw me over the floor. I lose concentration and the water burning Edor becomes useless. “You don’t get to win! Quit hurting him! And you don’t get to steal my subjects!” She screams.

“Briny what’s wrong? He can’t hurt you anymore. We’re friends with your brothers. You have to remember us. It’s Sereia and Marilla. We met and were friends before you were taken when you were sixteen. No one is stealing anything from you. We’re taking you home,” Marilla tries to reason with her as I manage to rise to my feet.

“I know who you are! I’m not stupid! We aren’t friends. We aren’t equals. I’m a queen and you should bow to me. The Ocean Blue and you don’t get to steal anymore of my subjects,” she spits at us as she stops the last four merfolk and Caspian from turning into water.

What’s wrong with her. Why is she being like this? She was nothing like the person I have before me. Words come to mind. The queen she lies. Beware of the queen she lies. A mermaid turned. Its her. She’s the one my mother, Meri and everyone else has been warning us of. She’s the queen. She can hear the Ocean Blue. She isn’t an ordinary mermaid. She’s Ronan and Leith’s sister. A princess and she has been working for Edor.

Somehow it all makes sense. Why the creatures had so much information on our customs and such. The way the pools and the facilities were made to hold us. Who better to know then one of us. But why? Why? How could she? She’s one of us. She’s an heir to the throne. If anyone should be concerned with the wellbeing of the merfolk it should her.

“Edor, my love, are you alright?” My question is answered. My love? She’s with him? How can they be together? He killed her ancestors and who knows how many of our people.

“Your with this monster? How could you do this to us? Your people? What’s wrong with you Marna? He’s a monster. He imprisoned thousands of our kind. He killed your parents!” Marilla questions her.

“He didn’t kill my parents. I did. I wanted to be queen. And I couldn’t be so without them being dead. The merfolk would have been at my feet. You were meant to help me find my brothers so they could die too and no one would dare make a claim to my throne but no you had to ally yourself with the Ocean Blue and free them all! I don’t get how! Neither of you has a sister!”

She seemed furious but deranged as well. I want to fight her and overthrow them both but she’s a true opponent. She can speak to the Ocean Blue and hear it as well as call it forth. She was special. Then she was taken and now she’s turned? How did this happen? She would have never betrayed the merfolk but here she is betraying us and imprisoning them with this asshat.

“But of course. Meri! I knew your wretched mother protected her for a reason. It all makes sense now. Merise. That stupid bitch was Merise, the sister you lost and then freed. She married my brother! Tell me which of the two idiots did she marry? Ronan or Leith? Doesn’t matter, I’ll find them both and kill them. A little charade and they’ll buy it!”

“Do not insult my mother or my sister! I’ll steam your eyes out as well as everything you own. See if you don’t die a slow and painful death!” I scream at her ready to attack but holding back watching her every move for the best method of attack. I need to make sure the merfolk won’t get hurt. They’re innocent. All of them but her.

“We cared for you. The merfolk trusted you. You were going to be queen anyway so why betray your people for the wretched creatures that hurt our kind? Your family loves you! How could you kill your parents? How did you have it in you?” Marilla demands.

“How could I not? You always thought yourself better than me. Saw me less because the Ocean Blue favored you. It’s why I enjoyed thoroughly having your mother and father conceive a child. Forced them to rip the tides in one another till another child was formed. How is it that all of their kids had some connection to the Ocean? I thoroughly enjoyed it especially as I thought of your reaction.”

“You spiteful mermaid! The Ocean Blue favored all its children! You betrayed the waters that breathed you life! Your family has cried every day for you! And you were in bed with the enemy all this time!” I shout at her boiling in anger.

“You’ll pay! How dare you name yourself moon goddess to decide who births who. Who should be with who. Because water news. You aren’t her! Only she has that power!” Marilla shrieks at her. Marilla begins to summon the power of the Ocean Blue to attack her as do I. Forcing our parents to betray their spouse to create a child to appease her? She’ll pay!

We begin chanting water spells to crash upon her and render her useless but she laughs menacingly. There is no humor in this. She will pay. I’m the true queen of the Ocean Blue. Better yet we’re the true queens of the water. Close enough to the water itself. She whispers a spell of her own which Edor joins her in and soon our spell is rendered useless and my magic diminished.

“You didn’t think you would be free that easy, did you? I still have use for you both!” Marna warns with a sweet smile as Edor rises and goes to her side. She uses the Ocean’s magic to heal that bastard and the they join lips in a passionate indecent human kiss.

“How do you not see he’s using you for your power and because you’re a descendant of the woman that rejected him. He doesn’t care for you Briny. Your only the descendant of Nawfar and Murel. He doesn’t love you. He loves her!” I yell at her and she laughs.

“You would try such lies Dereia. It was always your style but it won’t work. I chose him. I chose to destroy the Ocean Blue. And you will pay the price for ruining it all with your presence,” she says with a stupid ignorant and superior smile. It’s obvious why he’s with her but she’s blind.

“It’s Sereia you bitter sea. We are loved equally by the Ocean Blue. We are its children. We were only stripped away from it because of him and his false prophecies,” I remind her of the story but she rolls her eyes and pouts.

“I’m bored, let’s take them somewhere else before we’re found. My brothers are bound to come for them and Merise can find them. Let’s take them where it all began,” she says sheepishly and he laughs with her before rendering us immobile and shortly after unconscious.

​Merise Orabella Hanon

The queen she lies. She has them. With her king. She killed her parents. She has no remorse. She is nothing but a monster. She was always with them. Since the day she appeared. She was sleeping with that monster. She joined in on his fun and games She gave new ideas to make our lives hell. She’s the reason Caspian, Earendil, and my mother were captured.

We warned her but our warnings were useless. I can’t go after her. The Ocean Blue is receiving its children back once more but she has my sister. She and them have Marilla and Caspian. I want nothing more than to abandon these waters and go in search of her. Slay her for them. Help in her demise but I can’t. The union is only completely sealed after a night of unimaginable and unforeseeable passion in the confinements of his chambers.

It’s the only way I get to find them. The only way I get unlimited dominion over the very thing I was without my whole life. The Ocean Blue. I have to wait until tomorrow when it could be too late. But I don’t have what’s necessary to free them right this second. A tear strays from my eye as the crowd cheers from our ceremony.

Royal customs are what’s going to kill Marilla and my sister. I have to be with the man whose sister ruined me. Whose sister plans to destroy my sisters and brother. I’ve heard nothing but great stories about his dead sister. And now it turns out the woman I hate most is his sister. This is some cruel joke of the moon goddess. It has to be. It’s torment.

​“Stay strong my child. Remember only you can help find them. They’re strong and shall survive. I’ll remain with them always. Your husband is innocent from the atrocious acts committed by his blood,” Selene calls to me.

“I present to everyone the new Queen of the Sea. Queen Merise Orabella Dover. Shall the Ocean Blue grow and gain more power in her reign,” Leith voices to the merfolk and they cheer. “Hail the queen. Her crown of water shall bring us refugee from those seeking to persecute us!”

“I won’t give up. Not hope or love. I promise to rise all and beyond to reunite with you. I won’t let the queen deceive and spin her web of lies. I’ll find you with the water blue. Hold strong. Will of copper. Don’t let her break you. Your stronger than all of that! Ocean Blue, water Mightiest, Atargatis first mermaid, Selene please watch them and keep them out of harm’s way. All hail the queens who set the merfolk free and all hail the queens that breathe spirits in their souls,” I sing to the crowd and they grow quiet.

“Water Spirit?” My mother whispers.

“Let’s celebrate that we are free of the hunters for eternity. All merfolk shall be able to reside in the confinements of our home the Ocean Blue without being bounded by land. We’ll breathe life and power into the Ocean Blue once more. Let’s hail the queens of the water that made it all be. Sereia Marinda Hanon and Marilla Hali Conway. Let’s praise them and do our very best to free them from our enemies!” I rally the merfolk and they break into applause and cheers.


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