Water Love

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Chapter 44

Marna Briny Dover

Years before

I love swimming near the reef. I feel the greatest peace when I can see the beautiful life the merfolk bring upon the Ocean Blue. Seeing all the unimaginable creatures possible is all just so breathtaking. We created this. I helped create this and do so every day. It's upsetting that I can't do so due to some stupid people who couldn't accept my kind. It's not fair but it's my life.

Even now I have to remain in the shadows of the Sea to not be seen by humans or any magical creatures. My family one of the few who don't need to touch land because we hide beneath water all so well. If they knew how constant I find myself here near the surface they would freak. My parents more so than my brothers.

I love them but they tend to be a little too much at times. Why, can't they be more giving? I get it, these are troubling times we go through being hunted and all but I'm still a teenager. I deserve to explore the world beyond the surface and get to choose what I seek of the world above. I smile as I see a group of fish swim towards the reef.

The sound of water splashing and feet moving has me hiding within the reef. Calling on the Ocean Blue to help me hide. My beautiful glittering orange tail transforms into legs. Legs I don't know how to use. I don't get to leave the Sea as my brothers do. My body is free of the clothing I hear humans wear.

"Move them back and forth," the Ocean Blue speaks to me in a soft voice. I do my best to clear my mind and begin to do as I am told moving them back and forth. I try but it seems I'm doing it wrong because I'm going deeper and the water is against me at this precise moment. I'm going to get myself caught be it human or some other creature. "Move with the waves. Don't fight it. Move with the wave swiftly and slowly."

I close my eyes and feel the movement of the waves around me. I move my feet, legs, hands, arms to the movement of the water and eventually I reach the surface. I continue moving them to the flow of the water and it feels amazing. I flip my hair backward as the sun rays light up my face. I close my eyes enjoying the feeling of being on the surface.

I feel a strange feeling. It's odd and unsettling. I open my eyes and am left water awed as my eyes fall upon the most glorious seaweed green eyes. I gasp and hold my breath as I look towards the most glorious man I have ever laid eyes upon. I know I look like a water-dazed fool but it's something that can't be helped.

I let my eyes fall to see the rest of his body. I'm left even more awed as they trail down. His chest and abs are pure muscles. He's free of any hair there unlike certain mermen including my father. He's wearing tight black and blue colored something that stops just above his flippers? I thought humans have feet not flippers. If he isn't human then what is he?

"My eyes are up here little siren," he says and I look at him oddly. I don't understand a thing he said.

"What?" I ask in the only language I know. The merfolk tongue. I have no damn clue what he is saying.

"Ahh. Language difference. Give me a second little siren," he says and I pull backward with a confused daze as he mutters something underneath his breath. I look at him with inquisitive eyes unknown to what he's saying. "As I was saying my eyes are up here little siren," he says and I can understand him as clear as the water.

"Siren? I'm not a siren. They're vicious creatures... wait I understand you. Are you speaking my dialect? I didn't know anyone knew my dialect?" I speak so rapidly I'm not quite certain he understands a word I'm saying.

"I don't speak whatever it was you were speaking. I used a spell to break the language barrier between us. Now you can understand me, and I, you. You're currently speaking the basic language. I have no clue what in the world your speaking," he answers mentioning my dialect twice. I shrug.

"So, you're a witch or a warlock," I deduce and he looks at me weird.

"Definitely a warlock, but what would you be?" He asks while his eyes trail over my body and I follow his eyes. What is he looking at? Is this not normal for humans or warlocks as in his case? Don't all humans have legs, feet, arms, hands, body parts as I do?

"I have many names, but what are you looking at? I'm like everyone else. I have body parts like all magical creatures in existence," I say pouting and he dares to laugh at me. No one dares to laugh at me. At most, they do so with me. My parents are the King and Queen of the Ocean. But here he is laughing at me for making a valid statement. "Hey! Quit doing that!"

"Doing what?" He inquires with a smirk and I splash water onto him to get him to stop. "Hey, you're the one that's swimming naked," he dares to complain.

"I should have your head. No one laughs at me. I'm the future queen of my people. How dare you mock me," I say both heated and unsure of why I'm even voicing such things.

"Future queen of your people? We're in the middle of the Ocean. I apologize for apparently mocking you. Most people tend to wear clothes for first impressions but I suppose when you have those attributes, you should definitely place them on display," he adds and I blush.

"Thank you, although I'm not as beautiful as the rest of my kind. The others tend to display more beauty than I do. Everyone is always head over heels in love with Sereia and Marilla. So, receiving a comment such as yours is refreshing. All because they grew up on land and I in the sea. As if it made any difference," I say but it feels like I said too much.

"I don't know who those Sereia and Marilla are but they would never hold a candle to you. And the sea? You grew up in the sea are you a water fairy?"

"Water sakes no. Goddess forbid I'm as morbid and stuck-up as the water fairies. Not to mention hypocrites and liars," I answer quite mortified.

"If not a water fairy then what?" he inquires clearly amused.

"I can't say, you might try to kill me from what I say," I answer him.

"But I could never hurt anyone as beautiful as you. With those beautiful green-brown eyes. How could I? I assure you I am not a monster," he says ever so charming. Little bells ring within me along with the vague memory of my parents' warnings, but I want to trust him. It feels like I can and he's been honest with me. But do I really know him?

"I don't know a thing about you. We are nothing but strangers. I must heed the warning on my parents' words," I opt to say and he smiles wide.

"Well then at least grace me with your name if nothing else. We'll leave this as rendezvous," he changes his question and I smile.

"Marna," I answer him.

"And do you have a family name?"

"Perhaps I do but I rather leave that a mystery," I add trying to flirt. "As you said let's leave this as a clandestine encounter," I add shyly. I'm not accustomed to this type of interaction with mermen or anyone for that matter but something about this warlock has me wanting to unfold myself to him. He doesn't seem as bad as my parents and everyone has made me believe.

I should have seen through the facade. I'm no ordinary mermaid. I am one with the Sea. It is my home and I am prone to seeing through facades. I feel attracted to this man like no one before.

"Only if I get to see you again as I am today?" He asks me and I can't help but smile. His eyes are so enchanting like nothing I've ever seen. I bite my lip involuntarily while rummaging about what I should do and what I want to do. I let my heart win this fight and jump onto his arms to unite our lips in a watery seal. Doing what I've seen others do.

I just hope I'm doing this right as it's my first kiss. I've never been so watery for anyone as I am now for him. I let the Ocean storms guide me on what to do as his hands hold onto my waist. Shortly after we separate for loss of breath. Our heads united in a watery heat.

"I will admit I was not expecting that, but I would be a liar if I claimed not to enjoy it," he says his breath on my lips creating bubbling heat within me. "Swim with me my glorious exalting beauty," he pleads to me and I nod like a water love fool. What I'm feeling in this instant in his presence is not something I've ever felt. I wish to explore it even if it may ignite the fury of my family.

I can't deny the deepwater passion that is conveyed with him. I need to know more of the dangers that are so proclaimed about in the Sea. Confirm just how real they are and who better to do so with than one of the ones we are meant to hide from? I eagerly swim by his side with his guidance of course when he realizes I'm quite new at this. We do end up sharing laughs and more unladylike kisses that ignite boiling waters within me. By the time I look up to the sky, the sun is already setting.

I gasp in surprise at the pass of time and just how quickly it faded. I'm sad to be off and put an end to such a beautiful and exquisite day with rather enjoyable company but alas I bear no choice. I shall not be late in arriving home. My parents would be suspicious something I rather avoid. I rather not have to endure an unwanted lecturing of what happened to Sereia Hanon and Marilla Conway on the surface. It's the endless tale.

Something obviously overtold but I dare not defy them. I bid farewell to my new acquaintance and am left overjoyed when he offers to have a repeat of today, tomorrow. A smile forms my lips and I too eagerly accept his proposition before swimming away and into the waters of the Ocean Blue. My legs turn into my glamorous orange tail and I swim at speed to arrive home.

When asked about my day I mutter a lie to keep them off the truth. I so wish to see him again and I know if I tell then my wish shall be denied. I do not wish to crush my heart when I've grown affection for him. Affection I rather not renounce to, because my parents are incapable of allowing me the privilege of visiting the surface or the human ways unlike the newcomers my brothers have already grown smitten too. Sereia Hanon and Marilla Conway.

I am quick to repeat my previous escapade day after day until it seems like a lifetime ago I lived a life without knowing him. We spend our days conversing and swimming with the current of the Ocean. He calms the hum of the constant water song in my head and the voice of the Ocean Blue. It's rather odd yet quite refreshing.

Eventually, we even swim off to the coast where I learn to use these dangly things people call legs. It's quite difficult to walk and I end up stumbling more than once only to have him catch me like ever so a prince charming. My own prince. Nothing compared to my brothers who no longer mind me and rather spend their time making friends with the newcomers because they're so perfect and powerful as if my magic were now nothing.

My rendezvous and clandestine meetings evoke quite the opposite feelings compared to those evoked in the waters of the sea. At a determined point, he appears before me as I do him and shows me the human pleasures other magical creatures use with legs. Something quite unique yet ever so bubbling within oneself. So, opposite to the merfolk way to procreate but never the less ever so pleasing.

I spend each day more and more time with him to the very point where I cannot imagine a single second without him. Falling deeply and irrevocably for the warlock I met while swimming in the reef. A decision I have truly come to value. I feel as if I could trust him with about everything. Even who I am. What I am to be more exact. My greatest secrets and fears.

"My beauty do tell me do you ever plan on disclosing your name with me? I must admit no one has ever whisked me away from my obligations as you do," he inquires while stroking my exposed skin, that sends water currents throughout my veins.

"I've been told by all that no one must know my identity or what I am. Otherwise, I would meet death," I confess. "But you prove everything I've been told, wrong. I wish to disclose it all to you but I must know if your heart is anyone's possession as mine is yours," I ramble to him.

"I cannot answer said question without knowing more about you my beauty," he argues with a sigh putting a halt to the stroking of my skin. It's my turn to sigh. I do not wish to lose him and I fear to do so when my bloodline comes to light.

"I suppose you are right. You do deserve honesty and I shall grant it to you. My name is Marna Dover or rather Marna Briny Dover great something daughter to Nawfar Dover. I'm the princess of the sea. The Ocean Blue is my dominion," I confess and he's left with inquisitive eyes as my words are spoken. I hold my breath eager for the answer.

"Are you to say you are of the merfolk tale I have heard so much about? I met Nawfar Dover back in the day. What a dreadful woman was she. How such beauty could have come from her bloodline seems inconceivable. To answer your question, my beauty, my heart does correspond to another. You," he adds, and moved by sentiment I unite our lips sealing our declaration of love.

"I know not of your ways as you of mine but I want to be yours in every sense of the word. I wish to unite our souls for eternity. I can no longer bear thought of us not belonging to one another and hiding it from the world," I speak to him from the profoundness of my heart.

"I wish nothing more than so but neither your kind nor mine shall allow such union as the merfolk are meant to destroy me and the rest of the magical creatures in existence. They bear too much power and shall slaughter me when they discover our love and clandestine escapades," he opens me, his heart without a shred of doubt.

"The merfolk would never do such a thing. It's inconceivable for our kind to even bear a horrid thought such as the one you describe," I urge him.

"My beauty, I have witnessed first-hand the power of the merfolk by the name of Nawfar. She attempted to rid our world of any magic other than the one she could commandeer. She failed and was defeated only by the union of all of us. The magical community would never allow such a union with the merfolk unless the merfolk agreed to serve us all to repay their debt to us all," he declares.

It was all a lie. I was raised with lies of how we came to be hunted. The merfolk more precisely Nawfar had attempted conquering of the world no doubt shedding innocent blood. It was no wonder we were being hunted how could they have done such things.

"I was raised in amidst lies. Everyone painting Nawfar as the innocent victim when she brought nothing but unwanted suffering to all the magical creatures. But worry not my dear that I shall remain with your side and help with the bowing of the merfolk along with an apology," I assure him and he shakes his head in disagreement.

"Dear there is something else you should know of me. My name is Edor Udall," he confesses and I breathe in sharply. Edor Udall? The creator of this all? Oh, goddess. The pain he must have undergone when Nawfar twisted it all for her own mischievous plans that no doubt caused him suffering. I've never been more content of someone in passing.

"I trust you and I plan to always remain by your side. I wish to practice the ceremony that shall unite us both as one. Our souls being interconnected at all times. Let me be yours officially under the eyes of the moon goddess if no one else is to be present," I urge him.

"What of your family?"

"My family is nothing compared to you. They made me believe cruel lies that have harmed you, I can never forgive them for lying to me all this time. Unlike the rest of my people, I take your word over Nawfar's. I trust your honest words than her deceitful ones."

"What shall we tell them then?"

"Not a thing. We'll run away together in the things called legs. We'll have them believing my death so you and I can be together. Forever and ever. We'll accuse it onto the hunters they claim to want to hurt us. With your magic and my persuasion, we shall put them all at their knees. They shall know better and will bow their heads beneath us. We will rule over them together to keep them in line from their darkened minds," I relay my current ideas to him.

"And are you certain my beauty to be capable of living with your choice? Would my love always be enough? I wish not to harm you or bring tears forth in those incomparable eyes. I have tried through time to save the merfolk as you seek and been unsuccessful. You could be queen of the merfolk," he voices and I shake my head.

"I could never be queen without you or even want you. Now you have a mermaid to help you get the merfolk to seek redemption. And not just any mermaid but rather one special one. One blessed by the Ocean Blue and the princess of the sea as well," I add and his lips meet mine.

"Well, then my beauty let's make haste on our plans to bring forth justice upon the merfolk for their vile crimes against us all. With you by my side I'm certain we'll be capable of it without a doubt," he says between kisses. Kisses I'm all too eager to return.

I'll help him bring the merfolk to their knees for their crimes and overall for him. Because before my title I am simply and always his. Together we'll enslave all the merfolk and we can lead it so they do not become astray from any other magical creature. Nothing was without its risks and all. But marrying him and being together infinitely was always the right choice. I bear no regrets and never will as long as he remains by my side.

The merfolk shall pay in blood all the pain and suffering caused by ancestors in the past. It is only fair we all pay the heavily price and I shall make them see it that way whether they want to or not. I'll begin with Sereia Marinda Hanon and Marilla Hali Conway.

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