Water Love

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Chapter 45

Sereia Marinda Hanon

She laughs as if she’s going to get away with it. My eyes shift from tank to tank. Seeing all the people I care about stuck in them. Bounded by the same chains I am both infuriates me and saddens me. How did we come to be like this? How could she do this?

What is it she sees in him? Why has she taken his side to the point where she would kill her own parents. Ronan and Leith would have renounced to the throne for her. She could have had everything so what led her to stand by his side and hurt those she cares about?

I hold back the tears threatening to spill from my eyes and glare at them both. I won’t allow weakness to shine through. She thinks she will get away with this deceitful game of merry go around of which family member she gets to hurt next but I promise by all that I believe in that she won’t. For every tear, scream, and scar she inflicts on them, I will do so to her. I will be the voyage of the moon goddess. The vessel of the water and Ocean Blue. I will.

Crying will only cause her pleasure and satisfaction. Something I refuse to give her. These chains will be broken. I will break out of them. She’s pushing to the point where I have to show the monster in order for us to survive and I honestly don’t mind. She’s chosen this life. Doesn’t matter why or how. She chose to hurt us. To enslave her own people. To inflict pain upon us all and force innocents to kneel if they didn’t want to meet death.

For that she will pay, I promise. For hurting Marilla, Merise, my mother, Earendil, Caspian, for hurting everyone I care for. She will pay. They both will. There won’t be anything she can do to escape the trench she opened up for herself. I know the only way out is either they die or we do. There is no imprisoning her and him. There is no reversing time to prevent this. That doesn’t exist and even fairytales have their hardships.

“Sereia I can free you from these chains. Cede me control. I can shift and breakthrough them. I’m a wolf and these chains are meant to hold only a mermaid. Nothing more than a mermaid. I’m not merfolk. Let me have control so I may help you free everyone and inflict justice,” Ziva speaks within me. I’m startled at her voice seeing how much I push her down.

Can she really help me in this predicament? I’ve hated wolves for half of my life. They killed my mother and robbed me of a childhood with my sister. Of course, those were lives seeing as they are currently trapped in tanks and chains similar to my own. But still, I grew up with those lives. What should I do? Can I really trust a wolf now? I trusted Roul if I’m being honest to some sort of extent. I would never hurt him or go against him no matter how much I went against him and all.

Like Ziva mentioned he was our mate or rather hers. But if she’s a part of me that makes him mine as well. Can I trust her?

“Now let’s see who can withstand the most pain,” Marna says wickedly and seconds later the screams of my family are resounding this entire room as Edor with his magic has the chains burn through their skin.

“All that’s needed to claim the throne is kill your brothers and the current queen my dear,” Edor conveys to Marna with a wickedly passionate smile. One she’s all too eager to return.

“Well then it’s a pleasure we have the current queen and my brother will follow her connection. Perhaps killing her will rid me of Ronan. And perhaps Ronan’s death will bring forth Leith’s own death. With them being twins and all,” she plans wickedly.

“So shall I kill her then?” He waits for her approval before inflicting even more pain onto Merise as I watch. I bear no choice. Either I trust the wolf that seems to inhabit my body or my sister will die. My family is the most important thing to me and I can’t lose them. Especially when I recently got them back. Alright I suppose the wolf can take control.

My body feels broken and in agony as every bone in my body breaks to accommodate the wolf coming out of me. The chains snap away and become nothing but broken fragments on the tank floor as fur emerges from me and breaking the damn tank causing water to spill onto the floors landing on four legs. A growl escapes me and soon my attack is on Marna. Surprise seems to cross her features for a minute before she’s fighting me off.

Magic against magic. Hers against my own. My summoning of water, Atargatis, and the Ocean blue. She tried to kill my sister. There is no coming back from that. There is no forgiving that, Ronan and Leith’s sister or not. It’s something I cannot forgive and utterly refuse to.

I see Marilla biting her chains away with fangs before running at light speed towards Edor preventing him from attacking me or interfering in my fight against Marna. All in while the damn doors to the prison we’re being held at opens with familiar faces guiding hordes of magical creatures. I see Lorelei immediately run to the tanks trying to free our family.

“Why you little crab!” I hear Edor convey as Marilla bites into his neck and begins to drink his blood. He pulls her away holding onto the wound she inflicted as she cleans her lips using both her fingers and tongue. Teasing him.

Marna tries to pull a fast one on me with an ancient water spell as my focus is elsewhere. But I catch it just in time and mirror the spell so it reciprocates onto her instead of me. Even then it only stuns her for a moment.

“It’s time to let me be heard!” Selene, the Ocean Blue, the water, and Atargatis speak to me. My eyes lock with Marilla and I know it’s mutual. We have to be one. She and I. Be their vessel. Their voice. We slip from beneath each of our opponents and joining hands we become one with the water.

Our bodies rise to the air as water surrounds us and electricity cackles within it. Our arms spread as those of a goddess commanding punishment. I see Merise free and standing directly below us with her eyes pure white and soon their voices begin to pour out. Marilla and I being their pool of power while Merise conveys their message.

“This is enough! I created all my children so they may get along. All different and unique in their own way and this is how it comes to be? For my children to turn on one another and enslave an entire population of my most purest creatures?” Selene speaks through Merise. Marna and Edor attempt to send attacks our way but Selene neutralizes their magic.

“Do you really think the very thing gifted to you will be any effect on us? What type of pitiful fools are you to try such vulgarities on us?” Atargatis is next to speak as the water keeps electrifying. Our bodies the bubble of lightning water itself.

“You betrayed my trust, Marna. You betrayed your kind for lies. You went as far as killing your parents and attempting to hurt the queens of the water. You were one of the few chosen to save the merfolk and instead, you condemned it by sleeping with the enemy at the cost of tears and blood of your own people,” the Ocean Blue conveys disappointed as an electric bolt escapes the pool and jumps throughout the room.

“You ignored our warnings time and time again. Attempted time and time again to conceive a child with someone cursed by me for his vile acts,” Selene says in a disapproving tone.

“You hurt my children, my queens. How dare you call yourself a queen after the atrocities you have committed?” The water takes voice now as we increment in power. No one moving as they are at a loss on what to do.

“Jealousy is not a nice look on you and yet you wear it. Trying to create life on your own terms stealing a blessing only the moon goddess can give. Stealing that which she grants and all because one of my kind rejected you?” Atargatis speaks infuriated at them.

“I am at a loss. For centuries I had hoped you would stray from your cruel and senseless vendetta on your own but instead, you’ve hurt more. No longer will you do so. It’s time you face all those you have hurt and sentenced to death. Beginning by those it began with,” the moon goddess declares and we shoot electricity onto the ground.

Magic twirls and forms as an incantation is said and from droplets of water form Nawfar and her beloved. Murel with the Werewolf King Lycaon Wolfram. All of them on legs with nothing more than a few scraps of fabric covering the parts of their body that should remain private unless given consent. Marna and Edor are left at a loss before them.

Nawfar with her strawberry blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Along with her beloved who bore beautiful sunny blond hair as well as sea blue-green eyes. Murel with her brunette locks and piercing almost blue and white eyes. Lycaon Wolfram with his dashing dark hair and blue eyes. A shade of blue matching Murel’s.

“You believed him over your ancestors. You were able to spread lies due to the murdering of them but not anymore. Today you are to set records straight with the lives you stole of them,” Atargatis speaks. Marna dares not show any doubt or sign of faltering to standing with her beloved. But she will come to regret them. “You also took their lives.”

“Those who stood by you shall meet death or be cursed depending on their hearts,” Selene adds.

Lightning strikes once more and Jorah appears with Diondra. Same as everyone else. With scraps of clothing hiding only what one’s forever love could only see if accepted. They glare at one another. Upon seeing possible interference lightning strikes from our pool to just behind Marna and Edor. An impenetrable forcefield of water forming all around us blessed by Selene’s light and magic.

“You killed my mate and child,” Lycaon is the first to speak.

“Persecuted me and my people because my heart belonged to another despite you already belonging to another. One you dared killed along with my sister,” Nawfar is the second to voice out her anger against the two.

“You chose the man that brought death, lies, and ruination to the Ocean Blue and your family. You could beg forgiveness but why should you when we both know it will be nothing but a lie,” Nawfar’s water love voices to Marna.

“Killing me was one thing but my unborn child another. It’s something I can’t let go of,” Murel speaks.

“Why Marna? We loved you?” Diondra questions her own daughter with tears staining her face.

“I wish you could seek redemption and live. I wish you could change but that will never be the case. I know that,” Jorah tells her and she laughs.

“You all speak as if you were all high and mighty but are just as horrid as I am. You were colluding to destroy all magical creatures and enslave them. It’s only fair the merfolk pays for your mistakes,” Marna directs towards them. Lycaon rips through his skin shifting into his massive gray wolf and leaps to attack Edor. If anyone should hate him the most it’s him. He was robbed of a lifetime with his mate but I suppose if it weren’t the case, Roul wouldn’t exist.

Shortly after they are all dragging Marna and Edor with them to the land of the passed with their bodies being nothing more than ash. Selene and everyone else feels it punishment enough long with a clear message that they want all their children to live in peace and harmony with one another. No one enslaving the other. Marilla and I separate from the water and descend to the floor below as mermaids as well as Merise.

Her eyes now normal. The forcefield around us crashes down and soon enough I have Roul by my side holding me. I can feel his wolf as close as I am to Marilla. Marilla is aided by Ascelin who holds her tight fearful of losing the woman he loves once more. Seeing how keeping things from her might just tear them apart. While she allows herself that moment of weakness. Lorelei embraces Seaton. My mother, my father as well as Merise. Nerice, Earendil, and Caspian.

We’re all together and free now. Our promise to the Ocean Blue fulfilled. The remaining merfolk help in captivity with us transform into water and a smile graces my lips knowing they’re safe. We did it. We freed our people from a life of persecution all the while finding love. Not only that but keeping life beating within us.

I hug Roul back with all my might. Enjoying the feeling of just being in his arms. I’m not a damsel in distress and was more than powerful enough to do this on my own with Marilla, but he came. I wasn’t expecting him to search for me as would the merfolk and vampires due to Ascelin being a Duke for them and all. But he did. He came for me. I don’t know if it’s, because I’m his mate or he, loves me or why but I can’t say I’m displeased.

I’ve grown to love this man despite denying it for so long. In a way, I suppose I always trusted him to keep me safe and never hurt me. He was the first wolf I trusted and how I was able to keep it together and not give into him is beyond me. He’s my forever love and he came for me. He chose to come for me. Rescuing me once again in a way. Bringing his people to declare war on Marna and Edor.

Without a second thought, I unite our lips needing to feel close to him. His contact alone is both comforting and safe. He became my home in my time with him when my world shattered. He was there. He was my one. He was my water love. The type of love I craved. A love like the one my parents’ shared. He was mine and I, his.

Marilla holds on tight to Ascelin. Tears streaming down her eyes. Her heartbroken for having to end the life of the sister she almost had. Resonating with Ronan and Leith’s pain. Their innocent sister became the villain. She ended the life of their parents and was responsible for our people being persecuted the last few years. A wild love story that I have no idea how it happened led her to be the villain in our story. She brought tears and blood to our door.

We couldn’t blame it all on Edor. She chose him. She joined him of her own free will. I saw it. She even said so time and time again. No one forced her. No one twisted her arm. No one threatened her. It was her choice and she brought us all pain. Pain, we would remember for time to come. We got our families back but they didn’t.

They had a broken heart and family. Their sister betrayed them but she was still their sister. She was alive up till a few moments ago. Now she was dead as were their parents. We betrayed them. I pushed Ronan to marry my sister which he did for the good of the Ocean Blue but he doesn’t love her. Nor, she, him. But because of my choice, they are bounded forever. Marilla was marked and tattooed by a vampire. She would be his for the rest of their days. She broke Leith’s heart as much as I did Ronan’s if not more. I got my family back but they lost theirs.

Guilt invades me. I won this war. I freed the merfolk. I did so with Marilla by my side. I had a soulmate, a family, and a crazy love story. I had a water love as Marilla had. But they? What did they have apart from each other and an Ocean Blue full of responsibilities? We broke two of the greatest men in existence and were going to do so more.

“I’m pregnant,” Marilla and I both announce as we lock eyes and as we both hold our forever loves. I can see the droplet of water that breaks the damn within them both the moment we make our announcement but we just witnessed death. We brought it forth. It’s only fair it’s remedied by a bit of light and happiness. Me and Marilla being with child should do that.

A tear escapes each of their eyes and their features harden in an instant. Our news just ruined them for whoever was meant to be with them. We broke them for good this time.

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