Water Love

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Chapter 47

​Sereia Marinda Hanon

Looking at Marilla and I’s reflection has me smiling like a fool. Never would I have seen myself marrying a wolf of all things. A wolf that knows me inside and out as much as she does. My perfect match. A man that pushed me to think differently. Who challenged my authority as the Queen of the Water. A man who demanded as much respect as I did.

Today was momentous. I would become his luna, wife as well as be crowned the official queen of the water alongside Marilla. A title expressed solely for us and never before held. Today we would announce to the entire world the joyous news of our pregnancy. Today my life changed forever and I can’t be any happier. Marilla and I shall live in near proximity to each other and with access to the Ocean Blue. The merfolk had the choice to live on land if they chose to.

Half-breed of the merfolks were welcomed to spend time on either. Although the merfolk had all settled into the Ocean Blue and had no desire to return to their past lives as they were building a new one, the one our ancestors got to live. They had opted to be away from humans and were welcomed by the water fairies to live with them when they pleased. Perks of Lorelei and Seaton’s union.

They had gotten married two days back and were going to have a vow renewal when after the birth of their child. Lorelei was glowing and Seaton couldn’t be any more delighted if he tried. It took us all a minute to process it but it was just that a minute. We all jumped to help and it was a small family affair. The perfect wedding for the two.

Her family was mourning the passing of Edlin or rather her disappearance as I don’t remember her being between the ones punished or deceased. They were upset over her life choices but glad she couldn’t hurt anyone else. Her family and all other magical creatures apologized for all the pain my people had gone through and had made a royal decree so it would never happen again.

My parents were happy and close once more. Undina was with her water love, who happened to be one of the captured merfolk. Nerice and my mother were still close despite my mother’s pregnancy. My father and her had grown to understand and were much more joyous of their return. They were going to raise him together. As with Undina’s child. It’s still taking Merise and me, a while to accept him as such but we’re trying.

Ronan and Leith will be in attendance today as they have to officiate the marriage as the Kings of the Ocean Blue. They aren’t speaking to us as much and are nothing but cold. We understand their reasons and hope they are able to heal. I hope Ronan moves past it and he and Merise can build a happy life together.

Today we unite vampires, werewolves, and merfolk alike. We create an unbreakable alliance as Seaton did with Lorelei. We crossbreed with each other and show it is possible for land and sea to meet. The whole magical community will be in attendance. A big wedding as the grooms to be requested it with the most perfect dresses.

My satin ombre bust fitted ballgown. Held together by transparent straps. A long V neckline with embedded water stones into the fabric. Dark blue at the bust growing lighter in color until around mid-thigh where it was white. The perfect dress. My hair curled and swept to the right and a dolphin brooch on the left side. Earing matching my necklace as a wedding gift. I looked out of this world and dignified of being called a Water Queen.

Marilla was not far behind me. She wore a silk green and blue iridescent shimmer ballgown. A similar pronounced long V neckline as my dress but much more discreet than mine. Overlapping gold straps on the waistline and with half an inch straps that reached the gold straps on the back. Leaving half her back exposed. Her hair adorned in a braided headband and met in a braided lower bun with different sized pearls within it. Pear earrings to match her necklace as well.

“So what did he do with the pearl ring he got you?” Merise inquires intrigued dressed in a fitted velvet blue short dress. Her hair adorned in a half braid which suited her perfectly.

“Placed it on a chain and used it as a foundation to create a replica of my own. Except his, has a mermaid holding the pearl with him as a glimmer in the light shaped in a heart. Displays it proudly and doesn’t take it off from what I hear. I miss him,” she answers.

“I know, but it is only proper that you waited till today. Makes tonight all the more special. Your father and I had to wait eight months to grow intimate due to the wedding. Best decision he ever made for us,” Nerice conveys leaning into Earendil.

“I hear Roul’s going to imprint the design of your necklace onto his skin,” my mother adds and it’s my turn to smile.

“He is. An idea he got from his grandfather and you daddy,” I convey to them both.

“If it weren’t because I know he loves you and you, him, I would have already sent him to the moon goddess,” he answers me as he holds onto my mom tight. “But if you decide to swim away at the last moment, know I have your back,” he conveys.

“Leomaris don’t place such ideas into her head and just so you know my father made the same offering to me at our wedding ceremony. Unlike our daughter, I actually took him up on it. Once I was halfway across the Ocean Blue I realized I couldn’t live without you and came back,” my mother reveals and he looks at her in awe.

“Oh, so that’s why you arrived late,” he says ironically.

“Well, that won’t happen today. I love him and don’t wish to leave him. Let’s also not forget I’m with child,” I tell them both.

“A child is not a reason to marry. If you’re marrying because you’re with child then know you’re making a mistake. A child can grow up perfectly healthy without having to marry their father. You both better be marrying because you love each other deeply and can’t live without them not because you are expecting,” Earendil scolds us.

“Daddy of course not. We are marrying because we found what you found. Ascelin even had my name imprinted in gold onto his skin right above his heart. Had a mermaid and the Ocean Blue tattooed onto his arm to demonstrate how much he loves me. He plans on imprinting us both in silver on his arm. I found in him what you all did in each other,” Marilla assures him.

“Either way my offer stands for you both,” my father conveys and I smile.

“Not necessary but thank you,” I tell him planting a kiss on his cheek.

“Alright it’s time,” Lorelei says coming into the room with Seaton.

“Are you both ready for this?” Seaton inquires and looking into each other’s eyes Marilla and I nod. We had found the perfect fit for us. We weren’t backing down now. We head down to the spring in Roul’s property leading to the Ocean Blue now. All eyes landed on us as we entered into their sight. Marilla and I linked arms as on opposite sides we linked arms with our fathers.

“It’s still there if you both want,” my father conveys before we begin our march to the grooms.

“We’re fine daddy. We have no doubts,” I add and he nods before we bin marching towards them. A smile gracing our lips as we had all magical creatures in existence in attendance especially the monarchy of each species. A sign that they were approving our union.

We walk with a smile on our faces towards the one we love just as much and as fiercely as Marilla and I do each other. We will love them as much as we do each other and they will hold as much a place in our life as we do each other. They will bear as much power as we do. I smile at Marilla before our fathers hand us off to the grooms. A smile she reciprocates with a nod.

A promise that despite us marrying we would forever be soulmates. Beyond that, we would be each other’s swim or drown. We would be marrying great men who would share a place that we held for each other in our hearts but if it came down to a choice it was each other who we would choose. We came into this world together and would leave it together. But I have the feeling if that ends up being the case it is now an us four swim or die.

The ceremony proceeds as I gaze lovingly into Roul’s eyes. A smile grazes his lips that just warms my heart. I know our marriage and life will not be perfect and we will disagree but it will be worth it. I know I will work on our marriage to make sure our fairytale last. Always him and I. Or Marilla, him, and I. I suppose I would have to add Ascelin too.

“Sereia would you recite your vows,” Leith conveys to me and I smile.

“For most of my life, I’ve been wanting to have a love as the ones my parents shared. In my mind, I always foresaw that being with a merman but I couldn’t be more wrong. I’m glad I was because it led me to you. I feel everything happens for a reason and at times I didn’t see it. I didn’t see how perfect you and I were until we were apart. Until I was one with my soulmate and the water once more. In there I discovered just how right you are for me and today I want to promise you that I will love you as much as I love Marilla and the water. You bear a place in my heart that will never have anyone but you,” I conclude and his eyes grow surprised.

“Roul would you recite your vows,” Leith directs himself to my groom.

“Sereia you are the most stubborn and most beautiful creature I have ever met. You leave me puzzled half the time and always leave me wanting to know how that beautiful mind of yours works, but I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I am always amazed by how much you grow and the lengths you are willing to go for those you love and am honored you see me as such. I promise you today that no matter how much you may push me at times I will love you and do everything in my power for you to have a smile on those pretty little lips of yours. I’ll be by your side on the ups and downs we may have in our life. I’ll always be here for you and am happy to be yours always,” he concludes and I smile with tears at the tip of my eyes.

“Marilla, would you recite your vows now,” Ronan voices to my soulmate, and I break eye contact with Roul to gaze onto her as she recites her love to Ascelin.

“Ascelin you have shown me that nothing in this world is as it seems. That people aren’t always the same and kind hearts are still in existence. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of my love than you. My love for you is as deep and neverending as the Ocean Blue and I am thankful every day that it was you who I ran into that day at the beach despite back then being scared as the rocky seas. Because in the end, it led me to your arms. I can’t tell you how glad I am that you never gave up on me because it has led me to the greatest love I could experience,” Marilla finishes her vows.

“Ascelin would you recite your vows now,” Ronan voices to him.

“My pearl, I have lived thousands of years and I can’t think of a single moment where I was as fulfilled as I am since you came into my life. You were a challenge to be mine but in the end, you caved in and have made me the best and happiest vampire in existence. Because of you, I wish to be the best person I can be. I can’t see life without you by my side and know that if you were to one day pass away, I would follow you as I will the rest of my life. Today I want to vow to you that I will never interfere in your relationship with your soulmate and to respect it. But I also want you to know that I will love you as much as you love her. We live together, we’ll die together, and shall our souls be forever bound to one another, my queen,” Ascelin concludes by taking a kneel to Marilla.

He’s bowing to her. Showing him how much he loves her. Marilla’s eyes water and mine do as well. I look onto Ascelin awed as Roul takes my hand and shortly after kneels before me. My king is kneeling to me. He’s submitting to me. A powerful werewolf King submitting to me, a mermaid, the queen of the water.

“I will never bow to anyone but you, my queen,” Roul voices, and shortly after the whole crowd bows their head to me. Species of all kinds bowing their heads to us. Merfolk, water fairies, vampires, witches, werewolves. I place a hand over my lips before getting on my knees myself.

“I love you,” I say taking his lips to claim as my own.

The ceremony resumes shortly after and we’re declared one by both the Ocean Blue and everyone else. Finally, it’s time for the coronation to take place. Crowning all four of us as the Kings and Queens of the water. An honor that will be bestowed to us by the moon goddess herself in the representation of the Ocean Blue and the water.

We all bow our heads a little to have the moon goddess bestow upon us the crown of the water. Setting it on our head with a smile. I feel a surge of overwhelming power as she does. Her blessing no doubts as is Atargatis, the Ocean Blue, and the water.

“I present to you all the Kings and Queens of the Water,” Selene announces and the crowd applauds for us as they bow down to us in a sign of respect. Emotions fill me as I rest my head onto Roul while Marilla does the same with Ascelin. My hand reaches out to hers and we interlace fingers. It was us four against the world now. We live and swim together as we drown and die together. Not the perfect fairytale but we would do our very best to make sure it always lasted.

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