Water Love

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Author's Note

Hey everyone, been thinking about making a discord server so you may all talk with each other about the book and your thoughts on it. Still debating as I want to know people will actually use it if I make a server for all my books. I would eventually make a Patreon too but not anytime soon.

You would get to talk about the different books I have out with people who read them. Get to vote on which of my many drafts I have to write next after I complete a story and small little things. I would add polls and other things for you all to interact in. But first I want to know your thoughts. Comment below.

Also, if I open it, I might even be willing to give sneak peeks and all. If you’re a writer and read my books I would have a channel for you to advertise your books on there. I’m willing to support those that support me. Meaning whoever joins may find your book and you can use it to put it out there. Not a huge fan of people putting it on my wall as I don’t even know if they read my stories, but I will support those that do.

Let me know your thoughts as this is just an idea. Feel free to comment. And if I do open it, I would let you know and see what else I decide to add as right now it’s just a thought.

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