Water Love

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Sequel and More information

Hey everyone. Surprise, surprise. Water Love will be having a sequel with different main characters. I might also at some point do a small short story about Marna Dover just to offer more insight on how she came to betray her people. Because believe it or not there is more to that story. I just gave a glimpse. It will most likely be written during the summer, fingers crossed.

Alright, the sequel is out and under the name Crashing Waves. It is being written for Camp NaNoWriMo along with another book with no correlation to this series named Where to Belong? You can find both on my profile as it takes Inkitt a bit of time to review stories. The sequel is being published almost daily as of now.

For those wondering what NaNoWriMo is, I mostly recommend visiting their website as they can explain it better than I can. Just type NaNoWriMo in the search engine and they should appear. It will be my second time around entering it. Helps me stick to goals and deadlines. Also, the second book I plan on publishing along with the sequel of Water Love on April 1st will only be available for a limited time as I am aiming to take it to print soon afterward.

Marilla and Sereia's wedding dresses have been posted on my wall along with the muses of Water Love and the ones for the sequel. Not to mention the muses for the other book I shall be publishing as well on April 1st. Those that read Accidental Mistakes and Heritage don't need to worry. I will be aiming to keep publishing those two stories as well at least once a week. Updates on my writing schedule and any other future projects will be posted on my wall so it is recommended to follow me.

I'm also going to be trying to be more active about my stories on Instagram. I have linked it to my profile so feel free to follow me there. I might aim to update on my NaNoWriMo goals and things like that. You can find out more things about me if you do such as you can see some of my art that I have created and posted.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Water Love, and stay tuned for more news. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I loved writing Water Love and am glad it's being enjoyed by others. It just isn't over yet. Sereia and Marilla will play huge roles in the next book but they aren't the main characters. They are close to them. I have dropped small little hints on who the next mains shall be. I hope you are prepared for the next journey. Because there will be tears, drama, and more romance than portrayed in Water Love.

P.S. When I have more time and am not writing about five to six stories at the present time, I will be adding more chapters and scenes to Water Love. It lacked here and there so do be on the lookout for that. The plot will not change! It is just going to get a few additions here and there seeing I could have shown more of and didn't. It's more like extra content so you don't need to reread of you don't want to, but feel free to. I'll let you know when I begin with that. Alright, Love you guys, girls, and thanks for reading.

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