Water Love

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Chapter 5

Sereia Marinda Hanon



Stupid screams. They made me fall off my bed. My precious bed. Wait, did she say late? Nah, no way I set the alarm and it probably hasn’t even gone off.

“Marilla I hate you, I just want you to know that!”

“We’re going to be late for work!”

“What in the goddess name is wrong with you, it’s only,” I check the time on my phone and my eyes grow wide. “Seven-thirty in the morning! Why the hell didn’t you wake me up! We’re going to be late!”

“I know!”

“Give me five minutes and I’ll be down but make sure my cup of coffee is ready to go or I’ll go off on someone!” I say as I run into the closet. I hear her footsteps so it means she’s gone to do just that. What to wear? Oh, who cares, I’m already running late!

It’s been years since we discovered we’re mermaids. And it hasn’t gotten any easier. Only harder. Fitting in was already a task but now it’s just downright impossible. Fitting in with humans is a tedious task, I detest so much. But I have to. Well, I don’t but it’s the last bit of freedom we have.

We were thirteen when we discovered the big family secret. Fifteen. Now we’re almost twenty-five. Soon we’ll be wed off to the royalty of the merfolk and everyone shall be granted the chance to permanently move to the ocean due to our uniqueness.

And I’m thrilled. I just want to be one with the water. It’s so hard to resist it all damn day while I deal with pesky people who want me dead. It’s been hard, to say the least, but I don’t know any other way. I learned the way of the merfolk. Hell at one point I tried to be human once but I couldn’t stray too far from the ocean, it wreaked havoc in me. I almost unleashed the power of the mermaids upon everyone.

I almost died that day. No, I did die that day except the water brought me back. I became one with it. Her nagging voice will never shut up but I can’t live without her. She’s part of who I am. Of who we are.

Marilla and I have accepted our fate. We will wed on our twenty-fifth birthday to the royal princes of the ocean. Of the merfolk and we’re okay with it. We’ve grown to be friends with them. We’ll grant our people the peace they seek. Our marriage will grant everyone the chance of living in the ocean away from everyone once again away from all supernatural and human.

Everyone is looking forward to the wedding. I’m trying to but I can’t when I know my mother won’t be there for me. The hunters took her away over four years ago and she was never found. We knew her fate and were devastated but not as much as Nerice and her family. Dad and I lost mom. But they lost their father and the baby. Those monsters weren’t satisfied with just my mom or Marilla’s father. They took her little brother away.

Nerice to this day can not hide the tears and who can blame her it wasn’t just her husband that she lost but rather her child too and I think it ruined her. It was a real bitch to go with our lives. Marilla and I couldn’t take it and ended up leaving the security of the ocean borders. We went back into hiding between humans and I hate it. Not because they are threatening or anything. But knowing my kind had to hide between them for centuries just kills me. Humans are one of the weakest creatures in existence while mermaids hold so much power.


My eyes roll back involuntary as I pull a jacket out. I hate to be rushed and she knows it. I shake my head at the thought. I can’t stay too mad at her. Ain’t she lucky. Alright, let’s see how much more time I have. What? Seven forty-five? Damn! I guess I have to run.

“I heard you!” I scream back in the kitchen entry. “My coffee?”

“Right here, now let’s go!”

“Quit screaming at me and let’s get to running!”

“Car keys,” she calls out as she throws it into the air and I almost end up tumbling forward in an attempt to catch them. But my coffee does so for me. Oh for the... “Let’s go we’re running late!”

“But my coffee!” I call out as she pulls me forward.

“Later, now isn’t the time.”

“But... but... my coffee,” I plead my hand extended towards the floor.

“Sereia we’re running late get in the car, we’ll get one later, please,” she demanded and I was forced to succumb. We’re running late, now is not the time for coffee no matter how much I need it. Let’s just hope no one is stupid enough to cross me today. Especially without a coffee day. This day is going off to a bad start already.

I sighed and reluctantly entered the car. I placed my seatbelt and ignited the car. A few seconds later and I was leaving my driveway. The perks of being engaged to the future king of the seas. His family had amounted enough fortune to confine them therefore extending to me. I just wish my mother were here to tell me I was making the right choice.

I sped off, doing my best to break as few traffic laws as possible while still getting to work on time. Marilla and I made ends meet by working at a renowned event planning business. Everyone came to us for any event but our company was extremely selective.

We were meeting new clients today along with our new CEO seeing as the company was recently acquired by a magical creature. Rumor was of royal bloodline but I don’t really give a damn. I need coffee or I will commit murder. The second I parked, we bolted out of the car and began to run. I locked the doors from a distance as we ran our souls out as we made our way to the top floor in the 20-floor building we worked in.

Catching our breaths only when in the confinements of our conjoined office. Seeing as we produced our best parties when on it together. That and we held the very same title and were unable to decide between us both so we decided to co-lead our department. Of course today we were meant to meet our new CEO. Wring day to go without coffee.

“We made it,” Marilla breathed out as she struggled for air. I nodded weakly as I read the clock on our wall.

“Just seven minutes late,” I breathed out.

“Yeah but that’s nothing,” she waved me off.

“Hannon, Conway!” A fierce hiss broke us out of our happy bubble.

“Shirley,” Marilla coaxed.

“Your late,” Shirley Templeton cut her off. She was the vice president of our company. A she-wolf but overall a huge pain in my ass constantly hounding us for nothing yet everything. A pain in the ass that might discover just what I am if she doesn’t leave our office.

“Shirley I beg to differ, seeing as it’s only eight fifteen meaning I’m right on time,” I snapped at her. We were only required to be her punctually by eight. Earlier was better seen and later a disgrace. Yet being here at eight was greatly approved. Our previous CEO allowed us to come in at any hours depending on the work schedule but ever since the company sold we are demanded to be here at eight. Not a minute after unless you want to lose your job.

We don’t really need it but would rather not lose it. If we did, we would have to place our sole focus on our wedding and we’re struggling because two of the people we love the most just won’t be there. Every bride-to-be deserves to have her whole family present on her wedding day. her parents giving her off.

“Wrong you were supposed to be here an hour ago for the meeting,” she smiled with venom seeping onto her every word.

“Meeting? What meeting?” Marilla was quick to question beating just to it. Best that way I need my coffee. I’m tired as one can be.

“The one the new CEO programmed last night,” she informed with a devil smile. She should definitely be a demon and even then they are kinder than she is.

“Last night? I have a life thank you very much,” I muttered. When the hell had he organized a meeting? I went to bed at eleven and had no news of a meeting. I was never informed. I’ll definitely take that up with him.

“Is that alcohol I smell?” The audacity of this woman. I hate wolves. I still have scars from werewolf attacks on us. They can smell everything. Always digging where they shouldn’t. Marilla pulls out a perfume bottle from her purse and sprays it in the air before her to then spray us both with it.

“No it’s Gucci,” she said sweetly as Shirley scrunched up her nose in irritation. The perfume was overwhelming her senses. Gotta love that sense of smell.

“Uhh, I don’t know how you humans can stand that,” she said before storming out of our office. Works every damn time. If only she knew we weren’t humans but the very thing she fears. The talk of everyone is Shirley’s irrational fear of mermaids.

“Bitch, I don’t like her,” I commented as soon as it seemed safe.

“You and I both, when the hell did he program a meeting?” She asked now scrolling through her phone.

“So?” I asked awaiting for the information.

“Email was sent at twelve o’five in the morning,” she nearly shouted her ear off.

“You’re joking?” she shook her head and proceeded to show me the evidence in her hands. How dare she or he? As if I would wait all day and night for news regarding work. I have a life to live and a wedding to plan.

Well, I suppose no use in stressing out now. Might as well just dive into work. So, we missed one meeting, it certainly couldn’t hurt. I rolled my eyes as I made my way behind my desk and ignited my computer. Had the meeting been more important I’m certain he would have informed us earlier.

“Alright let’s dive into work, I don’t want to stay here all day and I’m already tired,” I groaned as I began to log on. Security and all that. Funny how everyone has it except mermaids. We’re the ones in constant danger and all.

“You and I both. I’ll go ahead and ask an intern to bring you a coffee before you lose it on someone,” she said picking up the office phone and dialing.

“Thank you, you are my favorite roommate by far,” I squeal with joy.

“I’m your only roommate better yet, I’m your only friend too,” she throws in my face. I want to contradict her but she’s right. I lost all my friendships the day I lost my mother. I only let Marilla in. She distanced herself from them but she never stopped speaking to them. It was only less frequent. But I was the only one that knew everything. Her fears, insecurities, pain, everything.

If I have a soulmate out in this world, it’s her. We may be getting into an arranged marriage with great men but they aren’t our soulmates. They will never get as close to our hearts as we are with one another. No one will. The moon goddess has already sealed our fates and I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your wants for the greater good. Our birthday is only a couple of months away.

We worked the day away and I left the office around noon to meet up with a couple of clients. Marilla stayed at the office all day while I prepped our clients on possible locations and details. Around seven as the moon began to be fully visible as the sky darkened I indulged in a walk by a creek on my way to get Marilla.

I let the shimmer of the moon console my empty hole in my chest as I gazed up with the hope my mother was up there watching me alongside my sister. I miss her so much. It seems as if it were only yesterday that Marilla and I discovered we were mermaids. It’s been years now. And the last few we’ve had to move on without one of our parents.

How I wish she were here with me. My beautiful mother. To think I lost her over four years ago breaks me every time. Half of my time as a mermaid has been without her and it hurts. It hurts so much. She should be here. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if me being a mermaid brought death to her door. I would gladly be human if it meant I could have her back.

“How I miss you mom,” I whisper while embracing myself as I set my eyes upon the moon. I really hope she’s watching.

“My child you weren’t at fault sometimes life is just crude, she wouldn’t want you to blame yourself. She loved you and the ocean very much. She chose to save you knowing what you could offer the merfolk. You have a great destiny before you,” the water resounded in me, and just like that the pain washed away. It always knows just what to say.

“Be one with the water,” I spoke as my eyes began to sting with pain and tears. A ruffle. A branch breaking. My instincts immediately kicked in. My senses tuning as I catch sight of the moon for protection and guidance. Seeing it glow rather more brighter and intensely than ever. As if saying I’m here my child.

I stand still waiting to see what lurks behind me before I catch sight of paws prancing behind trees. Not any but a wolf. Wolves who can easily identify me if given the chance. I turn and catch sight of strong dominant eyes capable of hurting me. The moment I see it lunge out of hiding I take off running with it close at my heels. Using my magic at a turn I summon the power of the mermaid within me along with the moon’s and turn myself into water being drifted through the wind.

Glancing back I catch sight of a massive white wolf with breathtaking ice blue eyes and silver bright claws. Claws more than likely meant to kill me. Seconds later as I’m being drifted to safety I hear a piercing howl break through the night to closely follow by others.

I reform my body back near my car to speed off as I begin to hear more howls and menacing sounds in the woods. Wolves run out of the forest to follow me but I press the gas. I am the future of the merfolk, I can not be caught by wolves or any magical creatures. I can NOT die before my wedding takes place. I just can NOT. I press the accelerator even further as I feel the wolves catch onto me. I will not allow it. I’m Sereia Hanon future queen of the seas.

I am water and I will survive at any cost. My people will get a happy life. One where we won’t be hunted away from peering eyes and greedy hands. With the power of Atargatis and Selene, I will escape them. And just like that with a thought. I disappeared along with the car in thin air to an alleyway near our office building.

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