Water Love

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Chapter 8

Werewolf territory, King Roul Lycaon Wolfram

Her smell. It was faint yet intoxicating. It’s nearby. I know it’s nearby I can smell it. It’s driving my wolf insane, me insane. I have to know what it is. I have to know who is emitting is.

“Mate,” I can feel my wolf roar inside me.

I run at full speed toward the wonderful smell. Undeniable, alluring. It calls to me. I stop as I see a beautiful woman holding herself as she gazes solemnly at the moon. Her eyes seem at the brink of tears. She is near the water but as my eyes scan the area I sense great power. Yet no one but her around. The water vibrating softly. I take a step forward and a branch cracks beneath my feet as the bushes that kept me hidden rustle.

Her head raises slightly and her senses go on alert. She seems defensive. Her gaze momentarily to the moon as if praying to the goddess before she turns towards me. My breath hitches as my wolf shows dominance. Her eyes turn fearful as she asses me. I gaze intently at her trying to discover if she is our mate.

She smells like my mate but it’s not overwhelming as the tale goes. It’s still faint despite her being so close to me. It’s on her but I can’t tell if it’s coming from her or she’s had recent contact with her. I leap from my hiding spot just as she begins running as if her life depended on it. As if danger lurked around or she had something to hide. I growl in frustration as I follow her into the forest. She keeps turning preventing me from catching up to her until she vanishes.

I scan the area for any noise or sight but the forest seems to be deadly quiet. My wolf howls at her disappearance desperate to see his mate. Our mate. I release a piercing howl into the night forest to alert my pack of her. To find her and bring her to me. They howl back and alert me of the sighting of a car.

My paws begin taking direction towards the sighting but she’s vanished into thin air by then. Dammit! I growl unable to settle down my anger.

I will find her if it’s the last thing I do. I’m the future King of the Werewolves. There is no hiding from me. I swear on the moon goddess I shall find her and receive the answers I seek.

Beach, Duke Ascelin Horatio Vernon

The beach is always so peaceful at night. Not a soul in sight just one and the water. The rocking of waves the perfect place to clear the mind. Just what I need. A breath of fresh air. I’ve been alive for centuries and been with countless people. Yet lately everything seems blanch.

Boring. Normal. Mundane.

It’s as if I’m missing something. As if I’m missing someone as if after being alive for an eternity I wish for a companion for my soulmate.

My eyes catch sight of a beautiful creature from afar. Fully clothed emerging from the water. Her clothes soaking wet. The wind blows the smell of her blood onto my nose along with a faint smell. My fangs extend as my eyes pierce at her. I can feel my control falter and I have to retain myself from attacking her neck to taste her blood.

She bends down and has her phone in hand along with her purse. I run closer needing to be closer to her. She’s making me lose control. I can smell her blood along with a faint yet sweet smell. It lingers yet I can’t place if it’s coming from her or not. Which is highly strange.

Her stand turns defensive as the wind ruffles her hair. She’s sensed me. Her grip grows tighter on her phone. Her eyes are looking onto the sand as if searching for something. Turning her head side to side. What is she in search of? Me?

A hiss escapes my lips as I struggle to keep myself from hurting her. Without warning I see her take off. Realizing how far she’s getting from me without me knowing why I’m reacting like this to her, I take off after her.

I don’t take long to catch up to her and prepare to take a hold of her to get answers. To figure this out. To see if she may be it or perhaps I’ve been bewitched. I reach out for her arm but just as the wind blows and the air gets colder she disappears. I’m left startled as I search from left to right trying to identify where she’s gone.

I regain full control in an instant and I curse loudly. How am I to know how to undo her spell. How am I to find my soulmate if I’m bewitched by her. I have to find her and undo her dark magic! I have to know who she is and how she was able to break my control so easily. I will find this witch and make her pay.

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