The Blackblood

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We lived a simple life but at college ours lives were locked in a world of passion, love, sex, possession and friendship. We defined ourselves by our needs until the death of Marcos Mann. People started to whisper of the devil and it was a mystery to us. We never believed in magic till we were told it was in our blood. We were the children of the blackblood. ☆NOT LOVE BUT A GAME☆ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS STORY CONTAINS SOME ADULT SCENES.

Fantasy / Romance
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I am Oliver Santino. People knew me as a naughty boy. Boy? Well yes, I was mama's boy. My mother never believed I was grown up. She kept calling me ‘My Boy’ even though I was twenty-three.

At college, my friends called me a Playboy! Girls liked my muscular body. I wouldn't pass a girl without her saying a 'hie' to me. My phone was always busy- phone calls and social media messages. To help myself, I decided to have a private number. Dating all girls in a row at once wasn't hard for me. And, getting a ‘no’ wasn't in my genes.

Too bad, with all the pride I had, I was expelled from the Rockline College.

Girls fought for me. And, that was a crap. I was forced to transfer to a new college.
Skyling College!
It was a dream College for most students of Rockline College. Luckily, it was my last year.

Schooling always sucks. If my dad had given me a chance to choose, definitely I was going to be his sideman in the restaurant. But nope, it was unlikely for me to choose. So I was struggling to get my diploma in anatomy.

On one hand was my craziness, on the other were my parents struggling to educate me. The money from their restaurant wasn't enough to pay for my college. If I didn’t get a writing scholarship I was going to be damned. Maybe not, maybe I was going to be at a restaurant with my parents. That was going to be nice because I really missed a time with my family.

Okay, it was time to go.

The van was already outside, waiting for me to get ready. My dad had made his farewell over the phone. I didn't get hold of my mom. She might was busy occupied by work.

I put on my red cap and got inside a van. I had already loaded my bags. I was getting ready to wave my goodbyes to the Rockline College. Mostly to my friends, I was going to miss them.

The Skyling College was few ten kilometers far from home. It was not that far. But the road was thousand years old. It wasn't in a good form-Pothole in every lane.

The driver was used to the road, so he was gently pressing the gears to drive safely. I was sitting on a front seat. The music from the car was so lullaby. I was leaning to the window. My mind drifted back to the memories of my high school friend.

Chris Daniel!

He was crazier like I was. Well I said, "Like I was" because I was intending to be a new guy in a new college. I hoped it was going to work. Chris was smart; the teachers liked him when we were at high school. Outside the classroom, he was my buddy at crimes. I thought about naughty things I did with him during high school. It made me wonder why my parents were sending me to him again after they had forbidden me.

In the wake from my thoughts, we had stopped by the ice-cream shops. Mr. Solo, the drive was holding two plastics of ice-cream. He gave me one. He was so spoiling. Everyone seemed to treat me like I was a small boy. I guess the reason was my calmness and my fondness with elders. They didn't know I was too unpredictable.

It was getting windy, grey ripples of clouds were wearing off the blue sky. Certainly in my head, it was going to rain. Mr. Solo wouldn't stop the vehicle. He kept on driving until we crossed a river. It was when I realized that he was rushing to cross the river. The river had no proper bridge to cross. Luckily there wasn't too much water, so he drove easily to cross the river.

There was no need for Mr. Solo to stop the engine after crossing the river. The storm was already calm like it was giving us a chance to reach our destination but the sky remained covered.

Ahead of us was a post sign, navigating the directions to the Skyling College. I realized we were already in the Skyling city. The road was extremely inclined. I felt like the van was going to slide backward. The very wide tarred road to fit more than four cars was in a good shape. The lines separating the lanes were very distinct. Skyscrapers were touching the heavens. I felt the density of the atmosphere becoming different. It was light and the air was easily breathable.

Everything seemed different. It was long since I visited the city. Even though my parents owned a house in the city, they chose to live in the Rockline city. My dad was born there. He was inherited a house. It was once owned by his old man. My mom on the other side was from the Skyling city. She moved on to live with dad after they got married. They were both working in a restaurant they own.

We reached the entrance gate. Mr. Solo helped me with my bags. My dad had long paid him, so he fastly said his goodbyes and left.

I dragged with my bags, heading to the admission office. They gave me my room number and direction to the dorms.

I walked up the stairs and coincidently, I met Chris.

Chris: Oh man! Is this real... I don't believe it.

Me: What...You? We finally met bro.

We hugged each other.

Me: Am happy to see you bro. A lot has happened, so now I am focused. I need to get my diploma fast.

Chris: No! No way, this is season finale, our last year. We need to make it epic for last. Anyway, what's your room number?

Me: Am in triple zero three.

Chris: Yghesss!!! 0003, I made it... I was trying to hook your name on the list. It seems it worked; we are on the same room bro.

We were too excited. Chris was helping me to pull up my bags as we were going up the stairs.


Hello Readers😊

I hope you are enjoying reading my story. Please do vote for my story by touching a star underneath the story and comment. I just want to know how you view my story. It is my first story and English is not my native lunguage. Your review will be greatly appreciated.

Have a good time.

mr wow

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