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Between Family, God, and power which one will they choose. A story about a punishment over time

Fantasy / Thriller
Alaa Alhussain
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God's Punishment

Start writing here…There was a time when the Gods were worshiped by the people, they choose those Gods because people lost hope and faith after the wars between the kingdoms devoured every land and caused loses in people numbers there was no complete family, each lost a son, a father, brother, every man was dragged to be a soldier, and those who weren’t up to the war lost their lives first. Five Kingdoms fought to gain power, fire, ice, water, the land of magic, and the land of the moon, each one had its special attributes, and it wasn’t specific to the kings and the royalty, the common people had the powers of the land, starting with Fire Land which had in the center a big mountain, it had a hole on the top which reached to the bottom, and from that hole rose a big fire which never turned off for millions of years, the people had the ability to control the fire, they didn’t burn from it nor hurt by it, and it was said that they were blessed by Hades himself, and he was the one who put that mountain of fire and had these rituals where they offered sacrifices to the mountain, and it wasn’t the beautiful virgin girls, but the heads of their enemies, they would raid other countries and the tribes on the borders to collect their heads and offer them as a sacrifice to their lord, they were the most brutal of all lands.

The land of the water was the most peaceful of them all, it was divided into small islands and it was mostly sea and water, its people were blessed by Poseidon as it was said, the people there could walk on water and breath normally under it, also they could play with water and make it into the shape they wanted to, they even turned the water into weapons when they needed to.

The most ambiguous land of them was the land of the magic, no one knew where their land started and where it ended, whoever tried to enter their land without permission, this one would disappear and no news would be heard about him anymore, it was said that it had a secret gate where you could enter their land from, but you should be invited to be able to find it and to make it throw the gate.

If you thought about the cold you should definitely monition the great land of Ice which was as its name referred to, a big land where no season came except winter, the ice covered every inch of the ground, a normal human couldn’t handle the freezing weather dominated the land, but its people were immune against the cold or rather they were one with cold, and they could produce ice from anything, or turn things into ice, what frightened the other nations most was that they would ride collar bears instead of horses, it was a terrifying scene to see in the battlefield.

Lastly there was the land of the moon, Sin the God of the moon and Gods of all Gods where the one blessed this land, that was the reason it was the most powerful of the lands, they had the powers of all lands in their blood line, so it was the center of them all, the king of this land was different than the others where he controlled his people and forbid them from having any powers the powers where exclusive to the royal family alone, the king himself had the four powers of Fire, Ice, Water, and Magic, above them he had the powers of predicting the future, the name of this king was Alalgar, it was said that when the God first gave humans supreme power to rule the earth on his behalf he handed it to Alalgar, no one knew his real age or for how long he was on earth, but they knew he was no ordinary man, it was also said that he had intercourse with one woman in his whole life, she was chosen by the God, and she gave birth for a twin boys, and she died after giving birth to them, afterwards he gave them the names, Caleb and Caius, they were his heirs, those two grew up to be two fine men everyone respected and feared, and everything was in harmony until the ambition of one of them took over him and he suggested to his father to conduct a war over other kingdoms and unite them all under his rule, his father whom predicted the future refused his proposition, he knew this will lead to more suffer than win, but Caleb who was blinded by his ambition wouldn’t take a No for an answer, he gathered men from the army and persuaded them to participate on his war by claiming their right to be the rulers of all lands because his father was chosen by God, and they followed him without his father’s permission, his father knew it will come to this but he had no control after his son took off, it was bend to happen in one day, God told him that, ” you aren’t living forever and your doom will be in the hand of your blood, whom you begged me to have”, Caius who loved his father too much couldn’t just sat and watch while his brother was destroying their father, so he followed his brother to stop him, but it was too late, Caleb was already raided the lands, he was the most powerful of them, just like his father he had all powers, unlike Caius who had the powers of magic alone, Caleb was happy and celebrating with his soldiers when Caius arrived, he already killed the kings and he raised the flag of God Sin which resembled their country.

Caleb did what he did without considering the consequences of his actions, he fought with Caius about getting back and letting the lands be, or the anger of God will come upon them, but Caleb didn’t respond to his request and was happy with his achievement. They got back to their country, and they headed immediately to their father, Caleb wanted to brag about his victory and to show his father that he was right, when they entered the King’s chamber, they saw him lying in bed very weak as all his powers were vanished, they ran to him, and they got closer, Caius said “father what have gotten into you, why are you like this?” with tears in his eyes as he was scared, Alalgar hardly spoke and said ” you my son devoured the sacristy of the Gods, they decided to punish me for your actions, because you are my blood, I’ll leave this life but Caleb son, don’t ever anger the Gods again, because you are now cursed by them, and they are not happy with you, take care of your brother Caius and stay together” he said these words as he was waiting for to bid them goodbye and leave, and his body just turned into dust, the Gods didn’t give them the opportunity to bury his body in appropriate way as a king, the considered Caleb’s actions a failure for him, because even though he knew his son’s intentions he didn’t stop him, he saw the suffer he’ll give to other nations, but he compromised this just to make his son has the family he saw that this curse will bring, it will make something good, he would lose his sacred and immortal life which didn’t allow him or his brother to have any children and he would be half human who could have descendants, heathen he would be curse not to have the love of a woman, and every woman shall betray him and his descendants, they will not live in peace and the misery shall hunt them to the day they die or until the God decides to forgive them.

Caleb and Caius took care with their father’s funeral and they build him a temple and inside this temple, they put their father’s ashes, they made sure to give sacrifices and offerings to the God’s to forgive them even though Caius had nothing to do with Caleb’s action but he held himself responsible because he didn’t stop him from the start, some time passed and the two of them ruled the kingdom together, side by side, and they continued to rule over the other lands as well and some peace occurred to the lands for several years.

A time came when Caleb has fallen in love with a woman, she was one of the noble men’s daughter, she had him captured in her beauty and intelligence, red-headed with beautiful green eyes, a body as white as snow, chubby lips colored with blueberry color, he didn’t have a chance but to fall in love, their tale was spreading all over the country, until one day called Caius to tell him the big news, he called him to their special garden, it was their favorite spot because they grow all their favorite plants there, and they done it by themselves, they used to spend a lot of time with their father here, that’s why he choose a special place to tell his brother a special new,

- Do you remember how we used to play with our father here as we were growing up. (Caleb said as he was holding a branch of a tree)

- Of course, he was as happy as he was playing with us like he owned the world, and he always told us that. (Caius said)

- Do you also remember how we dreamt of playing with our children here and made a promise to grew a plant with each one’s name, until father shattered these dreams of ours when we grow up, and told us we were forbidden to have children. (Caleb said with sad eyes).

- (Caius released a long breath and said) it was the worse day of our lives back then, it was like the sparkle of life was taken away from us. But why are you mentioning this now brother? (Caius asked)

- Well, I think the sparkle of life was given back to us brother (he holds him from his shoulders and his pupils get wide and full of joy), I’ll become a father Caius, Cecelia is pregnant with my child (and he hugs Caius).

- (Caius couldn’t believe his ears and he got shocked, but at the same time he was filled with happiness) I think the Gods forgave us, brother, I’m happy for you.

- I decided to marry her and make the wedding as soon as possible; will you help me do that? (Caleb asked Caius).

- Sure, I wouldn’t be happier Caleb.

The arrangements of the wedding happened in a blink of an eye, Caleb made sure to make it as fast as he can so nothing would come in the way, it was a legendary wedding, people from all lands attended it, it was the first wedding for a king in the land of the moon, so it was legendary, the people felt so happy celebrating with their king, the streets were decorated with lilies, orchids, lavenders, blue roses, every blue flower on the planet, because blue was the color that represented the God of the Moon, so it filled the country, singers were singing in the streets singing the praises of the beauty of the new queen, and love of the king which filled all lands with happiness, it was like a festival across the countries, and it lasted for seven days and seven nights.

After the wedding a peace spread through the country for many years, through those years, Caleb had three children, Michel, Neo, and Ash, they were adorable and Caleb was so happy, Caius also was happy with his nephews, especially Neo whom he noticed that he has the same powers as his, so he took an interest in him and adored him more than his brothers, Neo exchanged the same feeling with his uncle and was very close to him, some times more than his own father, in every annual memorial of their father’s death, they would go to the temple they made for him and take the children with them, and show respect, make offerings, and Caleb would apologize to his father again, every year for 15 years they kept this tradition. But everything is bond to change, nothing lasts forever, and the day which this peace would be broken were coming sooner than they thought.

On the 20th memory of the Great War that Caleb leaded, the whole palace woke up on a great fire in the royal hall, Caleb and Caius ran to see the matter, and they saw a shocking scene, Cecelia was standing in the middle of the hall and holding her children, Caleb went crazy from what he saw and he tried to break throw the fire, but it was no ordinary fire, it was made by a black magic, the oldest child was fifteen years old at that time, he tried to leave his mother’s side and rescue his brothers, but he held him tight along with his brother, and she was using some kind of magic to prevent them from using their powers, Caleb screamed at her ” what in the name of Sin are you doing Cecelia? Did you go mad? Are you trying to kill our children”, Cecelia who looked like someone other than the pure, beautiful wife he had for the past years responded with a cold yet pitiful tone” I have been waiting for this moment since the day I met you, this revenge which I was planning to for four years after the great war, and it started the moment you met my eyes at that party at the royal palace, I promised myself to revenge you the worse way I could, I wouldn’t kill you, but instead I will take everything you love from you” , Caleb was very confused with her words, he asked her with a wondering tone” what are you talking about Cecelia? We loved each other and we lived happily all these years? Did I hurt you in anything, please tell me and we can work it out, I’ll do anything you want, just stop this madness and let our children be”, Cecelia started laughing like crazy then she started crying and said ” you can’t give him back Caleb, you took my lover from me, the man whom I wanted to carry his children, but I carried yours instead, we were supposed to get married, but you killed him, you killed him for a stupid ambition and a thirst to become stronger, he was the general who lead the armies of the lands of the magic, you killed him and staked his head on a pole for everyone to see, and guess who saw it with the people, I did, I the woman who loved him and he loved, I saw it there as you were laughing as a victorious vicious man there, I couldn’t stand that smug smile on your face, so I promised myself that I’ll take away from you, and what better way than giving you everything you were missing then take it away in front of your eyes” she smiled while crying at the same time and fire started to rose up, Caleb couldn’t stand on his feet and he falls on his knees, thinking of what Cecelia said and starts remembering the curse the God cursed him when his father died, and he grabs Caius’s clothes from down, and he says to him and looks at him while his tears are pouring ” please help me brother, save my sons, please”, Caleb knew that only Caius could break this fire with his magic, Caius stokes Caleb’s hair and says” don’t worry brother, I’ll do this without your request, but I was waiting to know her purpose and if he was the real corrupter, I won’t let her hurt a hair of them” , Caius directs the fire into her alone, and she starts screaming as she was burning with the fire she created, she forgot that Caius is the most powerful sorcerer in the whole lands, maybe because of his good nature with the people he loved, she was burnt into ashes in front if Caleb and their children, the little boys couldn’t handle the scene, and they all started crying as they ran into Caleb’s arms except Neo who ran into Caius’s arms, what happened was overwhelming for all of them, and no doubt it will keep its mark deep in their souls, a hall which was burned, ashes of who once was the lovable queen, the children’s crying along with the mighty king Caleb, it was a devastating event, that made the coming years more miserable than ever.

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