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Nova is being hunted down. Samuel would die for Nova. Lilac is searching for her lost parents. Terrence wants revenge on the Hawks. Princess Miah tries to escape her abusive father.....

Fantasy / Adventure
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Sunrise City is an amazing place. It is one of the greenest places in the world. Just north of Sunrise City is Turtle Dove castle. Home to the Dove family. South of Sunrise City is the forest and in that forest is a little village. That village is filled with children of all ages. Children who have no family. Children who are orphans.

In the middle of Sunrise city is a market. Our particular story takes place at one of the food stands. This stand has almost every fruit, vegetable, and bread you could think of.

Two children were in front of this stand talking to the fat man who ran it. “I saw it over there! I think it was a snake! It was so fast and almost got my little sister Lilac!” exclaimed a young boy. he was approximately fifteen and had messy light brown hair. He wore a woolen sweater and muddy brown pants. He had brown wings with white tips. His face was a dark tan and his eyes were a bold green.

“You have to go get it! You have to kill it!” Said Lilac about the same age as the boy. her black hair was neatly put up in a ponytail and her eyes were a piercing blue. She had dog ears and tail which were also black. Her left ear was floppy while her right ear was sticking straight up. Her outfit choice was a black shirt and black skirt. The fat man came from behind his stand and went over to the “snake”.

Little did he know that while he went to help these children a little girl would fill her sack with his yummy food. The little girl worked quickly and stayed in the shadows. Her skin was tan and her hair was light brown. White freckles dotted her face and her eyes were a unique shade of light mint green. she wore a black hooded cloak and black clothes underneath it.

Once she filled the sack she darted out and grabbed the two children by their wrists and to my surprise they did not try to get away from her. Instead, they ran with her. Together they diapered into an alley that led to the forest. Then they tripped over a little boy and landed with an oof. The child got up while rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He had light brown skin and a messy Afro. He wore a dirty red shirt and dirty ripped jeans. “Sorry... I did not mean to trip all of you,” he said while helping the three others up.

“It’s ok. I am Lilac. the boy with the wings is Samuel and the grumpy one is Nova” said the girl with the dog ears. She had kind eyes.

“Oh yeah! Go ahead and tell this strange kid our names! Might as well surrender to the Predators while we are at it!” Said Nova bristling with anger.

“Calm down Nova I doubt he will turn us in he is barely ten by the looks of it.” She said in a soothing voice.

“I’m Ezren and I just turned ten a week ago.” the boy blurted. Nova and Co. stared at him. Then they heard a yell from a distance

“That is them! They are the kids who stole from me!”

“That is our cue to leave,” said Samuel

Nova picked up the sack and said “Bring the boy so he doesn't rat us out.” She swiftly started walking.

“Please come with us little Ezren.” Said lilac in her soft caring voice.

“O-O-Ok Lilac”

“Come on we must hurry now.” said lilac as the group broke into a run towards the forest.

Soon they entered a small village. The village was amazing. Instead of stone houses, the houses were made of wood. The Village was in a clearing in the forest. The village was filled with children of all ages and an occasional adult. Little Ezren looked around in awe. Nova took him by the arm and he pulled away instantly snapping out of his trance. He stared at Nova and Nova glared at him. Lilac sighed and gave Nova a that is not how you do it look. Nova growled and said “Come on kid I have to go to take you to Edith. She will want to know I brought back another one.” Ezren followed hesitantly at first but then followed swiftly.

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