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Willa Huxley is a mother of 3 stuck in a loveless marriage, her husband Myles has complete control over her life. Manipulating her every move, she feels helpless and scared to leave because of his threats of taking the children from her. Myles is a top lawyer for industrial companies in Salt Lake City, Utah one of his biggest clients Kade Industries is Myles's key priority. Willa’s husband demands her to take some documents down to Kade industries As her husband's number one client, she can't refuse. Reluctant to go, but she does as she is told, when she meets the owner of Kade industries she may be in for more than she bargained for.

Fantasy / Romance
C.C. Lopez
4.9 20 reviews
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Chapter 1

*Warning Abuse, Language, and Sexual Content*

As the sun rises Willa is in her kitchen finishing the dishes before starting breakfast for the kids. She places the last plate in the drainer and wipes her hands on a towel when Priya runs in with a spunky smile.


Willa faces her daughter with a smile. “Good morning, Pri Pri!”

Priya places her hand on her hip and lifts a brow. “I’m a big girl now you can’t call me Pri Pri anymore” She huffs crossing her arms with a pouty face.

Willa holds her hands up in defeat. “Okay sorry, no more, I promise” she holds out her pinky to Priya.

Her daughter wraps her tiny little pinky around her mothers, agreeing to her terms, then skips out of the kitchen.

She continues with breakfast, making scrambled eggs and pancakes, placing plates at the table when she finishes. Liam and Priya take their seats wasting no time shoveling the food in their mouths but Noah only plays with it then tosses the fork to the side and gets up taking his bag from the chair then walking for the door.

Willa darts after him. “Noah!”

He spins around, annoyed. “What?!”

“Is something bothering you?” She asks, worried.

Noah’s expression is even more annoyed than before. “Mom, I’m not a kid anymore just leave me alone” He returns then walks out the door slamming it.

Before Willa could even turn around, Myles bumped her, knocking her into the table by the door.

“Ouch!” Willa grips her side in pain.

“Hey, I have to be at the office so make my lunch. I want it fresh, no leftovers and bring it in right after you make it so it doesn’t get cold” Myles demands then stares at her with a disgusted look.

“What the hell is wrong with you? don’t you ever care about your appearance?” Myles asks, appalled by his wife. “Don’t come to the office looking like that. I have clients and they need to see my family presentable at all times” He adds, grabbing his coffee and not even glancing back at Willa as he walks out the door.

Willa turns to stare at her reflection in the mirror that hangs on the wall. She rubs her hands over her face, her skin dehydrated and bags under her eyes cause her to let out a heavy sigh as she looks away, walking down the hall to get dressed.

Once Willa dropped off the kids at school, she stopped for coffee then headed back home to make lunch and change into something much more suitable for her husband.

After showering Willa sat at her vanity brushing her long black hair to one side braiding it loosely. She rubs some moisturizer on her face, feeling revived. She goes to the closet, pulling out an old dress she wore before she had Liam, hoping it will still fit. As she pulls it over her hips, it hugs her curves perfectly and zips with no problems. “I guess all that working out paid off” she laughs to herself.

Once she has gotten dressed and puts on her heels, she walks back over to the vanity, grabbing her lip balm and quickly putting some mascara on. Her lashes curved, reaching her brow. The lip balm makes her luscious lips shine, and for the first time in years, she feels sexy again.

After grabbing the food and her keys, she walks out the door, hoping it will satisfy her husband with her efforts.

Willa parks the car and starts for the door. “Good afternoon Mrs. Huxley,” The parking lot security says.

“Oh hello Alfred, how have you been?”

“I’m Well, Mrs. Huxley”

“You can call me Willa”

The guard smiles, tipping his hat. “Good day, Willa”

“You too, Bye Alfred” she smiles waving as she walks into the building.

Hurrying to Myles’ office, she opens the door and is instantly greeted by the receptionist. “Hello Willa, Myles is in a meeting at the moment could you wait in his office and I will tell him you are here”

“Of Course” she replied.

“Oh, by the way, you look gorgeous today” The receptionist confesses, smiling.

“Thank you, Sarah!” Willa says gratefully then walks off towards Myles’ office.

As she enters, she takes a seat on the couch crossing her legs and picking up a magazine when something vibrates on Myles’ desk. She walks over to investigate the noise to see its Myles phone displaying a name she has never heard of before.

“Marlowe? Who the hell is that?” She whispers to herself. She opens it, revealing a topless woman with the words saying "Can’t wait to see you tonight."

Willa steps back, stunned, almost dropping the phone. She quickly regains her composure, placing the phone back just as the door flew open.

“Well, it’s about time,” He says irritated, then looks Willa over and his expression turns to anger. “What the fuck are you wearing?” He shouts, causing her to stumble back in fear.

“You told me to look nice” She mumbles.

Myles rushes over, gripping her wrist. “This looks ridiculous on you!” He laughs. “You are 31 years old. You don't ’t look sexy, you look stupid” He shoves her hand away causing her to fall back on the couch.

Willa gets back to her feet. “Here is your fucking food!” She tosses it on his desk, causing it to burst open, splattering all over his computer.

A small smile appears on her face, feeling satisfied, but instantly regrets it when Myles walks over slapping her across the face. She falls to the floor from the force. Willa grabs her cheek and when she pulls it away again, it reveals some blood.

“I don’t know what I ever saw in you. You can do nothing right,” Myles declares. “Clean this up and take these papers to Kade Industries. I need Silas’s signature. Ask for him and only him. Got it?!” She nods her head, and he leaves the room only to return a second later.

“Oh, and clean your face up, you look disgusting,” He says then closes the door back.

She sighs, helping herself off the floor, then cleans the mess. Once finished, Willa grabs the papers and heads out of the office back to her car.

Once there, she looks at her face in the rear-view mirror. Her lip has swollen, and she looks like she has raccoon eyes. She grabs a wet napkin from her purse and wipes her face as tears fall down her cheeks.

She finally feels she has got all her emotions out; she places the car in drive and heads for Kade industries.

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