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A Demons Journey

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A normal high school student has a unexpected day. As he gets thrown into a crazy journey from earth to hell to a new world. Filled with magic, action, mythical creatures and races of all kinds. He sets out trying to find a way back home.

Fantasy / Adventure
Tony Spellman
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Chapter One - An Ordinary Day

It was just another ordinary day. Damion was a high-school student who wasn’t very popular. In fact you could say he was the kid that got bullied at school a lot. It wasn’t that he was weak or anything like that. He just truly didn’t want to hurt anyone. An hated confrontations.

But today was different. He had a full proof plan on making sure the bullies didn’t catch him after school. He had sat up thinking about it the last three night’s. He had to make sure he made it to the game store in time this afternoon.

The release of his favorite game was today and he had to be one the people getting it. He had waited a long time for this and he wasn’t going to let some dumb old bully ruin his chances.

So he devised a plan. When the bell rings. He would go to his teacher. And ask them for help carrying his box of canned good’s to the school donation room. Once there it was only a little ways off the school campus. Plus the bullies would never think to find him there. Or mess with him even if they did find him. It was full proof.

Damion sat watching the clock . Nervously and excited at the same time. He sat watching it click second to second. And then finally it’s coming. The bell rings and Damion jumps up. As if the bell was a signal that a race just begum.

He goes straight up to his homeroom teacher and asks for assistance. Just like he planned the teacher agrees. Everything was going as planned. He grabbed the box filled with can food he had put in the corner that morning. And followed the teacher out the class.

They get to the schools donation room. Damion hurry’s over and sets down the box. He had to be quick. He didn’t have a lot of time to make it to the store. But first he has to sign is name for the donation. He walks over to a table where a girl sat.

“ I’m dropping off a box.” Damion said to the girl.

“Oh thanks we need as much as we can get. Canned foods always work.” The girl said.

Damion didn’t expect this. It was Debbie Wilcox. He had long had a crush on her. She was the most popular girl in school. Very pretty and always hung abound the cool kids. He had never even spoke to her. And now here he was face to face with the one person he liked more then anyone.

He was so nervous his body was trembling a little. He didn’t know what to say. Frozen just standing there. He stood with a odd expression on his face as Debbie looked at him and smiled some.

“ Are you ok Damion?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, Sorry I kind of spaced out there for a moment.”. He replied in a nervous tone that made his voice crack some.

“ Well thanks for donation no one ever helps out around here with this stuff.” Debbie said.

“ It’s no problem really.” Damion said. He was so surprised she even knew his name. He didn’t think she even knew he existed. Let alone knew his name. He was beside himself with joy. He didn’t know how to react.

“ Hey can you hurry up other people are waiting.” Another boy from behind him said.

“oh sorry.” Damion said walking off to the side.

“ Don’t be a stranger.” Debbie said to Damion as he walked off.

He turned and looked back at her for a moment then waved and walked out the room.

He was so lost in thought on what just happened. He nearly forgot his plan. He had to hurry to get to the game store in time.

He quickened his pace as he peaked around corners. Heading off the campus as quickly as he could.

“ No sign of the bullies.” He thought to himself as he turns a corner. He was almost there. So close to getting away with his plan.

He finally makes it off campus and a felt like a weight was lifted. He was heading straight for the store now. He was felling rather pleased with himself now. His plans never went as well as it did today. He comes up on the store.

He walk in and see’s a line of people waiting.

“ Oh no.” He thinks.

As he walks in the store the employee see’s him and calls out.

“ Hey Damion.” The employee called.

Damion walks passed all the people in line standing there. They give him dirty looks as he walks past.

“ Hey I’ve been wondering when you were going to show up.” The employee tells him.

“ Here is your copy. I’ve been holding it for you all day.” He said.

Damion was stunned they never did that.

“ Really wow your so cool man thanks.” Damion said to the man handing him his game.

He took the game and felt a surge of pride and excitement rush up in him. It worked his plan really worked. He was standing there outside the store game in hand. No one bullied him today and he talked to the one girl he really liked. He was having the best day ever.

He set’s off home excited and ready to play his new game. Then from out of no where the bullies pop up right in front of him. Fear and terror set him as he makes eye contact with the leader of the bullies.

“ Hey little freak. What you got there?” The biggest one asked in a mocking tone.

“ Um this oh its nothing just a dumb game.” Damion said trying to downplay how much he wanted and liked it.

“ Oh really.” The bullied said laughing some.

He walks over to Damion and puts his arm around him.

“ Hey come with me real quick.” He said forcing Damion to go with him to a back ally.

Damion knew it would be bad if he went back there with him. But what could he do. Panicked now he starts trying to convince the bully to leave him alone. He pulls the bullies arm off and steps off to the side.

“ Um no I cant right now I’m late and have to be home sorry.’ Damion said trying desperately to get away.

“ Now come on old pal.” The bully said grabbing Damion again and pushing back towards the ally. “ We just want to have a quick chat with our old friend. Isn’t that right boy’s.” He said as the other bullies started laughing some.

“ This is bad. I have to get out of here somehow.” He thought and he built up as much courage as he could muster.

“ I said I have to go home now.” Damion demanded.

And he slung the bullies arm off yet again. Then turned and ran as hard as he could away from the bullies.

Angered by that, the bully shoved Damion hard in the back as he went to run off. Damion stumbled a bit trying to get his balance back as he fell forward into the street. And then. Crash
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