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Codex Mortem

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In a world dominated by werewolves and vampires, the few remaining humans are trying to survive. Danger lurks in every shadow. An ancient book with a secret code is the key to absolute power. But who will be able to decipher it? And at what costs? Will redemption lead to forgiveness? Will love be enduring?

Fantasy / Drama
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It’s been a long time since the great war started, a war for supremacy, territories and power that kneeled the human race- or lowers, and brought it near extinction. So long that no one really remembers how it started, or why.

As life carried on, the legend of the angel passed from mouth to mouth, from parents to children, faded slowly until it was lost in the abyss of time. But not lost forever, how some might think. Because the book was written with the blood of the angel and that will never fade away- the book of Hara, which it was said to contain Codex Mortem, the key to end the supernatural.

The New Dawn, a rebellious cell formed by lowers, has never forgotten. Their primary goal was to regain the lead of the world, to subdue or end the dominant species.

The werewolves and vampires, born natural enemies, were always on foot of equality in some way or another and, after a new wolf king ascended on Dirae throne, a truce with the vampire king of Nix was signed and the hostilities ceased. But with the calm waters, the lowers still paid the price. A price of limited rights, of slavery and more. Even the sacrifices for the demon trapped in the stone by the angel were of humans.

When the demon escaped Tarr and walked free, the Sun and the Moon sent a star on earth to balance the world. The fallen Star, the angel, fought the demon and sealed the stone, sacrificing itself in order to do that. But before that, she fell in love with a mortal and gave birth to a child, a human with angelic light in her soul.

Rumors said that the father was a tarian, a people over the eastern mountains that was never conquered or kneeled as they were blessed to be the guardians of the angelic essence for as long as it takes to be reunited with the pure heart that belonged to.


“You need to find it, child, it is a part of you.” The voice in my head sounded real in the darkness.

“What is it? I don’t understand... Who are you?” I asked, bemused. “Why I can’t see you?”

“You need to find your memories and your light!” the voice echoed lower and lower. I tried to follow it, but my feet were numb and no matter how much I urged them to move, they wouldn’t listen.

“Don’t go, please, tell me who you are.”

“Don’t be afraid, Dawn, open the box and remember! Remember who you are and find your light!”

Suddenly my eyes opened and, after a few fast blinks, I peered around. Still night.

My mother’s breath tickled the back of my head and, squeezing her hand for reassurance, I relaxed and closed my eyes again, succumbing into a sweet, warm slumber. It was just a dream.


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