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The Love of a Vampire

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When towns are ravaged by vampires for their feeding times, screams and cries can be heard as those who did not seek safety of their homes are fed upon. Vampires can not enter a home, but when Vladimir steps inside Rose's home a new relationship forms. (This story has not been edited and is only a rough draft.)

Fantasy / Erotica
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1. The First Bite

Vampires had long taken over the planet and humans were only for feeding, occasionally some would be changed and only if it was done correctly. The great elders were the vampires who ruled, between them they were ruthless and had killed many humans. At one point it had been a bloodbath as many vampires killed the humans after they had fed. Viktor had to take a stand as the human population began to die, which also meant their blood supply became smaller.

A council was built, where only the highest members would attend between humans and vampires, it was the only place where they would mix when necessary. Rules were set and this became a small amount of hope for the humans who were left.

Every continent was split up and ruled by different clans, Viktor runs the one here in Amberfalls, it is also the largest underground city of vampires upon the earth.

The vampires still ruled and most humans still lived in fear, only rumours amongst the humans which had been told for centuries about the one who would come and set a balance between humans and vampires once more.


The sun disappeared within seconds and the moon rose into the dark skies. The cries and screams echoed around the town as those who were unlucky to be caught outside were up for feeding.

Safely behind her window Rose watched as the mist drew in. Occasionally you caught a glimpse of a face as they passed by. The red eyes were the worst especially when they came up to your window to stare at you.

Rose stared out into the night, she had been one of the lucky ones and had never experienced the bite from a vampire. A chill from behind her appeared and Rose found herself frozen to the spot, her body trembled as a cold finger moved her hair off her neck. "So beautiful my love." His voice was so soft, enchanting, sending a pleasant shudder through her body.

Rose was inside, No vampire should be able to enter a home after it had been blessed with holy water. She turned to face him. His long black hair fell around his shoulders, his eyes were black but mesmerising she didn't fear him. Rose sucked in a gasp of air and held her breath as he ran his thumb across her cheek.

She found herself staring into his black orbs, not seeing her reflection as you normally would, but she found herself disappearing into them as if she was looking into his mind. He blinked, bringing her back from where she had gone. Finally finding her voice she plucked up the courage to speak to him.

"How... how did you get in?"

Her voice was like heaven for him. Her scent drew him here. It was like she was calling for him. Vladimir had been out with the higher vampires in their live feed for the last couple of weeks, but tonight was different for him. The higher vampires would come and feed on any unsuspecting victims at any given time as long as it wasn't high noon or extreme heat. They could withstand the sunlight for a short time, unlike most myths about vampires, but just after sunset was a favourite time for feeding.

Vladimir was not sure how or why he was able to step inside her home but he was here. His desire for her grew the longer she stood staring at him. He closed his eyes for a second inhaling her sweet vanilla aroma as the screams from victims slowly died down and the vampires got their fill. He knew it would soon be time to leave.

He wanted to taste her, yet he didn't want to hurt her. Instead he closed in on her lips placing his on top of hers. Her chest was rising rapidly, she thought she was going to pass out as his lips touched hers.

His eyes closed as the kiss deepened and her hand came up into his soft silky hair. Rose wasn't sure what was happening, she thought that maybe he had put a spell on her or she was in some sort of trance.

Vladimir couldn't bring himself to bite her, so instead he kissed her beautiful lips again. This time a more powerful kiss, one where he lifted her off the ground and took her in his arms. Every part of him desired more from her.

He heard the others returning and had to leave. With a final soft kiss placed upon her lips, he looked into her eyes before he disappeared. Leaving Rose standing touching her lips, the ones he had just kissed.

Swallowing hard as everything he did to her was not what had been told of these vampires. They were vicious, blood sucking creatures that took whatever they wanted, especially the higher ones.

She didn't want to tell anyone about what happened, who would believe her anyway. Sleep came easily and she was also filled with erotic dreams of the mysterious vampire who had taken possession of her.

The next day she went to work and the bar was filled with chatter about last night's feeding.

"I'm sure they are taking more blood than they are meant to."

"I hear the leader Viktor is looking at more humans to have in his feeding banks."

"How did you hear that."

"They still have council meetings with the mayor, if he keeps the promises they want, then they won't kill us humans."

"I heard the latest way, they are going to do a line up to make it fair on who gets fed on."

"No way, I'm not standing in a line to be fed on."

"You might not get a choice."

"Something needs to be done about this. I can't stand these vampires especially when they do their unexpected swoops. Mary got caught out last night, she is so weak because the vampire drank too much, she is still in bed now."

"Isn't there a law against how much those blood suckers are allowed to take?"

"I don't think it matters as long as they leave you alive."

Rose kept on serving behind the bar, she knew all of what they were saying was true, but in her mind she was trying to figure out what had happened with the vampire who entered her home.

He was different from any that she knew, she wondered how and why he had chosen her. With the vampires feeding last night the next couple of nights they were usually safe, but that didn't mean they couldn't come again.

Rose finished her shift, the moon was bright in the sky, she had to make the dash home and hope for the best. People wore crosses around their necks but they never helped, if you were caught then you would be fed upon.

Reaching her door she let out a sigh of relief. Before she had a chance to unlock her door she was pulled away from it.

"We have a fresh one here Baskin."

The vampire ran his fingernail down the side of her neck, he was playing games tonight, he wanted a bit of fun. They had come out with the feed last night but himself and Baskin had the share between them last night so were tempted to have another feed tonight and a bit of fun.

"Pretty little thing you are."

"Mmm, smells sweet too."

"Don't touch me." Rose tried to move away from him but he caught her arm and held her wrist. His eyes flashed red and his fangs protruded as he opened his mouth to bite into her wrist.

"Owww." Rose cried out as her arm was yanked because the vampire had been hauled off her. Opening her eyes she held her wrist. Vampires weren't allowed to bite humans by their wrists, only a bite into their necks were allowed, part of one of the rules they had set. The neck was the easiest way for a vampire to feed, biting other parts of the body wasn't necessary.

Rose stood and covered her mouth as three vampires moved about so fast she didn't know what was going on.

Vladimir had overheard some of the low rank vampires complaining that they had to share a feed last night. When he caught two leaving the coven he didn't know what it was that made him follow them. When he saw Rose dashing across the road to her house his senses went wild.

The two vampires descended upon her, he couldn't have anyone touching his woman. He came to the one he knew was called Keller who had held Rose.

A vampire killing a vampire was not allowed and certain death would become of that person. Vladimir had to distract them and hoped that Rose would go inside and be safe.

"You are out of place tonight Keller and Baskin."

Vladimir wasn't high up in the ranks but he had a higher ranking than these two.

"Just a little fun, you should try it."

"Maybe you are right, go find another one. I want this sweet piece of honey."

Both vampires laughed, Vladimir had to be careful, if you were found out to be nice to the humans Viktor would be sure to punish you, even though Viktor had his little human play toys like a few of the higher vampires.

Rose stood in shock as Vladimir swooped in on her, her hand had been trembling and she couldn't get her key in her lock. His eyes flashed from the blood red back to black as he inhaled her scent. He could smell her subtle hints of vanilla still on her skin.

He knew the other two were watching so he had to make it look like he was biting her. All Vladimir wanted to do was kiss her lips again but he couldn't. He opened his mouth and covered the side of her neck sucking it but he didn't sink his fangs into her. Realising what he was doing Rose almost moaned but had to turn it into a cry instead. Vladimir held the back of her head as he kissed her neck she held onto him.

The two vampires disappeared and Vladimir stopped. He brushed her hair back off her face.

"He didn't hurt you did he?"

Rose held up her wrist where Keller had marked her it was only a scratch, but the faintest bit of blood showed up. Vladimir's eyes turned red as he licked along the scratch to heal it up for her. Even the slightest taste of her blood sent him into an ecstasy he had never experienced before. He closed his eyes for a second to compose himself.

"Go quickly, I don't know if I can control myself."

Rose stared at his face, he could hear her heartbeat racing away, he couldn't be seen hanging about and left quickly, she rushed into the house and made sure the door was shut.

She looked down at her wrist and saw it was all healed up. She ran her fingers along it, and touched her neck where his lips had been, his kiss on her neck had been incredible.

Over the next few times he visited her their passion grew. She looked forward to him coming. Each time he could never bring himself to bite her, each time he got weaker and she noticed.

"You need to feed." She offered him her neck. She knew it would be painful.

"I don't want to hurt you." He stroked her face.

"My love, you are even paler than normal, I want to give myself to you."

If he had a heart beat it would be working overtime. He watched the thumping of her vein pumping that delicious blood around her body.

He knew he needed blood. "I'll only take a little." He caressed her face and placed a soft kiss on her neck before opening his mouth and sinking his teeth into her.

Rose felt a sharp pain shoot through her followed by sheer ecstasy as he sucked her blood.

Vladimir tasted her sweet blood properly for the first time and it was nothing like he had ever tasted before. Hearing her moan as he fed, he found himself getting turned on. They had only ever kissed before, he had run his hands over her body as she had done to him. This was new for him, he didn't think vampires could get feelings for humans.

Rose’s center was throbbing for him, she was sure she felt the wetness trickle down between her legs. He could smell the change in her and broke his feeding and looked at her. She was panting, wanting him.

"You taste amazing."

"I want you, all of you." She pulled at his top trying to remove it but he stopped her. Puzzled, she looked at him.

"I don't know if I can control myself around you."

Rose stepped back away from him, he thought she was hurt by his words, instead she removed her clothes and stood naked in front of him.

"Rose." He could hardly get her name out as he stood looking at her beauty. He ran his tongue along his teeth.

She walked back up to him and took his hand moving it between her wet legs. "See how much I want you."

Vladimir's eyes turned red and he threw her down onto the bed, he had held back but he couldn’t anymore. Stripping off his own clothes she watched his every move. She swallowed hard as his naked body glided over the top of hers opening her legs he groaned at the sight of her glistening pussy.

He brought his tongue over her wet folds and licked up to her pulsating nub. Her body shook under him as he carried on tasting every bit of her.

Kissing his way to her lips, he devoured her mouth as he sunk himself into her. Her screams of pleasure were muffled by his.

With time on his side he moved fast, he had to remember his strength and not to be too rough. Biting down on her neck again he sent Rose into pure ecstasy and her body shook and trembled under him. Vladimir looked into her eyes just before he came, stars burst in her eyes and she moaned out the words. "I love you." As he filled her.

He heard the others coming back and in a second he had stood up and dressed leaving Rose laying on the bed naked.

"I have to go." He could sense the throbbing of her body still and he prayed the others wouldn't notice the smell of her sex on him.

"I know. When will I see you again?"

"Soon I hope." He was just about to leave when he came back. "I love you too Rose."

No vampire should love a human but for some reason Rose awakened all of his senses. Vladimir had to hide where he was going, he didn't want the others knowing where he went.
The next visit Rose was ready waiting for him, Vladimir entered the house and went straight to her bedroom where he was met with a sight of what he thought was sheer beauty. Gliding over to her, he left a trail of clothes on the floor, Rose wasn't sure how much a vampire could feel when a human touched them, he was about to enter her when she stopped him.

“I want to suck you.” She held his cock in her hand so he knew what she meant.

She sat up and pushed him down so she moved over the top of him and wrapped her mouth around his cock. Vladimir’s hands went through her hair, he wanted her at the same time and spun her around over him. She was doing something to him where he couldn't control his fangs, as he had his mouth over her pussy his teeth grazed her, he nearly bit her as she sank his cock down the back of her throat. He had to move her and flipped her over onto her back before thrusting his cock into her pussy and biting her neck.

“Oh Vladimir.”

He took his feed as he kept making love to her. She trembled under him and dug her nails into his back as she came for him, he gazed into her eyes as he thrust harder and faster than he had before. Her mouth opened as she held onto the cries of pleasure and her body tensed as he continued hammering into her, she came again for him, spilling her honey around his cock, he felt his seed shooting up inside her filling her pussy and he cried out in pure ecstasy as he did.


He threw his head back as he kept coming, she could feel him unloading himself into her, it was as if a new connection between them had taken place. His eyes were burning a fire red as he finished, he felt her blood pumping around her body as his lips touched hers. They were both lost in the moment, Vladimir knew he shouldn't be feeling anything, it was wrong for him to be here, to make love to a human like this. They had their own kind who were used as sex girls as they could handle the force behind a male vampire when they fucked hard as they could be brutal. Vladimir kissed Rose passionately before removing himself.

“I have to go.” He kissed her again.

“I know.” She stroked his face. He closed his eyes as the softness of her hand caressed his face. They were becoming a repeat of the same words each time he left.

“I love you Rose.”

“I love you too Vladimir.”

Vladimir left and joined the others as they returned. One of them looked at him and sniffed. Vladimir knew he could smell the sex from Rose.

“I got carried away.” Vladimir jokes.

He was hoping that it would pass by as occasionally when feeding a woman a vampires desire could take over and they would have sex with a human, as long as they didn’t kill them then they were okay.

“Smells sweet.”

“Mmm, tasted sweet too.” Vladimir grinned.

“I hope you left her alive?”

“Of course I did, If I catch her again I might just go back for seconds.”

The other vampire laughed. When they returned to the coven Viktor called for a meeting to be held. Vladimir showered before going to it as he didn’t want Viktor or any of the others to smell Rose on him.

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