Alpha Kaine

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Chapter 9: Iniustus

It’s been a week.

One week since I was moved from the cells up to the bedroom that I currently reside in. One week since Alpha Kaine had come into my room and told me that he was suspicious about the boss I worked for.

It’s been one week since I’ve seen John.

Alpha Kaine’s residence wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be. Every day all of my meals would be left outside my door at the same time and someone would be around to clear my things within the hour. The few staff members that knew of my existence around the house were kind and welcoming at every turn.

The sunlight streamed through the large windows decorating the halls at each crack of dawn. The house filled with laughter each night a lavish party was thrown and each new guest brought another glamorous outfit with them each time they came.

I hadn’t been to any of these parties, of course. It would be silly for me to go, anyways. How tarnished would Alpha Kaine’s reputation be if a measly little human girl snuck downstairs in her very plain clothing to party with the nobles? Oh, the scandal.

Alpha Kaine didn’t attend any of his own parties, at least not as far as I knew. He was too wrapped up in his duties at all times, it seemed.

I let my feet dangle off the bed, bringing my heels together swiftly to relish in the soft thud and the vibrations that traveled up my legs onto the mattress. As wonderful as this life was proving to be, I was growing bored.

There was no purpose for me here, no reason to hang around just to avoid death, torture, and whatever else attempted to claw at me in District outside of this very safe space I had come to know over the past few days. I was just wasting time.

I pulled the robe off my body and hung it up beside my bed before standing. I hadn’t been out of this room in at least three days. I’d attempted a visit to Alpha Kaine but that proved to be more difficult than I had originally thought. I’m not quite sure what I thought Alpha duties entailed but I sure as hell didn’t expect them to take up the majority of his time. I figured if he had time to torture some humans for information he knew they didn’t have then he would surely have time to sit and let me talk to him for two minutes about mine and John’s release.

“You’re going to talk to him, even if he doesn’t want to hear it. Make him listen to you, Anita,” I whisper to myself, pulling down the edges of my jacket, brushing off the bit of dust that had collected at the sides.

I don’t bother checking the hallway for any sort of staff or guests before I swing the door open. Let them see. Let them see the poor little human beg their Alpha for her freedom from his beautiful house with the endless amenities.

Maybe that will get me out of here if he won’t let me leave on my own accord.

“Miss,” a guard says to me as I turn the corner, leaving the door to my designated room wide open behind me. “Miss, the Alpha is very busy,” he says, abandoning his statue-like state to pursue me for just two steps down the hall.

“Return to your room and we will let you know when he is available to talk to,” another speaks from down the hall, leaving his post as well to help the other slowly close in on me. I huff and quicken my pace, tugging at the doorknob next to Alpha Kaine’s office. If his office was locked I would need a quick way to escape these guards because I am sure as hell not going to let them drag me to my room like some sort of animal.

I knock on his door three times, looking to each side of me as the two guards close in. I don’t know what he would say to them if they told him they found me trying to speak with him at a daytime hour. Most of the evening guards knew who I was, but these ones were strangers. To them I was a simple human, I stink of mortal flesh and dirt from the days without bathing all of those days ago.

Thankfully, he pulls the door open, looking down at me with a sneer. He’s taller than I remember, towering over me by an impressive foot and a half. “What can I do for you?” he asks slowly. He masks the shock of seeing me at his door well, but not well enough that I don’t catch the way his eyes flick around my face, trying his best not to meet my eyes as he waits for me to speak to him

“I need to speak with you. Urgently if possible.” At this point, the guards stop, weapons in hand in case they need to strike me at a moments notice for harming their Alpha.

He purses his lips but nods anyway, stepping aside for me to enter his office before letting the door shut slowly behind them. He stands still for a moment, using his heightened sense of hearing to listen for the location of the guards.

When he is satisfied they are far enough away that our conversation won’t be heard, he rounds on me. “Why did you leave your room?” he demands, clenching his fists as he nears me. Unphased, I shrug.

“I was bored,” I say, waiting for his angry reaction. I cross my arms and lean against his desk watching the gears turn in his mind. “And I wanted to talk about John.” Alpha Kaine doesn’t say anything to me, walking over to a small cabinet, pulling a bottle of liquor from behind two binders. He flicks the lid of the bottle, sending the cap spinning before it falls to the ground and he raises the mouth of the bottle to his lips.

I can’t imagine Alpha Kaine being a heavy drinker, but I can only assume that he routinely has a generous swig in times of stress. I clear my throat and give him a pointed look.

He puts the cap back on the bottle, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He holds my eyes as he does this. A large pause fills the air before he plops back down in his desk chair behind me, causing me to spin around and stand so I could see him.

“What do you need from me exactly? He’s in jail for criminal charges. There isn’t much I can do about that. You two are suspected spies for the Rogue’s. You are to be treated as such until proven innocent.” I roll my eyes at him, not caring that he can see my obvious disrespect for him.

“If we are both suspected Rogue spies then why do you insist on letting me roam the floor of the house with my own bedroom and room service at my beck and call while he rots downstairs in your dungeon?” I wait for him to have a witty response for me or at least call in a guard to send me down to be put away in my own cell but he simply shrugs his shoulders and kicks his feet up on the desk.

“It’s different,” he says to me as if that was all the reason in the world for his actions. I tilt my head toward him slightly, raising an eyebrow.

“Is it?” I ask. “How is it different, pray tell.” Alpha Kaine pulls a file out from beneath a pile of papers and begins sifting through it. John’s name flashes back at me from the top of the file. Everything exists for him, his name, his parent’s names, his inheritance amount, his residency, everything.

“His parents were close to my family at one point. They worked right below us. They knew our secrets. He is a bigger threat than you are.” He points to his parents names before snapping the file shut and sliding it away from himself. “Is that all you needed, then?”

I nod for a moment. I bite my lip and put my hand on the file, leaning down to look at the photo of John paperclipped to the front. “How is he?” I ask, my gut clenching painfully beneath my skin at the idea of him being tortured to protect me.

“He’s in questioning,” Alpha Kaine supplies, pulling the file from under my hand quickly. “You are dismissed.”

“We aren’t Lycans like you, we’ll break if you push us too hard,” I scream, my hands slamming down on the desk in front of me. Alpha Kaine smirks, gently flicking his fingers over mine to gently move my hands away from him.

“We have no way of knowing that,” he tells me. “My men are to treat him like we would any Shifter. We do not know who you are or what the extent of your crimes were. We have to be cautious. There are families out there that could get hurt if he is released,” he says, sternly. He stands and gestures to the door with a small smile, trying to play the innocent Alpha part while John is pushed to the brink of death just a few floors below.

He likes this. He enjoys watching you suffer emotionally while he tortures John physically. Lycans get off on violence, they do not think like humans. Their feral side begs to be let loose to relish in the violence at every turn. Lycans are dangerous.

“Test me,” I say without a thought, thinking back to one of the books I had read in school when I was still allowed to be enrolled. Alpha Kaine freezes and his hand climbs into his hair, the locks twirling themselves around his fingers as he lets out a heavy sigh of frustration.

“No,” he tells me without a second thought. He pushes past me roughly, walking towards the door to hold it open for me. I don’t know where his hesitation stems from. He has no reason to protect me from the pain I would endure.

“Why not? You say you think that we are Lycans and that we are lying about our identities. I can assure you we aren’t. But my word is not enough. Let me prove it to you,” I beg. When h opens the door and turns to me expectantly I remain still.

Alpha Kaine groans and slams the door without a second thought. “If I test you,” he starts, defeated. “You’ll get hurt,” he tells me. I quirk an eyebrow and observe him as he starts to nervously pace around the office. “If you die we can’t question you about your involvement with the Rogues,” he lies.

One of the first things we were taught before going to work for our boss in his mysterious criminal recruitment business was how to mask our emotions. With this training we were told to watch videos on how to spot most of these emotions. The thinking behind this was that if we could see the signs before they happened, we could mask them. The lack of eye contact, the fidgeting, and the clammy hands were only some of the signs I noticed on the Alpha before me.

“If I die, you’ll know that we aren’t Lycans in disguise and you won’t have to wonder. If I die it will be an easy out for you. You will have disposed of one human and done your kind a great favor,” I explain, trying to appeal to his need for power through bloodshed.

“Why would you want to do that?” I don’t know how to answer his question.

“If I do it and I pass, will you set John free? Will you believe me then?” Alpha Kaine doesn’t move. He shakes his head and laughs a little, loud breaths slipping past his lips.

“This is stupid,” he mutters, looking at me with his now tousled hair. His eyes gleam between the locks, the golden flecks flare at me as I challenge his judgement, something none of his District members are willing to do.

“Are you afraid, Alpha?” I ask without thinking. He clears his throat, straightening his back and shaking his head.

“If you want to be tested, we will do it. And as I am a man of my word, your friend will go free if you pass the test,” he says carefully. I can’t help the smirk as I pass him, knowing I got my way with the hardass Alpha Kaine.


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