Alpha Kaine

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Chapter 12: Vigilate

As the Lycan pulls me along I run over the days events in my head. Alpha Kaine tested me to see if I was a Lycan or not. I was beaten by various female members of his pack and the crowd loved it. But then he saved me.

Why did he save me?

It wasn’t like I’d done anything to deserve it. Over the course of the last few days I’ve proved myself to be nothing but trouble, especially when left alone to plot my next move. “Come on.” The guard yanks on my arm, turning his head back sharply with the command.

I stumble as we advance towards the building I was being housed in before. My ankle aches, the pressure my steps put on it only increase the pain ten fold and it takes all of my strength not to tumble to the ground as I stagger on my feet. “She’s absolutely filthy,” the one behind me says to his partner.

“She reeks,” the other replies to him. “Are you sure the Alpha doesn’t want us to wash her off or something?” They talk about me as if I’m there. Like I’m some sort of puppy you can take out to the backyard and rinse off with a hose after he’s played in the mud.

“He didn’t tell me anything. Enforcer Cyrus told me to take her to the Alpha’s suite and leave her there for him to take care of her.” The first shrugs, not turning to look at his partner.

“Some test, eh?” another Lycan says, jogging to reach us, clapping one of the others on the shoulder in a friendly gesture. “I was hoping for more bloodshed,” he says to them.

“It was... disappointing to say the least,” the first Lycan agrees with the new face in the crowd. “I’ve never seen an Alpha stop a test before. For all we know she could still be a Rogue,” he says, his fists clenching by his side at the mention of the organization.

“He shouldn’t have let her friend go. We didn’t test him at all. Surely he’s one of them, going to tell their illusive Master about what happened here today.” Others have formed around us now, gossiping like high school girls about what is going to happen to me as if I wasn’t walking with them through the mud caked forest floor to get back to the building I was in before.

“I say we dispose of her. She’s a target on our backs. The Alpha has to know that she’s dangerous.” Others murmur their agreement with what had to be the seventh Lycan to crowd around me to get in on the gossip.

“She’s only going to cause problems for the District, this Sector in particular. Someone like her should never be put in the same Sector as high ranking District members,” a woman joins in, her arm slinking around one of the other mens waist. He offers a swift kiss to her forehead, nodding.

“Do you guys always talk like school girls when your Alpha isn’t around to monitor you?” I ask without thinking. Confidence flows through my body as I confront them. When the shock registers in their facial features I continue, “I have ears, you know? I can hear you.”

A few back off, walking back to wherever they came from, but some stay. The sassy redhead from before eyes me up and down with obvious distaste. Her beau’s arm tightens around her as she braces her other arm on her hip.

“You’ve got some nerve talking to any of us like that, little miss. We could end your life faster than you can scream help. No one will even miss you,” she tells me, licking her lips quickly before letting her body relax into her boyfriend’s.

“The Alpha knows. I’m going to his chambers right now. Wouldn’t he be suspicious about what happened to me if I never showed up? You don’t think he would ask around? I bet if he asked any of your friends they would all point at you without batting an eye. No one wants to piss off an Alpha. You could lose your place in the Sector, hell, maybe even the District. Just back off and leave me alone so I can live out the rest of my life of servitude to your Alpha in as much peace as possible.” I shrug off the Lycan’s hold on me and walk calmly towards the building.

They won’t come after me. they know what I told them is true. I am not in charge of my own life anymore. I belong to the Alpha. Even if it’s as a servant, I don’t think the Alpha would appreciate someone messing with his property.

They turn around, huffing and whispering amongst themselves. “Have you had the chance to pack your things, Miss Goldstein?” a woman asks from behind me. My head snaps to her suddenly, probably faster than it was meant to with my human nerves. Miss Goldstein, she had called me. Not Kinter or Rogue, Miss Goldstein. It felt good, to be considered valuable enough to have a real name instead of some sort of trashy nickname.

I don’t dwell on how she knew my last name when she approached me. Hiding my identity was no longer an issue. I had told Alpha Kaine everything about myself to prove my residence in his District. I had no doubt he had promptly recited the name to one of his Private Investigators to find out more about me.

“I don’t have any things,” I say to her. “I was in the dungeons before this.” She brushes past me without another word. She doesn’t explicitly tell me to follow her but the intent is there. So I do.

“You will be watched closely by the Alpha. Everything you need will be provided by him.” She holds out her arm, opening the door quickly and standing beside it to prop it open for me. She nods towards the door, giving me a pointed look.

I look back to the forest, hoping to see John and tell him one last goodbye before I sign the contract on my life of servitude to Alpha Kaine. My eyes scan the perimeter of the trees. The eyes of several watching wolves glow in the shadows cast by the vegetation.

But there is no sign of John. He’s long gone. Not that I blame him, I’m sure if I were given the same chance at freedom I would blindly run through the woods as well.

My chest constricts painfully. John had only been in my life for a short amount of time but it didn’t mean I will miss his presence any less. He deserves to be free. I was the one who got him in this whole mess. If I could grant him anything, I was glad his freedom was one of those things.

“I’ll get the Alpha.” One of Alpha Kaine’s personal guards hovers over the woman who opened the door for me. She nods once in acknowledgement but doesn’t utter another word to him.

When I step into the building I am overwhelmed by the cool air that blasts me in the face. I hadn’t noticed before how warm the air outside Alpha Kaine’s office building was until this moment. I suppose I never paid any real attention to it the first time, though.

I was far too worried about what was going to happen to me if I somehow failed the testing that Alpha Kaine had so graciously allowed me the privilege of taking. “Anita,” Alpha Kaine calls from the end of the hallway. He doesn’t try to approach me. His control holds his figure in place as he beckons me with just a single word.

Anita. Being called by my name after so long is even more refreshing than Miss Goldstein. But at the same time, the name almost makes me feel worse. I wasn’t just some Kinter they were forcing to follow around their Alpha like a lost puppy because of my mortality. No, they were forcing Anita to do it. Me.

It felt personal. Too personal.

The feeling made me weak in the knees, the heaviness in my thighs caused me to fall to my knees, my ankle no longer reliable to support my weight as the blood oozed out of it steadily. The woman watches me with interest, trying to decide if she wants to offer me help or not.

Alpha Kaine holds his arm out, silently keeping her back. He wants me to come to him myself. He wants to see my submission as I drag my mangled body to him, on my hands and knees if I must. “Kill me,” I tell him without a second thought. The words are small, almost whispered, but I know he heard them.

Tears fill my eyes as my chest heaves with great effort to keep me kneeling in front of him. “Take me back to the dungeons and leave me to starve if you have to. I will not serve you happily and I will never swear my allegiance to you, Alpha Kaine. Your father was a fair ruler. When he ruled the Kingdom of Slethia the people were happy. Mortals were treated with the same respect as immortals and the people lived as one. I knew when your brother disappear after you were made Alpha that the kingdom would fall. You don’t want anyone to be happy.” I don’t hear him come closer. My eyes are filled with tears, blurring my vision and my lips tremble with the weight of my words, keeping me from hearing his footsteps.

I sit back on my calves and bow my head, droplets landing on my lap as I blubber like a baby on his carpet. When I look up, he’s there, millimeters away from my face. His nostrils flare, his anger no longer contained. His control slips slowly as he grips my arm.

“You would rather die... than declare your allegiance... to me?” His sentence is slow, harsh breaths falling from his lips as his eyes meet my own. His body language screams anger but his Feral side does not threaten to take control and force my hand in the matter. It’s his mortal side that is angered.

He searches my eyes, trying to make sense of the words I’ve said. “If you care at all about my happiness, let me go. Let me go or send me to the dungeons. Do not sentence me to your side. I will surely become depressed and grow sour with hatred. Do you want that?” My eyes move from Alpha Kaine’s, moving to scan the reactions of the other Lycan’s in the room.

Alpha Kaine’s fingers gently wrap around my chin, pulling my face back to his. “You are wrong,” he tells me slowly. My heart jumps in my chest and I try to control the excitement that builds in me. “I don’t care about your happiness.” He stands suddenly, gripping my wrist between his fingers to pull me to my feet along with him.

“I meant what I said before,” he tells me seriously. “You will stay with me where I can keep an eye on you and make sure that you are not sending out any information about my District or any of the happenings here. You will be obedient and do exactly as I say.” His focus shifts to the two figures behind me, still silently watching the drama unfold between us.

“I will get clothing for Miss. Goldstein. Should I get her the regular servant uniforms, Alpha?” she inquires with false joy. Alpha Kaine looks at me with interest, one eyebrow rising.

“No. Get her regular clothes. Go to her house and fetch her own clothing. Until then, she will wear what she is in now. No matter how dirty it gets," she nods and bends to fist her skirts in her hands, pulling up the fabric as she briskly walks down the hallway.

I had been wearing the same outfit for days. It was caked in blood, dirt, and a bit of waste that was left on the floor of my cell when I was placed there. Sure, I had been offered a shower when I was in one of Alpha Kaine’s guest rooms but I always slept naked and tried not to put on the dirty clothes if I could avoid it, staying almost entirely in the pajamas I was supplied.

“Are you happy now?” I ask him, wiping my cheeks with the back of my hand.

“Ecstatic,” he tells me.

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