Alpha Kaine

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Chapter 14: Notitia

The room is dark. There is no lights on in Alpha Kaine’s room. I imagine he prefers to live by the moonlight at night, that’s what the humans say about Lycans, at least. He comes to his room late each night. He stumbles in, showers, then flops down on his bed, snores erupting from his sleeping form minutes later.

As much as I hated Alpha Kaine I had to respect his work ethics. He didn’t stop until the District had absolutely nothing left for him to do that day. Even I didn’t care about my work that much. Of course, my line of work was criminal, but it was work all the same. I doubt Alpha Kaine likes documenting which members of his council have collected Sector dues that month.

Is that even what an Alpha does?

Alpha Kaine’s duties didn’t really concern me. I was mostly focused on whatever it was that was in that book. When I took it I was originally hoping for a map of the District or a listing of things that needed strengthening to prevent issues for the District that I could easily target. But now I would settle for making sure my name wasn’t on some hit list that I never knew about.

The door to the bedroom swings open slowly. The quiet creaking did not go unnoticed by me, even with my mortal hearing range. I crawl over to the door, careful not to step on any of the creaky floorboards I had mapped out a few hours ago when I was supposed to be dusting his room. He was whispering to someone has I dropped to my stomach on the floor in front of the door, peeking underneath the crack to check his place in the room.

There was someone with him, a girl in red heels who giggled before sitting on the end of his bed. His familiar black shoes stopped at the door, watching her as she sat on his bed. She crosses one of her legs over the other, bouncing the crossed leg for a moment before Alpha Kaine walks towards her.

Her legs quickly fall uncrossed as he kneels in front of her, placing his hands on either side of her thighs. He drops his head to her ankle, kissing a line from her ankle to her knee before pulling off one of her shoes and tossing it over his shoulder. This sent his conquest into a fit of giggles before he dove into the bed beside her, all sorts of noises coming from their bodies as he used her body for his own pleasure.

I scoff and stand, not bothering about the floorboards. Alpha Kaine and his buddy wouldn’t be able to hear me over their physical activities anyways. Maybe he could hear the quiet things that no one else could but I doubt that he could concentrate enough to focus on whatever I was doing while he had a girl beneath him, moaning as he plowed into her.

I don’t worry about the sound of the closet opening as I haphazardly push the doors aside to reach for the familiar brown book underneath the blanket. I pull the blanket down with the book, deciding that I’ll use it to cover myself up as I dive into my new reading material for the night.

Alpha Kaine and his lady friend continue their hormonal exploits as I crack the book open. I take a moment to admire the penmanship again. The pages are ripped along the edges and the pages were tinted yellow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book with history like this in years.

I haven’t seen a book this in my lifetime at all.

"Kaine, what if she hears?” the girl whines from the other room. He says something to her but his words are muffled by the wood dividing our quarters. For the millionth time I feel thankful for the door. I don’t want anything to do with Alpha Kaine and the door only makes the space between us larger. Besides, I didn’t want to hear whatever cheap insult he said to the bimbo in his bed, anyways.

Not all of the text of the book is handwritten to my surprise. After the cover page there’s another page with a list of the names of all of the Districts in the Kingdom of Slethia. The first few labels are typed out and carefully outlined with perfect precision. But as the territories are divided further, the lines are lazily covered with white out and new names become scribbled in the margin.

Alpha Lector’s District is crossed out with lazy scribbles and x’s. Rogue Territory is etched into the page in all caps and underlined three separate times. I can only imagine what sort of rage Alpha Kaine wrote this in. I can’t keep the horrifying images of Alpha Kaine on the television when he sentenced these criminals to death.

I can see him angrily storming home to take out his anger on his notebook at the news of his only older brother and his District crumbling to the ground after being sought out by Rogues. The ink creates small divots in the page after having been written with such force.

The public only got to hear a bit of the story, the royal family taking their pain in silence. The people did not mourn the loss of the District, they simply looked around at each other with shrugged shoulders at the news that his District was no longer i alliance with the royal family.

I bet you miss your brother, don’t you, Alpha?

I lick my finger and turn the page without delay, feeling oddly like I’m intruding on a private moment for the royal family. There’s a list of the ranking of the members of the District, Alpha Kaine having documented himself on the first page of the book.

There are no pictures or anything about him on the page that isn’t textbook. His Alpha ceremony date and the date of his blood pact with King Slethius to swear his allegiance to the crown are listed before his birthday. I’m not sure what kind of documentation goes out in public records of the District and all of its inhabitants but I never once in my life remember reading anything about Alpha Kaine’s bloodpact with the king and queen. It was one of those things that the royal family did behind closed doors and didn’t talk to the public about.

I had only ever heard stories about the blood pacts between kings and their governing Alpha. No one outside of the Kings court and the Alpha’s top ranking officials had ever been to one. If it was anything like the novels I had read described it as, the Alpha to be was taken to the woods after their ceremony and brought within an inch of their life by a witch to be brought back by the Alpha. In Lycan culture, saving someone’s life means a debt to the grave.

An eternal favor ensured that the Alpha’s would never defy the King. It was a power move but I couldn’t imagine almost killing my son just to make absolutely certain that he would never go against me in battle or decision making.

The page after detailed Enforcer Cyrus. It has more information than Alpha Kaine’s does. This page describes the location of Enforcer Cyrus’s house as well as virtually every other fact about him.

Cyrus Smyth. Pure Lycan, born to Cynthia and Pyron Smyth of the Noble Court of Slethia.

As is his birthright, Cyrus was sent to the Enforcer’s Academy at a young age, quickly pairing himself with Prince Kaine of the Kingdom of Slethia.

After the prince took a liking to him, Cyrus was quickly sworn into Enforcer duty to Alpha Kaine of the Kaine District by King Slethius of Slethia while in academy training. Cyrus displays excellent combat skills as well as a strong loyalty to the crown. He has sworn his allegiance to Alpha Kaine and King Slethius until death. Should he disobey, he will die a brutal death at the hands of Elara, Daughter of the Moon and Queen of Slethia.

The thought was almost sickening. I don’t know what I would do with myself if anyone had that kind of power over me.

I flip through the pages about his guards quickly, not caring about any of the bearded men who helped torture countless humans simply because they were told to by their pathetic Alpha and King.

There were lists upon lists of previous and current guards of the Kaine District as well as a strict list of court members and potential candidates for Alpha Kaine’s future mate. I tried to look away from the listings of the highest ranking noble girls and the amount that was held in their personal vaults but I could not bring myself to do it.

“Where is that fucking map?” I whisper, flipping through the pages, keeping an ear out for Alpha Kaine and the girl beneath him. She was still a moaning mess, the headboard hitting the wall as they both panted and whispered to each other.

My heart drops when my eyes fall on the familiar yellow pages at the end of the book, most of which are blank, just waiting for more information to be added to the book. I can’t keep anything of his for long, especially not this book, which he could still be updating when I don’t know about it.

Almost angrily, I close the book with a huff, the binding shifting under my fingertips. The information of the entire Kingdom and not one page has a map of the whole thing. I drop the book on the blanket as I toss it to the side to look under the doorway to Alpha Kaine’s room. His foot brushes across the carpet as he pulls on some pants beside the bed. He kicks the girls shoes over to her before he holds the door open for her to exit.

She doesn’t mutter profanities and tell Alpha Kaine what an awful person he was for using her, she thanks him happily and exits the room, stopping to pick up her heels as she does so. She knows what an honor it is to sleep with the oldest Alpha currently in control of a portion of the Kingdom of Slethia. She doesn’t push her luck with him, probably hoping he’ll invite her back for another go at their physical training.

I shake my head and walk back over to the book to push it back on the shelf. Only when my fingers have grasped the side of the binding and pulled the book from the faded yellow blanket do I notice the folded piece of paper that slipped from between the binding when I tossed the book aside only moments before when I went to look under the door.

I slide the book under the cheap bed in the corner of the room, gently caressing the edges of the folded paper as I unfold it. My breath quickens as I look at the contents of it, my worry disappears as I trace the familiar lines across the paper, almost crying at the sight of it.

Alpha Kaine pounds on the door with his balled fist, rattling the wood against the hinges on the frames. “Anita!” he calls to me. “What are you doing in there? What’s up with your breathing?” I shake my head, wiping at my eyes although he can’t see me through the door.

“I’m fine. It’s nothing.” I say, not taking a moment to truly appreciate what must have been a bit of worry from him on my behalf. He accepts the answer and retreats, the light under the doorway dims to nothing as he settles in for a night slumber. That’s when I turn back to the paper in my hands and kneel down on the floor, spreading out the paper so I can take a proper look at it.

In front of me is a map, not of the Kaine District but the Kingdom of Slethia. It folds out to be larger than the rug on Alpha Kaine’s floor. It has detailed portions of the district and maps of all of the buildings in it and even a red circle around a door that needs repairing.

This is is. This is my chance to escape.

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